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Posted 8 August 2017 at 03:46

Success Story: Wamis Agro Seed Enterprise

Wamis Agro Seed Enterprise is a Zambian owned enterprise specialized in quality seed legumes (Soya beans, Groundnuts, Cow peas and Sugar Beans) production using the farmer out grower scheme. Wamis was introduced to AgriProFocus Network with the objective of accessing finances. This followed the need to secure funding to purchase Soya beans seed from the farmers that were on their out grower scheme.

Wamis initially secured funding from ILO and FAO which facilitated the mobilization and establishment of a farmer out grower scheme in Chibombo area. However, Wamis faced a major challenge in purchasing the soya seed from the farmers when it was ready. They needed finances to purchase up to 25 metric tonnes of soya seed especially bearing in mind that they had a buyer already identified.

AgriProFocus through the Business linkage function facilitated the linkage to an investor who invested a total of K 225 000 in their business. So far they have purcha

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