Meskerem Niesette Ritmeester

Network Coordinator Ethiopia

Addis ababa, Ethiopia

About Me

I am passionate about exchanging knowledge and experiences on a range of different issues. Gender-sensitive agricultural development, project activities and/or innovations that empower women, nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food security are of special interest to me. I like to bring people, organizations, institutions and development agencies together to work towards a shared goal of achieving sustainable agriculture and food security for all. By going on this path together, new ideas can be created and solutions can be found to overcome challenges.

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APPLY NOW and take your chance to be at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Netherlands

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a transformative tech-solution in the field of Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health or Water? Is your enterprise ready to scale-up with international investors? If so, we encourage you to apply for the 9th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit in The Hague, The Netherlands, on June 4-5, 2019.

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit is the preeminent annual gathering that convenes entrepreneurs, investors, and their supporters from around the world. During the two days, established entrepreneurs will seek funding from investors and learn how to scale their business globally. 

There is no registration or conference fee.

Click here for more information and application visit. Applications close on 30 January!

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Posted 28 December 2018 at 10:28

Registration open till 3 Jan 2019: Executive MBA in Agribusiness in Ethiopia 

Preparing you for smart leadership in agribusiness. The first MBA in Agribusiness in the Horn of Africa. Organized by Jimma University in cooperation with the Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Maastricht School of Management, and ABH. 

The Executive MBA in Agribusiness is a part-time program creatively designed to enable you to boost your managerial productivity at work. The 2-year Executive MBA program is run by a partnership that brings together a seasoned business school and a university in the Netherlands and one of the premier universities in Ethiopia. At the end of the two years program, you will earn the esteemed Executive MBA that will be internationally accredited, awarded by Jimma University. 

A scholarship opportunity is provided for up to 5 women. 

Registration is open until Thursday 3 January 2019.

SNV Gender Report - Impact of PALS/GALS Methodology in Ethiopia's Horticulture Sector

This REPORT assesses the merits and flaws of the PALS/GALS (Participatory/Gender Action Learning for Sustainability) methodology in promoting gender empowerment. This methodology was applied in the implementation of the GYEM-project (Gender en Youth Empowerment in Horticulture Markets), supervised by the Dutch NGO SNV and funded by Comic Relief.

The report starts with a discussion of the internal analysis of the organization itself. The main conclusion here is the cultural mismatch between the individualistic, linear tools and the collectivistic, cyclical views of the beneficiaries. If organizations want to introduce this new and alien way of thinking, they should be mindful of the difficulties this might entail. The external analysis includes a thorough review of the intervention’s results in the field. The beneficial outcomes, i.e. changes in behaviour and actions of beneficiaries influenced by

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Netherlands Embassy (EKN): "Development of horticulture in Kunzila improves food security in Ethiopia" 

Five Dutch floriculture companies are going to develop a sustainable large-scale horticultural area in the Ethiopian Kunzila area, with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( programmes DGGF and GRO. The project sets an example for food-producing farmers: it can enhance the productivity and food security with minimal negative impact on the local community, nature and climate.

Read the full blog post on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) here

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Looking for multidisciplinary teams of Ethiopian Fresh graduates to solve a business problem for agribusinesses. APPLY HERE! 

Filippo Dibari so bad i missed this. F

2 months 2 weeks ago


CIMMYT Seminar: Gender Norms & Innovation in Agriculture

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  17 August 2018, 15:00-17:00
  Lalibela Auditorium inside ILRI campus (Gurd Shola, Addis Ababa)

This Friday August 17th at 3pm, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) will give a presentation at the Lalibela auditorium ILRI campus, Gurd Shola on gender norms, innovation and agency in agriculture.

This policy brief will give you some background on the presentation and printed copies of this policy brief will be distributed during the event: 

Register with Dr. Kristie Drucza: When you arrive at the gate, please tell security you are here for the presentation so they can let you in.

Please join us for a coffee ceremony at the end.

With thanks,

Dr. Kristie Drucza| Gender and Inclusion Research

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

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Posted by Mahder Akalu in AgriProFocus Ethiopia 26 July 2018 at 12:32

We all want a better future

A Brief Moment: with Selam Wendimu

 Could you please introduce yourself and Grohydro to the APF network members in Ethiopia?

