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Help to solve the agrifood challenges of these companies and organizations

From January until April 2018, AgriProFocus and 5 agrifood companies and organizations from the Netherlands will organize the Agrifood Bootcamp! This is a project to link Myanmar youth between age 18 and 25 to Dutch businesses and organisations in the agrifood sector.

We invite Myanmar youth to develop innovative solutions for the agrifood challenges the companies and organizations are facing in their work in Myanmar. Please read more about the companies challenges below!

Do you want to participate in the Agrifood Bootcamp? Choose one of the challenges below and think of an idea to solve it! Don’t be shy, all ideas are welcome. Pitch your idea in English in a short video (max 3 minutes) or a written text (max 1 A4). Send it to our AgriProFocus Myanmar Facebook Messenger or through Viber to 09 453272578.

Find the challenges here:

ICCO Cooperation

ICCO Cooperation is a global non-governmental organization that works together with its partners on responsible and

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Agrifood Bootcamp: Linking Myanmar young talent to Dutch agribusiness organizations


On January 26, AgriProFocus will launch the Agrifood Bootcamp, a project to link Myanmar students and young professionals between age 18 and 25 to Dutch businesses and organisations in the agrifood sector. The objective is to increase awareness of youth about the opportunities in agribusiness, improve linkages and exchange between Myanmar youth and Dutch and Myanmar companies and organisations and to develop skills and capacities required in the agribusiness sector. During the intensive Agrifood Bootcamp week we will challenge participants to come up with innovative solutions to solve agribusiness issues. The winning team receives a leadership training package to become Youth Ambassadors.

The Agrifood Bootcamp is a joint project of AgriProFocus and 5 Dutch

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From 20 to 24 November Agriterra organised the first My.COOP Pilot training in Myanmar. The event took place in Aungban, Southern Shan State and was opened by the Shan Minister of MoALI, U Sai Lone Kyaw. 

MyCOOP is an abbreviation for Managing Your Agricultural Cooperative and is a training aimed at strengthening the management of agricultural cooperatives. Consequently, managers and board members of agricultural cooperatives are equipped to offer high quality, efficient and effective services to their members. In addition, My.COOP provides guidance to cater for member satisfaction, business opportunities and social considerations.  My.COOP has been developed in partnership between Agriterra, ILO and other partners and has been a valuable asset for agricultural cooperatives all over the world.  

In Myanmar, the Cooperative Department and Agriterra have agreed to embark on a trajectory to improve the member commitment of cooperative members. In order to do so, Agriterra tra

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Implementing large scale inclusive agribusiness programs

Sound solutions for critical challenges

On request of network members, AgriProFocus organised a small-scale expert meeting  on November 8th at RVO. The meet-up focussed on mutual learning and jointly looking for solutions for critical issues and challenges from practice that network members experience with the implementation of large-scale, inclusive agribusiness programmes. Two programmes with specific challenges and questions were presented by members.

1. Brokering successful 4P partnerships

By Nico Janssen, SNV netherlands development organisation

In this programme, funded by IFAD, SNV and consortium partners develop best practises on establishing Public - Private - Producer partnerships through Provision of brokering services. See the following link for the introduction and more information

The Issue

Finding new ways to finance middle size, emerging (and growing) local agribusinesses with a capital re

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Agriterra modernises cooperatives in Ethiopia

Yesterday, Tuesday 21st November, Director Kees Blokland of Agriterra signed an agreement with the Ethiopian Ministr of Agriculture to modernise and strengthen the cooperative sector. Ethiopia has around 381 cooperative Unions and more than 80,000 cooperatives.

"Agriterra is known in Ethiopia as a club without money, but with great impact. They see us as a centre of innovation and would like us to be active in all regions. The government itself will ensure that this successful innovation is implemented Nationwide", says Blokland. "After Vietnam, Ethiopia is the second country where we have received an appeal from the government to roll out our advisory approach in a major way.

