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21-22-23 Juin 2018 à l’hôtel du Cinquantenaire de Sikasso

Organisation des conférences thématiques (3 conférences thématiques d’une demi-journée chacune) liées aux questions brulantes du financement de l’Agriculture et sur des pratiques innovantes pour faciliter le financement de l’entreprenariat rural et la résilience Climatique

Entre 150 et  200 participants par conférence vont échanger sur les expériences de financement de l’agriculture au Mali, les innovations, le risque et la gestion de risque

Cheick Fanta Mady DEMBELE Bonjour comment y patticiper. J'ai déjà déposé mon business plan

2 days 2 hours ago

Akibodé Djodji Prière contacter Mr Adje au 74491211 pour l'organisation de vos déplacements sur Sikasso.

1 day 19 hours ago


5ème édition du salon AgriFinance

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Benin
  08 May 2018 to 10 May 2018 - All Day Event
  Salle Majestic de Cadjehoun-Cotonou

Cotonou, Capitale économique du Bénin et lieu par excellence de rencontres d’affaires, sera en l’espace de 3 jours du 8 au 10 mai 2018, la destination absolue de celles et ceux qui croient au développement de l’agrobusiness par des entrepreneurs mieux éduqués financièrement.

Le thème de cette édition est "Stimuler la productivité par l’éducation financière"

Au programme,

-  Espace conseils et B2B ;

- Sensibilisation à l’éducation financière ;

- Conférence et Panels ;

- Business Cocktail autour des produits financiers innovants ;

- Tribune des partenaires;

- Mini-foire ;

- Expositions

Pour en savoir plus, contactez-nous  par :

Tél : (00229) 63 70 11 50 / 64 31 31 55

Mail : djihoun@agriprofocus.com  / benin@agriprofocus.com

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The 9th edition of the ‘’Agri-Finance & Market Linkages’’ event

Venue: Muhanga, 24-25 August, 2017

For the 9th time, AgriProFocus Rwanda organized the Agri-Finance & Market Linkages event. During this year, the Agri-finance fair took place in Muhanga district on 24-25th August, 2017.

Due to the information gap on financial services and to offer a market linkages opportunity in agriculture of Rwanda, AgriProFocus Rwanda organized this fair to improve agribusiness development by facilitating an easy access to financial services and business linkages between the key stakeholders of the Agri-food sector in Rwanda.

The two-days event brought together different farmers especially farmers from the Southern Province of Rwanda, cooperatives, agribusiness companies, financial service providers and development partners organizations operating in Rwanda for better information sharing, dialogue and interaction and connections between different stakeholders to address various key issues in f

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Innocent SIMPUNGA the event was successfully

9 months 5 days ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME @Innocent S, Many participants appreciated your thoughts and advice from your interventions during the dialogue discussions/ in finance fair of Muhanga district!keep facilitating the smallholders!

9 months 5 days ago

Innocent SIMPUNGA You are welcome , we keep in touch

9 months 5 days ago

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VLOG #6! KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Meet Bart and Gabriela, they work for the Gender and Sustainable Economic Development Unit at KIT! In this vlog they share their experiences with our network, like the coopration around the Farmers Innovation Fair held in West-Africa. Check it out!

For more vlogs from our Dutch members, check: //agriprofocus.com/dutch-partnership

Bakary DIARRA Indeed, I listened to it is interesting!

11 months 2 weeks ago

Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you Bakary, that's nice to hear!

11 months 1 week ago

Loes van Dijk Very interesting to listen to this VLOG and read the Farmer Innovation Fair publication:

11 months 2 days ago

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Northern Region Agribusiness Finance Fair - In Pictures. 

On the 26th and 27th of April 2017 AgriProFocus Uganda Innovation Communities on Access to Finance and Youth In Agribusiness (SNV, GIZ AGRUFIN) in collaboration with, the Northern Uganda partners; Technoserve, AVSI, Save the Children, Smart up, Action Aid, BOSCO – Uganda, WPDI-Gulu, NUYDC-LABRA, PELUM, YALI organized a two day Agribusiness Fair. It was intended to facilitate platforms for building business & market, brokering deals between youth Agri-preneurs and financial services providers and other value chain actors for improved agricultural production and productivity. 

You can view the entire event in Pictures.   

Click here for more information about the event.

