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Vlog #8: Meet CBI

Patrick Gouka, Senior Programme Manager East & Southern Africa, tells us in 3 minutes what CBI does and shares a great example of collaboration in the AgriProFocus Network with FSAS in Ethiopia.

Meet the other Dutch member organisations and what they can do for you on

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Awareness workshop on the Dutch ''Private Sector Development'' instruments

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rwanda in collaboration with AgriProFocus Rwanda organised a half day ‘’Public Sector Development Instruments awareness workshop’’ which was held on Thursday, 04th May 2017.

The workshop took place at Umubano Hotel and was meant for the private sector stakeholders who are in the agriculture, water, infrastructure & energy sectors. More than 90 stakeholders participated, drawn from the private sector, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, government institution, knowledge institutes & a few NGOs.

Dutch financial instruments which were shared are facilities that aim to stimulate cross-border cooperation and economic development between Dutch entrepreneurs and Rwandan entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this workshop was to share information on 8 specific Dutch instruments currently available and open for agriculture and other business sectors.

The Dutch

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Private Sector Development instruments awareness Workshop

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  04 May 2017, 14:00-17:00
  Kigali (Participation by invitation only!)

(Participation by invitation only!)

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Rwanda in collaboration with AgriProFocus Rwanda, is organising a half day dutch financial instruments awareness workshop that is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 04th May 2017. 

Dutch financial instruments which will be introduced are facilities that aim to stimulate cross-border cooperation and economic development between Dutch entrepreneurs and Rwandan entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this workshop is to share information on 8 specific Dutch instruments currently available and open for agriculture and other business sectors.

Which DUTCH financial Instrument will be shared in the workshops?

  • Facility for sustainable entrepreneurship and food security (FDOV)

  • Sustainable Water Fund (FDW)

  • Geodata for Agriculture and Water Facility (G4AW)

  • Dutch Good Growth Fund

  • Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle (DRIVE)

  • Develop to Build (D2B)

  • PUM

  • CBI

For more information on these instruments, read the attached document

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Which trends offer opportunities on the European tea market?

An article by CBI

European tea consumers are increasingly looking for high value specialty teas. They want a unique and authentic experience when drinking tea, and are more knowledgeable about tea varieties and origin. Young consumers are also increasingly searching for innovations and healthy teas, which offers opportunities for producers of unique tea blends, flavours, and ready-to-drink teas. As sustainability remains a relevant issue in the European tea market, so do certifications and transparency in tea trade.

“Although so far a small niche in the tea market (experts estimate: 5%), specialty tea is becoming very trendy in Europe. The search for individual, gourmet quality tea follows the same path coffee has travelled. Tea will become very fashionable for young people.”
Joost Pierrot – CBI tea consultant

Visit the website to read more on:
+ Premiumisation trend in the tea market
+ Specialty teas are becoming increasingly popular
+ Brewing sophi

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Guylaine Mwamini

Quelles tendances offrent des opportunités sur le marché européen du thé?
Un article de CBI
Les consommateurs de thé européens recherchent de plus en plus des thés spécialisés de grande valeur. Ils veulent une expérience unique et authentique lors de la prise de thé, et sont mieux informés sur les variétés de thé et leur origine. Les jeunes consommateurs cherchent de plus en plus d'innovations et de thés sains, ce qui offre aux producteurs des mélanges de thé, des arômes et des thés prêts à boire. Comme la durabilité reste un problème pertinent dans le marché européen du thé, les certifications et la transparence dans le commerce du thé sont donc importantes.
"Bien que jusqu'à présent une petite niche dans le marché du thé (les experts estiment: 5%), le thé de spécialité devient très tendance en Europe. La recherche d'un thé individuel et de qualité gastronomique suit le même chemin que le café a parcouru. Le thé sera très à la mode pour les jeunes. "
Joost Pierrot - consultant en thé de CBI
Visitez le site Web pour en savoir plus sur:
+ Tendance de Premiumisation dans le marché du thé
+ Les thés spéciaux sont de plus en plus populaires
+ Sophistication du brassage dans le segment de marché haut de gamme
+ Les consommateurs recherchent la commodité
+ Innovations et saveurs expérimentales dans le thé
+ Sensibilisation croissante à la santé des consommateurs de thé
+ Persistance de la demande de traçabilité dans le commerce du thé
+ Les engagements de durabilité des grands emballeurs de thé poussent le marché durable du thé
+ Le thé certifié devient de plus en plus important
+ Le changement climatique est une menace pour la production de thé

8 months 2 weeks ago

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10 tips for finding European coffee buyers

Source: www.cbi.eu 

Europe has the largest number of coffee buyers in the world and each has its own approach to business, its own expectations and specific demands. As a result, finding the right buyer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Be prepared that it takes time. Work through the following tips to help you find your European buyers.

