Andrew Mwaura

Country Network Facilitator

Nairobi, Kenya

About Me

Hello there!I am Marketing and Agricultural professional with over 10 years’ experience in Market System Facilitation, Value Chain Development and Implementation, Project Management and Public Private Partnership Engagement gained through working for Technoserve both in Kenya, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania, Green Pot Enterprises Kenya, RTI, Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems Activities seconded from EAMDA (East Africa Market Development Associates) and currently Agriprofocus-Kenya.
I have worked as a consultant for Landolakes under EAMDA supporting the Kenya Semi Arid Enhancement Support Project, consulted for Technoserve, SAFE as a Regional Training and Capacity Building Manager, worked as Business Development Manager-Agro forestry, extensively worked as a Business Advisor across many regions of Kenya including the Central, Eastern, Nyanza and Western Kenya regions.
I have facilitated SMEs through Private Sector Engagement and Collaboration achieve their income goals through horticultural development and entrepreneurship-Banana, Mangoes, Avocado, Pineapples, Sweet Potatoes, African Leafy Vegetables, Passion Fruits, Dairy, Feed and Fodder as the specific Value Chains.
I have supported thousands of small holder farmers who would otherwise not have received any gainful help, to believe in themselves again and to transition from subsistence to commercial farmers.
I am good at local stakeholder management involving farmers, local government, local leadership etc. I am a successful Marketer who has linked thousands of farmers to sustainable markets-both local and internationally and very passionate about Food Safety especially at the Domestic Market

Skills and Expertise


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