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About Me

Clarisse is a young Rwandan entrepreneur of 28 years old. She graduated in Environment Chemistry at the National University of Rwanda in Butare/Huye and she is completing Masters in Resource Recovery programme, in Sweden.

In 2012, she carried out her final project with a lot of interest on the topic of "Municipal solid waste status in Rwanda" and it is by further research that Clarisse quickly realizes that the majority of farmers fertilize their fields with chemical fertilizers, while they are expensive and harmful to the soil.
In 2014, convinced that she can provide a viable solution to this problem, she decides to embark on entrepreneurship. His company, EPO Ltd (Environmental Protection and Organics) aims to provide organic fertilizers from agricultural and household waste. With her SME, Clarisse plans to provide two important ecological responses for the development of the country: sustainable waste management and the local production of organic fertilizers at a lower cost and empower farmers in soil fertility.
Organic fertilizer is produced in form of compost in good quality rich in nutrients (Nitrogen phosphorous and Potassium) and other micronutrient and trace minerals which are missed in mineral fertilizer. This project has been started in Karongi District and it is been expanded in other districts of Rwanda in other to fulfill our goals.
In addition, she can share these skills in form of training for farmers and also enhance organic farming.
June 2016, Clarisse applied to the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST Tech-I) competition in California, where she presented her project to a panel of international investors and businessmen. Moreover, she attends the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 in California.
2016 September, she also won the first award of the Wailslitz Global Citizen Award in New York.

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