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Youth participate in the 2018 Arboneth Conference, Addis Ababa

Arboneth (an abbreviation of Arboretum-Network-Ethiopia) is a network of forestry sector experts and practitioners, hailing mainly from Ethiopian and German universities, but also including other concerned stakeholders such as the development wing of the Orthodox Church and Bread for the World working to strengthen church forests in Ethiopia, forestry sector projects such as GIZ’s Biodiversity and Forestry Program, ILRI, UNESCO the Succo Foundation and Unique-Nabu working on biospehere reserve development, and others, including Agriprofocus which helped to bring in the perspectives on youth engagement in the forestry sector.

At the present time, there is lots of conflict (e.g. in Western Ethiopia in the Guji and Gedo area), and in the urgent interest of peace, there is current talk in the Commission of Environment and Forest about distributing forest land to demonstrating youth. There is a very important question on

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Call for Nominations  Conservation Agriculture (deadline 30 sept!)

The search for the winners of the 2018 CA Awards per the provided categories is now open, nominators are invited to nominate outstanding individuals or institutions/organization that have made exemplary contributions, in diverse means, to the promotion, adaptation and adoption Conservation Agriculture (CA) in Africa.

This honourable awards scheme is intended to recognize outstanding individuals or institutions/organizations that are leading the effort to change the reality of farming in Africa from inappropriate and unproductive tillage based systems to highly productive, profitable, sustainable and environmentally sound Conservation Agriculture systems.

The deadline for nominations is Sunday, September 30th, 2018. The winner will be unveiled at a high-profile CA Gala Event at the Second Africa Congress on Conservation Agriculture (2ACCA) to be held in October 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Read more here: https:/

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eunock1 SOHIZOUN Ça m'intéresse 

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Wim Goris then be quick, deadlines expires soon !

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eunock1 SOHIZOUN S'il vous plaît, aidez-moi,comment m'inscrire? 

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Moshy Janga Thanksgiving

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julius aine thanks giving

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Bunyoro gets community seed bank:

The National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), with support from Biodiversity International and Climate Change Agricultural and Food Security (CCFAS), has built a community seed bank in Hoima district, Uganda. The facility that cost sh55m, will be used for preserving indigenous seeds, so as to make them available to farmers who may need to grow a particular variety.

Dr. Ambrose Agona, the director general of NARO, said the seed bank demonstrates their commitment to conserving biodiversity. He was speaking during the launch of the seed bank in Kibaire village, Kyabigambire sub-county. The seed bank is located about 13km from Hoima town.

Dr Sylester Dickson Baguma, the director of research at Bulindi Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (BUZARDI), said the seed bank would ensure that a variety of seeds is conserved for posterity. He said farmers would benefit from the seed bank by crossing their varieties with those in the facility to gener

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Pison Kiiza This is beaitiful for our land 

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Amina Namubiru Wow this is a beautiful project

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Call for Papers on Conservation Agriculture (deadline 31 May)

This call for condensed papers is on the occasion of the 2nd Africa Congress on Conservation Agriculture in October in Johannesburg. 

The call is extended to all potential participants who wish to make an oral or a poster presentation relevant to the Congress theme and any of the specific sub-themes as stated below. Authors should indicate whether they wish to do oral or poster presentations.  

Theme: The theme of the congress is “Making Climate-Smart Agriculture Real in Africa with Conservation Agriculture: Supporting the Malabo Declaration and Agenda 2063”. 


1. Role of CA in achieving Agenda 2063 goals and SDGs in Africa for building climate-smart agricultural systems 

2. Mainstreaming of CA paradigm at the institutional and sectorial level and within governments’ systems in bringing about the sustainable transformation of agricultural systems in Africa 

3. The critical role

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Wim Goris See event  info here:

8 months 15 hours ago

Anteneh Wondimu Dear Win Goris, I am interesting in these issues and hope will be submitting CA call paper. As you may know the call paper announcement time short to prepare. Please extend submit date.

7 months 3 weeks ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thanks for sharing with us Wim Goris!

