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I have a burning desire for agriculture, more especially in increasing the productivity of small scale farmers. I believe that with the right type of capital delivery systems, appropriate land tenure systems, adequate public goods provision and an economically responsive international trade regime; agricultural transformation in rural areas would be a given and food insecurity pushed back to the legends.

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Posted 19 September 2018 at 11:35

"Agriculture once perceived as a poor man's occupation" in most parts of Africa, is slowly experiencing transformation, this perception is quickly changing, the "new farmer" emerging farmer is one with superior human knowledge, combined with the right technology, tenure system and finance, Africa is surely ready for take off to structural transformation and economic development". 

I am a student of Agricultural Economics working in the Zambian government, I believe that for my country to develop, agriculture must be given the necessary attention it deserves. I am passionate about farming, am thus a small livestock farmer, with a strong desire to expand. 

My expertise is in; International trade Analysis, Rural Development, Agricultural Policy and SAM based Modelling.