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Meet Shaffy Hagenimana, A Young Rwandan building a honey product enterprise!

(Source: The Inspirer)

Shaffy Hagenimana, the CEO and Founder of Holly Trust Limited that produces honey-based Kaso Products in Musanze District explains his business journey that has led to a very success story in honey processing into beauty and body nourishing and moisturising oil.

His firm produces various products and the idea has a root in his childhood when he was in senior four of secondary school.

The main products of his firm include Kaso Castor Oil, Kaso Shea Butter, Kaso Coconut Oil, Kaso Avocado Oil, Kaso Pumpkin Oil, Kaso Cream, Kaso Jelly, Pollen Jelly, White Honey, Black Honey and Beeswax.

Learning from his own illness experience, that experience pushed him to invest part of his school living allowance to start a bee keeping project as a source of having honey to produce medicine.

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Harvest Money Expo Kampala 2019

As a spin off to the Best Farmer Award, New Vision Media Group organizes the Harvest Money Expo annually. The expo has attracted 20.000 individual visitors per year in the first 2 years and provides good opportunities for the Dutch agribusiness sector. In 2019 the expo will take place from February 14-17. Like every year, there is opportunity for Dutch companies active in Poultry, Horticulture, Dairy, and Agrimachinery to join the Trade Mission and increase business links and trade opportunities with the Ugandan sector.

Uganda’s best farmers put spotlight on NL Agribusiness

The fifth edition of the Best Farmer Competition finished on December 7th with the announcement of this year’s winners. The competition is a cooperation between the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Kampala, KLM, DFCUbank/Rabobank, Koudijs and media house The Vision Group. The popularity of the contest puts

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Course:  Making Innovation Work

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  03 June 2019 to 14 June 2019 - All Day Event
  Wageningen, the Netherlands

Course: Making innovation work 

                                     Coaching partnerships for inclusive agribusiness

For:  Professionals working in agricultural research, rural advisory services, farmer organisations and private  sector.

When:  more than two month programme that runs from the 1st of May until mid July 2019. The face to face part from 3 - 14 June in the Netherlands, is preceded and succeeded by online sessions, assignments, coaching and individual feed-back. The online activities are expected to take you a few hours per week.

Where:  Wageningen, the Netherlands and online part in your home country

How to apply and more information you can find on the course page, see:

Application deadline: 1 April 2019

Earlier participants in this course are enthusiastic about the programme and characterise it as eye opening a

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Faire Marcher l’Agro-business

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  15 April 2019 to 26 April 2019 - All Day Event

Formation : Faire Marcher l’Agro-business

                                         Lier les producteurs aux marchés à travers des relations d'affaires durables

S’addresse :   Aux professionnels qui fournissent des services de soutien de l’agro-business et aux professionels des services de conseil rural et des universités qui soutiennent les agro-businesses

Quand :  15 - 26 avril 2019

Où :   Grand Popo, Bénin

Comment s’inscrire et avoir plus d’information? Voir

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Youth in Agribusiness Caravan 2018 ends on a high note!

The first ever agricultural caravan ended yesterday on a high note, participants calling for everyone’s renewed efforts to transform the agriculture sector from subsistence to commercially oriented farming.

In her closing remarks, AgriProFocus Rwanda country coordinator, Madam Sajji Ryakunze commended the resolutions that the up to 150 youth participating at the caravan made following the field visits at successful farmers’ farms.

“There’s no doubt this was a good platform to plot the way forward for the Rwanda young farmers. You all witnessed the good strides others are making in the agriculture besides learning the challenges facing small-scale farmers and ways in which these can be overcome,” Ms. Ryakunze said.

YNKURIJE Dorcas, Help a Child Rwanda beneficiary is a farmer from the Rusizi district and was one of the farmers who attended the youth caravan. After visiting the Sunripe farms Rwanda in Bugesera district, she wanted

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DAY2 - Youth Caravan: Labor minister thrilled with ‘Youth in agribusiness’ market outlets as our caravan takes us to upcountry

Kigali – November 28, 2018: Our initiated and first ever agricultural caravan in Rwanda was launched in Kigali with a call on youth to work hard to transform their initiatives into viable agribusinesses as a key to achieve Rwanda’s sustainable development.

