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Job Vacancy: Senior Program Manager Coffee & Cocoa

To support the scale-up of the Indonesian coffee & cocoa sectors, Inisiatif Dagang Hijau (IDH) is recruiting  Senior Program Manager Coffee & Cocoa. This role is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Senior Program Manager (SPM) is an essential component of coffee & cocoa programs and will be crucial for continued development of the programs. The position reports directly to the Indonesia Program Director and will focus on convening in multi-stakeholder platforms, implementing existing projects and developing additional projects in line with the existing Coffee & Cocoa Programs strategy. The Senior Program Manager will provide leadership and strategic guidance to the Coffee & Cocoa Programs by building networks and partnerships that result in effective implementation, and through developing the capacity of the existing team. The SPM will develop and implement strategies in Coffee & Cocoa Programs in close collaboration w

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Job opportunity for Coffee Project Officers – Uganda at Solidaridad East and Central Africa

Are you passionate about making a contribution to “Change that matters” in the sustainable Coffee

sector? Solidaridad offers you a challenging career opportunity in her Uganda Country Office setting to make a real difference in the World.


Solidaridad strives to be an organization that understands the signs of modern times. It seeks to be a Civil Society Organization (CSO) with its own place and role in society, while simultaneously interacting with Governments and markets. Solidaridad envisions a world in which all we produce, and all we consume can sustain us while respecting the planet, each other and the next generations. Our ambition is to influence market processes to produce more socially and ecologically desirable outcomes to help to sustain the planet for future generations. Solidaridad embraces the public-private partnerships to test innovations, speeding up change an

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Thanks,  I have been operating in coffee for seven years, from the farm, training coffee farmers and vegetables as well. I was elevated up to production and marketing manager of Riis Coffee and Trading Limited. Currently I work with Reciprocal Holdings Limited USA as a consultant in Uganda. They have subsidiary companies such as Coffee co-mission, Blue marble chemicals etc. I have expertise in coffee value chain, Vegetables and agro -chemicals.


Unveiling Rift valley's Black Gold on 1st & 2nd Feb 2018

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Kenya
  01 February 2018 to 02 February 2018 - All Day Event
  Kipkelion Coffee Mill Fort Ternan, Kericho & Kapkiyai Cooperative Society, Tinderet Nandi Hills

Fairtrade Africa in partnership with Solidaridad and Fairtrade Foundation will introduce and sell FOR THE FIRST time in Kenya Coffee grown and sold by our smallholder mothers and daughters from Kabng'etuny & Kapkiyai Women in Coffee Associations in Kericho and Nandi Counties respectively - called ZAWADI COFFEE. We shall also unveil Rift valley's hidden gem from 32 coffee cooperative societies affiliated to Kipkelion District Union Coffee Mill for sale in Kenya - called KIPKELION UNION CHAMPION COFFEE! These two products have been developed jointly with the coffee farmers and host communities towards adding value to a crop traditionally destined for export under a a 3-year Fairtrade Africa's project called 'Growing Women in Coffee' (March 2015 -February 2018) funded by The Big Lottery Fund, Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission, Jersey Overseas Aid Commission and Dutch Postcode Lottery. We invite all to celebrate with us as we make history in Kenya! Fairtrade Africa in partnership with Solid

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Hi Admin and Members,

I'm happy to have subscribed to this page.

RHB Coffee Exporter is an Ethiopian coffee exporting company, which has got licensed to export green coffee beans to the international market. Prior to the export business, our company has been in the coffee business for the last more than 17 years where it was mainly supplying Guji Specialty (Grade 1 & 2) and washed Sidama (Grade 1 and 2) coffee to the central market through ECX. We are interested in partnering/networking with stakeholders in the coffee business nationally, in the region and globally.

Best regards,

Merry Roba,

Export Manager, RHB Coffee Exporter, Addis Ababa-Ethiopia

Janine Schoeman Dear Merry, welcome on the platform! You can use the search bar at the top of the page to find people, organisations or information on topics. Alternatively you can contact my colleagues at the AgriProFocus Ethiopia office. 