My name is Selam Wendimu and I am CEO of Grohydro. Global population is projected to increase 65 percent by 2050, and two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. Almost all of the increased urbanization, 90 percent, will be in Asia and Africa. With population and income growth, land and water resources become more and more scarce and the fight to grow more with less is real. Grohydro started with a vision to grow more food without needing more land and with much less water. How?

We design, manufacture, install, and maintain low-cost, easy-to-use, hydroponic growing systems for both small-scale and commercial farmers, rural and urban farmers. Our systems are vertical shelf structures that enable farmers to grow dramatically more output using only water and added nutrients. Our hydroponic systems, adapted to fodder a

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Atsede Mariam Assefa In support of Selam's work I would recommend people look up hydroponics on Youtube-it really is an eye opener. I started researching this area because I have a dairy and cows need grass all the time-which is almost impossible in the summer. Many farmers are growing fodderfor their animals using a variety of hydroponic systems. My experiment at home was basic but successful. 

4 months 5 days ago

Atsede Mariam Assefa In support of Selam's work I would recommend people look up hydroponics on Youtube-it really is an eye opener. Many farmers are growing fodder for their animals using a variety of hydroponic systems. 

4 months 5 days ago

Atsede Mariam Assefa In support of Selam's work I would recommend people look up hydroponics on Youtube-it really is an eye opener. 

4 months 5 days ago

Ed van der Post I do not entirely agree with you. Hydroponics does have negative aspects and is certainly not a hobby. A fodder system is not really hydroponics in the sense that it is used worldwide. It's a brother of this. Just like aquaponics or aeroponics ... etc. There are many initiatives that fail because it is underestimated

1 week 4 days ago

Ed van der Post I do not entirely agree with you. Hydroponics does have negative aspects and is certainly not a hobby. A fodder system is not really hydroponics in the sense that it is used worldwide. It's a brother of this. Just like aquaponics or aeroponics ... etc. There are many initiatives that fail because it is underestimated

1 week 4 days ago

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Posted by Yonas Alemayehu in AgriProFocus Ethiopia 26 July 2018 at 12:28

Introducing AgriProFocus Ethiopia’s new youth interns

Hello AgriProFocus Community, My name is Yonas Alemayehu. I am an environmental science and sustainable development student at Hope College of Business, Science and Technology. I’m currently working as an intern at APF Ethiopia. I’m interested in Agroecology and Climate Smart Agriculture as it addresses food security and the relationship between climate change and agriculture. At APF Ethiopia, I’m assisting in the development of the Youth Business Challenge and also on the agroecology and urban agriculture platform development activities, as well as representing AgriPro Focus in ad-hoc external meetings and events. I’m super excited to be a member of this community!

Hi AgriProFocus members. My name is Lensa Girma. I am a new intern at AgriPro focus Ethiopia. I am specialized in bachelors’ degree in plant science from Addis Ababa University, College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture and now I am attending my masters

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Dear members,

Please find the attached Wageningen University – 100 Years Event - 
“Access to Healthy Food in Metropolitan Cities in Africa” report.  

A short summary of this Event can be found in this blog post published in Ethiopia Capital Magazine. 

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Creating Healthy Food Systems in African mega cities

Around the world, food systems are quickly changing as populations rapidly become more urbanized. The Netherlands and its Wageningen University and Research (WUR) are globally recognized as big players in the area of sustainable agrofood systems. To tackle the challenges related to feeding a growing urban population, the Wageningen University will use its 100-year celebration to organize multi-stakeholder exchanges on “Access to healthy food in mega cities”. One of the Wageningen University events will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on June 23rd 2018. 

For this event, we are looking for evidence-based research on the challenges and opportunities regarding access to healthy food in mega cities in East Africa (mainly Ethiopia). These researches will then be transformed into poster presentations to be shared during the Wageningen University Event.

Sub-topics of interest under the umbrella of acce

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Selam Meseret Thank you for sharing. Please the e-mail account,, isn't working. Regards, 

8 months 1 week ago

Meskerem Niesette Ritmeester Sorry for the inconvenience. The correct e-mail account should be:   (NOT .com!!) 

8 months 1 week ago

Sarah Assefa Thank-you Selam Meseret - the problem is now solved: correct email address is (.org not .com!) I have edited the post above to be correct as well.

