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Utrecht, Netherlands

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Knowledge facilitator at Agri-ProFocus (50%)
Senior Knowledge Broker at the Food and Business Knowledge Platform (50%)

Responsible for the facilitation and network brokering in multistakeholder and cross-country learning processes. Both with AgriProFocus country teams, and with the members of AgriProFocus in Netherlands and with the strategic partners collaborating in the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.

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Posted 14 January 2015 at 03:06

Séminaire agroécologie Montpellier du 09.12.2014 : Protection agroécologique des cultures / J-P Deguine, Cirad UMR PVBMT

Un autre vidéo, 45 minutes, intéressant pour ceux qui ont un intérêt spécifique en agriculture durable / agro-écologie. Le lien vers le vidéo, en ligne, est ici

Séminaire agroécologie Montpellier du 09 décembre 2014 : Protection agroécologique des cultures : principes, application sur le terrain, impact sur la biodiversité fonctionnelle 

Intervenant(s): J-P Deguine, Cirad UMR PVBMT
L’enjeu de la protection des cultures est aujourd’hui de passer d’une démarche curative à base agrochimique à une démarche agroécologique de prévention des dommages occasionnés par les bioagresseurs des cultures, permettant un fonctionnement écologique plus équilibré et durable des agrosystèmes. Cette approche s’appuie sur une gestion agroécologique des communautés végétales et animales, à des échelles élargies de temps, d’espace et de gestion.&

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Posted 8 January 2015 at 11:41

Nice video ! Perspectives from farmers: What is the future of food for the world?

Click here to watch it.

Farmers from India, Peru and Kenya share their climate change stories, and tell us what they want to see in the future.

Climate change is wreaking havoc on global food systems but those most affected are poor farmers in tropical climates. Scarcity of water, increased temperatures and erratic rainfall are just a few of the issues farmers are faced with due to climate change, which all have profound affects on yields, ecosystems and income. 
In the video above farmers from India, Peru and Kenya share their climate change stories. Take a look and listen to the methods they have adopted to cope with the impacts of climate change and hear what it is they would like to see happen in the future.

Source: CGIAR research programme on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

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Posted 8 January 2015 at 09:28

We will soon start using this space more proactively. 

For now, most information of our work on Sustainable Agriculture can be found on the pages summarizing the outcomes of the AgriProFocus expert meeting on Sustainable Agriculture, using the following link

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Posted 7 January 2015 at 04:06

A new report is available, entitled “Strategic partnership for the Fertile Grounds Initiative“. It provides an overview of African networks and institutions working to improve soil fertility and lists relevant national, sub-regional and Pan-African programmes by governmental, private sector, academic and civil society organizations. It provides the Fertile Grounds Initiative with ideas to build strategic partnerships, and is also of use to other stakeholders with an interest in the area of soil fertility management. 

The study was commissioned by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform. A more extensive summary of the report and the link to the full report can be found on the Platform's website via this link.

Feel free to share widely! The AgriProFocus networks in Burundi, Ethiopia, and Uganda are already in touch with the Fertile Grounds Initiative; we may use this space for further sharing!

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Posted 6 January 2015 at 03:17

Chers tous,

Je cherche des informations sur des initiatives de recherche et/ou des rapports sur: 

- l'agriculture urbaine, et/ou:
- l'impact de l'urbanisation sur l'agriculture et la sécurité alimentaire.

J'apprécierais vos suggestions et vos recommandations sur des liens à explorer!

Merci d'avance!


4 years 1 week ago

Nicole Metz Merci Mathias. D'autres suggestions, de la part d'autres lecteurs de ce site??

4 years 1 week ago

Wagianto Wagianto Bonjour, J'espere que peut vous aider: Cdt, Anto

3 years 12 months ago

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Posted 6 January 2015 at 03:13

dear all,

I am looking for recent research initiatives and/or reports on:

- urban agriculture, and/or on:
- the impact of urbanisation on agriculture and food security.

Could you send me some suggestions or links to relevant websites?

owomukama matthew visit

4 years 1 week ago

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Posted 11 December 2014 at 02:23

New booklet on Integrated Soil Fertily Management - Fertile Ground Initiative!

Part of Fertile Grounds Initiative, a partner of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Enjoy reading & please send comments on this site!

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Posted 8 December 2014 at 10:02

Report - AgriProFocus Expert Meeting on Sustainable Agriculture & Value Chains

Now available on this website: the final report of the AgriProFocus Expert meeting Vision 2030: Making current approaches work for sustainable agriculture. How can agro-ecology and other approaches support farmers to feed the world sustainably by 2030? 

During the meeting, participants shared a sense of urgency to support the further greening of agriculture in the context of the combined global food, environmental and climate challenges. It became clear that different approaches to greening agriculture (agro-ecology, climate-smart agriculture, the landscape approach, etc.) all have their merits. Greening of agriculture needs a multi-scale and multi-stakeholder approach in which public sector, civil society, companies and knowledge institutions all have a role to play, with a special focus on entrepreneurial farmers producing for local and regional food markets. Whereas producers, consumers and other pr

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Posted 2 December 2014 at 12:23

Learning journey for Dutch Embassies through Ethiopia Exploring Dutch Food & Nutrition Security programs for better results and more impact. Brief description of outcomes of a meeting of staff of Netherlands' Embassies from different African and Asian countries

Jochem Schneemann Interesting to have this sharing and learning through a county and field visits. I have read it with interest, thanks. Has there been any attention for the possibility to use the DCED (Donor Committee o Enterprise Development) measuring framework (and the related Making markets work for the Poor (M4P) approach) ? Which aim for impact scale and sustainable/systemic change.