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Lignes directrices pour organiser une foire de l'innovation Paysanne

C’est avec énorme plaisir que Prolinnova Secretariat International vous partage la publication quelques lignes directrices pour organiser une foire de l’innovation paysanne en français et anglais.

Lignes directrices en Français, suivi ce lien

It is with pleasure that Prolinnova International Secretariat share the publication with guideline on how to organise a Farmer Innovation Fair.

Guidelines in English, follow this link

Cibarani Cibarani Thank you for that jewel... we were dessesperately lookinf for something treating that issue...thanks again

1 year 2 months ago

Daoulata MAIGA Bonjour Lisette , merci beaucoup pour le partage de cet document très intéressant qui pourra aider pour l'organisation des grandes foires .Je me ferais le plaisir de partager sur nos réseaux sociaux et le mailchimp ,pour une large diffusion !

1 year 2 months ago

Lisette van Benthum Daoulata, Oui s'il vous plaît partager le par d'autres canaux sociaux aussi

1 year 2 months ago

Daoulata MAIGA Oui lisette c'est déjà partager  sur la page facebook , twitter et le news letter bientôt ! 

1 year 2 months ago


1st International Trade Show Agrofood Plastpack

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Ethiopia
  03 February 2017 - 08:30 to 05 February 2017 - 12:30
  Millennium Hall • Addis Ababa

1st International Trade Show on Agriculture, Food, Beverage and Plastics & Packaging Solutions and Technology

03 – 05 February 2017
Millennium Hall • Addis Ababa – Ethiopia

Organized by the German trade show specialists fairtrade and in cooperation with their Ethiopian partners Prana Promotion, the premier international Trade Show on Agriculture, Food, Beverage and Plastics & Packaging Solutions and Technology “agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017” takes place on 3 to 5 February 2017 at the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa.

Top quality exhibitors from 14 countries are ready to discuss business with more than two thousand specialists from all over Ethiopia and for technology transfer. The exhibitors come from Austria, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Taiwan, Thailand, the Netherlands, Togo, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Top institutional support agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017 is supported by the French association adepta, gi

... Read more


Lecture Soil&More at BioFach Fair

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  16 February 2017, 10:00-11:30
  Nuremberg, Germany

Soil & More will facilitate a lecture at BioFach Fair in Nuremberg. Location: Hall Shanghai, NCC Ost

Lecture: True Cost Accounting in Finance, Food and Farming. How the concept can work in practice

Prices do not tell the ecological truth. External costs shall be internalized, but how does it work? Get an insight into a True Cost pilot project which applies FAO parameters and the guidelines of the Natural Capital Protocol, and includes assessing and communicating the true value of sustainable vs conventional supply-chains.

BioFach in Nuremberg from 15th - 18th of Feb 2017 is the world’s largest organic fair and important meeting point for the whole sector. Here you meet and learn about the latest innovations. We are looking forward to see you at our stand in hall 7 - 304!

More information on the BioFach fair can be found on the website.

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Meru Agribusiness Expo 2016 Bigger and Better

You will agree with farmers from Meru that the Annual Agriculture trade fairs in Tanzania that takes place every first week of August (nane nane) are more than agriculture shows as it comprises exhibitions from almost all sectors. For this reason, three years ago, Farmers from Meru District in Arusha Tanzania with support from the Access to input working group of AgriProFocus Tanzania formed a platform dubbed Jukwaa la Wakulima Meru ( Meru Farmers Platform). They thirsted for a farmer friendly agriculture fair. Good for them, they have for 3 consecutive times quenched this thirst.


The fairs aims at linking farmers to reliable agriculture input service providers as well as provide a platform where farmers learn. Additionally the fairs offer a market place for the service providers and a platform to expand their clientele through promoting their products. Parallel to the exhibitions, seminars and workshops are held on specific topics

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10 local flower exporters for Amsterdam expo

Rwanda will participate in the upcoming 7th International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair (IFTF) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The week-long expo, that kicks off tomorrow, will attract over 500 sectors stakeholders, including farmers, exporters, investors and experts from across the world. The country will be represented by more than 10 local companies with view to position Rwanda as an upcoming flower and horticulture producer.  

Read more HERE

Related article: Rwanda to participate in 7th Int’l Horticulture trade fair

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AgriProFocus Tanzania Ndani ya  Nane Nane Mbeya  

Nane Nane ni maonesho ya kilimo yanayofanika wiki nzima hadi kilele cha siku ya wakulima tarehe nane (8/8). Maonesho haya huleta wadau mbalimbali kwenye sekta ya kilimo kuonesha kazi zao mbalimbali kwa wakulima na wadau.

