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Posted 19 December 2018 at 01:21

AgriProFocus Zambia Network Update

Curious to know what we have been up to? Catch up with all the details of our activities in our latest NEWSLETTER. Also, sign up HERE to make sure you don ’t miss the next newsletter and new updates. 

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Posted 19 December 2018 at 08:36

From Katete District, Zambia to Helsinki, Finland, Congratulations to one of our 2018 District Agribusiness Platform Exhibitors and active member, AgriPredict Zambia for scooping the 2018 Best Startups at the Slush Global Impact Acceleration.#SlushGIA

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Posted 17 December 2018 at 03:41

Plans to set up an Agri-hub in Northern Province underway

Plans to establish an Agri-Hub in Zambia’s Northern Province haven taken shape with consultative meetings being held to generate preliminary information on the viability of developing the Agri-Hub in the region and how it would contribute to solving trade issues.

This comes after the Chiefs from Mbala, Senga and Mpulungu Districts proposed the measure of Agri-Hub development during a Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) financed roundtable meeting held in Mpulungu in 2017. Another opportunity mapping was conducted by AgriProFocus Zambia in 2017 focusing on the Horticulture sub sector. It was established that Northern Province had a high potential to grow and exploit the horticulture markets. However, this required capacity building along the horticultural value chains.

The study which commenced in October, 2018 and ends on 1st April, 2019 is funded by the Dutch Government through RVO with AgriProFocus Network and Delphy engaged

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Posted 11 December 2018 at 03:48

District Agribusiness Platform theme excites Katete DC
As he gives AgriProFocus Zambia kudos for hosting event

Katete District Commissioner Joseph Makukula has expressed excitement with the AgriProFocus Zambia 2018 District Agribusiness Platform theme “Enhancing Market Access through Aggregation”.

He said Eastern Province remains one of the highest producers of agricultural produce in the country and has shown its capacity to develop a sustainable food production system, but has lagged behind as access to the market remains a challenge for most farmers.

Speaking during the official opening of the Katete District Platform, Mr. Makakula said he was delighted that AgriProFocus saw it imperative to priotise access to the market through aggregation as this will help the country grow sustainably when development is approached collectively.

“The Government recognizes that one farmer cannot feed the nation and as such we also trust that farmers working collectively will achieve more.

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Posted 11 December 2018 at 03:39

Heifer Zambia aims to strengthen Eastern Dairy Cooperatives

Heifer International Zambia has embarked on the formation of formal structures in Eastern Province’s Chadiza and Katete Districts aimed at strengthening the capacity of dairy cooperatives.

Speaking during the AgriProFocus Zambia, Business Drinks Event held at Protea Hotel in Chipata on 23rd November, 2018, Heifer Zambia Programme Manager Dennis Lembani, said the organisation has been looking at ways on how to support small holder farmers to ensure the market is formalized.

Mr. Lembani said the organisation has been focusing on the aggregation of farmers by carrying out key trainings for farmers with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and cooperative management.

He said individual smallholders suffer from the lack of organisation and voice that could help them increase economies of scale and collective bargaining power.

Mr. Lembani said the organisation has formed Livestock cooperatives in Kate

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Posted 11 December 2018 at 03:19

Chipata Business Drinks

On 23rd November, 2018, AgriProFocus Zambia held its second Business Drinks at Protea Hotel Chipata in Eastern Province under the theme “Enhancing Market Access through aggregation”.

The event created an opportunity for members and partners of the organisation to come together to promote themselves, to connect and share experiences.

Agribusinesses, agricultural development agents, government actors, research institutes and other relevant agricultural actors are continually represented in these events.

This edition of the Business Drinks which was co-hosted by AgriProFocus partner Agriterra, attracted over 30 participants who represented different sections of the agricultural sector.

It was also interesting to have our development partner Heifer at the event.

Extended Pitch

Our extended pitch came from our event co-host Agriterra and was delivered by their Business Advisor, Mr. Kalisha Chifula who gave a presentation on the theme.

Agriterra is an agri-agency

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Posted 11 December 2018 at 03:03

MCAZ and Cardno hold Business and Networking Development Fair for LWSSP displaced persons

The Millennium Challenge Account Zambia and Cardno successfully hosted a Business and Networking Fair for persons displaced by the Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage (LWSSP) Project.

The fair which took place at Red Roof Inn on the 17th October, 2018 in Lusaka, aimed to link project affected persons to sustainable entrepreneurship and employment opportunities.

Speaking during the opening of the event, Millennium Challenge Account Zambia, Resettlement and Social Impact Specialist Ms. Brenda Kapika, said the organisation was keen to exposing local community members to new skills and ways of earning income to reinvigorate their livelihoods.

‘’From the onset of the project, it was realised that the works would affect the people directly and indirectly. We as a project have made an undertaking to reduce the number of people who have been impacted by the works. It was for this reason that we par

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Posted 11 December 2018 at 02:56

AgriProFocus Zambia hosts successful Business Drinks- focuses on impact investment for small holder farmers

On 26, October, 2018 AgriProFocus Zambia successfully held its first Business Drinks Event under the theme “Achieving Impact Investment for Small Holder Farmers in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities.”

The Business Drinks which was co-hosted by AgriProFocus member Solidaridad and held at their country Office in Lusaka, attracted over 40 participants who represented different sections of the agricultural sector.

The event kicked off with opening remarks from AgriProFocus Zambia Country Coordinator Ms. Yvonne Mtumbi, who highlighted the significance of the event, which is meant to bring people across the industry together to share experiences, discuss challenges, promote ambition and leadership, and encourage networking as a tool for success.

