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2SCALE’s service delivery model offers opportunities to embed and share costs of support services within the value chain

The role of advisors in agribusiness is ever changing. Whereas conventional advisors mainly work with farmers, the 2SCALE programme turned these intermediaries into coaches of local business partnerships in a particular value chain. As this shift showed impressive results, such as the embedding of support costs within the value chain, 2SCALE explained the approach of its service delivery model and lessons learned from it in its second thematic paper “Strengthening business support services for agribusiness partnerships”.

Support services within agribusiness clusters

In 2SCALE, the role and terms of reference of agribusiness advisors moved from being mostly technical advisors for primarily farmers to facilitators and on-the-job coaches of local business actor networks formed as partnerships around a Producers’ Groups: the agribusiness clusters (ABCs). Consortium p

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Nicole Metz Dear colleagues at 2Scale, BoPInc, IFDC and ICRA, thanks for sharing the paper and the link. It may be interesting for you to be part of the conversation hosted by Food & Business Knowledge Platform tomorrow, in the context of the conference 'Research & Policy: two peas in a pod?' Inclusive Business will be discussed in one thematic session, for which the following concept note has been prepared: http://knowledge4food.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/171201_theme3_inclusive-business-development.pdf

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Network Event #2 Jaringan AgriProFocus Indonesia

Network Event #2 AgriProFocus kali ini digabung dengan Learning Event, bekerjasama dengan Workout.ID. Acara ini merupakan kegiatan rutin AgriProFocus dengan tujuan menyediakan ruang bagi berbagai pihak yang bekerja di pertanian untuk berinteraksi dan berjejaring secara informal. Selasa, 12 September lalu tak kurang dari 35 anggota jaringan dan partner hadir memanfaatkan kesempatan berjejaring ini untuk untuk mendapatkan kenalan baru, promosi produk atau kegiatan, dan berbagi informasi seputar pertanian. Kami merangkum pitching yang dilakukan beberapa anggota selama acara berlangsung agar anggota yang tak sempat hadir tak ketinggalan informasi. Pitching tersebut dilakukan oleh:

Putra Aditya (YSEALI - Kedutaan Besar Amerika Serikat)

YSEALI adalah platform untuk anak muda seluruh asia tenggara berusia 18-35 tahun, yang memiliki inisiatif kegiatan di masyarakat dengan tema besar pendidikan, pembangunan berkelanjutan, partisi

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Interview of the Month
The Critical Importance of Organic Matters in Our Soils

Dr. Eshetu Bekele is a soil scientist in the applied chemistry program of Adama Science and Technology University. As a member of the organizing committee of the Ethiopian Soil Campaign, he has played a significant role for the success of the campaign since 2015. As part of the campaign activities, this interview was conducted and documented by Sarah Assefa, an Instructor of Environmental Science and Sustainable Development at Hope College of Business, Science and Technology. In this short interview, Dr. Eshetu tells us the critical importance of organic matters in our soils.

Why are you interested in soil health?

Soil is the basis of everything as the food we eat, the energy and medicine we use are derivatives of soil, soils through their structure and the great variety of species they host, perform numerous functions including food production, nutrient and water storage, filtering, detoxifying and pu

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