RYAF Youth shops

The call was made by the minister for public service and labor, Ms Rwanyindo Kayirangwa Fanfan, before the youth caravan kicked off in Kigali, while officiating the opening of RYAF SHOPS ltd, a private company owned by the Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum RYAF.

This company was created to put into action a strategy that promotes a reform in food and agricultural trading mechanisms in Rwanda, by and for RYAF members as engine for positive agribusiness transformation.

Ms Rwanyindo was thrilled by the initiative and assured the youth that the government is committed to support all mechanisms

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Journée de sensibilisation dans les lycées agricoles

Agriprofocus en collaboration avec le projet IDDA a organisé une journée de sensibilisation dans les lycées agricoles sur l’importance de l’entrepreneuriat. Quelques images de la journée tenue au lycée agricole de Sekou.

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Ntanda takes Ugandan coffee to world market:

When Allan Ntanda set out to start Wine Garage, it seemed a journey into an unknown world. At the time, many people, including his friends, considered wine as a drink for the affluent.

If one had to enjoy a frothy drink, beer was the first choice. His motivation to go into wine business was partly experiential.


He had worked as a marketer at ‘The Seller’, a wine company run by Geoffrey Mulwana. There, he had cultivated connections within the network of wine suppliers in foreign markets.

In 2005, when the idea to start a wine business occurred to him, he had Shs16m savings. He needed more start-up capital so he sat down with a friend, Daudi Karungi, an artist and director of Afriart Gallery, and sold him the idea of starting a wine company.

Much as Karungi was keen on the business, since it was not tried and tested, he voluntarily partnered with Ntanda whose marketing career was convincingly good. He was a marketer with Ce

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Africa Agribusiness Sector to Hit $1 Trillion Business by 2030:

Agribusiness will become the ‘new oil” on the continent, African Investment Forum participants said, fueling the motor of inclusive growth. “Agriculture is a key priority for the African Development Bank, through our Feed Africa strategy,” reiterated Jennifer Blanke, the African Development Bank Vice President for Agriculture, Human and Social Development.

Understand that by transforming Africa’s agriculture sector it will become the engine that drives Africa’s economic transformation through increased income, better jobs higher on the value chain, improved nutrition, and so on.

Some agribusiness leaders said there is a need to invest US$45 billion per year to harness the power of agriculture and move up the value chain to create jobs and wealth.

At present, only US$7 billion is invested in the sector. Investments from the private sector, leaders said, will create the adequate environment and enhance the emergence

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Youth in Agribusiness Caravan

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  27 November 2018 to 29 November 2018 - All Day Event
  Umubano hotel&Field visits

AgriProFocus Rwanda in close collaboration with Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF), Rural development Initiative, SNV-HortINVEST RwandaUSAID Feed the Future Hinga Weze, YEAN Rwanda and Help a Child Rwanda are organizing a Youth in Agribusiness Caravan, 2018, with a theme “Youth Making Agribusiness “cool” a basis of Sustainable Economic Development”

This is a 3-day agribusiness learning caravan from one point to another, starting from Kigali, with the inspiration forum, go throughout the Northern and Eastern provinces for farm field visits and then back to Kigali for sharing the learnings from the field visit.

In the caravan, different issues will be discussed and discussions will be led by facilitators experienced in the following but not limited to Youth access to finance, Market and Soft skills, Youth employment and Agriculture Entrepreneurship.

The caravan will gather 100 participants; 60 youth and 40 other stakeholders from different organizations and financial instit

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The Rwandan economy depends on agriculture which employs around 80% of the total population. The majority of farmers are aged smallholder farmers and it is then difficult for them to have access to financial services, information and other agriculture services. Commercial Agriculture has been identified as one of the key sector that can potentially generate wealth, with high employment potential. This responds to the need of Job creation for youth which is in alignment with Rwanda economic development and poverty reduction strategy II, (EDPRS II).

