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Social media is Critical for your Agribusiness… Don't Ignore!

Excited and expectant I sat listening at the Social Media workshop by Sree a global speaker and trainer in Nairobi, my convictions that we need a complete overhaul of our communication model were affirmed. According to Sree any business is social hence should find the best way to be sociable by strategically positioning themselves to reap from the blue ocean that comes with social media phenomenon.

There is no secret that relationships are important and they inform every transaction in life. In fact the workshop we held was courtesy of a relationship started with Mr. Sree on twitter that culminated to a free workshop.

Listening to Sree, I had a feeling that one key to social media success is the ability to establish quality relationships and networks. Francis Fukuyama in his book Trust observes that prosperity of future society would depend on their ability to forge strategic partnership and collaboration locally and globally


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Improved market relations for youth and women agripreneurs – A blog series on the importance of relational capacity strengthening in local agribusiness partnerships

In March 2017, 2SCALE consortium partner ICRA organised a review and capitalization workshop. ICRA agribusiness trainers, who have been training and coaching supply chain actors in the 2SCALE programme for several years, came together from Benin, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria. The objective was to collectively reflect and draw lessons from their work. The gathering included a write-shop to translate these lessons into stories. This resulted in a booklet of 15 stories illustrating the importance of strengthening functional capacities, i.e. relational and organisational “soft skills” that make local actors function better in their value chain as agribusiness partners. Each blog in this 6-weeks series showcases two stories from this booklet and highlights how the stories address a specific theme in agribusiness development. This week f

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I am a Consultant in Public Health, Counselling Psychology and Wellness, Managing Director of JSR Traders and Agri Bio Developments, a division of Ednel Minerals Marketing Group (T) Limited. Tutor, Online Facilitator, Mentor and Ambassador of People’s Open Access Education Initiative [Peoples-uni], Manchester Metropolitan University [] and African Changemaker Network []. I am the President of African Union Ecosystem Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly in Africa [EBAFOSA Tanzania Chapter] I designed a Five Year 2017-2021 Action Plan to support Tanzania Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, National Resilience and Food Security Day , National Inter Agency Task Force to monitor and evaluate interventions on adaptation and mitigation of Global Climate Change in Tanzania.JSR Traders executes an innovation that is positioning and branding the Health, Education,Environment, En

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you for joining our community Joel! You are more than welcome! I hope this platform will be of use to you. You can easily connect to other users by clicking on the contacts tab in the menu. You can also use the search bar to search for any topic you are interested in. Many members have shared their experiences over the past years, so there is much to find out. If you need any further assistance you can contact our colleagues in Dar es Salaam through 

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"Scaling-up my agribusiness-Agripreneurs"

AgriProFocus network in collaboration with partners is working on a youth platform “Scaling-up my business”. The purpose of this platform is to provide a platform for learning and business to business linkages that will foster the growth of Youth-led agribusinesses and networks.

The objectives are to:

1. Facilitate business-to-business sessions that will match youth entrepreneurs with industry players. (Agribusiness company industry leaders, investors, financial institutions (bank & non-bank))

2. Provide learning opportunities for business growth through intense masterclasses offered by experienced organisations.

The network is therefore looking for youth who meet the following criteria:

· Aged between 17 – 36 years

· Understand basic spoken English

· Have clear identification of gaps in scaling up their business

· Have a registered company

· Are involved in horticulture (to

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Samson Ocheyo Good idea. I think this should also be emulated in Tanzania. @Hilda Okoth 

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Youth agripreneurs join us in Accra, Ghana for a 2-day workshop on Trade and Partnerships Development. 

For more information, visit:

Akibodé Djodji Merci pour ce partage, nous en ferons une plus large diffusion dans nos réseaux partenaires.

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AgriProFocus Burundi en collaboration avec l'organisation IITA un atelier d'orientation des jeunes entrepreneurs agricole le 30 mars 2017 dans une salle de la Détente.

Cet atelier a réuni les jeunes entrepreneurs, les organisations qui appuient les initiatives des jeunes dans le domaine agricole, le ministère de l'agriculture ainsi que d'autres institutions qui soutiennent les investissements au Burundi.

L’objectif de cet atelier était d’orienter les jeunes, échanger sur les opportunités de développer l’entrepreneuriat des jeunes, échanger les expériences des uns et des autres, se rendre compte des cas pratiques des jeunes talentueux en innovations et en agribusiness, établir des partenariats de collaboration entre les différents intervenants pour construire des synergies productives. lire plus


Excelrate Agri-Related Startup BootCamp

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  05 May 2017 to 07 May 2017 - All Day Event
  Trilogi University, Jl. TMP. Kalibata No. 1, Duren Tiga, Pancoran, Kota Jakarta Selatan,

Excelrate Agri-Related Startup BootCamp

For Early Stage Agri-Related Startups in Indonesia

3 Best startups will get further mentoring and coworking space from YoStarups and

What to learn?

1. Introduction of Canvas Model

2. Refine your idea

3. Business model validation

4. Customer lifecycle management

Who are the speakers?

1. Jappreet Sethi, Co-founder Global Head Marketing YoStartups

2. M. Maula , Social Entrepreneur Activist

3. David Yong, Banking and Finacial Inclusion Advisor

4. Abhishek Singgh, Co-Founder Gobal Head Operation YoStarups

5. Lahandi Baskoro, Director Business Incubation Trilogi University

6. Brian Powell, Agriculture Value Chain Specialist

7. Dr. Myo Aung Kyaw, Rice Technology Expert Nong Lam University Vietnam

8. Danny Septriadi, Tax Expert Danny Darussalam Tax Centre

9. Rici Solihin, Young Agripreneurz Ambassador 2016

How to Join?

Team of two submit application to www.yostartu

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Forum des jeunes agripreneurs africains

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  25 April 2017 to 26 April 2017 - All Day Event
  IITA Ibaden Nigeria

Le Forum des jeunes agripreneurs africains (forum AYA) entend servir de plate-forme pour fédérer les agripreneurs à travers l'Afrique et accroître l'impact de leurs activités. Le forum AYA comprendra: (a) le forum AYA, une conférence-atelier de deux jours avec des discussions thématiques et des exposés de réussites; (b) un concours d'entrepreneuriat « Agri-Pitch » qui débouchera sur la sélection de trois finalistes qui présenteront leurs idées aux assemblées annuelles de la BAD en Inde en mai 2017; et (c) des événements parallèles, y compris un programme de formation de mentor et d'incubateur.

Pour plus d'information cliquez sur ICI

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Do we have Youth Caravan for Agribusiness Event scheduled  in Tanzania? It is a good learning approach

Hilda Okoth Dear Carolyn, AgriProFocus has a Youth in Agribusiness innovation community that aims at helping the youth engage in the sector. The group usually organizes events such as youth roadshow (Caravan) and youth B2B meeting. Tentatively, we are looking at having a roadshow in April and other events either in September or November. We will surely let you know, through this platform more details of these events.

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