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2 ACCA : Second Africa Congress on Conservation Agriculture

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  09 October 2018 to 12 October 2018 - All Day Event
  Johannesburg, South Africa

The 2nd ACCA Congress is being organised by  ACT, the African Conservation Tillage Network. ACT aims at the following outcomes for this congress:

  • 2ACCA will contribute to catalysing increased action on the uptake and scaling-up of the CA-based climate-smart agriculture systems and practices, in general, and CA systems in particular across Africa. In this way, the outputs of the 2ACCA are expected to be more than just proceedings, but knowledge and information, policy and institutional advice and guidance, and participatory farmer and community engagement to meet defined goals.
  • The congress outcomes include more knowledgeable and informed stakeholder constituencies and institutions to meet Agenda 2063, SDGs, and COP 21 and 22 agreements. Specifically, the Congress will, for many, bring out new knowledge and information on CA systems and practices - Information/data/experiences and lessons - highlighting issues and circumstances that enhance or hinder effective CA dissemination and uptake in diff

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Analysis: Agricultural Intensification for Sustainable Development

The writer thinks achieving sustainable development in developing countries like Ethiopia calls for the adoption of a set of diversified Sustainable Agricultural Intensification (SAI) practices. The analysis continues:

"Since the Ethiopian economy is mainly dependent on the productivity of smallholder farmers, this makes SAI, which is an increase in agricultural production per unit of inputs, the order of the day.

According to, Dr. Tagel Gebrehiwot of the Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI), tripling food demand from 2010-2050 is going to become a major challenge in Africa. Ethiopia's domestic demand for cereals in 2050 will be 2.62 times higher than was in 2010.

Referring to the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy of Ethiopia, Tagel says agricultural land will need to expand by 3.9 percent per year in order to achieve the growth targets set for the agricultural sector from 2010-2030.

Under the Business as

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Bartering Tree-Preneurs

Value addition can come in many forms.  In South Africa, with the Wildlands Trees for Life Programme, community-based tree seedling growers (many of whom are youth) trade their seedlings for food, water tanks, and small business loans. Read more here.

Attention: "Surviving tree project" team from the AgriProFocus Youth in Agribusiness Network, that has been studying tree seedling value chains in Ethiopia - this may be of interest!

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What is Sustainability in Agriculture?

To sustain something means to maintain for an undetermined length of time. In reference to agriculture, it takes on the additional loaded meaning of conservation, preservation and safety. Consumers want to feel good about the food they eat, and the idea of sustainable farming gives them security and less guilt when they purchase food in the store. It gives them a comfortable position from which they live and feed their family. Sustainability is personal, emotional and eternal in its perception power.

Follow the link for more: LINK

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Une solution efficace pour conserver la tomate pendant plusieurs mois

Une nouvelle technique  de conservation de la tomate  a vu le jour au Burundi. Il s'agit de la conservation de la tomate par la cendre, une méthode pas chère pour de petits exploitants agricoles!!!!

Pour en savoir plus ""

Edouard TEKLE Bravo Tania! merci pour la révélation. Que l'Eternel te bénisse!

1 year 6 months ago

Tania Attiba Amen! merci pour votre intérêt pour les thématiques développées au niveau de la plateforme

1 year 6 months ago

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Burundi : Un cultivateur invente la conservation des tomates

À l’Est du Burundi, les tomates sont en abondance pendant la période d’août et septembre. Cependant, les producteurs et les productrices ont du mal à conserver leurs tomates pour les vendre plus tard. Une grande quantité de tomates pourrissent.  

Après de nombreux essaie ,M Vital NDUWIMANA producteur de Tomates a découvert une méthode de conservation de la Tomate écologique et qui ne coûte rien. Découvrir son histoire ici

ELYSE MUHORAKEYE Bonjour je vous ai envoyé le lien.

1 year 12 months ago

Guigonou Freddy PADONOU Merci.

1 year 12 months ago

Guigonou Freddy PADONOU

1 year 12 months ago

Elyse Mahoro Woow. quelle technique! Conserver les tomates dans la cendre pendant 5 mois?Tres interessante! C'est tres important, les centres de recherches agronomiques devraient investir a prouver que cette technique est inoffensive pour qu'elle puisse etre adopter par beaucoup d'agriculteurs de tomates pour eviter la perte et augmenter leur profit.

1 year 12 months ago

Guylaine Mwamini Merci @Guigonou pour le partage de ce lien qui nous renseigne de plus sur l'utilisation de la cendre, on serait tenté de dire que la cendre est très indispensable à l'agriculture. Belle decouverte

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AgriProFcus Ethiopia Annual Network Day 2016

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  02 December 2016, All Day Event
  AZZEMAN HOTEL, Addis Ababa

You are INVITED!