The low participation of youth in agribusiness is further attributed to the limited access to key resources like; land, start-up capital, lack of exposure, limited access to role models and business mentors. Consequently, this has led to low levels of food production, low income, and poverty.

AgriProFocus Rwanda and its partners however are aware that; young people being energetic with a high potentials, ex

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Forum sur l'Agribusiness

Le Ministère de l’entrepreneuriat des jeunes organise un forum sur l’agribusiness ce Lundi 12 Novembre 2018 au palais du 29 Juillet de Niamey, en marge de la semaine mondiale de l’entrepreneuriat. C’est dans cette logique que le réseau AgriProFocus Niger a été rapproché par le Ministère pour son expertise, sa capacité, son dynamisme dans la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat au Niger, pour la réussite de ce rendez-vous des jeunes. Le réseau AgriProFocus est reconnu, par tous les Nigériens pour sa capacité et son dynamisme en agribusiness, qui est d’ailleurs le thème central de la semaine a précisé le président du comité d’Organisation.

C’est dans cette dynamique que s’est tenue ce mercredi 07 octobre 2018, dans les locaux du Ministère de l’entrepreneuriat des jeunes, une réunion préparatoire de ce forum. L’objectif de la rencontre est de s’assurer que toutes les commissions mises en place poursuivent les actions qui leurs ont é

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Boubacar Alichina Intéressant les différents thèmes qui seront développés dans ces panels. Occasion aussi pour les jeunes entrepreneurs de participer et de parler des vraies réalité et challenges qu'il rencontrent sur leur chemin. Car qu'on me le dit le chanteur, la théorie est facile mais la pratique est difficile. Tous ensemble, acteurs de l'entrepreneuriat des jeunes de nos échanges sortiront je suis sûr une bonne recette qui fera le bonheur de tous. Car on a tous a gagner!!!

2 months 1 week ago

ADA MAHAMANE Habou Le Niger et sa jeunesse ont un challenge dans le domaine de l'entrepreneuriat en général et l'Agribusiness en particulier. c'est pour faire face à ce challenge que nos structures travailler à pieds d'oeuvre avec les jeunes pour les jeunes dans l'Agribusiness d'ou l'idée du forum. Ensemble pour un Niger émergent avec une jeunesse entrepreneuriale!

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Agribusiness Finance and Risk Management Training

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  17 December 2018 to 21 December 2018 - All Day Event

Event Details: Agribusiness Finance and Risk Management Training


Agribusiness finance plays a key role in setting up an agribusiness enterprise being a major factor of production. Therefore; this training explores the use of specific management tools to improve decision-making within an agribusiness firm so as to ensure effective sourcing and application of financial resources.

Agricultural risk management, on the other hand, is fundamental as it determines the rate at which an enterprise is to thrive and even last in the market. The aims of this training is to help participants realize their long-term organizational goals and objectives which are profit maximization which can only be achieved through cost minimization and output maximization.


5 days


This course is intended for various actors in Agriculture Extension (Agricultural extension officers, senior agricultural officials and policy makers) working with communities, in governments, funding agenc

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AgriProFocus Ethiopia - Annual Network Day

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  22 November 2018, 08:30-18:00
  Azzeman Hotel, Bole, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In this full day event, AgriProFocus Network members will have the opportunity to network, promote their work in the agriculture sector, and learn together about sector trends and new tools for sector development. 

More specicfically this event features the following activities: 

* Keynote presentations on food security in Ethiopia, research findings on gender in agriculture, and developing markets for sustainability in agriculture. 

* Breakout groups with presentations and discussions on sustainability in commercial agriculture, and on  agroecology.

* Workshops on tools for addressing gender in agricultural value chains, and on maximizing your online communications with the AgriProFocus website and social media. 

* Launch of the Youth Business Challenge!

* Networking over booths and drinks.

Please find full program attached. All AgriProFocus Ethiopia members are welcome to participate, but they must register via this link.

