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Course: Making Education Work

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  25 March 2019 to 05 April 2019 - All Day Event
  Wageningen, The Netherlands

Course: Making Education Work 

                                    Transforming education for youth employment in the agri-sector

For:  Lecturers, instructors or researchers working at universities or vocational training centres in agriculture            and rural development.

When:  more than two month programme that runs from the 1st of March until 13 May 2019. The face to face part from 25 March – 5 April in the Netherlands, is preceded and succeeded by online sessions, assignments, coaching and individual feed-back. The online activities are expected to take you a few hours per week.

Where:  Wageningen, the Netherlands and online part in your home country

How to apply and for more information you can find on the course page, see:

Application deadline:  1 February 2019


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Posted 16 August 2018 at 01:58

Workshop on Agribusiness

In order to strengthen education and improve agricultural development in Rwanda, the SEAD project makes use of several pillars, Curriculum revision is of them. UR-CAVM is currently engaged in an internal review of all programmes it offers, since these have not been undergoing a review since the merger of the institutes in 2014. It is in this regards that during the week of 16th-20th April 2018 at Fatima hotel, the SEAD project has provided support by offering its expertise for the revision of the programme of Agribusiness of UR-CAVM.

The process involved the education teams of UR-CAVM and other higher education institutions with higher learning expertise in agribusiness, government officials in strategic positions for agribusiness development, representatives of the private sector involved in the agribusiness and students & Alumni of the agribusiness programme at higher learning institutions.

The participants of the workshop assessed the current curriculum of the Bac

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