Addisu Dulacha Gobana

Ingeniero Agronomo

Jimma, Ethiopia

About Me

Graduate from EARTH University in Costa Rica, Central America; with a degree of Agronomic Engineer, Academic Degree of Licenciatura in Agricultural Sciences. Formed based on four formative areas; Scientific and Technical Knowledge; Entrepreneurship Ethics; Personal Development, Attitudes and Values; Commitment, social and environmental awareness.

Currently Working with Exportadora Enlasa S.A. as coordinator of Research, Validation and Technical Assistance (From Dec. 2016– Present). My Job consists in coordination, plan and management of the research and development of the Enlasa line in Ethiopia according to crop depending on regional and national requirements.

Skills and Expertise


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Posted 27 April 2018 at 07:55

Hope everyone is doing well.  As you all could know currently the world agriculture is moving towards sustainable agriculture, trying to reduce the of greenhouse gas concentration in our atmosphere from agriculture sector. And also to support sustainable developments of our countries. However, most of the African countries agriculture need a great support to move forward. This is the idea that currently i am working on professional in Ethiopia b y linking with the Latin America countries. I want to introduce to you ENLASA Group.

ENLASA is a company that formulate and commercialize fertilizers and agricultural inputs. One of interesting character of this company is technically support farmers (clients) with a technical monitoring strategy. In ENLASA there are a group of Experts and specific nutrients package for each crops. By considering social, economic and environmental wellbeing, ENLASA Products are environmentally friendly. Not only selling the products, the group do Researches

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Posted 25 April 2018 at 12:33

First day Joining Agriprofocus.

I'm Addisu Dulacha, Nationality Ethiopian, graduate from EARTH University Costa Rica, Central America.

Currently working on Foliar and Granular Fertilizers supplying direct from guatemala, Central America to different African countries.

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LOUISE ANNICK DJENGUE Hi everybody. Bonjour.Nice to meet you

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Gloria Kyomugisha Great to have you here Addisu; we look forward to your contributions, experiences, lessons learned. Welcome!

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Addisu Dulacha Gobana thaks all

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