+ Explore your target market
+ Use sector and trade associations
+ Participate and visit trade fairs and events
+ Contact trade promotion agencies, embassies and chambers of commerce
+ Use online trading sites
+ Get to know your buyers
Use the trade press for market information
+ Use online marketing
+ Tell your story – make it marketable
+ Be persistent

Extended information on these tips can be found on the website of CBI.

CBI is the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, a lot of useful information can be found on their website. CBI is a member of the AgriProFocus Dutch pa

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Superb

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11 tips for finding buyers on the European cacao market

Source: www.cbi.eu  

Europe plays a dominant role in the global cocoa sector. The largest European ports of Antwerp (Belgium) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands) are important, as well as the large European grinding and processing industry. This means plenty of opportunities for finding buyers. Use the following tips to help identify the right buyers for your products:

+ Know your product and its potential and then define your ideal buyer profile
+ Identify preferred market channels
Build and expand your business network
Visit the websites of sector associations
Contact your countries embassy in your target market
Study online trade directories
Search for buyers at trade fairs
Use social networks
Team up with buyer missions, matchmaking programmes and trade missions
+ Contact your buyers with confidence
+ Invest in online marketing

Extended information on these tips can be found on the website of CBI.


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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Superb

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PizzaProFocus! Informal network meeting on inclusive business

On Thursday evening 2nd February, the Dutch network of AgriProFocus gathered for an informal network meeting with pizzas: PizzaProFocus. The meeting took place at BoP Innovation Center, one of the organizations which had made the proposal to the network to start such informal gatherings to enable people in the network to meet, discuss, get new ideas, and establish new connections.

This time, the theme was Inclusive Business. 3 pitches were done by CBI’s Eva Smulders; ICRA’s Bertil Videt; and BoPInc’s Niek van Dijk. Other participants responded, which gave room for further open questions and exchanges. Some of the key areas of interest from that discussion that I recall:

CBI has developed a new tool, with support of Schuttelaar & Partners, to support SMEs in low- and middle-income countries with an interest to export to Europe, in developing more ‘responsible business’ practices. After the use of this tool, thes

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Nicole Metz More details on the CSR roadmap can be found in the specific post by CBI and Schuttelaar (Celine Steer), following this link to another page on our platform: http://agriprofocus.com/post/58d5446d0b34d96f130f5201

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Top 10 Tips for Finding Buyers in the European Grains and Pulses Sector

Source: www.cbi.eu

How can I find European buyers for my product?

When entering new markets, many sources can be used to find buyers. For example, you can approach sector associations to obtain contact details. But it is equally important that buyers can find you, especially online. Trade fairs offer a very good platform to interact with buyers in person. Whatever promotion tools you use, make sure they are consistent and leave a professional impression. Have a look at the following tips and apply them to your company:

· Do your market research

· Attract buyers to your website

· Make connections by networking on different social media channels

· Visit and exhibit regularly at trade fairs

· Get in touch with support organisations

· Check the information that sector associations offer

· Register with trade directories

· Engage with your business contact

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Daoulata MAIGA

10 conseils pour trouver des acheteurs dans le secteur européen des céréales et des légumineuses


Source: www.cbi.eu

Comment puis-je trouver des acheteurs européens pour mon produit?


Lors de l'entrée de nouveaux marchés, de nombreuses sources peuvent être utilisées pour trouver des acheteurs. Par exemple, vous pouvez contacter les associations sectorielles pour obtenir des coordonnées. Mais il est  aussi important que les acheteurs puissent  vous joindre, particulièrement  en ligne.

Les foires commerciales offrent une très bonne plate-forme pour interagir avec les acheteurs en personne. Quels que soient les outils de promotion que vous utilisez, assurez-vous qu'ils sont cohérents et laissent une impression professionnelle.

Consultez les conseils suivants et appliquez-les à votre entreprise:

· Faites vos études de marché

· Attirer les acheteurs à votre site Web

· Faire des connexions en réseau sur différents canaux de médias sociaux

· Visiter et exposer régulièrement lors des foires commerciales

· Contacter les organisations de soutien

· Vérifier les informations que les associations sectorielles offrent

· S'inscrire aux annuaires commerciaux

· S'engager avec vos contacts professionnels

· Rechercher de la publicité gratuite ou faire de la publicité dans les foires commerciales

· Comprendre l'état d'esprit de votre acheteur


Des informations détaillées sur ces conseils peuvent être trouvées sur le site Web de la CBI.

CBI est le Centre pour la promotion des importations en provenance des pays en développement, beaucoup d'informations utiles peuvent être trouvés sur leur site Web.

CBI est membre du partenariat néerlandais AgriProFocus.



