Vertical farming to nourish Uganda

At EcoLife Foods we make agriculture exciting for youth, lower the risk to do it year round regardless of location, with little soils. We farm in the city..........We are smart.

“Vertical farming at EcoLife Foods is an inclusive technology that promotes growing high value vegetables for both health and wealth. The vertical farms increase productivity per unit area by stacking plants on rails above each other. The rails are made from locally available material. The incorporation of quality soil management techniques, reuse of waste materials such as - polybags, and sub marginal production areas—is encouraged in sustainable systems and lowers cost of production in vertical farming.”  

We grow more variety of leafy green produce on less land, using less water, less soils therefore preventing deforestation, conserving water, reducing greenhouse emissions. 

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Support our research on gender and entrepreneurship by filling out the survey!

Kami sedang mencari usaha kecil menengah (UKM) di bidang pertanian, perikanan, atau kehutanan untuk mendukung riset kami:

Wanita dalam Kewirausahaan dan Akses ke Finansial: Tantangan dan Kesempatan

langsung ke survei di sini:

UNDP, bersama ANGIN dan didukung oleh pemerintah Kanada, sedang menilai tantangan-tantangan yang dihapi oleh wanita dalam usaha kecil menengah (UKM), terutama di sektor agrikultur, perikanan, dan perhutanan. Tujuan utama dalam riset ini adalah untuk meningkatkan kesetaraan gender dan pemberdayaan perempuan melalui kewirausahaan sosial.

Kami ingin menanyakan pendapat dan input Anda tentang isu ini melalui survei. Survei ini dapat diselesaikan dalam 10 menit. Semua jawaban Anda akan disimpan dan tidak akan disebarkan ke pihak apapun. Sebagai bentuk apresiasi kami, Anda akan menerima hasil dari riset ini.

Silakan teruskan survei ini ke seseorang yang Anda pikir

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AgriProFocus Indonesia Thank you Bilan, will spread the survey within our network. Keep on sharing.

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OIKOCREDIT est en pleine phase de renouvellement stratégique et d’expansion et recherche une personne ressource pour orienter sa nouvelle stratégie et accompagner cette croissance attendue, notamment au niveau des opérations d’Oikocredit en Afrique de l’Ouest.

L’intitulé du poste est: regional capacity building and social performance officer (West Africa). Le poste est basé au sein du bureau régional à Abidjan et l’intéressé sera amené à couvrir toute la région.

Le profil recherché est classique :

· Titulaire d’un diplôme de niveau BAC+4/5 en Finances/ Economie/ Développement/ Agronomie ou équivalent.

· Excellente maitrise de l’anglais,

· Solide expérience de travail en assistance technique et /ou en gestion de la performance sociale dans le contexte de la finance inclusive, de l’agriculture et/ ou des énergies renouvelables.

· Bon esprit d’initiative et goût du travail en équipe,


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I'd like to share some thoughts on the recent developments around Aquaponics and Hydroponics in Africa and Asia. Would love to hear your comments and experiences:

Aquaponics: A sustainable business model!?

“Talking with restaurant owners all around Ethiopia we picked up many frustrations about the supply of vegetables they were receiving. Often vegetables were out of stock for weeks, arriving half rotten or even delivered with traces of pesticides. After observing their response to our aquaponics vegetables, we realized that with aquaponics we had to key to solving many of these urban food supply issues.”  

Commercial aquaponics has rooted itself in the growing sustainable food movement in the west. Production numbers are increasing, improvements are made on organic pest management and nutrient control is being optimized. Despite these positive developments, profitability still is an issue for many western growers, but not so in emerging urban markets of Asia and A

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Gizaw Legesse A few months ago, we featured an entrepreneur who use plastic bottles to grow vegetables in a semi aquaponic system using Algae as source of nutrients. This member thinks, his project is cost effective, a means for achieving food security, a solution for getting healthy food, and a contribution for environment protection. Personally, I liked the idea - and sure would like to try it home. Dear Bouke, thank you for sharing this, and please take a look at this article about the project I mentioned above:

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Is agribusiness the magic bullet for youth unemployment in Africa?

