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Posted 21 September 2017 at 01:50

Hi, I am Christine MUHAWENIMANA. I am a Rwandan by Nationality.  I  hold a Bachelor's Degree in Crop Science from National University of Rwanda. I am happy to join AgriProFocus network. 

Janine Schoeman Hi Christine, welcome to the AgriProFocus network! Any questions, just let us know.

1 year 2 months ago

CHRISTINE MUHAWENUMANA Thank you so much Dear Janine. I very happy to join this network. If I get any question related to Agriculture domain, I beleive to get a help. Thanks!

1 year 2 months ago

ismael OLOWOLAGBA coucou.le the real problem today is what will help us on everything if it is to realize are project or find a source of funding

1 year 2 months ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME @Ismael,  AgriProFocus is focusing on three pillars such as linking, learning and leadership and i think you can participate in either one or all the three pillars! Through linking for instance, you can have access to financial support! Together we can achieve more!

1 year 2 months ago