Anne Marie Kortleve

Coordinator Marketing & Communications

Utrecht, Netherlands

About Me

Hello there! I am one of the community managers of this platform. I work as a Manager Marketing-Communications at the AgriProFocus International Secretariat in The Netherlands. My job is to make you feel at home on this platform and provide you with all the information you need. Besides managing this platform I am responsible for all internal and external communications and marketing for the AgriProFocus network.

I obtained my Master degree in Communication Sciences at Wageningen University in 2008 and worked as Marketing and Communications Officer at ICCO Cooperation from 2011 until 2014. Since February 2014, I work at AgriProFocus.

Skills and Expertise


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Posted 18 October 2016 at 12:31

Vidéo de la mission entrant du commerce agro-alimentaire du Mali, du Niger et du Burkina Faso aux Pays-Bas

En Août 2016, 48 entreprises du Mali, du Niger et du Burkina Faso ont visité les Pays-Bas lors d'une mission commerciale organisée par le Conseil d'affaires des Pays-Bas-africain. Nous suivons entrepreneur Aichatou Nasser du Niger au cours de cette visite. Les participants visitent un membre de notre partenariat néerlandais Bejo Zaden.

In August 2016, 48 companies from Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso visited The Netherlands during a trade mission organized by the Netherlands-African Business Council. We follow entrepreneur Aichatou Nasser from Niger during this visit.  The participants visit one of our Dutch partnership member Bejo zaden.


How to Manage Risks in Financing Smallholder Investments?

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  10 November 2016, 15:30-17:00
  KIT, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

The third edition of NABC’s conference promises to be a prominent B2B platform which focuses on Africa’s growing economies, particularly in light of innovations developing in the financial sector. 

This year the theme is ‘Innovation in Finance’. With its unique resources and sheer size, Africa is now taking the lead in the development of inventive products and services that require smart, innovative, and practical financing solutions.

The AgriProFocus network will be present as well, hosting a workshop around “Finance for Smallholders: Opportunities for risk management by linking financial institutions and producer organizations.” together with NpM and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform

The study “Finance for Smallholders: Opportunities for risk management by linking financial institutions and producer organizations” by NpM, AgriProFocus and FBKP revealed that 1) risk management should be a common agenda, 2) access to finance relies not jus

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Posted 21 September 2016 at 10:29

Making Agribusiness work for Development: AgriProFocus Strategy Week 2016

AgriProFocus is shaping its new strategy: What will be our network approach in the coming 5 years? We gathered from 12-16 September in Schoorl, The Netherlands, to define the basis of our new strategy together. We can already give you a sneak preview of the direction we are heading below.

Our network approach

AgriProFocus is convinced that our network can significantly contribute to tackling the current challenges we face in food and nutrition security worldwide. Being an international, multi-stakeholder network that is active in 13 countries in Africa and South East Asia, which counts 22,000 agribusiness professionals worldwide today, we engage a wide diversity of stakeholders. No one stakeholder can bring about the desired systemic changes alone. From the experience we have built up engaging these stakeholders, we know that more sustainable results are possible if actors in the agribusiness sector are more effective

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CASTORY WILLIAM thanks very much anne maria,, am a college student taking bachelor degree in human resource from Tanzania but am interested in agribusiness but i don't have enough education on how to start so i would like to join with you so as to make my dream become true

2 years 3 months ago

Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Castory, thank you for your reply! By joining this platform you are part of a big network of agri-professionals. If you want to participate in any of the activities organised in Tanzania you can contact my colleague Hilda Okoth

2 years 3 months ago

CASTORY WILLIAM Hi Anne, thank a lot for your reply and give me a way to start, so i will get in touch with Hilda Okoth to start participating in any activity am so happy to join here i expect to learn a lot of things from you

2 years 3 months ago

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Posted 13 July 2016 at 01:22

Votre profil sur notre plate-forme en ligne est comme votre carte de visite en ligne, mettre à jour maintenant!

Augmenter votre visibilité en ligne par ces temps de croissance numérique ! Compléter votre profil, c’est facile, ne prend que quelques minutes et vous permettra d’entrer en contact avec des milliers d’acteurs de l’agrobusiness dans le monde entier.

