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Posted 13 September 2017 at 03:24

General Assembly of Agri BDS Network Members

On Friday, 08th September 2017, the Agri BDS Network ( held its General Assembly at Umubano Hotel to gather members' ideas in making a setup which can enhance the marketing and increase their visibility locally and internationally.

The objective of the workshop was to commonly improve the orientation of the network and discussing the registration of the Agri BDS Network.

During the workshop, the network members discussed the progress in the registration of Agri BDS Network in Rwanda Development Board (RDB). The president of Agri BDS Network , Laurent ULIMUBENSHI ( has explained the whole registration process as well as the required documents including the identity number of the network. He explained that Agri BDS Network doesn’t have ID number to be used in the registration due to the fact that it works as a social network, not as a company.

On the issue of registration,

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Posted 20 April 2017 at 01:50

‘’Cooperative Support Program’’ Learning & Networking Event held successfully

On March 19th 2017 was held the “Cooperative Support Program (CSP) Learning & Networking Event” took place at Lemigo Hotel. The event's aim was to share achievements and lessons learnt from the implementation of the 4-years Cooperative Support Program (CSP).

From 2013-2017, SPARK coordinated the Cooperative Support Program (CSP) which supported agricultural cooperatives to become more entrepreneurial and sustainable in order to create jobs and enhance food security.

The CSP worked within four value chains in Rwanda: Beans, Irish Potato, Maize and Horticulture. The program targeted cooperatives and SMEs working along these value chains, through two different, but complementary approaches. It supported 99 cooperatives and agri-businesses.

The second target group consists of cooperative supporter’s network at national level with the mandate to motivate, train and coach agriculture cooperatives in im

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Posted 10 November 2016 at 01:06


On Friday November 04, 2016, SPARK, RICEM and AgriProFocus, organized a twofold event to celebrate official launch and graduation of Rwanda’s first Agri BDS Network and Course at Kigali Serena Hotel, in Rwanda.

SPARK in partnership with RICEM undertook a one-year capacity building pilot programme to a limited number of agri BDS providers wishing to offer professional BDS services to agricultural cooperatives and agri SMEs, which for years had been characterized by lack of agri BDS providers in the field . The first intake of 35 professionals completed a 9- month programme course consisting of 6 months devoted to an intensive course of 5 modules and 3 months to a field-based mentorship. Upon the completion of the training, these professionals produced reports, developed business plans and tested their business cases, likely to be funded. During the graduation ceremony, 3 graduates who outpe

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Posted 27 June 2016 at 01:48

Consultancy Opportunity at SPARK:  ''The Assessment of the growth and Sustainability of Cooperatives Business Performances''

Deadline: 1st July 2016

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Posted 30 March 2016 at 09:23

Consultancy services for Developing materials and ToT for Agri BDS providers (Farming as Business Enterprise) deadline, 14 April, 2016


SPARK seeks to hire the services of an Agri business development services consultant or consultancy firm to review and readjust the FaB materials currently developed by SPARK to include missing components needed to equip the individual members of the cooperatives with agribusiness entrepreneurial skills and techniques needed to start, manage and build a successful farm business enterprise and to cause growth. It aims to strengthen collective action by addressing structural elements of business management at the individual farm level and cooperative organizational level.The Consultant will also conduct a ToT to equip the SPARK coaches and BDS providers   with skills to implement the FaB training components both at the organizational and individual member farm business level.

Terms of Reference


The consultant will be expected to perform t

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Posted 21 March 2016 at 02:50

The Agribusiness Club Meeting of 18 March 2016 was Wonderful!

On the 18th of  March 2016, AgriProFocus Rwanda in partnership with Spark organized an Agribusiness Club meeting around 5:30-8pm local time. This exciting event aimed at at introducing the Agri-BDS Network Association and the new AgriProFocus Rwanda Country Coordinator to the network.

Given that the event was planned to be on Friday in the evening, the time that most of people like; “the beginning of the weekend", organizers prepared different kind of drinks and snacks so that people enjoy their weekend while networking with each other, exchange business cards, share business experiences.

The event attracted 71 participants including but not limited to: Agri-BDS network members, AgriProFocus Rwanda coordination team and other key network members & partners.

After the introduction remarks, the Assistant Coordinator and the facilitator of the event Mr.Anatole Majyambere invited Mr. Desire Mushumba the Progam Manager

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Sajji RYAKUNZE Thank you Elyse for sharing , this was so interesting !

2 years 2 months ago

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Posted 29 February 2016 at 01:53

Agri Business Development Services Providers (Agri-BDS) workshop

On Friday, 26th February 2016 a second Agri-BDS workshop co-organized by AgriProFocus and SPARK took place at Chez Lando Hotel and attracted 56 members. The purposes of this event were to present the work done by the Agri-BDS Steering Committee, the Agri-BDS registration pathway, share comments and discussion, choose the network’s committee and discuss the way forward.

In her introductory remarks, Ms.Maia Gedde, the Country Director of SPARK recalled:” the Agri-BDS network has been initiated in order to increase the professional standards of the services delivered in Agriculture, facilitate network members to learn from each other, work together, share experience, network more and find solutions together.”

During the presentation of the work done, Mr. Laurent Ulimubenshi, the Secretary of the steering committee highlighted the objective of the Agri Business Development Services Providers network which is:” To acceler

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Posted 7 September 2015 at 12:58

A First Agri BDS Workshop took place succesfully

On August 28th 2015, was held a first Agri BDS Workshop at Ninzi Hill Hotel. This workshop was jointly organized by SPARK and AgriProFocus Rwanda. The purpose of this one day workshop was to bring together Rwandan Agri-BDS providers, for a possibility of setting-up a network of Agri-BDS providers. 

This workshop was attended by a total of 49 participants, drawn from various consultancy companies, agribusiness companies, NGOs, government institutions, with proven experience in providing technical support to the Agribusiness projects / ideas to the Rwandan farmers’ associations, NGOs / government agri-projects, etc.

The Opening Session facilitated by Anatole Majyambere, Assistant Coordinator at AgriProFocus Rwanda commenced with introductory note, which were followed by the Opening remarks by Desire MUSHUMBA, Program Manager at SPARK. Mushumba started his opening remarks by thanking all participants for attending the workshop.

He went on explai

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Laurent ULIMUBENSHI For sure, this network will fill gaps found in provision of Agri Business Development Services.

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