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AgriProFocus facilitated the Kickoff the Surviving Tree Project at Mintesenot Urban Agriculture

In Ethiopia tree seedling are planted every year but the survival rate is very low. The Kickoff the Surviving Tree Project was organizing a tree competition event aimed at speed up tree planting with a higher rate of survival. The Surviving Tree Competition and tree planting activities took place at Mintesenot Urban Agriculture (a youth-run integrated urban farm, with permaculture vegetable plots, poultry, pigs, sheep and cows) hosted a tree planting event on the side of Kebena river. The event were opened by the song by the Ethiopian Environmental Club children on Endemic trees, Global warming, River health and Sustainable development continued from the song indigenous tree seedlings like Cordi Africana (Wanza), Croton (Bisana), Juniperus Procera (Tsid) , Olive (Weyra) etc from seedling supplier at Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources were planted. Peace and Green also pro

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you for sharing this article Sewmehon! It is really nice to get a feel of what the day was like, keep it up.

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AgriProFocus Facilitates Mapping of Soil Fertility and Tree Seedling Value Chains

This quarter AgriProFocus facilitated two sustainable value chain workshops in Ethiopia:  one on mapping soil fertility value chains for the Fertile Grounds Initiative held in Ziway, and one on mapping tree seedling value chains for GiZ at Menagasha. Members of the AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness Platform had the opportunity to participate in both workshops.

The interactive value chain mapping technique described in the AgriProFocus Gender in Value Chains Toolkits was used in both instances; workshop participants were supported to identify social, economic and environmental constraints and opportunities to the core and extended value chain of specific agricultural products (highland tree seedlings, lowland tree seedlings, compost, biochar, vermicompost, biofertilizer, and green manure seed).

Feedback from the tree seedling value chain workshop was very positive, feedback from the soil fertility works

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Wim Goris close to 200 views, this is a sign of network interest in the topic !

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Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit

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  13 November 2017 to 24 November 2017 - All Day Event
  Ibadan, Nigeria

ICRA course:  

Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit – Learning key skills for inclusive business brokerage,  13 - 24 November 2017, Ibadan, Nigeria. 

This course is for agribusiness service providers and coaches working with smallholder farmers and agro-entrepreneurs.  

As a professional in business support services, you want to contribute to local entrepreneurial development and food security. By offering professional capacity support and coaching and assisting in accessing startup capital you try to help small-scale producers and processors move towards farming as a business.  

In two weeks you will learn how to build trust to establish sustainable business relationships, to improve your negotiation skills and you will get tips on how to secure a steady income. 

This video shows the two steps necessary to negotiate a win-win situation.

Application is extended until 30 September 2017 (for national who do not require a visa)


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Agribusiness Boot Camp

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  18 July 2017 to 20 July 2017 - All Day Event
  Watermark Business Park, Karen

The African Inception for Agribusiness Research is carrying out an Agribusiness Boot Camp in Nairobi on July 18-20, 2017. This Boot Camp is designed for aspiring agribusiness entrepreneurs who are prepared to build a business model from their ideas and/or existing agribusinesses. Participants get hands-on assistance to test ideas over an intense 4 phase incubation by interacting with business advisors as well as investors. See attached the Agribusiness Boot Camp flier and should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us on

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Posted 29 June 2017 at 02:27

Youth agripreneurs join us in Accra, Ghana for a 2-day workshop on Trade and Partnerships Development. 

For more information, visit:

Akibodé Djodji Merci pour ce partage, nous en ferons une plus large diffusion dans nos réseaux partenaires.

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Vote for Apis Agribusiness HERE

Hey Friends,

No Tree, No Bee, No Honey, No Money

I am Jony in organic honey business working with rural unemployed youth in natural forest area. The my pilot project of developing sustainable supply chain was among top ten finalists from 338 projects as part of the Solutions Search competition. 

Can you help by clicking on the link below and voting for my entry "Apis Agribusiness" ? I would be mega grateful if you also ask your friends to do the same. The more votes I get, the more likely to win. The vote will end on July 7.  

Thanks everyone!!

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Agribusiness and de SDG's 

How the agribusiness sector in ASEAN can embrace the Sustainable Development Goals 

CSR Asia, Oxfam and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) jointly published a report to highlight the role of the agribusiness sector in the ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states in the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From ending poverty and hunger to responding to climate change and sustaining our natural resources, food and agriculture. 

There is an expectation that businesses - including agribusinesses - will use their resources, capabilities and creativity in delivering real solutions to these global challenges. Private business activity, investment and innovation are seen as the major drivers of productivity, inclusive economic growth and job creation. In the region, there is a need for businesses to adopt a more sustainable strategy for growth, not only looking for eco

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Posted 22 May 2017 at 12:25

Towards a global research and learning agenda for inclusive agribusiness

Report by Food & Business Knowledge Platform of the workshop on March 7 & 8, 2017

Beginning March some 35 experienced practitioners came together to consider how to learn more effectively from the wealth of work being done on inclusive agribusiness, and to formulate key points for a global research and learning agenda. By the end of the workshop six collaborative action priorities for taking the inclusive agribusiness agenda forward were agreed upon.

