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Posted 7 August 2018 at 11:59

Préparation Enquête PEAJ via Akvo Flow 

Formation de trois collaborateurs pour la mise en place du dispositif d’évaluation interne et externe du Projet Entrepreneuriat Agricole Jeune, alternative durable  aux migrations irrégulières.

Le suivi-évaluation du PEAJ est assuré par l’équipe terrain avec la facilitation du réseau AgriProFocus a travers les agents d’enquête par le recueil des données via AKVO Flow.
L’équipe formée assurera le suivi-évaluation quotidien et appuiera la mise en œuvre des activités sur le terrain. Elle produira des rapports périodiques (annuels) narratifs et financiers.

Francophone dans un environnement anglophone

Akvo est une organisation anglophone. L’anglais est une des langues la pluss parlée parlée dans le monde. La langue anglaise est également parlée dans les pays où travaille Akvo, c’est la raison pour laquelle les communications internes et externes de Akvo sont en Anglais. Akvo Mali travaille principalement avec la

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Posted 25 June 2015 at 12:15

Food and Nutrition Security Portal – Akvopedia

Easy access and sharing of practical information on food and nutrition security in developing countries – that’s the purpose of the Food and Nutrition Security Portal within Akvopedia, which was launched recently. The portal is an initiative of ICCO Cooperation, one of our network members, and Akvo and can be found at http://akvopedia.org/wiki/Food_%26_Nutrition_Security_Portal

The portal is aimed at practitioners and decision-makers from local and international development organizations, government agencies, cooperatives and companies. It gives them access to practical information on all aspects of food security and healthy food, and at the same time provides a forum to share experiences. The portal is to improve the exchange of information, knowledge and practical examples, to contribute to mutual learning and innovation.

The information is grouped into four themes: the right to food, availability of food, access to food and

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Posted 27 August 2011 at 12:43


(CONNECT 4 CHANGE consotiun consists of: ICCO,Edukans,Cordaid, AKVO and IICD)

The highly motivated C4C round table workshop went on very well at Courtyard Hotel in Lusaka. A 2 day workshop brought together various stakeholders from, and supporters of the economic development sector in Zambia.It was was organised and facilitated by IICD, OPPAZ and Agri-ProFocus Zambia. 

The workshop was well attended by key personel from various institutions who participated and contributed very well to the workshop. Selected institutions presented their experiences on crucial issues linked to " improving the flow of information, and the system of communication,among value chain actors and suppoters" while the rest joined in to discuss key issues either in smaller groups or general platform. the atmosphere of the workshop was very enthusiastic.

The workshop explored various challenges facing the Organic Producers and Processors Association Zambia(OPPAZ)during their implementation of various progr

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