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Posted 9 January 2017 at 07:00

Ethiopia: Auspicious Move to Ensure Food Security

. . . Being food secured is also not limited to stowing away enough food to meet nutritional needs of a community or a country. It is also linked with sustained food supply and creations of assets that will help to avail food and other personal and family needs related to livelihood.

Among other things, food security is also related to food habits, religious and cultural outlooks that could have stronger bearing on either enhancing or discouraging the promotion of food self-sufficiency and security.

Attaining food security cannot be measured only through the volume of food produced and distributed. Diversity in food production targeting disease preventing varieties and cash based production are also important factors. . . 

(Solomon Dibaba, The Ethiopian Herald)

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Les Dessous de la mondialisation : 
« Bénin, poulet morgue ».

Ce soir sur Public Sénat à 22 h 30. Nadia Blétry s’est rendue au Bénin pour comprendre l’impact des importations de poulets congelés venus de l’Occident. Le désarroi de cette population impuissante face aux grands importateurs est patent. En savoir plus ICI

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Posted 23 March 2016 at 08:49

Promoting Agribusiness through innovation

Article by Gillian Nantume

Engaging in agriculture may be a noble undertaking, but at what stage of the agricultural value chain are you? Are you just a consumer, a farmer or are you into agribusiness?

Venturing into agribusiness needs one to be aware of what area of agriculture to focus on, and in that area of focus, decide whether to concentrate on production, supply or marketing.

This is where AgriProFocus Uganda, an agricultural information organisation, comes in to link different stakeholders and players at different levels in the agriculture sector to influence agribusiness development.

The stakeholders include individual farmers, farmer organisations, private sector companies (traders, input suppliers, processors, exporters,) NGOs, government bodies, development agencies and donors.

“We also facilitate linkages and sharing of information regarding agrifinance, youth in agribusiness, and gender in value chains development,” says Asiimwe.


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