1 year 4 weeks ago

Akouvi DJOMATIN Merci pour la traduction. Cela nous aide à mieux comprendre.

1 year 4 weeks ago

Daoulata MAIGA Merci de nous suivre  Mme  Akouvi ,j'espère que vous pourrez tirer profit de cette information. On est ensemble.

1 year 3 weeks ago

cyrille GOUTON merci Daoulata . Ces conseils nous seront vraiment utiles

1 year 3 weeks ago


Horticulture Export Promotion Seminar - Zambia and Zimbabwe

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Zambia
  05 October 2016, All Day Event
  Harare, Zimbabwe

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is organizing a Horticulture Export Promotion Seminar on 5th October in Harare, Zimbabwe.

In an effort to promote Dutch business in Zambia and increase exports of horticulture products from Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Embassy is inviting experts from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), Dutch horticulture produce buyers and the Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) to provide practical information about horticulture market intelligence, EU import regulations and financing options for SME's in Zimbabwe and Zambia. The seminar will be attended by various stakeholders such as the business community, agricultural companies, agro finance institutions and horticulture producers.

Eligible Organisations

Business associations or NGOs that work with horticulture producers

- Government or quasi government departments that promote horticulture exports; and 

- Private companies that are

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Export fresh fruit to Europe

Do you want to export fresh fruit to Europe? Make sure you know all about the requirements your product has to comply with, before trying to contact European buyers. For example requirements related to plant health, contaminants and labelling. Read more on the website of the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries!


samya abdul hi ,have also try and its not working if you don't mind would you please re post it as may be there is a slightly defference

2 years 1 month ago

Martin Hulst Dear Wim Goris and Samya Abdul, Hereby the link in another format: https://www.cbi.eu/market-information/fresh-fruit-vegetables/buyer-requirements/ Does it work now? I'll change it in the message as well! Best, Martin

2 years 1 month ago

Joshua Muleya Hi, this is great information. I will definitely have a look and follow through.

2 years 1 month ago

Martin Hulst Hi Joshua, good to hear you can use the information! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

2 years 1 month ago

benard weru the link is working hear in Kenya .good to learn.thanks

2 years 1 month ago

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Exporting Palm Sugar (both Palm sugar and Coconut Palm Sugar) to Germany (CBI)

Palm sugar exporters from developing countries (DCs) have an opportunity on the German market by positioning their product as a premium and healthier sugar than conventional white sugar. By using the popularity of organic and fair trade products in Germany, palm sugar producers can market their products in premium market segments. To comprehensively examine the market information needed in order to export palm sugar to Germany, below is the practical market insight for your product:

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Export your product to Europe

Europe offers opportunities for agriculture export companies from Rwanda. But where exactly are these opportunities? Which products are in demand? Where to find buyers? And what requirements do these European buyers have?

The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) publishes information that can help Rwandan companies answer these questions. On their market information platform you can find publications about the most promising European markets, trends, buyer requirements, convincing buyers and more.

The platform includes information for companies that want to export for example coffee, tea, fresh fruit, vegetables, natural ingredients and nuts to Europe.

Want to know more? Have a look at this animation!


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CBI has published new market information for coffee exporters

The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) has published new studies for companies that want to export coffee to Europe. The studies deal with trends on the European coffee market, requirements from European importers and marketing. CBI also published a study focusing on exporting sustainable coffee. Have a look!


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CBI published new market studies for tea exporters

The Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) has published several new studies for companies that want to export tea to Europe. The studies deal for example with trends on the European tea market, requirements from European tea importers and marketing. If you want to export tea to Europe, it might be interesting to take a look!


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Posted 18 February 2015 at 09:45

A million-dollar boost for Kenya's avocado sector

On 2 February a US$1 million project to enhance the competitiveness of the avocado sector in Kenya was launched in its capital, Nairobi. Facilitated by CBI in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC), the project is being financed by the Netherlands Trust Fund (NTF) III programme, in support of Kenya's national horticultural policy.

This objective of the project, which runs till July 2017, is to increase the capacity of farmers’ groups there by providing technical and hands-on training to help them comply with the relevant quality and certification requirements for exporting their products. They will be introduced to good agricultural practices, including production and pre-and post-harvest activities. They will also be helped to address the challenges related to fruit-fly infestation. Kenyan exporters will learn about export planning, development and implementation, marketing, using trade information and quality management.


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                        1 ERE EDITION (du 13 au 15Novembre)

Organisée par AGRI-HUB




Samanko, Centre de Co-entrepreneuriat « The Niang Abdoulaye/the Tambaroua Business Farming », ferme moderne  installée sur une superficie de 4 ha.