The workshop “Towards a global research and learning agenda for inclusive agribusiness” took place in Brighton to foster strategic action in the field of inclusive agribusiness. Participants represented the full range of parties working on inclusive agribusiness: private sector, knowledge institutes, donors & implementing agencies, governments from the Global South, producer organizations and NGOs. Initiaters of the event were Seas of Change, the Global Donor Platform

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                  Avis de recrutement à l' InterProfession des Fruits du Burundi

L’IPFB est une organisation mise en place par les acteurs de la filière fruit avec appui de Caritas.

Dans la mise en œuvre de son projet: « Organizational support for the players in the fruit sector and improvement of the competitiveness of the products of the players in the fruit sector » Financé par SPARK-Agri Business Creation Programme, IPFB lance un avis de recrutement de 3 consultants:

- 1 pour accompagner les associations des acteurs de la filière fruits pour formaliser les activités en coopératives

- 1 pour mobiliser, former les acteurs de la filière fruits pour développer les bonnes pratiques culturales, notion de traçabilité et la gestion poste récolte.

- 1 pour conduire un atelier de formation théorique et pratique aux points focaux en techniques de collectes des données.

Les personnes intéressées par ces avis appels d’off

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Business Drinks: Third of 2017

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  25 May 2017, 17:00-18:30
  Black Rose Lounge, Addis Ababa

Business Drinks: Third of 2017

Dear members and partners,

We are pleased to announce the third Business Drinks of 2017 which will be held on Thursday 25th May at Black Rose Lounge, Addis Ababa.

Confirm your attendance using this LINK.

As you all know, AgriProFocus Ethiopia and Ethiopia Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) have been organizing these bi-monthly Business Drinks since 2015. The events have created the opportunity of bringing together and connecting agribusinesses, agricultural development agents, government actors and research institutes. With the interesting one-minute pitches and informal talks and meets, members and partners have gained visibility for their programs and strengthened their respective networks.

Therefore, you are cordially invited to attend the event. In this an hour and half event, starting from late afternoon 5:00 PM, you will have the opportunity:

- To meet new people in your line of business and share ideas and experiences.

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Aujourd'hui, vient de s'ouvrir à Cap Town en Afrique du Sud la formation en Agribusiness ''Making Markets Matter 2017. Trois participants ont représentés le Bénin



Event posted by in AgriProFocus Tanzania
  15 June 2017 to 17 June 2017 - All Day Event
  Morogoro, Tanzania

Kilimo-Plus Fair 2017 is organized by Intellz Group, Registered and Experienced Event Planning and

Management Firm Based in Dodoma, Tanzania.

Main Objective

To shape the future collaboration landscape of Agricultural business and advocate for “HAPA KAZI TU”, laws and policies that support “Kilimo Kwanza” and Agricultural Sector in Tanzania.

Audience/ Target Group

This dynamic event on agribusiness will bring up to three thousand (3000) visitors. Farmers both smallholder farmers and big farmers, Agriculture, Food, Diary & Livestock stakeholders, Investors, Venture capitalists, Agricultural Start-Ups, business leaders & companies.

Why you should participate 

The event grants a wealth of opportunities including those which can improve your business, such as marketing, meeting potential business partners and customers, generating new ideas and gathering knowledge valuable in your curre

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Posted 20 April 2017 at 03:09

Farm Africa Seeks a Programme Manager for Integrated Approach to Improving Rural Livelihoods

In Ethiopia, Farm Africa will be implementing a project entitled ‘Integrated approach to improve rural livelihoods, empowering communities and partners programme’ which is funded by SIDA (The Swedish International Development Agency). This project will be implemented by Farm Africa and the Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Associations (UEWCA). The overall goal of the programme is to contribute to achievement of the Ethiopia's Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTPII) through agriculture business development, capacity building in project implementation and delivery, civil society strengthening and embedding climate smart practices in identified development interventions.

For more information on the Programme Manager position for this project, please see the document attached. Deadline for application is April 25th.


Investing in Agribusiness Primary Production.

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  26 April 2017 to 28 April 2017 - All Day Event
  Strathmore Business School

Program Overview

Food scarcity is not a new phenomenon. Food imports into Africa since 2014 have been estimated to be USD 50 Billion. Poor utilization of available arable land fit for agricultural production, post-harvest losses estimated to be at 40%, declining productivity, farm degradation and poor production management are all challenges that investors in agribusiness face.

Other key challenges for these investors include difficulty in marketing their produce, managing their farms while working in cities, evaluating viable agribusiness enterprises to venture into, accessing funding from financiers to fund their agribusiness ventures and falling prey to "fake" consultants, resulting in huge investment losses.

