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Advocacy Manual: Guiding CSOs to advocate for empowerment of women entrepreneurs

Kenya has made substantial progress in improving the enabling environment for women’s economic empowerment and enterprise development by enacting legislation and programmes such as the Kenya Constitution 2010, the Women Enterprise Fund and the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities programme. Despite of this progress some of these policies are only partially implemented, denying women the benefits they would accrue from their full implementation. A key challenge that hinders full implementation of these policies is the lack of gender-responsive policy frameworks and inadequate capacity in county governments. In addition, the voice of women in decision-making processes is weak due to limited involvement of women in government processes. Women therefore have little influence if any, over structures and processes that set the agenda and determine what issues are important.

CSOs as central pillars of change

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Call for Expression for Interest:  

Consultant – Trainer for Advocacy Training

The Sustainable Diets for All program is organizing a training for its local partners in Indonesia using Hivos-IIED's Advocacy Toolkit

If you're interested to become a consultant/facilitator/trainer, please click the following link for the more detailed Term of Reference (ToR): 

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A citizen-led approach to food research and policy making

Hivos and IIED released two new publications at this year’s #cityuniversityfood symposium: citizen generated evidence paper and citizen advocacy toolkit. 

Supporting low income #citizens to share their priorities with policy makers? This citizen advocacy toolkit is a must read. It includes 10 tools and resource lists. 

Check out our story here:

Here are the direct links to the publications:

· Advocacy toolkit:

· Citizen-generated evidence:

Contact: Natalie Lartey, Communications and Advocacy Officer on the Sustainable Diets for All programme. E-mail:


Start course: Organised Farmers as Partners in Agribusiness

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  17 September 2018, All Day Event
  Wageningen, the Netherlands

Can farmers improve their income and well-being through effective collective action? Join the course and take home many practical tools and approaches for promoting farmer entrepreneurship and strengthening famers’ organisations that aim to arrive at farmer-inclusive agribusiness development.

Improving farmers’ performance and business relations

This course perceives farmers as autonomous entrepreneurs and their organisations as farmers’ business organisations. Both operate in dynamic market systems and have to deal with a range of public and private sector players, such as sourcing companies, banks and MFI’s, agro-input dealers, research, extension and others. The central question of the course is how farmers can improve their income and well-being through effective collective action of their organisations and improved relations with other stakeholders.

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • be familiar with state-of-the-art thinking about farmer entrepreneurship, famers' or

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Voice for Change Partnership: 'Nothing for us without us'

On 29th September 2017, AgriProFocus, IFPRI, SNV, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Kenya together with several stakeholders started a journey that will see critical transformation and development in Kenya- the launch of the Voice for Change Partnership project. 

It is clear through available statistics that by 2050 the world population would be over 9 billion and the biggest challenge would be food insecurity. The premonition, if we don’t act on the looming food crisis, many people are going to die of hunger. From human point of view and indeed Africa tradition, dying of hunger is not only painful but also shameful. It is imperative then for everyone to commit to work in order to avert the pain and shame of the encroaching calamity.

The urgency of the solutions to this peculiar problem of food insecurity especially in Africa cannot be underrated. From several researches, it is clear that the Africa continent has latent pote

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