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Application is open for NEW AGRIBUSINESS COURSE

Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit - Learning key skills for inclusive business brokerage

For: Professionals providing agribusiness support services to small-scale farmers, processors and other affiliated enterprises

Date and location: 13 -24 November 2017 in Ibadan, Nigeria

Candidates can apply here and click here for scholarship information.

This course will provide concrete skills that participants may immediately apply in their work. They will:

1. Get practical tips on how to secure a stable flow of income for their business support services.

2. Learn to build trust in order to establish sustainable business relationships between farmers, lenders, input and service providers. .

3. Improve their negotiation skills and gain confidence in drafting contracts, which paves the way for better business deals.


Week 1: Business skills and concepts

Week 2: Facilitation and brokering skills

Application and s

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Janine Schoeman Hi Gizaw, have you listed this as an event as well so it shows up in the calendar? Thanks.

1 year 10 months ago

Gizaw Legesse Hi Janine, I just posted it as event also. Thanks!

1 year 10 months ago

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Jeka Poultry Farm , an Agripreneur at the PAINT Event.

Jeka Poultry Farm is an agripreneur who attended the Trade and Investment matchmaking event (PAINT) that took place on 3rd to 6th October at Sheraton Hotel and Royal suites hotel in Kampala. This is what they had to say.

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Promoting Agribusiness Investment, Networking and Trade Report

PAINT is an initiative that supports the growth of agribusiness through linking pre-qualified and mentored agri-prenuers to financing, knowledge technology and markets. This publication chronicles its first major events; mentoring and matchmaking that took place on 3rd to 4th October 2016 at Royal suites Hotel and 5th and 6th October 2016 at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala respectively. It was a chance for agri-prenuers and investors to learn, network, and create new partnerships.

Click here to download the complete report.

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Voices from PAINT entrepreneurs- Interfruit dealers ltd

“We are taking away a lot of ideas and inspiration.” Florence, Managing Director, Interfruit Ltd:

Meet Florence. She is a young and ambitious manager at Interfruit dealers ltd. Interfruit dealers are producers of fresh fruits, which are exported to the EU and now also to the United Arab Emirates. “We are very exited about this new market as they demand high volumes and have less strict quality standards. Making it a very interesting market for us”, says Florence. Currently Interfruit exports 7 tons of produce, twice a week. The company currently employs around 35 local staff, including technical and casual staff who are doing the grading and sorting. Intercrop has its own farms, but also contracts a small group of small holder farmers to keep up with the wide array of produce in demand. In total they produce 11 commodities, including chillies and hot peppers. They have also just signed an agreement with Mityana cooperative soc

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CHARLES GUMIRA This looks interesting. Well, I registered my Company Hort Impact Uganda Ltd and we are starting to work with farmers to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables so that we can export them to International markets. I have been to Israel where I learnt and saw how things are happening especially improved technologies used in agriculture. I missed an opportunity to attend the PATH workshop. How can i take part in this interesting program

2 years 1 month ago

Sylvia Natukunda Mwesigwa Hello Charles, PAINT will also run in 2017, we are yet to send out calls to participants, please keep on the look out!

2 years 4 days ago

John Mark Tamale Thanks a lot Sylvia our organisation is CCICO-Uganda we are working with farmers so far now we have 200 farmers we train them in commercial smart agriculture. please any opportunity to come think about CCICO- or +256779644015

12 months 4 days ago

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Our tea comes from the Rift Valley (Eldoret) Kenya. We'd love to get in touch with an organization that could help us to sell our product in the Dutch and European market. A partnership for the longer term is an option. Are you or do you know such an organization?


Onze thee is afkomstig uit de Rift Valley (Eldoret) Kenia. Graag zouden we in contact komen met een organisatie die ons zou kunnen helpen met het verkopen van ons product op de Nederlandse & Europese markt. Een samenwerkingsverband voor de langere termijn is een optie. Bent u of kent u een dergelijke organisatie?