The signing of the 'Memorandum of Understanding' took place in Addis Ababa, during a symposium organised by Agriterra and in the presence of the Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture Dr. Eyasu Abraha and Niek Bosmans of the Dutch embassy in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia is a truly cooperat

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Findings and Recommendations Agriterra scoping mission in Myanmar’s Dry Zone

Agriterra is an agri-advisory organization founded by farmer organizations from the Netherlands and has 20 years of experience in advising governments, farmer organizations and cooperatives in over 17 countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Agriterra provides training, advisory services and exchange visits to entrepreneurial farmers with a willingness to cooperate, a clear ambition and a strong business mindset. The Agriterra focus is two-fold. As a starting point it is essential to focus on the development of robust governance structures, develop house-rules that stimulate member commitment and bringing financial management systems in tune with the demands of banks and micro-finance institutions. Once these internal basics are in place, Agriterra supports clients to realize their business ambitions. This can be done via supporting clients to get improved market access or to upscale business activities t

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SNV Rwanda/Agriterra program is looking for a Business Advisor

Deadline: November 04, 2017

Agriterra aims to professionalize farmers' organizations and cooperatives worldwide, with advice from experts from the Dutch agricultural sector. Our opinion is that strong farmers' organizations and cooperatives lead to more participation, economic growth and a better distribution of income. We focus on economic development and work closely together with the Dutch agribusiness.

Agriterra Rwanda is registered as a program under SNV Rwanda and our team cooperates with farmers’ organizations and cooperatives, in the value chains of coffee, dairy, maize, rice, sugar cane, horticulture and Irish potato.

Agriterra is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Business Advisor to offer business advisory services to cooperatives that have been selected as Agriterra clients. The Business Advisor will be based at Agriterra’s office in Musanze, under the wings of farmer’s

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Unlocking the Coffee Chain - Weet u genoeg van uw kopje koffie om te ontsnappen?

14 oktober 2017 Mauritskazerne, Ede Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 10:00-11:15

Agriterra nodigt u van harte uit voor de exclusieve opening van Unlocking the Coffee Chain op World Food Day 2017 in de Mauritskazerne in Ede. In deze Coffee Escape Challenge gaat de bezoeker op reis langs een serie puzzels naar de herkomst van de koffieboon.

World Food Day 2017 is een jaarlijks terugkerend publieksfestival dat de bezoekers betrekt bij wereldvoedselvraagstukken. Agriterra is partner van World Food Day. De Coffee Escape Challenge is ontwikkeld i.s.m. Moyee Coffee, Koffiebranderij Peeze en Zwarte Koffie. Op World Food Day kunnen bezoekers meedoen aan workshops, debatten en experiences en krijgen op excursie een kijkje in de keuken van voedselproducenten en verwerkers. Het is een ideaal dagje uit voor iedereen die van eten houdt en er zijn activiteiten voor het hele gezin.

De Escape Challenge bevindt zich in Het Ke

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Scoping mission for farmers in Myanmar’s Dry Zone by Agriterra


Agriterra started its operations in Myanmar in March 2017. Since that moment Agriterra has focused on the identification of the key needs of farmers, farmer organizations, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and other stakeholders.

To determine the next steps with the farmer organizations in the Dry Zone, Agriterra started a scoping mission in the Dry Zone of Myanmar. In this scoping trip, Mr. Bob Jan Schoot Uiterkamp (Business Advisor), Mr. Richard van der Maden (Business Advisor), Mr. Kyaw Thu Win (Local consultant) from Agriterra lead the trip and worked to synthesize the information and to identify the potentials farmer organizations through its own network and with the help of various stakeholders.

AgriProFocus Myanmar also involved in this trip to und

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A Seven Days’ Experience in the Ugandan Youth Agribusiness Caravan 2017

With anticipation and a mind full of concern of what lay ahead of me, I boarded the bus to join the long awaited Agribusiness Caravan that was to commence from Kampala according to the road map. By the way, they call me Kyomuhendo Phionah, an Entrepreneur in Piggery and Juicy Passion fruit, located in Mbarara district, S.W.Uganda.

