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Posted 29 December 2018 at 03:27

  2018 – what a blast! A year full of new projects, happy clients (and delicious products made with our machinery ;-)) We would like to say THANK YOU! to everyone who trusts us, our clients and also our partners. This year we installed many efficient, but simple dairy processing machinery from Holland throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. We’re looking forward to another year like this and give our best wishes to everyone around  

Herco Hekking Hi Asanda. Thanks for your message. Please sent me your email address and we will sent you some information to start discussion. Thanks in advance. My email address is

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Asanda Tiwana i appreciate your response sir hopefully thisvis start of many things

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Herco Hekking Hi ,I sent you a email

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Asanda Tiwana Thank you i have received the mail

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Tanmia Agric Solns. This is my humble request I have  market for chia seed in case you have an occupied land please clear the bushes and prepare it for chia seeds just contact me we need chia in tons it takes 2 and half months to be ready and needs no spraying just some rains and it will catch if interested call me for details 0703669762,0786426605

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