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10 tips for better blogging

Many of us intend to share experiences, ideas, good practices with others, and use this platform or Facebook or other online media to do so. Blogs are a great tool for this. The tips by Duncan Green (blog: From Poverty to Power) can be helpful! Check them quickly! 

Herman Scheepers Very good tips. Use some of it myself.. Thanks Nicole.

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Blamed for being born a girl

(Article from the Gender Magazine 'Making Gender Work: Cultivating Diversity')  

Intan Darmawati is a gender trainer in Indonesia. Her commitment to gender issues comes from her own experiences as a girl in a patriarchal family.

‘My engagement began with my personal experience of being born a girl in a minority patriarchal family. People blamed me for being born a girl (rather than a boy) to justify the reason why our father left us. At the same time, family members criticized my mother because she had now become a single parent. I was also a victim of sexual abuse. These experiences have made me realize that there is something ’wrong’ with our social structure. I am now more sensitive to discrimination, and highly motivated to do something against it.


I have seen many women and men who are not aware of discrimination, because they considerexisting relationships to be normal, as taught by tradition and religion, and controlled by laws an

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Economic considerations for livestock farming

The functions of livestock are an integral part of the total agriculture. Livestock is well known for converting non-edible (pasture) and low quality edible feed-stuffs into food for human consumption. Many farmers go for livestock production due to different reasons. To be successful, farmers need to consider financial viability before going into actual production. The article will highlight key economic areas in commercial livestock farming.

Market and demand analysis

Sustainable livestock production is market driven. Successful farmers invest their time and resources in market research. This is very important especially in livestock as any delays in sales come at a cost. Farmers need to be equipped on market knowledge.
Marketing involves logistics, time and form to the end market. With proper research and planning, the processes involved need to be efficient and achieved at the lowest possible cost. This means distance to the market is one of the ke

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Karim Ibrahim As a young entrepreneur I am very keen on starting a poultry  because I have a already established market through a chain of restaurant s.what steps must begin with

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Global Landscape Forum Blog Competition

Your community, your landscape

Landscapes are intrinsically tied with the communities that inhabit them. Landscapes consist of more than just our use of and interaction with land: healthy landscapes provide habitats, homes, livelihoods and ecosystem benefits far beyond the reach of the land itself. However, landscapes also often provide the backdrop to many challenges and conflicts between and amongst different communities, governments, companies and other actors. Tell us about your local landscapes: how do you, your community and others define, engage and interact with it? What challenges are your communities and landscapes facing, and how are you solving them?

The 2017 blogging competition will run up until GLF’s global event in Bonn, 19-20 December. The competition will cover six cross-cutting themes: food & livelihoods, finance, restoration, rights, peatlands and measuring progress.

Who can participate?

Anyone! No matter if you are an experienc

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Kenyans, Rwandans and Ugandans: Blog to Win a Trip to Washington, DC  

Now in its third year, the #Blog4Dev Contest is an ideas-sharing platform for youth in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. This year, the World Bank wants you to share your thoughts on youth and agriculture.

For a chance to win a trip to Washington, D.C. in April 2017, discuss the following question in an original blog of no more than 500 words:

To farm or not to farm: What opportunities exist for youth to prosper in agriculture and agro-business?

Submit the blog post in English by January 15, 2017 here:

  • DEADLINE: January 15, 2017
  • ELIGIBILITY: Must be a Kenyan, Rwandan or Ugandan citizen residing in your home country, and be aged between 18 and 28, and the blog post must be written in English.
  • CONTACT: Blog4Dev

Nicole Metz

thanks for sharing, Didier.
Maybe good for all those with an interest in World Bank - to know that the Netherlands and the World Bank Group have a partnership agreement to foster Knowledge sharing between the institutions? Find more info here:

If you have ideas for activities under this partnership between the World Bank and the Netherlands, please contact the Dutch Embassy or the World Bank Group offices in your country or region, to see whether they could collaborate with you on the idea.

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Cool, Sexy or Profitable!

An increasing proportion of the African children are completing primary school as compared to Fifty years ago (70% in 2011), and as they transition into young adulthood, most still face the challenges of unemployment and underemployment aggravated by their lack of relevant skills, education and limited access to land and capital to start their own enterprises.

Read more on my blog:

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Publishing a 'blog' type piece

Anyone interested in publishing a 'blog' type piece on economic fraud and anti-fraud measures in Africa, please send an email to

Check out their first blog that went online last week :

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I would like to get your ideas about a blog I wrote recently:

Do you believe this is the right track? Appreciate your thoughts!

Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Sanne, thank you for your sharing your blog! Maybe you can share the whole blog on our platform? That would defintely trigger more responses here. Good luck!

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