Bangladesh Food Grade VOT Jute Sacking Bags for Coffee Packaging

Food Grade VOT Binola Jute Bag has become increasing surely in the recent past. On top of this, the material used to make them is purely natural fiber and comes in natural colors. This allows the Food Grade VOT Binola Jute Bag to come out being attractive and strong.


Food Grade VOT Binola Jute Bag especially used for packaging of various agri-commodities viz. Cocoa beans, Coffee beans, Cashewnuts, Peanuts, Sheanuts, Groundnuts, Palm kernels, Grains, Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Rice and also Cereals etc.

Product Specification





- DIMENSIONS: H: 44 X W: 26.5 INCH (112 X 68 CM)

- WEIGHT: 907 G (2.00 LBS)

- PORTER & SHOT: 6 X 7




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Nine research projects funded to improve seed systems in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

Nine projects are funded by NWO-WOTRO to strengthen the Netherlands-CGIAR research partnership on generating insights that contribute to improving seed systems in focus regions within Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa. Specific seed systems addressed are cassava, maize, groundnut, vegetables, cocoa, forage seed, tilapia and chicken, while some projects have a more general focus on improving the functioning and inclusiveness of seed systems and (actors in) markets.

The call on “Seed Systems Development: Enabling and Scaling Genetic Improvement and Propagation Materials” was released by the Netherlands-CGIAR partnership. The nine awarded project consortia consist of Dutch research institutes, CGIAR research centers (through CGIAR research programmes or platforms), and (local) partners from the public and private sector.

Aim of the research projects

The call for proposals was built on the premise that development of the seed sector may

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Bundikakemba Cocoa Cooperative at a Glance 

The coop is FairTrade certified and in recent years it has registered major strides in achieving its goal by exporting organically grown and processed cocoa to the international market. 

The video below depicts a value proposition in the supply chain.

Marion Alyek Hi Robert,There is no video attached to this post

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Robert Ikwera I have tried to attack the video, it has failed. Send me your watsaap line and send you the video. You will help me upload it there. Thanks! 

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Kalim Kali Yes I have 

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Results Enabling Policy Environment write shop

During the Enabling Policy Environment in the Horticulture sector.

Alex Lwakuba (Department of Crop Production; Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries-MAAIF) presented an overview of the Tea, Cocoa, Fruits and Vegetables value chains, MAAIF policy frameworks that reviewed the Government policy direction for each sector, formulation of a bankable HortiDep program, mobilising resources and implementing this program.

Dr. Ezra Munyambonera (Economic Policy Research Centre) made a presentation on the Situation Analysis of Uganda’s Tea sub-sector, challenges and opportunities.


Tea is traditionally Uganda’s third largest agricultural export commodity by value, contributing an annual average of about US$70M to US$80M since 2010. The tea sub-sector has employed more than 60,000 households and been a source of livelihood to over 500,000 Ugandans. Therefore, the tea sub-sector provides an opportunity for Uganda to fight poverty in the rural areas an

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Job Vacancy: Senior Program Manager Coffee & Cocoa

To support the scale-up of the Indonesian coffee & cocoa sectors, Inisiatif Dagang Hijau (IDH) is recruiting  Senior Program Manager Coffee & Cocoa. This role is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Senior Program Manager (SPM) is an essential component of coffee & cocoa programs and will be crucial for continued development of the programs. The position reports directly to the Indonesia Program Director and will focus on convening in multi-stakeholder platforms, implementing existing projects and developing additional projects in line with the existing Coffee & Cocoa Programs strategy. The Senior Program Manager will provide leadership and strategic guidance to the Coffee & Cocoa Programs by building networks and partnerships that result in effective implementation, and through developing the capacity of the existing team. The SPM will develop and implement strategies in Coffee & Cocoa Programs in close collaboration w

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Launching Rainforest Alliance Certification PT BIOCert Indonesia  

PT BIOCert Indonesia merupakan adalah lembaga inspeksi dan sertifikasi pertanian dan perkebunan organik serta produksi yang ramah lingkungan dan bertanggungjawab secara sosial. BIOCert merupakan anggota dari Cert All (Certification Alliance), yaitu aliansi lembaga sertifikasi pangan organik di Asia Pasifik untuk memberikan layanan inspeksi dan sertifikasi organik untuk pasar nasional, ASEAN, Uni Eropa, Swiss, Amerika Serikat dan Kanada. BIOCert memberikan layanan sertifikasi untuk standar organik SNI, organik EU, organik COR-NOP, sertifikasi UTZ, verifikasi C.A.F.E Practice, dan verifikasi 4C.