8 months 1 week ago

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AgriProFocus Ethiopia Supported EKN in Promoting Healthy and Nutritious Diets

The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands (EKN) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, held a family day on 27 January 2018 for its staff members and their families. Next to a lot of sport and fun activities for young and old, the EKN asked AgriProFocus Ethiopia to organize an interactive session to promote ‘healthy and nutritious diets’.

AgriProFocus Ethiopia provided an 1-hour-long knowledge exchange session on how to make healthy food choices for yourself and for your household. For this interactive knowledge sharing session,  AgriProFocus Ethiopia worked together with one of its network members called Sara Antonio, who is a professional nutritionist.

The session started with a clear explanation of the food pyramid. The best way to understand what is exactly a healthy and balanced diet is to use this food pyramid as a guide. This food pyramid shows 7 layers of 7 different food groups. On each layer, we have

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Public Seminar: The Potential of Value Chains for Nutrition

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  16 February 2018, All Day Event
  Azzeman Hotel (Bole Area), Addis Ababa

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform, NWO-WOTRO and AgriProFocus Ethiopia, in close collaboration with IFPRI and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are organizing the public seminar “The potential of value chains for nutrition: Knowledge exchange for better informed policies and practices” on Friday 16 February 2018 in Azzeman Hotel, in Addis Ababa.

The public seminar will focus on the potential of nutrition-sensitive value chain interventions for improved nutritional intake in Ethiopia. Experts working with and in Ethiopian food value chains from policy, practice and research will be invited to exchange with Applied Research Fund projects (third Call) from Africa, Asia and the Netherlands that will be in Addis Ababa for their kick-off workshop that week.

The seminar will look at how knowledge co-creation, sharing and research uptake throughout the food value chain can be improved in order to contribute to Food and Nutrition Security. Please download the 2-page background document e

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Inclusive and Climate-Smart Dairy Business Models (Ethiopia)

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  15 February 2018, 09:00-13:30
  Azzeman Hotel (Bole area), Addis Ababa

Invitation to the Inception workshop for the research and scaling-up project Inclusive and climate smart business models in Ethiopian and Kenyan dairy value chains

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences and partners will start an NWO-funded research programme in Ethiopia and Kenya. In the attachment you will find the official invitation for the workshop "Inclusive and climate smart business models in Ethiopian and Kenyan dairy value chains" in Addis Ababa on February 15 from 9:00h-13.30h in Azzeman Hotel (Bole area, Addis Ababa).

The main objective (and reason for AgriProFocus Ethiopia to be involved) is to share and obtain input on the chosen research approach with key stakeholders and to adapt the research design based on the input from stakeholders.

If you are interested to join our meeting or you need further information, please register with Meskerem Ritmeester 


International Nutrition Conference

Event posted by in Innovation Community NUTRITION
  15 August 2018 to 18 August 2018 - All Day Event
  Hawassa University in Hawassa Town

Academic Center of Excellence organizes first International Nutrition Conference

Proposed Themes are:

1. Partnership for Long and Short term Training

2. Global Food Safety Concerns and ways forward 

3. Food Fortification: experiences and ways forward

4. School feeding for better Nutrition, to support education and local economy

5. Trends in improving health and nutrition in developing countries

6. Food and Nutrition small enterprises to minimize Youth unemployment 

7. Food Systems, Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Linkages

8. Under-utilized crops for Nutrition Security

The Conference will be held in Hawassa Town, Ethiopia, from 15-18 August 2018

The major aims in hosting the Conference is to share experiences by working together during preparation for the conference and in the future. AgriProFocus Ethiopia will assist the Academic Center of Excellence in the facilitation of the field visits to private sector actors around Hawassa and will organize a business drinks during the Conference.&n

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Posted 10 August 2017 at 09:11

REPORT: Homegardens for Better Nutrition Event at the EU

As part of the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture platform facilitated by AgriProFocus and the EU, four workshops have been organized in 2016. The first workshop of 2017, held on May 31st , addressed the issue of homegardens for better nutrition. Different guest speakers, Mekonnen from CRS, Medhanit from FHI360 and Mesfin from Send A Cow presented about different type of homegardens (e.g. permagardening, keyhole gardening etc.) and about the nutritional benefit for rural households to combine homegardening with livestock rearing. In addition, Mestawet from AKLDP/Tufts University was a special guests as she is responsible for the Ethiopian Home Gardens Networkand for the provision of permagardening (ToT) training. 