The theme presentation was made by Solidaridad Finance and Development Consultant Mr. Saji George, who gave an interesting talk on Zambia’s op

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Posted 11 December 2018 at 12:26

AgriProFocus Zambia toasts to successful District Agribusiness platforms

Blissful and insightful was one of the ways it was described. The dates 21st and 23rd November, 2018 were not ordinary dates for farmers in Eastern Province particularly those in Lundazi and Katete Districts, as AgriProFocus Zambia was on site to host the Agribusiness Platforms in the districts.

The first stop was Lundazi District, situated 185 kilometers from the Provincial Capital Chipata, and known for being one of the highest producers of maize in the country coming mostly from small- scale farmers in the district.

As morning dawned of 21st November, it was clear that no farmer wanted to be left behind as the venue was flocked with a horde of farmers queuing up to register to be part of the event.

Dubbed “Enhancing Market Access Through Aggregation”, the event attracted 170 farmers drawn from 38 Farmer groups, including exhibitions from 14 companies that signed up to be part of the event. The objective of the ev

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Posted 22 October 2018 at 03:19

Vacancy at Grounded

Grounded is looking for a farm manager specializing in regenerative agriculture to join the team in the Simalaha, Zambia.

Deadline for applications: 15 November 2018

click the link below for details

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Posted 15 October 2018 at 12:00

AgriProFocus Zambia and Agriterra kick off Aggregation Capacity Building for Climate Smart Farmers

Appreciation of the role of aggregation and developing action plans towards its implementation was the focus of a workshop held by Agriterra and facilitated by Agriprofocus in Lundazi and Katete.

The capacity building which was Kicked off with a training workshop in August in Lundazi and Katete, provided an opportunity to deepen and expand farmer engagement with focus on Aggregation of produce.

The workshop brought together participants from leadership positions from over 8 cooperatives that are supported by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) under its Sustainable Integrated Land Management Solutions project (SILMS). The SILMS project is focused on improving market access of farmers practicing climate smart agriculture interventions.The capacity building programme in aggregation is aimed at enhancing market linkages.

Speaking during the opening of the workshop, AgriProFocus Zambia

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Posted 15 October 2018 at 11:46

APF Zambia represented at Moringa Development Corporation SADC Conference

AgriProFocus (APF) Zambia continues to highlight the opportunities that lie in the various Agricultural sub sector ecosystems in Zambia. This was the case when AgriProFocus Country Coordinator Ms. Yvonne Mtumbi made a presentation at the Moringa Development Corporation SADC Conference dubbed “Strategies for Commercialization of Moringa in Southern African Development Community (SADC)”, on August 27 -28, 2018 at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka, Zambia.

The event was a networking and experience sharing platform with several Moringa stakeholders including farmers, processors, consumers, financiers and other interested groups present.

Ms. Yvonne Mtumbi, highlighted the need for joint efforts to develop a productive Moringa Eco-System that will deliver impact especially to the small scale producers. Her presentation focused on how to reduce the risk of the Moringa being added to the list of crops

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Posted 15 October 2018 at 10:14

AgriProFocus partners with Heifer International and Postharvest to explore gaps in Milk Chilling facilities

The importance of dairy farming and its contribution to the economic growth of a country cannot be over emphasized. In most countries, dairy farming is not only seen as a source of nutrients for millions of consumers but is also an important source of income for farmers and plays a significant role in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of these countries.

Therefore milk, and dairy are an important subsector in the national economies of many developing countries.

However, just like any other industry, the African dairy industry faces many challenges resulting from a number of factors, one particular challenge that has gripped the sector is lack of cold chain facilities.

Emerging dairy sectors in developing African countries cannot cool raw milk on-farm due to the lack of reliable electricity. Often the quality of the evening milk is lost because it doesn’t survive the overnight heat.

This h

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Posted 15 October 2018 at 09:54

Youth in Agriculture Conference slated for November 2018

Young Emerging Farmers Initiative (YEFI) in partnership with AgriProFocus Network member Solidaridad Network Foundation, will be holding a Youth in Agriculture Conference planned to take place from 19th – 22nd November, 2018.

The conference which aims to enhance Private Sector Participation and Contribution to Agribusiness Growth for Youth Empowerment will be held under the theme ‘’Advancing Youth Empowerment in Agriculture through Youth inclusiveness in Agribusiness”.

It aims to foster an exchange among stakeholders on knowledge and best practices regarding the interfaces between agriculture, youth employment, entrepreneurship, ICT innovations, leading to prioritizing interventions going forward.

The event is expected to attract delegates from government, private sector, civil society organizations, academic institutions, cooperating partners, youths from different provinces.

It is hoped that the conference will provide areas f

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Posted 15 October 2018 at 09:40

Delphy, AgriProFocus and Barrick Lumwana Mines Kick off a Tailor Made Training program for Zambian Women Organization -Nsabo Yetu

Delphy and AgriProFocus have embarked on a tailor made training program for the A Zambian based Women Organization, Nsabo Yetu to strengthen the horticultural sector in the North-Western Province of Zambia.

The training which is projected to run until May 2019, will address the under performance of the horticultural sector in the area.

According to the project brief, it was noted that poor horticultural practices coupled with limited access to effective soil management technologies and lack of consistency in the production of horticultural produce has limited the farmer’s capacity to penetrate the chain store markets and potentially the export market.

‘’Current horticultural practices are low yielding and unsustainable, the women work with local varieties of vegetables leading to low yield and unfavourable quality. Meanwhile, there is a demand of high quality

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