The program is also designed to help potential investors develop the right agribusiness investment ideas, equip themselves with research skills in a dynamic sector, develop viable business plans and manage their farm working capital.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for In

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Interested in a Beekeepers Training for individuals, cooperatives, youth groups, farmers of entrepreneurs? The Hive Rwanda can arrange beekeepers training customized to your needs, targeting issues in an existing or new beekeeping venture with strong theoretical and practical components in a working apiary in Kigali. We emphasize on production of premium honey and other bee products like pollen, propolis, royal jelly etc. We are also looking to buy liquid and comb honey from beekeepers. For more information please reach us on or 0787397015. You can also read more about us or contact us on our Facebook page: The Hive Rwanda

Janine Schoeman Dear Kelvin, thank you for sharing this on our platform. If there are dates for this training you can post it as an event. This will give it more exposure as it will be listed in the calendar as well. You can create an event the same way as you did this post, but than select the tab 'create an event'. Please let me know if you need assistance. Kind Regards Janine

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Excelrate Agri-Related Startup BootCamp

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  05 May 2017 to 07 May 2017 - All Day Event
  Trilogi University, Jl. TMP. Kalibata No. 1, Duren Tiga, Pancoran, Kota Jakarta Selatan,

Excelrate Agri-Related Startup BootCamp

For Early Stage Agri-Related Startups in Indonesia

3 Best startups will get further mentoring and coworking space from YoStarups and

What to learn?

1. Introduction of Canvas Model

2. Refine your idea

3. Business model validation

4. Customer lifecycle management

Who are the speakers?

1. Jappreet Sethi, Co-founder Global Head Marketing YoStartups

2. M. Maula , Social Entrepreneur Activist

3. David Yong, Banking and Finacial Inclusion Advisor

4. Abhishek Singgh, Co-Founder Gobal Head Operation YoStarups

5. Lahandi Baskoro, Director Business Incubation Trilogi University

6. Brian Powell, Agriculture Value Chain Specialist

7. Dr. Myo Aung Kyaw, Rice Technology Expert Nong Lam University Vietnam

8. Danny Septriadi, Tax Expert Danny Darussalam Tax Centre

9. Rici Solihin, Young Agripreneurz Ambassador 2016

How to Join?

Team of two submit application to www.yostartu

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Western Kenya Field Days Agribusiness Expo- April 27th-28th

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  27 April 2017 to 28 April 2017 - All Day Event
  Kakamega County

Platform to showcase enhance uptake, adoption and adaption of existing agribusiness innovations technologies.

Stimulate private sector-led initiatives to strengthen agripreneurship value chains development networks & business exchange platforms.

Show case and raise awareness of agribusiness incubation innovations and opportunities.

Promote funding ventures for agribusiness innovations, up-scaling and commercialisation of technologies.

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Are you a business person in the agribusiness sector and wish to be linked to buyers, suppliers and/or investors in form of equity financing, commodity financing, grants, loans or wish to have your products access markets? Do you fulfill the following requirements?

- You have a registered business or organization

- Are you in the sectors of horticulture, dairy & livestock, oil seeds and coffee 

- Your business has been operational for at least 2 years

- You employ at least 10 people or work with at least 50 farmers

- Your cash flows are backed by a bank statement or audited books of accounts for the 2 years

- Your Annual return is above USD 30,000 (100,000,000 Ugx)

NB: For companies in the start up categories (have been in existence for less than 2 years) can also apply - for this category you will not need to submit your annual returns.

PAINT aims to bring together local, regional and international agrib

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Kabunga James Is this still available

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Louis Uko is a Logistics, Supply Chain and Shipping Business Specialist, a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, a Pre-Qualification Examination (PQE) holder qualified with Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers of London and a holder of Shipping Diploma. Currently Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Consultants for Agribusiness (SCOFA), a consulting firm which works on research, training, projects, marketing and risks - all to do with the development of agribusiness and its related supply chains; Louis is also a Country Business Manager of Telplus Communications Limited of Zambia, a satellite telecommunications company, working on consulting/part-time basis. He is also a Lecture for Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport at University of Malawi (Polytechnic – Management Development Centre) and also an industry writer for various business magazines including Tiyende Magazine (an in-flight magazine for Malawian Airlines), columnist for The Business Tim

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Nosiku Siyumbwa Welcome to the platform, Louis!

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Louis Uko Thank You Nosiku Siyumbwa

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Register Now! Global African Agribusiness Accelerator Platform (GAAAP 2017)

Module II: Finance and Technical Resource Mobilisation

The objective of this session is to introduce delegates to various institutions providing various types of funding for agriculture and agribusiness in Africa. The program will also discuss the importance of business plan development in securing finance and review key components of comprehensive business plans and investment memoranda. Lastly, the program will discuss the value of joint ventures, mergers and acquisition as a method of expansion and resource mobilization. 

The program will feature speakers from various types of financial institutions and also delegates will be asked to write down and, in small groups, develop a short action plan indicating the type and amount of funding they need to expand their business/ meet current needs and develop a 6 – 9 month (or faster if desired by the delegate) strategy to acquire these funds. The program wil

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Dorina Prech Thank you for sharing this Sindha Gramoney!

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ELYSEE NSHOKEYINKA hello, greetings , very privilege to share with blessed and  nice work. 

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