Please find the workshop report attached. 

Kflay Gebrehiwot Yaynemsa Hi ,The link to the report is not active.

1 year 5 months ago

Meskerem Niesette Ritmeester Dear Kflay Gebrehiwot Yaynemsa, Sorry for the delay. I had a little trouble uploading this report, but here it is. Enjoy reading! 

1 year 4 months ago

Kflay Gebrehiwot Yaynemsa Thanks Meskerem.

1 year 4 months ago


Dr. Alula Pankhurst on Rural Youth Dev. & Entrepreneurship

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Ethiopia
  01 June 2017, 17:30-19:00
  BlueMoon Initiative, METI Building, Bole area (Between Edna Mall and Atlas Hotel)

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Fireside Chat with the well-known Dr. Alula Pankhurst and his co-researcher Catherine Dom on“Youth Development & Entrepreneurship: Pathway to Independence” on Thursday June 1stfrom 5:30PM – 7:00PM(walk-in and registration from 5:00PM) at the office of Dr. Eleni's BlueMoon Initiative.

This Fireside Chat is organized by AgriProFocus' Youth in Agribusiness Community in cooperation with the BlueMoon Initiative. In the form of an interactive session of knowledge sharing and question and answer moments, Dr. Alula Pankhurst and Catherine Dom will share their research findings on the topics of:

1) Youth transformation to adulthood and independence

2) Young women’s economic participation

3) Successful youth entrepreneurship

These research findings are part of a 20+ year longitudinal study of community change in rural Ethiopia of which Dr. Alula is the lead researcher. The purpose of sharing this highly valuable research is to provide all actors that are

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Workshop: Nutrition-Sensitive Ag. through Homegardening

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  31 May 2017, All Day Event
  EU Delegation (Across the street from Desalegn Hotel), Addis Ababa

The EU/AgriProFocus Innovation Community on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture invites you to the first workshop of this year to discuss the topic of homegardens. This first workshop will be organized in collaboration with the Homegardens Network. In the morning, we have different guest speakers talking about their experiences with homegarden projects and how homegardens can contribute to better nutrition while also talking about the success and failures in their implementations. Working group discussions will be held in the afternoon to exchange knowledge, best practices and challenges regarding homegardening and its impact on nutrition.

This full-day workshop will be held at the EU Delegation, on Wednesday 31 May from 9AM-4PM.

Since space is limited, we will allocate space for interested people on a first come, first serve basis.

If you would like to participate, please register with Ms. Ursula Truebswasser,, or with Mr. Pierre-Luc Van Haeverbeke, pierre-luc.vanhae

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2nd Int. Conference: Advancing Food & Nutrition in Africa

Event posted by in Innovation Community NUTRITION
  29 December 2017 to 31 December 2017 - All Day Event
  Jijiga city, Somali Region, Ethiopia

Jijiga University of Ethiopia is planning to organize the 2nd International conference on “Narrowing the disparity Gaps among marginalized population in Africa”: Advancing Food and nutrition in Africa. Tentatively the conferences will be held on the coming Dec 29-31, 2017 at Jijiga city of Somali regional state, Ethiopia.

In this event the following sub-themes are selected for the scientific scholars to deliver their speech and share their research findings and show policy direction. Sub themes and the specific themes will be as follows:

1. Food Security:

• Food insecurity among marginalized population in Africa

• Factors contributing food insecurity in Africa

• Climate stress and food security in Africa

2. Evidence based interventions of the food and nutrition worldwide:

• Safety net and emergency interventions (Positive and negative aspects)

• Agricultural interventions, what works and does not work?

• Social and Cultural aspects in implem

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The University of Gondar and Queen’s University Join The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Partnership will provide 450 scholarships to promising young African leaders and develop Ethiopia’s first occupational therapy program

Ethiopia’s University of Gondar and Canada’s Queen’s University today announced a 10-year, USD$24.2 million partnership to advance inclusive higher education for young people with disabilities in Ethiopia and other countries in Africa, as part of The MasterCard Foundation’s Scholars Program. The partnership will provide 450 next-generation African leaders with a high-quality university education at the University of Gondar, while also providing 60 of the university’s faculty members with the opportunity to study at Queen’s University, where they will enhance their skills in innovative pedagogy and in leading collaborative research between African and North American universities. The University of Gondar and Que

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