The first two days of the caravan were impressive, with motivational speakers and seasoned entrepreneurs who inspired me and provided a learning platform for experience with the likes of Okello L., Richard M., Minister Christopher K., to mention but a few.

I was impressed with what I could do differently as a youth starting with having a “positive mindset”. It seems everything revolved on my mindset. As the Ugandan state minister for agriculture said, “Agriculture is said to be historically a punishment but this is a myth that had to change”. My mind started rolling back; looking at t

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Mugisha Richard Excellent! Phionah, this is a very good story. I am sure my fellow readers can prove that; the caravan is the most effective way to facilitate learning. Let’s promote it and make our business stories unforgettable.  Given the shared lessons, I clearly see a lot of potential in Phionah becoming one of the great entrepreneurs in the region. But Phionah, remember potential is potential only when it is exploited. I would therefore; like to encourage you and all honorable youth agripreneurs to pursue your business goals with focus and commitment, and then you will possess them.

4 months 1 week ago

Taremwa Joseph Phionah, this is great. I am exceedingly happy that as part of the organizers, our efforts were not put to waste!!

4 months 1 week ago

Ronald Miggadde Great inspiration story Phionah, Keep the fire burning.

4 months 1 week ago

Francis Lulahali Hello Phionah, am so pleased for such a wonderful and encouraging story really that is a very good indicator that we didn't waste time in the caravan and it is the best way to learn than sitting in the hotels. God bless you #Frahari International Limited 

4 months 1 week ago

Dorina Prech This is a beautiful story Phionah! Thank you for sharing your experiences of how the caravan went, and sure enough there's a lot that we can learn from with as regards to youth engagement in agribusiness. 

4 months 1 week ago

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The Youth in Agribusiness Caravan is the most beautiful agricultural tour I have ever participated in. We were welcome everywhere. It was so easy and friendly for us to ask questions and shared our experience with the farmers. The tour was perfectly organized (interesting and appropriate “professional visits”, good hotels, good food apart from Baguma Restaurant in Mbarara!, nice touristic places like The Equator in Kayabwe, Kitagata hot springs, Nkugute crater lake, Kichwamba Rift valley and also Queen Elizabeth Park). I discovered a wonderful country, amazing landscapes from Mbarara to Fort portal. Every day was different, every day was surprising. I made wonderful friends in the caravan; Agaba Keneth, Phionah Kyomuhendo, Jimmy Ouni, Sharifah Najjuma, Creddy Lakot to name a few, all Agripreneurs from different regions of the country, then Brenda Namirembe, Joy Lwanga and Zurah from Action Aid Uganda and not forgetting Maik Voets and Adinda Lo

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PHIONAH KYOMUHENDO True Ronald, we were inspired to inspire other youths in the four different regions of Uganda and thus making a difference. Agriculture indeed can be practiced by the youths to solve the unemployment problem and also feed the many lives in Uganda and beyond.

4 months 2 weeks ago

Janine Schoeman Hi Ronald, great to read your positive feedback! Good Job guys at AgriProFocus Uganda. 

4 months 2 weeks ago

Jacob Olanya Great Ronald, its good to see you learned alot from the Caravan, am looking forward to see your passion fruit farm grow.

4 months 2 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard Waoo! Ronald, this is an amazing story!  Its nice to read this inspiration message from you. I am inspired again by your memorable story. I can now confirm that learning took place. Please take action and make every day a caravan day in order to bring about sustainable change in self and your constituency.  To those  who missed this year's edition, next year for you. Just begin to prepare around same time but different route and perhaps different country. Its gonna be massive!! Yes, no success without a story. AgriProFocus gives you a story and you gain success.