Dear Members and Partners,

You are cordially invited to attend the AgriProFocus Ethiopia Annual Network Day, to be held on Friday 2nd of December 2016 in AZZEMAN Hotel, Addis Ababa.

As you may recall, at the end of every year we organize this Annual Network Day to bring together our members and partners for exciting and fruitful activities:

  • We will learn new findings, developments and achievements in Ethiopian agriculture sector from Guest Presenters;
  • The AgriProFocus Ethiopia Coordination Team will highlight the 2016 activities of the network to its members and partners, and look forward to what we envision for 2017 together with you;
  • Members and Partners, in turn, will review and comment on the ending year activities, and indicate new topics of focus or new ways of networking methods to be incorporated in our 2017 Annual Plan;
  • Market Place by member and partner organizations who wish to reserve an exhibition booth to pro

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Vient de paraître : "La conservation des grains après récolte" de Jean-François CRUZ, Joseph D. HOUHOUINGAN, Francis Fleurat LESSARD

Un ouvrage technique et pratique sur la conservation des grains de céréales post-récolte en zone tropicale.

Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus

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Call for Letters of Intent

The Conservation Agreements Private Partnership Platform (CAPPP) invites applicants to submit Letters of Intent to assess the feasibility of implementing conservation agreements. The feasibility analysis will follow the process and requirements specified in the Conservation Agreement Field Guide. Budget available per feasibility analysis is between $10,000 and $20,000, and the feasibility analysis report is expected to be ready in less than six months. Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent in English to by July 15, 2016, using the form available here. For additional information on the geographies and selection criteria, please refer to theCAPPP operations manual. The CAPPP is an initiative financed by the GEF, with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as the implementing agency.

Georges Djodji Akibodé <<< Appel de lettres d'intention Les accords de Conservation Private Partnership Platform (CAPPP) invite les candidats à soumettre des lettres d'intention d'évaluer la faisabilité de la mise en œuvre d'accords de conservation. L'analyse de faisabilité suivra le processus et les exigences énoncées dans l'accord de Conservation Field Guide. Budget disponible par analyse de faisabilité est entre 10 000 $ et 20 000 $, et le rapport d'analyse de faisabilité devrait être prêt en moins de six mois. Les candidats doivent soumettre une lettre d'intention en anglais à par 15 juillet 2016, en utilisant le formulaire disponible ici. Pour plus d'informations sur les zones géographiques et les critères de sélection, veuillez vous référer au manuel des opérations theCAPPP. Le CAPPP est une initiative financée par le FEM, avec le Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement en tant que l'agent d'exécution.

2 years 7 months ago

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Understanding Conservation Agriculture: A manual for implementation/ Taarifa juu ya Kilimo  Hifadhi: Mwongozo wa utekelezaji;

The SWADE sustainable land management project in collaboration with
the network for Improved Management of Agricultural Water in East and Southern Africa have prepared a Conservation Agriculture (CA) manual for implementation. Through its simple and straight forward narration, the manual has put forth the following;

- Principles of CA

- A CA Calendar for farmers to follow

- CA options including; The hand hoe, advantages of basins and use of the ripper

- Benefits of CA

- Meeting challenges of CA,

Moreover, in its annexes, the manual ha included a CA training curriculum, and record keeping books for hand hoe farmers and  for farmers with Limited draught animal access.

To read the manual, click on the attached pdf document.

Moreover, the CCAP project which is jointly implemented by MJUMITA, MVIWATA, TFCG, Action Aid and Toam have prepared a Swahili training manual on CA

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For more than 50 years, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has been a key player in African Conservation and sustainable development.  AWF is seeking a high performing and motivated individual to support its conservation enterprise activities in Kenya by responding to community requests and reviewing reports from partners. This role will also entail monitoring enterprise activities and organizing events with and for partners. The successful candidate must demonstrate some experience, knowledge and understanding of enterprise activities at community as well as private sector level and working with government departments in the devolved governance system in Kenya.  This position will report to the Program Manager, Conservation Enterprise. This is a three month temporary position and wil

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Hey people, Our network day is finally here.