Dalam rangka meningkatkan pelayanannya kepada klien, BIOCert Indonesia terus-menerus memperbaiki kualitas layanan serta lingkup layanan yang dimilikinya. Berbagai upaya untuk dapat menyediakan ragam skema layanan sertifikasi di "satu meja" terus dilakukan untuk memastikan kemudahan dan kepuasan klien dalam memperoleh layan

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Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Centre is looking for fair trade local and international buyers of coffee and cocoa produced by organised groups of farmers on the Rwenzori mountain. Any competent trader should express interest by sending me an email on:

Robert Ikwera Correction my right email is:

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Indonesia to Boost Export of Ten Commodities

Government of Indonesia will boost exports of ten commodities in 2016 to 2019, two among them are cocoa and coffee. Click here


Chocoa Festival, Conference & Trade Fair 4-7 February 2016

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  05 February 2016 to 07 February 2016 - All Day Event
  Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

The 2016 Chocoa Trade Fair in Amsterdam will be host to a wide range of cocoa producers, offering both mainstream as well as fine flavour and single origin cocoa. Over 40 booths, mainly with cocoa producers, will offer the beans and cocoa products for testing and tasting. Some origins: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Côte d'Ivoire, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, India, Liberia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Samoa and Venezuela. Visit for more information and tickets to the event.

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The State of Sustainable Markets: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2015

The first global data report on fast-growing voluntary sustainability standards outlines the share of bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, forestry, palm oil, soybeans, cane sugar and tea in 14 major standards.

The report is based on a partnership between the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), the International Institute of Sustainable Development (IISD) and ITC, and is supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

You can download it here

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10 PhD positions in collaborative research programme Wageningen UR (deadline May 28)

Duration: January 2016-December 2019

Apply before: 28 May, 17:00

Wageningen University (The Netherlands), the CGIAR Research Programme on Integrated Systems for the Humid Tropics and other international partners are recruiting PhD students for their collaborative programme entitled: ‘Responsible Life-sciences Innovations for Development in the Digital Age’

For each of the five case studies below they are looking for 2 PhD students who will closely collaborate as part of an interdisciplinary team. All PhD students will be supervised by both natural and social scientists.

• Case 1: a crop and disease management expert system in potato production in Ethiopia;

• Case 2: water monitoring and irrigation management for food production in Ghana;

• Case 3: a malaria mosquito radar as a digital citizen science platform in Rwanda;

• Case 4: tick-borne disease and livestock-wildlife manageme

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2nd AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference

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  03 November 2015 - 08:30 to 04 November 2015 - 16:30

The 2nd AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference holds at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja, Nigeria from 3 - 4 November, 2015.

The Annual AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference serves as a platform to discuss the potential and viability of the Agricultural business in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region. The event seeks to symbolize the opportunities in the Agribusiness, as well as synergize on technologies, techniques and human resources. Agriculture is now favourably contributing to the nation’s economy: In the third quarter of 2013, the non-oil sector recorded 7.95 percent, largely driven by better performance in the agricultural sector; particularly crop production.

The Nigeria Agricultural sector now generates one-third of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs two-thirds of the country workforce. Livestock is the second largest agricultural sub-sector and features 16.43 million Cattle, 34.69 million Sheep, 55.15 million Goats, 7.18 million Pigs and 183.16 millio

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Hello Members,

Am looking for hybrid cashew nut seeds, shea nuts seeds and hybrid cocoa seeds urgently for my nursery project. Any update will be highly appreciated.



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