Ouélessébougou, laiterie de la Coopérative des Eleveurs,membre de la Fédération Nationale du Lait (FENALAIT).....

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Do you consider exporting specialty coffee to the EU? CBI has published a study dealing with buyer requirements.

The study discusses the requirements that you can expect from potential buyers. These requirements are separated into three areas: legislative, non-legislative/contractual and additional requirements.

First the study deals with legislative requirements. When exporting specialty coffee to the EU, it is important to comply with EU legislation. This legislation deals with for example sanitary and phytosanitary measures, food safety and Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) of pesticides.

Second point in the study are the non-legislative requirements. These are contractual requirements that are not laid down by law but are set up for compliance with the law and with the practices in the sector.

Last are the additional requirements. To differentiate your product on the market you sometimes need to go beyond legislative and business requirements. For specialty coffee, the superior quality of

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Posted 6 March 2014 at 04:29

Uganda has the potential to become a leading producer of high quality and internationally competitive coffee. That is one of the conclusions of five studies about export opportunities for specialty coffee from Uganda. The studies are conduct by CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) and focus on exports to the European Union.


One of the CBI studies shows that European consumers are becoming more interested in the inner workings of the coffee industry and the product itself. Speciality coffee is becoming a trend and lifestyle choice. This growing interest and knowledge about the coffee sector is creating a unique opportunity for producers and exporters from Uganda.

Most promising markets

Another CBI study deals with the most promising markets for specialty coffee from Uganda. According to the study the main destination markets for coffee changes according to the quality. High-quality coffees are commonly sent to USA and Japan, while low- to mid-range qua

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Julius. M

Yeah, and the currently the coffee price has gone up globally.Farmers’ incomes are expected to go up as global coffee prices suddenly begin to rise, your cup of coffee could cost you more. The price has risen by 25.7 percent in February 2014, its highest level in the last five months. 

3 years 9 months ago

Taddewo Senyonyi

Thanks Martin. Some interesting stuff.

3 years 9 months ago

Martin Hulst

You're welcome!

3 years 9 months ago

Abraham Nsibirano

Hello Martin,thats very interesting to know. But my concern is that,there are quit a number of different types of coffee in Uganda,which type is most suitable for some one in Uganda to grow and be able to benefit from that high coffee market?

3 years 8 months ago

benard weru what about in kenya ?

2 years 1 month ago

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Dear Members 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands is glad to share with you their Recent Fact sheet regarding their activities in Uganda. Below are some highlights that you will find in the Fact Sheet;

  1. Recent Developments of CBI
  2. Running Programmes and Projects
  3. Collaboration with other Organisations
  4. CBI Missions to Uganda
  5. Travel of BSO staff, Local Companies and Embassy Personnel to the EU
  6. CBI Website
  7. Contact Person
  8. Participating Companies in the Export Coaching Programmes
  9. Overview audit results/selected companies speciality coffee and oilseeds sub-programmes

For more information, please find the details Fact Sheet Here.

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imageLe Centre pour la Promotion des Importations en provenance des Pays en développement (CBI), basé au Pays-Bas, est en mission au Bénin du 22 au 25 Mai 2013.

L'objectif de cette mission est de présenter deux projets du CBI pour les entreprises agricoles dans 4 pays en l'Afrique de l'Ouest dont le Bénin: 1) Projet de formation sur l'exportation d’ingrédients naturels et 2) Projet de formation sur l'exportation de fruits et légumes frais.

Dans ce cadre la mission s'est entretenue le 23 mai 2013 à l'hôtel marina de Cotonou avec les représentants d'une trentaine d'entreprise agricole sur les conditions de participation aux dits projets.

C'est une opportunité offerte aux promoteurs béninois pour se faire connaître sur le marché européen. En recevant ce jeudi 24 mai 2013 la mission, la coordination Agri-hub Bénin a proposé sa plate forme au CBI pour présenter sa structure sur le NING ainsi que les opportunités qu'il offre aux entreprises béninoises. Les deux struct

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Djihoun marcel Coffi

C'est une opportunité pour les entreprises agricole d'améliorer leur performance managéreiale et pour saisir l'occasion du marché européen.

4 years 6 months ago


Voilà une très bonne initiative qui pourrait permettre aux entreprises agricoles béninoises d'explorer d'autres types de marché d'écoulement. 

La SEFER - SARL soutient l'initiative.

4 years 6 months ago

bossou fagnibo bienvenu

c'est agri-hub bénin que je remercie tout dabord.cette opportunité   aux entrepreneurs béninois  est   un marché    qui s'inscrit dans le dynamique de  la mondialisation  des échanges et dont moi en tant que gestionnaire et spécialiste dans l'installation des fermes agricoles je ne manquerai d'en profiter bon vent au CBI au bénin

4 years 6 months ago