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Cocoa production boosts smallholder farmer incomes:

Farmers must ensure the land chosen for cocoa plantation contains good soil texture. The cocoa tree has tap roots which descend straight into the soil and the penetration is deep

In a publication by Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (Cabi) about general production of cocoa, it is stated that the plant was widely cultivated by the Maya-speaking people of tropical Central America in the 16th century.

The Mayan found at least 1,000 years ago that, when roasted, the seeds or beans of the cocoa tree produced an aroma so divine and they believed the tree was a gift from the god called Quetzalcoatl.

From the roasted beans, they made a drink, often used at ceremonies and rituals, called xocolatl, from which the word ‘chocolate’ is derived.

More than 80 per cent of all cocoa is produced by smallholder farmers and it provides employment in many rural communities and pays for school fees of farmers’ children, including in Uganda.


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Posted 23 November 2018 at 06:33

Farmers find new market for fruits:

Some Ugandan farmers dealing in fruit production will next week head to the Turkish city of Antalya about 461 kilometres south of the capital Istanbul, to exhibit their produce as the European food processing industry grows interest in Uganda’s organic products.

The chairperson of Kampala Women Traders Association (KAWOTDA) Ms Akankwasa said at least 30 farmers from different parts of the country have been registered with the Turkish Embassy in Kampala to travel for the exposition.

“The Turkish have fallen in love with the fruits from Uganda because they are organic. They invited our farmers to travel to Antalya for the exposition on November 28. If liked, the Turkish will make orders straightaway,” Ms Akankwasa said.

The invitation for the exhibition was made two months ago when members of KAWOTDA visited Turkey for a study tour on how to do successful businesses.

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2nd AgriBusiness Training and Farm Tour

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  04 June 2016, 09:00-15:00

2nd AgriBusiness Training and Farm Tour  

Welcome to the 2nd AgriBusiness training where we will help answer questions on how to start farming to how to scale to a multi billion agricultural enterprise.

After the success of our 1st Agribusiness Training, we look forward to share our experiences as well as bring in experts from the sector to shade light more on crop insurance, agri-loans and financing options.

We extend a warm welcome to our Agribusiness Training and Field Tour to be held at our office located in 3rd Floor Bishop Magua Centre opposite Uchumi Ngong Hyper along Ngong road. Nairobi, Kenya.

It will be a platform to share and learn on crop husbandry, ways to maximize output, market linkages, financial aspects of Agriculture and most importantly our new contract farming which shall be the highlight of the day.

For a more visual feel, (because we do believe in actions), we shall take a tour to visit one of our demo farms where we shall witness contract farming for exports practically

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150 TONNES Pumpkins & 100 TONNES Watermelon(FRESH) FOR Sale.

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