3 étapes faciles pour mettre à jour de votre profil :

1. Connectez-vous à ;

2. Cliquez sur votre nom dans le coin supérieur droit -> vous serez redirigé vers votre page de profil

3. Prenez quelques minutes pour mettre à jour entièrement en cliquant sur la barre grise appelée: "Modifier les paramètres de profil"

Le profillage de votre entreprise ou organisation (coordonnées, contacts téléphoniques, activités, etc.) vous offre les avantages ci-après :

- Accroitre en ligne la visibilité de votre entreprise et atteindre plus de 20 000 professionnels de l’agrobusiness.

- Promouvoir vos produits et s

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Posted 13 July 2016 at 01:11

Your profile on this online platform is an online business card, update now!

Your online visibility becomes more and more important in these increasing digital times. Completing your profile on this platform is easy, only takes a few minutes and will connect you to thousands of agribusiness practitioners worldwide!

Updating your profile is done in 3 easy steps:

1. Log-in or sign-up at

2. Click on your name in the upper right corner -> you will be re-directed to your profile-page

3. Take a couple of minutes to fully update it by clicking on the grey-bar called: ‘Edit Profile Settings’

 Add your company or organisation profile and:

• Increase your company visibility online and reach over 20,000 agribusiness professionals

• Promote your business and services to our platform visitors (500,000 pageviews a year)

• Get access to collaboration opportunities both local and international

• A professional and completed profile with contact details will increase your reliab

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2 years 5 months ago

Wycliffe Natweeta Much appreciated.

2 years 2 months ago

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Posted 1 July 2016 at 09:17

Network energy during strategic conference AgriProFocus!

Development of and support to agri-entrepreneurship is at the heart of the AgriProFocus network. 

Through AgriProFocus, agribusiness professionals from the corporate sector, CSO’s, knowledge institutes and governments join forces, share knowledge and combine resources to fully unlock the potential of agri-entrepreneurship for food and nutrition security. Through our Dutch roots and the 20.000 registered professionals in 12 country networks, we are able to facilitate linking and learning and demonstrate that the Dutch Diamond really works in practice.

We are ready for a new phase: to further improve the impact and significance of our network, and to further strengthen the value for our members, partners and key-stakeholders. That is why on 28 and 29 June (in Doorn, The Netherlands) we generated the ingredients for an ambitious strategy and a new businessplan, together with our Dutch partnership members and other strategic thi

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Marc NKENGURUTSE Very good

2 years 6 months ago

NicholaS Amartey Inspiring

2 years 6 months ago

Charity PM Chileshe Yes please keep us in the loop on this interesting topic.

2 years 6 months ago

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Posted 10 June 2016 at 09:04

AgriProFocus Worldwide Network Results 2015: Business Linking

Example Ethiopia: Regular Business Drinks (five in 2015) were co-organised with the Agri-Business Support Facility (ABSF). Visitors can have a one-minute pitch.

A distributor of Purdue Improved Crop Storages (PICS) presented the actual bags and made a deal for ETB 12.800 on the spot with Damot Wolayta Cooperative Union. Visitors indicated their prime motive for participating to be: funding; finding partners; market and visibility.

“I have been looking for the right person for 3 years, today I got the opportunity to meet, chat and made a formal appointment.” Ato Wagnew Ayalneh, from Wasa Mushroom Farm.

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE

CDI - Dear Anne Marie, Thank you for sharing the valuable report to AgriProFocus members.

2 years 7 months ago

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Posted 9 June 2016 at 02:04

Receive SMS-alerts from AgriProFocus!

Get an alert when:

1. There are events coming up in your AgriProFocus country network

2. A member has liked or replied to your post or comment

3. Other agribusiness professionals follow you on the online platform

You are always informed about what’s going on even if you are not online!

See instructions below:

Tanzania Graduate Farmers Good job there

2 years 7 months ago

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Posted 9 June 2016 at 01:56

Le saviez-vous ?
La plateforme de AgriProFocus vous permet de recevoir des notifications (alerte) par sms sur les actualités du réseau !

Recevoir une alerte quand:

1. Il y a des événements à venir dans votre réseau de pays

2. Un membre a aimé ou répondu à votre message ou un commentaire

3. D’autres professionnels de l’agroalimentaire vous suivent sur la plate-forme en ligne

Vous êtes toujours informé sur ce qui se passe sur le réseau même si vous n’êtes pas connecté à internet !