4 months 2 weeks ago

Taremwa Joseph Miggadde, thanks for the active participation in the entire caravan. I am astonishingly pleased that you were able to practically learn and as well as have meaningful fun.For the first time, I saw selfies being taken using a Kodak camera!!!Great day

4 months 1 week ago

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Enhancing Agribusiness Through Networking

AgriProFocus Zambia hosted the 2017 Regional Agribusiness Platform (formally known as Agribusiness Finance Fair) on 24th to 25th of August, 2017 in Chipata, eastern province. We would like to thank the sponsors, exhibitors, Agro-dealers, farmers and the government for making the event a great success.

The platform was characterised with official opening by the Eastern Region Permanent Secretary Mr. Chanda Kasolo then followed exhibitions, workshops (Knowledge exchange) and lastly award giving ceremony.

Themes of discussion during the workshops included:

1. Sustainable Integrated Land Management Systems by SNV

2. Cooperative governance by Agriterra

3. Importance of using weights by Spruceland

4. Agribusiness Finance by Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission

5. Safe handling of chemicals by Zambia Environmental Management Agency

6. Farming Inputs by Zambian fertilizers and MRI

7. Post harvesting handling by Po

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Day 6

24TH AUGUST, 2017  


The caravan visited Divine Vegetables Farm and Biglad Organic Farm in Fort Portal district.

Divine Vegetables Farm was started in 2014 and the vegetables grown are of both local and exotic variety. On the other hand, Biglad Organic Farm was started by Mr. Julius Bigabwa in 2008 and has since turned into an agritourism farm on 8 acres of land with bananas, mangoes, fish tea plantation and others.

Kabarole Research and Resource Centre focuses on producing an alternative source of protein extracted from greens with an ultimate aim of promoting environment conservation and ecosystems.

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Day 5 : 23RD AUGUST, 2017


The caravan team traveled to Mubuku Irrigation Scheme in Kasese district. The area around Mubuku Irrigation Scheme receives little and unreliable rainfall and because it is close to the equator, its low altitude makes the temperature relatively high. With this justification, the scheme was established in 1964.


· To explore food production throughout the seasons using farrow irrigation system.

Discussions/ Interactions

Mr. James Nabulu, the supretendant of Mubuku Irrigation Scheme told caravan participants that the scheme currently works with 160 farmers who operate on 8 acres of land each under a land tenancy system. He encouraged the youth to join cooperative and associations in order to bargain for favorable prices on the market.

The youth also had the opportunity to tour the scheme and to experience a number of maize farmers working together to

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Humphrey Mutaasa The reason why Gender has not been appreciated in Agribusiness development even though it is a very key ingredient, Its in the way it is packaged  and how it is promoted and by who. Men being the creatures they are need better packaging and involving them just like it has started being done. It shouldnt be mis-understood that its a women thing to take away the leadership and asset ownership component from the men. but rather together developing a livelihood.

4 months 3 weeks ago

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22ND AUGUST, 2017


The caravan team traveled to Kirere Greener African Agency, Delta Bees Farm, and PIBID in Bushenyi district. While at these centers, the team explored investment opportunities in low cost operations with high returns, application of Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO) in livestock rearing, and got training on banana value addition.


· To explore inclusive green growth and investment opportunities in low cost operations with high returns

· To gain an understanding of the application of Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMO) in livestock rearing

· To get practical training on banana value addition

Discussions/ Interactions

Mr. Kweyunga Emmanuel, the General Manager at Kirere Greener African Agency explained that since the far was started in 2011, he uses natural farming to rear h

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Humphrey Mutaasa This is running and being appreciated well on Top radio and FMJ

4 months 3 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard Thanks Mutaasa for promoting youth in agriz through media. Today the youth are taking the mantel to feed the world and change lives

4 months 3 weeks ago

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21ST AUGUST, 2017


The caravan team traveled to Kazire Agri-processing plant and to Ericson dairy farm in the districts of Mbarara Ntungamo respectively. While at these farms, the team explored the forward and backward business linkages at Kazire plant and product quality and safety management in the dairy value chain. Participants later visited the hot springs in Kitagata in order to appreciate the nature and beauty of Uganda.