3 months 1 week ago

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Launching Rainforest Alliance Certification PT BIOCert Indonesia  

PT BIOCert Indonesia merupakan adalah lembaga inspeksi dan sertifikasi pertanian dan perkebunan organik serta produksi yang ramah lingkungan dan bertanggungjawab secara sosial. BIOCert merupakan anggota dari Cert All (Certification Alliance), yaitu aliansi lembaga sertifikasi pangan organik di Asia Pasifik untuk memberikan layanan inspeksi dan sertifikasi organik untuk pasar nasional, ASEAN, Uni Eropa, Swiss, Amerika Serikat dan Kanada. BIOCert memberikan layanan sertifikasi untuk standar organik SNI, organik EU, organik COR-NOP, sertifikasi UTZ, verifikasi C.A.F.E Practice, dan verifikasi 4C.

Dalam rangka meningkatkan pelayanannya kepada klien, BIOCert Indonesia terus-menerus memperbaiki kualitas layanan serta lingkup layanan yang dimilikinya. Berbagai upaya untuk dapat menyediakan ragam skema layanan sertifikasi di "satu meja" terus dilakukan untuk memastikan kemudahan dan kepuasan klien dalam memperoleh layan

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Dear all,

I would like to share with you the below info regarding a new research article about the cooperatives revival in Uganda. Please get in touch regarding comments, ideas for collaborations, etc. ( It would be great to do more research on this topic, write policy briefs, and so on. We could also do respective research in other countries.

Wedig, K. and Wiegratz, J. (2017). The revival of agricultural cooperatives under neoliberalism: The case of Uganda's coffee sector, Journal of Agrarian Change, (2017), pp. 1-22.

Abstract: Agricultural cooperatives have seen a comeback in sub-Saharan Africa. After the collapse of many weakly performing monopolist organizations during the 1980s and 1990s, strengthened cooperatives have emerged since the 2000s. Scholarly knowledge about the state–cooperative relations in which this “revival” takes place remains poor. Based on new evidence from Uganda'

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Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing Jorg! I'm tagging my colleagues Sylvia Natukunda Mwesigwa and Richard Mugisha, they can take this further within the Ugandan network and see if there are some members who like to comment or collaborate!

4 months 2 weeks ago


Organic Farmers Market

Event posted by in Ethiopia Agroecology Platform
  25 November 2017, 09:00-14:00
  In the compound of MIGBARE SENAY GENERAL HOSPITAL, near Aduwa Bridge, AA, Ethiopia

Organic tomatoes, honey, coffee, oils, cheese, fruits and more! This is the second gathering of this new farmers' market organized by Ecopia. Among sellers are Slow Food and AgriProFocus Member Alem of Nutri-Dense with her sprouted cereals. Flyer attached.

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Superheated Solution for Processing Cascara (Coffee Pulp)

This is my first post so please go easy on me : )  My area of knowledge is coffee, I live and breath it.  I can't speak for other industries, so this is specific to coffee. The cofffee value chain is incredibly disturbing.  Coffee farmers WW, are facing numerous challenges, especially in Ethiopia. 

What I struggle with is that technological innovation does not occur at the farm level.  It's upstream.  At the farm level is where I see an immense amount of opportunity for disruptive investments to be made to enhance farmer's livelihood and for positive environmental change to occur.  Coffee farmers could have 2-3 additional streams of income if investment was made at this level.  

Below is an article written on a technology I uncovered through a lot of research, super heated steam, that is likely applicable to other agriculture commodities.  I'm hoping to bring this to Ethiopia.  So

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Uganda’s coffee sector records good results in 2016/2017

(Ecofin Agency) - Uganda’s coffee sector recorded quite good results during the 2017/18 season ended last September. Indeed, the country’s coffee exports over the period rose by 39.4% to 4.3 million bags, valued at $545 million, thus 67% more than during the previous season.

This achievement is to be attributed to the many planting campaigns initiated by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and other actors of the sector who boosted the country’s output. We should not also forget the greater involvement of farmers themselves.

“Farmers have become more organised and handling coffee and a business. When they get money, they re-invest it. That is why we have seen new crop coming into production,” said Joseph Nkandu, executive director of the National Union of Coffee Agribusiness and Farm Enterprises, NUCAFE).