Amegni Serge Une bonne occasion de rivaliser facebook......en temps réel ................merci vraiment pour ses initiatives mettez l'accent sur la sensibilisation pour que le monde rural qu'urbain profite de ces avantages et opportunités de cette nouvelle application .....

2 years 7 months ago

IFDERDIOILA FORMATION La nouvelle technologie à l'heure du développement rural....................félicitations à tous et à toutes pour l'évolution du réseau.............

2 years 7 months ago

Idrissa BA Merci, Anne pour cette innovation. Cela me connecte directement avec le réseau de manière instantanée

2 years 7 months ago

Guylaine Mwamini Très belle initiative

2 years 7 months ago

ONG GBEWA Merci Anne Marie pour cette innovation !

2 years 7 months ago

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Posted 9 June 2016 at 09:51

AgriProFocus Network Results 2015: Bankable Business Plans

FINAGRI in Segou, Mali

The Segou finance fair was organised in March 2015 with support of the Netherlands Embassy and with IFDC, Oikocredit and others. The event attracted 3258 participants and 40 exhibitors. AgriProFocus Mali organized a business plan training for submitters. 53 business plans were shared between 3 banks and 4 microfinance institutions, 56 % was financed!

The event opened up new relations with and between producer organisations in the region and various banks and microfinance institutions and with international agencies such as USAID.

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015: Click HERE

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Posted 8 June 2016 at 01:14

AgriProFocus Worldwide Network Results 2015!

With pleasure the AgriProFocus global team presents the 2015 network results to its stakeholders: our Dutch partnership members, country network affiliates, and of course our public partners. 

Increased services and relevance for multiple stakeholders

2015 has been a good year for the network in terms of the outreach of its products and services. The number of events in the country networks - co-created with and for stakeholders - went up 30%. Online registered agri-professionals increased with more than 50%. 2015 saw a dynamic online information and knowledge exchange. Our ‘one-stop-shop’ online platform is working! 

Tangible results for agri-entrepreneurs from knowledge and business services

In terms of outcome: stakeholders have used the network benefits to build capacities in their organisation or business (notably staff skills and marketing), and improved the services they deliver to farmer entrepreneurs. They pointed out that the net

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LANDac International Conference

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  30 June 2016 to 01 July 2016 - All Day Event
  Muntgebouw, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Netherlands Academy on Land Governance (LANDac) and its partners are announcing the 2nd LANDac International Conference which will take place on June 30 and July 1, 2016 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The Conference, titled “Large scale land acquisition in the context of urban sprawl and climate change: LINKING THE RURAL AND THE URBAN” is a follow-up of the 1st LANDac International Conference which took place in July 2015.

REGISTRATION UNTIL 1 JUNE – early bird fee of 50 Euro’s!

The 2016 LANDac Annual International Land Conference ‘Large-scale land acquisition in the context of urban sprawl and climate change: Linking the rural and the urban’ will take place on Thursday June 30 and Friday July 1 in Utrecht, the Netherlands (Muntgebouw). The conference builds on the success of the 2015 International Conference in which LANDac brought together stakeholders from around the world, from a variety of backgrounds. The 2016 conference focuses on topics related to rural-urban land gov

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Posted 25 April 2016 at 06:53

Are you one of Africa's top women innovators?

The World Economic Forum is searching for the continent’s top female innovators who have a demonstrated track record in using innovative technology or business models in any sector including entrepreneurship and agriculture.

Winners of the challenge will be invited to attend the annual World Economic Forum on Africa Summit scheduled to take place in Kigali Rwanda from 11th to 13th May this year.

“We have launched a challenge to identify Africa’s top women innovators because we know that the female half of the population in particular needs champions and role models,” said Elsie Kanza, Head of Africa, World Economic Forum.

She also noted that the continent’s best resource is its people who need to be empowered through an environment where they can flourish. The female innovators must have also given back to society along the way.

The closing date to enter the challenge is today, Monday 25th April, 2016.

The best five female innovators fro

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Posted 21 April 2016 at 10:22

An inspiring sustainable business, Sabahar Ethiopian Textiles

Kathy Marshall, owner and general manager of Sabahar, inspired the community managers from AgriProFocus (gathering in Ethiopia at the moment) with her entrepreneurial spirit! She used to work for an international NGO, but in 2004 decided to switch to a business approach. She started her silk-business with only two spinning wheels in her own house. Kathy explains: “Nowadays, we buy the silk from over 200 (female) producers in Ethiopia and export fair trade silk textiles worldwide."