While at Kazire plant, Dickson Musasizi, the production manager at Kazire health products gave participants a brief history of the plant, its successes, challenges that it has faced and how those challenges were resolved. He later gave participants a tour of the plant and the production process that is from the raw materials to the final product.

At Ericson Dairy Farm, Mr. Eli Nathan, the general manager advised youth on how to fully benefit from t

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Kabunga James Well done

5 months 2 days ago

Humphrey Mutaasa well done and this is encouraging youths join Agric at different levels of the value chain

4 months 3 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard The youth were able to identify the entry points at this point with Kazire Health Products, especially supplying raw materials like Carrots, beetroots and purple  cabbages. The other business opportunity identified was for the youth to open distribution centers for the ready to drink products in their respective regions

4 months 3 weeks ago

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20th August, 2017



The caravan team set off from Kampala to Masaka district and made its first stop at the equator. And later proceeded to Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative association. While in Kibinge, participants were exposed to the entire value chain in the coffee business from the seed to the final coffee on the cup.

At Kibinge, the youth were taken to Mr. Mawanda Samuel’s coffee plantation where they were exposed to proper care of coffee trees and the benefits of venturing into the business.

The team later continued to Kibinge Coffee Farmers, Cooperative Association to visit coffee nurseries and share experiences on the coffee value chain.

Click here to download the daily report.

To follow the action live and view the outcome of the debate you could simply follow the Hashtag #Agric4youth 

Or simply click here.  

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The Youth in Agribusiness Caravan: 

Day 1

18th August 2017

The 7 day Caravan has attracted 50 youth participants, that will be traversing the country to have a hands on learning experience on how to improve agribusiness!

Day 1 was an inspiration Forum where the participating youth were inspired to take agribusiness serious and focus on better productivity.

Its was officially launched by the minister for Agriculture Hon. Kibanzanga Christopher, who addressed a press conference together with 5 enterprising youth from all the 4 regions of the country. He informed the youth that agriculture alone can take Uganda to a middle income economy!

The activities of the day included:

- A Press conference.

- In special presentation on mindset change

- And a Debate on the GMOs. (Advantages and disadvantages)

To follow the action live and view the outcome of the debate you could simply follow the Hashtag #Agric4youth

Or simply click here.

Anne Marie Kortleve Nice to see some impressions of the first day, looking forward to hear more of the other days, keep us informed Jacob Olanya :) 

5 months 5 days ago

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Join us @Regional Agribusiness Platform

Theme: Enhancing Agribusiness Through Networking

The following are the workshops to look out for:

  • Importance of using weights by Spruceland Technologies

  • Safe handling of chemicals by ZEMA

  • Cooperative governance by Agriterra

  • Sustainable Integrated Land Management project (SILMS) by SNV Netherlands Development Organization

  • Tuta Absoluta and Fowl Worm Control by MRI

Also workshops by CEEC and Zambian Fertilizers

See you there!

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Cooperation in Agriculture: New beginnings in Myanmar

Agriterra started its operations in Myanmar in March 2017. Since that moment Agriterra has focused on the identification of the key needs of farmers, farmer organisations, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and other stakeholders. All stakeholders point out that one of the critical success factors to transform the agricultural sector is the ability and willingness of farmers to cooperate. Myanmar will not be able to develop internationally competitive agricultural sectors unless farmers unite to improve their position versus suppliers and customers and to invest in upscaling of their activities.

Despite a clear need for farmers to organise, a history of forced membership of state-led top-down cooperatives with limited benefits for members has resulted in limited trust in cooperatives. Given this background, Agriterra has adopted a two-fold approach to accelerate the agricultural transformation in Myanmar. At the one-hand si

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