Source: CCAFS

 Africa has the largest population of young people in the world, with 226 million people aged between 15 to 24 years. Every year, young graduates from schools and colleges seek to enter the continent’s workforce, often with no success. What role can the agriculture play in addressing the unemployment challenge in Africa? According to a World Bank report on “Growing Africa: Unlocking the Potential of Agribusiness”, Africa’s farmers and agribusinesses could create a trillion-dollar food market by 2030 if they can expand their access to more capital, electricity, better technology and irrigated land to grow high-value nutritious foods. National governments, however, need to work side-by-side with agribusinesses, to link farmers with consumers in an increasingly urbanized Africa.

To stimulate discussions on developing a framework for concrete youth engagement in agribusiness in a changing climate, the

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Book Release: The Quest for Change - Ethiopia's Agriculture and Policies, Strategies and Institutions

This book outlines briefing the reader to existing agriculture, pastoral and related policies and strategies with synoptic descriptions which are informed by the latest five-year development plan, i.e., the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II). The book is designed to help policy and strategy analysts have a quick reference and a swift guide for dialogue in their endeavors to study policies and strategies in the agriculture and allied sector. It also has a reasonable coverage on institutional issues. This book may also help policy makers and those implementing policies, strategies and programs give answers for questions of change that may originate from various actors and stakeholders. The book may also be used as a reference and a guide to direct different questions that might have been raised in various forums and need to be channeled to policy and strategy dialogue and r

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Accès au financement

Au Niger, comme dans la plupart des pays au Sud du Sahara, l’accès au financement reste un problème majeur du développement de l’Agriculture. Toutefois, si nous analysons la situation avec une certaine objectivité, les agri-preneurs sont confrontés à de multiples autres problèmes. On peut citer :

- Insuffisances d’organisation,

- Insuffisances de qualification

- Non maitrise du marché

- Inexistence de certains maillons des chaines de valeurs

Il est important que les acteurs reconnaissent ces manquements, les prendre en compte et aller vers les structures de financement.

Un cadre législatif et règlementaire existe. Les acteurs doivent à leur tour prendre en charge au moins leur restructuration pour amorcer un changement au sein de leurs structures respectives. Ainsi, on peut dire de ce secteur qui est le moteur de l’économie nationale peut se relancer progressivement pour la satisfaction de tous.


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Akibodé Djodji RESPECT, mon cher ISSA HABIBOU; La qualité de votre analyse est sans commentaire,claire,structurée et vraiment pertinente. Lisons et faisons lire ce texte autours de nous. Avec votre permission, nous en ferons une publication dans notre bulletin mensuel du mois de d'Aout.  Encore une fois, BIG RESPECT.

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WE are manufacturing AGRICULTURE & DAIRY & LIVESTOCK machineries and equipments.

By using our product groups dairy farmers can increase their milk yield and also their animals can make more effective digestion which also affected milk yield and animal health.

To learn a lot about us please check our links;

Our web page

Our location from GOOGLE MAP

Please check our small electronic online catalogue link;


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Agroecology for Food Security and


Proceedings of the FAO International SymposiuM

Our global food system is at a crossroads. Agriculture must meet the challenges of hunger and malnutrition – against a backdrop of population growth, increased pressure on natural resources including soils and water, the loss of biodiversity, and the uncertainties associated with climate change. While past efforts focused on boosting agricultural output to produce more food, today’s challenges – including climate change – demand a new approach. We need to shift to more sustainable food systems – food systems that produce more, with less environmental cost. In many countries agriculture has been seen as an enemy of the environment, but there is increasing recognition that a regenerative, productive farming sector can provide environmental benefits while creating rural employment and sustaining livelihoods. Agroecology offers the possibility of win-win solutions. By building syn

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Can agroecology feed the world and save the planet?