4 years 1 month ago

Nicole Metz thanks Jochem, nice to be in touch again via this online platform. I have forwarded your question to two people who were part of the learning journey (I wasn't there myself). best regards and hope to see you again soon, Nicole

4 years 1 month ago

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Posted 26 November 2014 at 03:29

"Seed governance. From seed aid to seed system security in fragile areas". 

This is the title of a new report published by Cordaid; and written by Petra Rietberg, Hein Gevers and Otto Hospes of Wageningen University.

It reviews recent literature on seed aid, seed systems, seed security and seed governance. It explores opportunities for Cordaid to optimize its seed aid interventions.

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Posted 26 November 2014 at 03:23

This is of interest to members and leaders of Innovation Communities:

A competition has been announced to enhance the body of knowledge around innovation platforms by focusing on mature innovation platforms in the agricultural systems research landscape.

The Humidtropics Case Study Competition continues the quest to decipher the DNA of innovation platforms, and aims to bring together multiple stakeholders and actors in the agriculture sector to produce case studies featuring the most innovative ideas, best practices, actionable knowledge and strategies emerging from mature innovation platforms in the agricultural systems research landscape.

The top three case study authors will be awarded cash prizes of respectively $2000, $1500 and $1000 USD and will be featured in a Humidtropics anthology to be released in 2015.

Read more about the competition, including aim, themes, timeline and process, rules and assessment criteria by clicking here.

Mark your calendars: 800-word abstrac

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Posted 15 November 2014 at 03:54

This week, Agri-ProFocus Uganda-team and I promoted the new online platform. Both among participants of the Agri-ProFocus regional matchmaking event in Mbarara; and among international research consortia from RUFORUM and PAEPARD research networks from Uganda, Benin, Kenya, Ghana and Burundi. We noticed lots of interest, see the picture of Emmanual Baranzi from South-West Uganda who registered immediately. He was impressed by the opportunities to find people with an interest to buy mushrooms! At the same time, it was very clear that many farmers and farmer's cooperatives don't have regular access to internet! Agri-ProFocus was asked to be aware of that.

Anne Marie Kortleve Nice to see this Nicole, thanks for sharing! And we are aware of the lack of access to internet in some areas. We are exploring ideas around sms-services for our members, we will keep you informed about this.

4 years 2 months ago

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Posted 10 November 2014 at 06:12

Dear readers of this post. (francais en bas)

This is about connecting practitioners and researchers. I am actually participating in a PAEPARD writeshop to develop Applied Research Fund proposals to be submitted to the Dutch Food & Business Research programme. Participants from Benin, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya are developing the first ideas for research proposals. In Benin and Kenya, the participants are clearly linked to Agri-ProFocus. If there is more relevant news, I will try to use this platform to update you and possibly ask for your input.

best regards,

Chers lecteurs,

A ce moment, des consortia de recherche participent a un atelier de developpement de propositions pour le Fonds de Recherche Appliquée de NWO/WOTRO / Pays-Bas. Consortia du Burundi, du Benin, l'Uganda et le Kenya sont representees. De bonnes possibilités pour faire la liaison avec Agri-ProFocus dans ces pays respectifs. Plus d'info suivra

Salutations cordiales,

Nicole Metz (Knowledge Facilitator at Agri-ProFocus, working part ti

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AKOUTA François Je salue tout le travail abattu par les concepteurs/animateurs de la nouvelle plate-forme de Agri pro focus. Je profite de l'occasion pour remercier la Coordination Agri HUB Bénin pour tout ce qu'elle fait pour la promotion du secteur agricole au Bénin. J'invite les membres des diverses communautés d'innovation de participer à ce nouvel environnement convivial pour faire connaître leurs activités.

4 years 2 months ago

SALOUFOU Moussabihatou Merci Mr François.

4 years 2 months ago

MIGNANWANDE Micel Je remercie les responsables de cette plate forme qui ne cesse de nous surprend pas ses nouveauté. j'avoue que cette nouvelle conception est très intéressant et pratique pour moi. Je pense que ce sera le cas pour vous. Inscrivez vous et soyer toujours conecter, c'est fabuleux. Bravo !!! Agri Pro Focus Président Directeur Général de l'ONG ''Cercle des Décideurs Humanitaires'' du Bénin Michel MIGNANWANDE.

4 years 2 months ago

Joseph Houndehin Je valide les commentaires de mes prédécesseurs. Bon vent à l'Agriculture et Engageons nous pour sortir de la pauvreté alimentaire. Merci

4 years 2 months ago

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Posted 14 February 2014 at 01:45

Cher tous,

Je viens de voir un message sur 'twitter' indiquant qu'il y a deux ans, le Niger a rejoint le Mouvement SUN.


Si quelqu'un entre vous connait les experiences de ce programme en Niger, je serais intéressée d'en entendre plus!

Pourquoi? Parce que le platforme néerlandais "Food and Business Knowledge Platform" dont Agri-Profocus fait partie, a entamé un trajectoire d'échange des connaissances sur le thème de la Nutrition et a constaté que le SUN est un des réseaux importants.


Nicole Metz

Facilitatrice exchange des connaissances - Agri-Profocus aux Pays-Bas