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Organic Microbial Fertilizer

Ikeja, Nigeria

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Posted 1 May 2018 at 11:34

Looking for Distributors worldwide for CHC AGRITECH PROBIOTICS. For interested buyers only whatsapp +639499942114 or email at, be a pioneer in your area, we also offer exclusivity for orders 1 Ton and above.

SADJO Séverin Ok

7 months 2 weeks ago

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Posted 16 April 2018 at 05:31

Hello, my name is Ruby Ross CEO and MD of organic agri product distribution in the Pilippines, we are currently looking for distribution partners across the globe for our latest Japanese Technology Microbial Inoculant for Farming crops, aquaculture, poultry and livestock including waste management. Please find below product flier. Kindly email us at or contact us at whatsapp line +639499942114 should you be interested in this venture. Thank you. God Bless. I am currently in Nigeria expanding market, you may also reach me at +2348183002288. you may also check our facebook page: Hope to hear from you! 

ruby ross maribao Thank you for your interest, We supply to our distributors anywhere in the world. We dont need to be in your country not until we have volume orders. as you order you receive your goods within 3 business days. you may reach me at whatsapp +639499942114 or email me at Currently I am in Nigeria you may also call me at +2348103733820 or +2348183002288.

8 months 2 weeks ago

PETER KOLAWOLE I have interest

8 months 1 week ago


8 months 6 days ago

SADJO Séverin Quels sont les produits que vous vendez et leur prix.

8 months 2 days ago

SADJO Séverin Comment peut-on devenir votre distributeur ?

8 months 2 days ago