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Are you a young entrepreneur in agribusiness aged between 16 and 35? Do you face challenges in the following aspects:

1. Quality and safety of the products

2. Meeting the market required standards

3. Processing technology

4. Packaging

The ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources through the Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum (RYAF) in partnership with Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China in Rwanda sent two RYAF members attend the training on biotechnology application in food industry in developing countries. After the completion of the training members will conduct a door to door consultancy to young agro-processors to help them improve on above mentioned aspects.

Fill the form HERE

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Agribusiness support opportunities at Business Development Fund Rwanda

Tired of the post graduate job hunt hustle? Do you have an agribusiness idea but lack funds to run it?

Worry no more! We can support or co-invest in your agribusiness venture as long as you have 10% of the total amount you need to start. 

Find more information Here

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Caravane des jeunes agripreneurs reportée

En raison de la mesure du gouvernement de suspendre pendant 3 mois les  activités des ONGs internationales, la caravane des jeunes qui était prévue du 15 au 19 octobre 2018 est reportée.  Les prochaines dates pour ce programme vous seront communiquées ultérieurement.

La caravane des jeunes est programme de promotion des jeunes agripreneurs qui s'inscrit dans le cadre de l'agro entrepreneuriat inclusif qui prend en compte l'inclusion du genre et des jeunes.

ce programme permet la mise en relation des acteurs et facilite les échanges sur les défis et les opportunités du secteur agricole.

Pendant  des jours, les caravaniers  visitent les entreprises agroalimentaires, les champs écoles des organisations agricoles et les institutions financières. Les derniers moments sont réservés aux échanges pour faciliter les connections et l'apprentissage.

Georges Djodji Akibode Nous sommes vraiment tristes d’apprndre cette nouvelle.Triste pour la jeunesse burundaise car cette caravane cadre parfaitement avec la stratégie  AgriProFocus a travers ses activites de promotion de l’agrobusiness au service du développement. Apres la caravane les jeunes ne disent plus « Je n'ai pas d'argent donc je ne peux pas entreprendre ». .Nous avons constate que beaucoup de jeunes pensent qu'il faut obligatoirement être riche pour pouvoir créer son entreprise. Ils se donnent ainsi une « bonne raison » pour ne jamais avoir à se lancer dans  l'entrepreneuriat 

3 months 1 week ago

Joseph Nsabiyabandi Bonjour Georges! Oui, l'ajournement  de la caravane des jeunes  attristent  plus d'un. Nous espérons que la situation va se décanter d'ici peu pour pouvoir redémarrer à nouveau. Nous sommes au service du peuple, les embûches qui sont posées  devant nous sont en réalité posées devant le petit peuple bénéficiaire de nos programmes.

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Interested in smarter and precise agriculture?

We have a system that we have trained to be a plant doctor capable of allowing the farmer to qualitatively know which specific mineral nutrient is missing, which disease is afflicting his crop and it can also be used to detect soil pH. Whether acidic or not.

We want to put the system online but it requires our own and personal server, a thing we are working on. So if we got the kind of server we intend to get, thousands if not millions of farmers will benefit from our system, especially the inexperienced farmers. Imagine knowing what kind of disease is afflicting say your tomatoes and getting suggestions on the best solutions there are!

You won't need an app installation. You chrome or firefox or whatever browser will do just fine. It will be able to carry out diagnosis on both saved pictures and those taken by the camera for those with smart phones.

Consequently, the system will be able to map the mineral nutrient distribution in your garden. Su

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Appel à Candidature Caravane 2018

 AgriProFocus et ses partenaires lancent un appel à candidature pour la 5ème édition de la caravane des jeunes pour l’entreprenariat agricole du 01 au 09 Dcembre 2018 dans les régions de

Bamako, du Burkina-Faso et de la Côte d’Ivoire

Pour participer à l’évènement inscrivez vous  ICI

Date limite des inscriptions 21/10/2018

En P.J : l'appel à candidature 

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Looking forward to meeting and interacting with like-minded youth involved in agribusiness and livestock.

Gloria Kyomugisha Hello Kristofer, a warm welcome to the AgriProFocus network where we work towards linking different agribusiness stakeholders (local and international) to make agribusiness work for development. You can also Join in on our Youth in Agribusiness discussions via:

3 months 3 weeks ago