Uganda is Africa’s second largest coffee producer and the 9th worldwide. The sector counts around 500,000 farme

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FRANCIS MUGISHA The crop year that ended in September was 2016/2017.  2017-2018 crop year has just started i.e started in October 2017. 

5 months 5 days ago

Marion Alyek Dear Francis,Thank you for the correction

5 months 4 days ago


5 months 4 days ago

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Klik read more untuk versi bahasa

Engaging ASEAN Coffee Player in ALSPEAC

Last 20 – 21 July, AgriProFocus Indonesia participated in ASEAN Learning Series and Policy Engagement on Agricultural Cooperatives (ALSPEAC) and meet coffee stakeholders from ASEAN countries. The event discussed the challenges and opportunities in coffee production, processing and marketing in ASEAN region through panel discussion on ASEAN coffee standard, best practices, existing policy, field visit activity, group discussion, and also cupping and brewing performances. In second day, we were visited coffee plantation in downhill of Mount Merapi and devided into four groups to observe and make recommendation regarding soil condition, agronomy of the coffee tree, shading tree condition, pest and natural enemy management. This session were very interesting as participants from different countries have various knowledge as well as experience to be shared to each other.

In third day, AgriProFocus Indonesia were as one of panelis

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FAO Indonesia is hiring!

National Consultant for Coffee Value Chain Assessment in North Sumatera

FAO Indonesia has concluded a livelihood recovery programme for communities affected by Mt

Sinabung eruption in Karo District by March 2017. One of the implemented activities was the support

for coffee farmers in developing their coffee products as one of the most resistant commodity during

eruption. The intervention covered the production, post-harvest, until marketing stage. In the latest

development, the intervention managed to provide additional income to the coffee farmer since they

have regular buyer from local coffee company.

To ensure that the good initiatives are sustainable and beneficial to the community, as well as to

identify the gap on coffee value chain that hasn’t been addressed in previous intervention, FAO

Indonesia is looking for short term consultant to conduct assessment on coffee value chain in the

area of Karo District - North Sumatera and the surrounding area. The assessment

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The Competitiveness Enterprise Development Project announces of 5th round of call for businesses to apply for a matching grant. The MGF is only open to private enterprises and associations operating in the following sectors: tourism, Agribusiness (only coffee, grains and pulses, horticulture, edible oils and fisheries) and Information technology/ business process outsourcing. 

Find more details here

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Ethiopian Coffee Is Being Endangered by Climate Change

According to a recent study by Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, in London, the effects of climate change could cause Ethiopian Arabica coffee beans to go extinct before the end of the century. The study finds that the number of locations in Ethiopia naturally suited to growing Arabica is projected to drop anywhere from 68 percent to 99.7 percent—or extinction—by 2080.

Climate change is affecting the conditions Arabica needs to grow. Higher temperatures and lower rainfall in Ethiopia are leading to warmer nights, a shorter rainy season, and significant and increasingly frequent droughts, all of which Ethiopian coffee farmers are noticing hurts coffee production.

The other main coffee species, Robusta, is easier to cultivate, more disease-resistant, and cheaper than Arabica, but it typically has a sharper and more bitter taste and is far less common. Arabica is indigenous to Ethiopia and comprises nearly all the county’s coffee production

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Gizaw Legesse Dear shimeles Desta, Thank you for sharing, please keep it up!!

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WeatherSafe and Burundi government sign agreement to develop new precision farming project to automatically detect coffee trees from space

WeatherSafe Coffee – An Agri Tech company specialising in the application of big data analytics to

meet challenges within the coffee industry, has teamed up with a distributor of Earth Observation

imagery and services to support the coffee farmers of Burundi.

In partnership with the World Bank and the International Development Fund, the Government of

Burundi has launched a programme for the Productivity and Development of Agricultural Markets

(PRODEMA), which aims to “improve food security through increased production and improved

market access for agricultural and livestock products important for domestic consumption”.

