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2SCALE’s service delivery model offers opportunities to embed and share costs of support services within the value chain

The role of advisors in agribusiness is ever changing. Whereas conventional advisors mainly work with farmers, the 2SCALE programme turned these intermediaries into coaches of local business partnerships in a particular value chain. As this shift showed impressive results, such as the embedding of support costs within the value chain, 2SCALE explained the approach of its service delivery model and lessons learned from it in its second thematic paper “Strengthening business support services for agribusiness partnerships”.

Support services within agribusiness clusters

In 2SCALE, the role and terms of reference of agribusiness advisors moved from being mostly technical advisors for primarily farmers to facilitators and on-the-job coaches of local business actor networks formed as partnerships around a Producers’ Groups: the agribusiness clusters (ABCs). Consortium p

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Nicole Metz Dear colleagues at 2Scale, BoPInc, IFDC and ICRA, thanks for sharing the paper and the link. It may be interesting for you to be part of the conversation hosted by Food & Business Knowledge Platform tomorrow, in the context of the conference 'Research & Policy: two peas in a pod?' Inclusive Business will be discussed in one thematic session, for which the following concept note has been prepared: http://knowledge4food.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/171201_theme3_inclusive-business-development.pdf

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VLOG #6! KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Meet Bart and Gabriela, they work for the Gender and Sustainable Economic Development Unit at KIT! In this vlog they share their experiences with our network, like the coopration around the Farmers Innovation Fair held in West-Africa. Check it out!

For more vlogs from our Dutch members, check: //agriprofocus.com/dutch-partnership

Bakary DIARRA Indeed, I listened to it is interesting!

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you Bakary, that's nice to hear!

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Loes van Dijk Very interesting to listen to this VLOG and read the Farmer Innovation Fair publication:

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