Kathy explained the three core values that guide Sabahar:

• Sustainability: We support and train artisans to apply their ancient skills to modern, fresh designs. By providing the bridge between the artisan and the global market, we provide reliable income for families.

• Innovation: Weaving is an ancient craft in Ethiopia but silk was only introduced to Ethiopia about 15 years ago. We adopt traditional technologies to new fibers and products. We remain lo

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Posted 21 April 2016 at 08:51

How to improve activities for AgriProFocus network members?

This is one of the topics of the communication and M&E training for our AgriProFocus colleagues happening now in Ethiopia. All AgriProFocus networks are sharing best practices around events, communication and monitoring and evaluation.

For example, we shared experiences and challenges around the soil campaign held in 2015 in Ethiopia for a big and diverse audience and the example of the EKN-RVO Learning event held in Nairobi, which was 2 days and for a specfic targetgroup (food security projects funded by EKN). We discussed the various phases of event-planning and shared many experiences. We also discussed on how we can improve this online platform and how we can best interact wit hand inform our members on important issues related to agri-entrepreneurship. We finalise this week with optimising our monitoring and evaluation to learn from the input from our members and visitors.

Georges Djodji Akibodé Comment améliorer les activités des membres du réseau AgriProFocus? Ceci est l'un des sujets de la communication et de la formation M & E , qui se passe maintenant en Ethiopie pour nos collègues AgriProFocus. Tous les réseaux de AgriProFocus partagent les meilleures pratiques autour des événements, la communication et le suivi et l'évaluation. Par exemple, nous avons partagé les expériences et les défis autour de la campagne du sol qui a eu lieu en 2015 en Ethiopie pour un grand et dversié public et l'exemple de l'événement EKN-RVO apprentissage tenue à Nairobi, qui avait duré 2 jours et pour un Groupe cible specfic (projets de sécurité alimentaire financé par EKN). Nous avons discuté des différentes phases de la planification d'événements et partagé de nombreuses expériences. Nous avons également discuté de la façon dont nous pouvons améliorer cette plate-forme en ligne et comment nous pouvons mieux interagir pour informer nos membres sur des questions importantes liées à l'agro-entrepreneuriat. Nous finalisons cette semaine avec l'optimisation de notre suivi et d'évaluation à apprendre de l'entrée de nos membres et visiteurs.

2 years 9 months ago

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Posted 30 March 2016 at 08:43

I received this interested opportunity from Amplify:

Just Launched: Join Amplify’s Agricultural Innovation Challenge!

Around the world, millions of farmers work tirelessly to feed their families and communities. But in spite of their efforts, over 42% of the food these farmers produce is never consumed. Instead, it is lost during harvest, or on the journey from farm to market. The consequences are immense – closing this gap has the potential to feed one billion people and improve livelihoods for farmers.

For our fifth Amplify challenge, we are calling on entrepreneurs, NGOs, designers and social innovators to develop solutions that reduce waste and improve the livelihoods of small scale farmers. We are focusing on a few key areas where new solutions can have a big impact, including: improving access to markets, ensuring farmers have access to relevant information, using technology in new ways and financial services.

The power of open innovation starts with you. In each of our past cha

... Read more

Zeinabou Hamani Une occasion intéressante de Amplify: Joignez-vous au challenge de l’innovation dans l'agriculture de Amplify! Partout dans le monde, des millions d'agriculteurs travaillent sans relâche pour nourrir leurs familles et les communautés. Mais en dépit de leurs efforts, plus de 42% de la nourriture produite par ces agriculteurs n’est jamais consommée. Celle-ci est perdue lors de la récolte, ou sur le trajet de la ferme au marché. Les conséquences sont immenses - combler cet écart c’est avoir le potentiel de nourrir un milliard de personnes et d'améliorer les moyens de subsistance pour les agriculteurs. Pour notre cinquième défi Amplify, nous faisons appel à des entrepreneurs, des ONG, des concepteurs et innovateurs sociaux pour développer des solutions qui réduisent les déchets et améliorent les moyens de subsistance des petits agriculteurs. Nous nous concentrons sur quelques domaines clés dans lesquels de nouvelles solutions peuvent avoir un impact important, notamment: l'amélioration de l'accès aux marchés, l’assurance de l'accès à des informations pertinentes, en utilisant la technologie dans de nouveaux moyens et de services financiers. La puissance de l'innovation ouverte commence avec vous. Dans chacun de nos défis passés, la rétroaction et la collaboration d'experts, les bénéficiaires et les membres de la communauté ont renforcé les idées et les ont propulsés vers l'avant. Nous ne pouvons pas attendre. Dès maintenant jusqu'au 2 mai à 9 heures PDT, vous pouvez ajouter vos idées sur ce site: et avoir une chance de gagner une subvention de 50 000 $ à 150 000 $ , support de conception à partir Ou, pour d’informations suivez ce lien:

2 years 9 months ago

Marie Legonou Super

2 years 9 months ago

Daoulata MAIGA Merci Zeinabou ,pour la version française

2 years 9 months ago

Hadijah Ssekyondwa N. Great opportunity for the innovators. Thank you

2 years 9 months ago

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Posted 29 March 2016 at 08:26

Going beyond stereotypes to strengthen your Farmer-Firm trade relation

Around 100 participants gathered on March 24 at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam for the AgriProFocus Expert meeting: 'It Takes 2-2-Trade'.

A sustainable relationship between farmers and their customers is paramount for good business. To achieve this both parties need to be aware of each other's strengths, weaknesses, and perceptions. In a structured way, the 2-2-Trade tool brings these strengths, weaknesses and perceptions to the surface. With a facilitated, structured discussion 2-2-Trade creates mutual understanding between farmers and their customers creating space for development and new initiatives and opportunities that bring benefit to both.

The meeting focussed on how trade relations can be made more sustainable and profitable by looking at the critical components of the relation and how the 2- 2 Trade tool can be used in business cases of the participants.

Three cases where 2-2-Trade has been applied were pr

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Poultry, Processing & Meat Trade Mission to Kenya

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  23 May 2016 to 27 May 2016 - All Day Event
  Nairobi, Kenya

From May 23 until May 27 2016 a Poultry, Meat and Processing Trade Mission to Kenya will be organized by the Netherlands - African Business Council (NABC) in close cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nairobi. Part of this trade mission will take place at the AIPEX in Nairobi. Also a matchmaking session, a reception, company visits (field visits) and a seminar will be organised in Kenya.  

The objective of this trade mission is to introduce and familiarize Dutch companies in the Dutch poultry, processing and meat value chains to the Kenyan market. With the end goal being to generate investment and trade opportunities within these two value chains between the Netherlands and Kenya. In addition to a number of tailor made excursions and meetings we will participate in a sector related expo (AIPEX) taking place from the 25th until the 27th of May in Nairobi Kenya. As such we will also be providing an opportunity to Dutch companies to exhibit and be part of t

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International African Agribusiness And Trade Seminar

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  18 April 2016 to 22 April 2016 - All Day Event
  Washington DC, USA

Futures AgriBusiness organizes in Washington DC the International African Agribusiness And Trade Seminar. An event where participants can encounter large-scale funding opportunities of their projects in the agricultural, livestock and fish farming.


Agribusiness investors, US manufacturers, sponsors and vendors for Africa Agribusiness markets, governments officials from Africa, private sectors value chain actors, NGOs and Civil Societies working on climate change and food security, multilateral and bilateral institutions operating in Sub-Sahara Africa, and universities.


For participation, sponsorship opportunities, marketing and sales, send you inquiry to the event committee at or visit:


Dutch Trade Mission to Ethiopia

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  17 May 2016 - 06:00 to 20 May 2016 - 23:00
  Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Want to do business in Ethiopia? Join the economic mission to Ethiopia from 17 - 20 May, 2016 along Jeroen Verheul, Ambassador for Foreign Trade and Development at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

During the mission you will have extensive contact with Ethiopian businesses and government parties. You will meet and share experiences with Dutch entrepreneurs and potential business partners from Ethiopia. In addition, you will have the opportunity for business meetings as well as  individual matchmaking, collective visits to relevant companies, government agencies and network events such as the Dutch Business Day.

Participation in this mission is open to companies and research institutions from all sectors. During the mission will be special attention will be paid to the sectors: Agri & Food and Horticulture & Propagation Materials.

More information can be found HERE