Het betreft de volgende theesoorten;

- BP 1

- PF 1

- PD

- D1

Voor verdere informatie stuur een email naar : (link stuurt een e-mail) of kijk HIER

Vriendelijke groet,

Dorcas Jeruto

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Mobility grants scheme: Networking opportunities for African stakeholders in brokerage events in Europe

The Research and Innovation Network for Europe and Africa (RINEA) is a project funded under Horizon 2020 aimed to strengthening synergies between research and business communities from the two regions. For more information about the project please visit

This funding scheme is designed to facilitate the participation of researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and other relevant stakeholders in networking and brokerage events organised in the context of RINEA and beyond.

Successful applicants under this grant scheme will receive financial support in order to participate in one of the following brokerage events:

Innovat&Match 2016, 9-10 June 2016, Bologna, Italy

IFAMA Matchmaking 2016, 21-22 June 2016, Aarhus, Denmark

Network and Consortium Building at CIGR-AgEng 2016, 28-29 June 2016, Aarhus, Denmark

The events are organised in the framework promote business, technological and resear

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Daoulata MAIGA Proposition des bourses de mobilité : Possibilités de mettre en réseau les opérateurs africains dans les événements de courtage en Europe. Le Réseau de recherche et d'innovation pour l'Europe et l'Afrique ( RINEA ) est un projet financé par Horizon 2020 pour le renforcement des synergies entre les communautés de recherche et les entreprises des deux continents . Pour plus d'informations sur le projet vous pouvez visiter le site Web Ce programme de financement est destiné à faciliter la participation des chercheurs, les entrepreneurs, les innovateurs et les autres acteurs dans le réseautage et des événements de courtage organisés dans le cadre de RINEA et même au-delà. Les candidats retenus recevront un soutien financier afin de participer à l'un des événements de courtage suivants : Innovat & Match 2016, 9-10 Juin 2016, Bologne, Italie IFAMA Matchmaking 2016, 21-22 Juin 2016, Aarhus, Danemark Réseau et Consortium du bâtiment au CIGR-AgEng 2016, 28-29 Juin 2016, Aarhus, Danemark Les événements sont organisés dans le cadre de la promotion de partenariats d'affaires technologiques et de recherche. Les représentants des entreprises et de recherche des communautés auront l'occasion d'explorer les synergies possibles et de créer de nouveaux partenariats suite à un programme de réunion organisée à l'avance. Pour plus d'informations sur les événements mentionnés ci-dessus , les conditions de participation , les critères d'admissibilité et la procédure de demande ,veillez consulter les documents suivants : régime de subvention Termes de référence (PDF) Cliquez ce lien ( ) formulaire de demande de régime de subvention (DOC) Cliquez ce lien ( ) Date limite de dépôt des candidatures: 29 Avril 2016 CONTACT FORTH / PRAXI Réseau Mme Vaya Piteli,, +30 2310 552790-1 M. Dimitris Filippidis,, +30 210 3607690 JyU / UniPID Mme Melissa Plath,, +358 (0) 40 024 8075 -

2 years 8 months ago

Roel Snelder merci Doulata pour la traduccion

2 years 8 months ago

SAM OPOLOT thank for the offer, rapsado development initiative uganda community based organization ,lead by youth looks to apply but more information about the grant is missing

2 years 8 months ago

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How to Design and Facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships

Presentation of a new Guide by CDI – Wageningen UR

“Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) are about changing something with others”, said Herman Brouwer, during the launch of a new book, “The MSP Guide: How to Design and Facilitate Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships” by the Centre of Development Innovation (CDI) of Wageningen University & Research centre on October 6, 2015. “When building a multi-stakeholder partnership, it is important to be clear about what you want to change, with whom, and how”, he added.This guide helps facilitating these multi-stakeholder processes. It links the underlying rationale for multi-stakeholder partnerships, with a clear four phase process model, a set of seven core principles, key ideas for facilitation and 60 participatory tools for analysis, planning and decision making. The guide has been written for those directly involved in MSPs – as a stakeholder, leader, facilitator or funder

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