To assist PRODEMA in meeting the goals of its coffee sector support project, WeatherSafe will fulfil a

number of vital functions. These include combining satellite imagery – provided by British built

DMC3 satellites – with bespoke a

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Networking Event for Coffee Players

On March 14, 2017, AgriProFocus Indonesia with Scopi, Anomali Coffee, and Ceritain Kopi Indonesia organized a networking event for coffee sector actors. The purpose of this event is to provide space for members of the AgriProFocus Indonesia network, especially for those working in the coffee sector, to do networking informally. More than 60 actors from the coffee sector came from coffee farmers, farmers' organizations, cooperatives, roasters, coffee shops, traders, exporters, financial institutions and NGOs.

Participants use this event to share information, seek opportunities and business cooperation, and promote products. The event consists of pitching sessions, matchmaking, and product exhibitions. There are 20 participants who signed up for pitching and more than 15 products on display. Here are some organizations that did the pitching:

CV Royal Ontosoroh, represented by Adri, is a trading unit of coffee exporters, especially from Java and Flores. This CV

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New policy to reform coffee trade

A document drafted by a group of 20 people representing the public and private sector, and refined by an institution called Economy Success Planning Sector, formed under the Office of the Prime Minister and led by Arkebe Oqubay (PhD), which attempted to figure out how to improve the coffee trade has recommended the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) terminate some process it uses for trading coffee. It also raised concerns about how effective EXC has been in trading coffee. ECX begn operating nine years ago in an attempt to modernize the trading system and coffee was its first commodity. However eventually, exporters and international buyers including the Specialty Coffee Association of America began expressing their disappointment to the former Prime Minster because they were unable to obtain premium products. To address this, specialty trading was introduced at ECX. . . .


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10 tips for finding European coffee buyers


Europe has the largest number of coffee buyers in the world and each has its own approach to business, its own expectations and specific demands. As a result, finding the right buyer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Be prepared that it takes time. Work through the following tips to help you find your European buyers.

+ Explore your target market
+ Use sector and trade associations
+ Participate and visit trade fairs and events
+ Contact trade promotion agencies, embassies and chambers of commerce
+ Use online trading sites
+ Get to know your buyers
Use the trade press for market information
+ Use online marketing
+ Tell your story – make it marketable
+ Be persistent

Extended information on these tips can be found on the website of CBI.

CBI is the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, a lot of useful information can be found on their website. CBI is a member of the AgriProFocus Dutch pa

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Fortunatus MLYANDENA Superb

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Kenya plans to double coffee exports to the United States of America 

Kenya plans to double its coffee exports to the United States in order to tap into the lucrative North American market, officials said on Wednesday.

Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) Kenya Interim Head of Coffee Directorate Grenville Melli told a coffee forum in Nairobi that Kenya currently exports 4000 metric tons of coffee annually the US.

“Our target is to double exports to reach 8000 metric tonnes in the next three years,” Melli said during a meeting on Kenya’s preparations to participate in the Global Specialty Coffee Expo that will take place in the United States next month.

Kenya plans to leverage on the Expo in order to intensify its marketing efforts so as expand coffee exports. Melli said that the United States is an ideal market for Kenya’s coffee because it attracts premium prices.

“We therefore want to concentrate on selling specialty coffee to U.S. consumers,” he added. In 2016, Kenya produc

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International Coffee Conference on Climate Change and Soil

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Indonesia
  18 October 2017 to 20 October 2017 - All Day Event
  Bali, Indonesia

International Coffee Conference on Climate Change and Soil Degradation (IC4SD 2017)

“Enhancing Strategic Coffee Science & Technology in the Changing of World Climate and Soil Degradation”

in Conjunction with World Plantation Conference & Exhibition 2017

Bali, 18 – 20 October 2017

IC4SD 2017 will be held in conjunction with World Plantation Conference and Exhibition 2017 (WPLACE-2017) under a theme of Plantation in the Current and Future Challenges. WPLACE-2017 will discuss various development aspects of six main plantation commodities (oil palm, rubber, cocoa, coffee, sugar cane, and tea), arranged from global perspective of plantation business up to field technological innovation, in a one package of conferences and exhibition.

Therefore, this event will be attended by no less than 1,000 participants from around the world. Special events for coffee such as the 9th Indonesian Specialty Coffee Competition, Indonesian Specialty Coffee Auction, Barista Competition and other specia

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