As agricultural production across the world is increasingly threatened by climate change and overpopulation, some farmers are exploring radical alternatives like agroecology – which might just be the answer to global hunger

By Henrietta Moore (Director of UCL Institute for Global Prosperity)  

You wouldn’t necessarily know it, but right now Africa is facing a food crisis. With Brexit, global terror attacks, the war in Syria and the seemingly endless string of sporting fixtures vying for our collective attention in 2016 so far, the fact that up to 50 million people across east and Southern Africa are at risk of hunger seems to have largely escaped mention.

The continent has been wracked by drought following one of the strongest ever El Niños. And while a natural phenomenon is the immediate cause, however, Africa’s food security has been undermined over recent decades by the rise of mono cropping – the planting of

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) to invest US$24 billion in agriculture


President of the Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, said this in a speech he delivered at the 50th anniversary celebration of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will invest US $24 billion dollars in agriculture as part of its Feed Africa programme- a strategy for agricultural development in Africa. President of the Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, said this in a speech he delivered at the 50th anniversary celebration of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria. Adesina emphasized that the goal of the Bank is to “ensure that Africa feeds itself within 10 years, and unlocks the full potential of its agriculture.” The IITA hosted a series of events to celebrate 50 years of excellence in research. Dignitaries attended the event from across the continent. The Institute recognized Adesina’s immense

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Better and Different!

Transforming Food Systems through Agroecology

Agroecology is not merely an agricultural approach that reduces the need for pesticides and fertilisers, recycles plant remains and harnesses biological processes to grow food. Rather, agroecology emphasises a particular perspective vis-à-vis our relationship to nature. Around this perspective, a social movement is growing, which encourages peer-to-peer exchanges of information between farmers. The chief goal being to develop locally adapted solutions for peasant farmers that work with the available resources.

The agroecological perspective invites us to embrace the complexity of nature and to see this complexity not as a liability, but as an asset. Farmers are discoverer: he or she proceeds experimentally, by trial and error, observing what consequences follow from which combinations, and learning from what works best in their local context. So-called ‘modern’ agriculture did the exact opposite. It sought to

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Funding Opportunity:

CNC and Africa Lead NSA Grant Call for Concept Notes

Africa Lead II and the CAADP Non-State Actors Coalition (CNC) are excited to announce a small grants program to strengthen the network of Non-State Actors supporting CAADP in Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, and Kenya. We invite interested organizations to submit a brief concept paper in order to earn the chance to apply for resources and support, build relationships and networks with key actors in CAADP, and put your idea into action. Grant activities will be funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to help surface creative and effective approaches to improve citizen engagement in national food security investment priorities (as outlined by the CAADP themes). To accomplish this, proposals shall focus on:

  • Aligning NSA program design and development to the CAADP agenda to support relevant NAIP priorities;
  • Making use of agricultural performance data relevant to specific CAADP themes for adv

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Strathmore Business School Masters and PhD Knowledge Session

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  28 July 2017, 18:00-20:15
  Kampala, Serena Hotel

In our quest to transform and equip business leaders across the region, Strathmore Business School cordially invites you to our knowledge session and networking cocktail in Kampala, Uganda at Serena Hotel where you will engage with industry peers as you learn more about our Masters and PhD programs at SBS which include:

  • PHD Program in Business Management

  • MBA for Executives

  • Master of Management in Agribusiness

  • Master of Public Policy and Management

  • MBA Healthcare Management

  • Master of Science in Development Finance

Kindly RSVP to Veronica on by stating your program of interest as the email subject.
* Exclusive to executives who RSVP

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2nd Annual Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day Challenge

Are you a young African between the ages of 18 and 35? Do you have a passion for youth participation in the transformation of agribusiness in Africa?

Here is your chance to win sponsorship from the African Agribusiness Incubators Network (AAIN) and partners to represent the youth from your country at the 2017 edition of the 5th October “Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day” during the forthcoming 2017 Africa Agribusiness Incubation Conference and Expo that will run from the 4th to the 6th of October in Dakar, Senegal.

How to participate

1. Get acquainted with the history of the “Africa Youth in Agribusiness Day” and the “Africa Agribusiness Incubation Conference and Expo”. Do your homework on global business incubation, opportunities in ICT integration in agribusiness, AAIN core investment areas, the 2017 theme of the African Union, the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and Agenda 2063.


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Most of us have heard of a buzz word ''Artificial Intelligence'' or simply ''AI''; which is increasingly popular in tech circles. However, most people do not realise how AI is affecting their daily lives. 

If you have ever received a recommendation about what video to watch on Youtube or what song to listen to on Spotify, that's AI. While video and music recommendation services are rather simple when compared to other AI systems, they do accomplish a useful task: recommending music and videos based on interests you've expressed and judgements you've made in the past. The more personal preferences data you provide to these platforms, the better AI recommendations become. 

AI is here and it is poised to continue revolutionising how we access services. 

For sometime now, I have been involved with a British company developing artificial intelligent medical doctors. The prototype AI doctor has been proven to be more acc

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Anne Marie Kortleve Sounds good Pascal MUR MURASIRA, are you in contact with Anatole Majyambere as well on this matter?  

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AgriProFocus hosting an event Young Women Can Do It on Friday 21st July at Holeta

In collaboration with Development Fund of Norway and Young Women Can Do It , we host a visit to Holeta.

Janine Schoeman Dear Sewmehon Tamiru  thank you for posting this event. When you post it as an event, instead of a normal post like this one, it is also shown in the calendar which gives it more exposure. You can create an event the same way as creating a post, but than select the tab 'event'. If you need assitance my colleague Gizaw Legesse Kind Regards Janine

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Sewmehon Tamiru Okay Janine thanks !

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Trade Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa


J'ai le plaisir de partager avec vous une publication sur " les politiques commerciales en Afrique subsaharienne avec comme études de cas le Bénin, l'Ethiopie et la Zambie". Cette étude s'est appesantie sur la cohérence entre les politiques commerciales et les politiques agricoles et en quoi ces politiques affectent le développement agricole et rural. Aussi, l'étude a-t-elle touché les aspects tels que les accords commerciaux régionaux et internationaux signer par ces pays et en quoi ces accords pourraient restreindre leur aptitude à mener à bien leurs politiques de développement agricole .

Cliquez ici pour télécharger le document

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Value Prime enterprise limited is an agricultural based horticultural enterprise that was established in 2013 to solve these two agendas;

Ø To ensure that the farmers agricultural needs are adequately met

Ø To ensure there is a constant supply of quality and affordable agricultural products throughout all season of the year

We provide all our clients with the best agricultural products, practices and state of the art technology in order to enhance high returns to you as our client.

Below is the list of services that we offer;

Ø Greenhouses- We offer the state of the art modern greenhouses that will help your business in the maximization of profits( Check our catalogue or website

Ø Irrigation- We have a variety of irrigation equipment’s from sprinkler and the drip irrigation.

Ø Seeds

Ø Chemicals

Ø Fertilizers

Ø Gardening tools

Ø Bee-keeping materials

Ø For a detailed view of our product kindly check our catalogue or visit our website www.val

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Finance for a Fruitful Future
Dutch Aid for Agriculture, 2005-2015

Dutch ODA for agriculture has been on the rise in the last five years. However, it remains unclear whether Dutch ODA expenditures on agriculture are reaching female smallholder farmers. Empowering smallholders, specially women, is a proven solution for reducing hunger and poverty. This is particularly true of the rural poor, who are the worst affected by the impacts of climate change. This paper calls on the Dutch government to combine a strong ODA budget for agriculture with a solid strategy for resolving hunger by 2030, to scale up climate finance for adaptations in the agricultural sector, and to supply improved data on the impact of agricultural investments for each target group and gender.

Oxfam Novib published this paper which you can find here.
Oxfam Novib works on sustainable rural livelihoods for all people, to make it possible for communities to grow or buy enough food, now and in the future.

Madelon Meijer, madelon.

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