Mtando wa AhriProFocus unashiriki kwenye maonesh ya nane nane mwaka huu mjini Mbeya lengo likiwa kuhamasisha mtandao na pia kuelimisha wadau kuhusu jukwaa la intaneti la AgriProFocus na jinsi ya kulitumia. Tunapatikana kwenye banda la SAGCOT.


AgriProFocus Tanzania in Nane Nane Mbeya  

Nane Nane is an Agricultural Exhibition, a one-week fair that takes place every year around this date [8/8] in varying locations of Tanzania. In the Nane Nane Agricultural Exhibition, farmers and other agricultural stakeholders (e.g., universities and research institutes, input suppliers or fertilizer producing industries) showcase new technologie

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andrea exavery hello!when did you came in KAHAMA DISTRICT,to educate young farmer because there many youth who engaging in agro business due to lack of education they failure to harvest many crops and marketing

1 year 10 months ago

Fortunatus MLYANDENA Happy Peasant Day

1 year 10 months ago

Samuel Thuo Mungai Nice meeting Hilda and Katerina of Agriprofocus Tanzania at Nane Nane show in Mbeya.

1 year 10 months ago

Fortunatus MLYANDENA Mbeya NaneNane you look Superb

1 year 10 months ago


Rwanda International Trade Fair

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  27 July 2016 to 10 August 2016 - All Day Event
  Gikondo Expo Ground

The organizing Committee of Rwanda International Trade Fair (RITF) 2016 cordially welcomes you to the 19th Rwanda International Trade Fair due to take place in Kigali-Rwanda from 27th July - 10th August 2016.

In the spirit of Public Private Partnership (PPP), Private Sector Federation in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry have successfully organized the previous Exhibitions, the 19th is set to be even better.

As commonly known, RITF 2016 suits up for its 19th anniversary and leads a thunderous cheer for a vibrant business community that makes Rwanda and Africa as a whole; special, and unique, in many ways.

The RITF is a great opportunity for local and foreign exhibitors looking to invest in Rwanda to experience first hand immediate responses from domestic buyers in one location.

Local Exhibitors Registration Form
Foreign Exhibitors Registration Form

For more information, follow this link: http://www.psf.org.rw/spip.php?rubrique50


Agri-Finance & Market Linkages Event

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  11 August 2016 to 12 August 2016 - All Day Event
  Ruhango District / Southern Province

Are you into farming or supporting farmers’ agribusiness in Rwanda; and are you up for this exciting match making opportunity? Then this is an event you simply cannot afford to miss!  

We would like to invite you to the “Agri-Finance and Market Linkages event” for farmers that will be held in Ruhango district, on 11-12 August 2016.

The event aims to bring together farmers from the Southern Province, finance service providers from Southern Province and in Rwanda, agribusiness companies and Development partners operating in Rwanda for better information sharing, dialogue and interaction to address various burning issues in farmer entrepreneurship, including Access to Finance, Access to Market, and Information on quality inputs and equipment.

Your benefit as a Finance Service Provider, Processor, buyer/seller of agricultural products and inputs

The event will provide you with a separate stand and logistical support to display in an attractive way

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Typical deals and partnerships

AgriProFocus Network Results 2015

At the fairs in Choma and Chipata in Zambia, 15 % of visitors indicated to have closed a deal, e.g. 30 farmers in Chipata receiving loans from Vision Fund to purchase dairy cows.

Horti-processor Ronipam Enterprises was linked to Green Age International company at the horti fair in Rwanda. They reached an agreement to expand their operations. 

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE

Isaac Mando Vision Team....Nice one

1 year 12 months ago

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AgriProFocus Network Results 2015: Finance Fairs

Example: Mbale, Uganda 

The Regional Finance Fair was organized with the Hunger Project, AMFIU, GIZ, SNV, Feed the Future, VECO and Financial Access. It attracted close to 400 participants and 30 exhibitors. A pre-event for 40 producer organisations increased their preparedness and confidence to interact with financial service providers. 15 of them made deals with Centenary Bank, Opportunity Bank and Pride Micro-Finance.

Since 2013 AgriProFocus collaborates with GIZ and Bank of Uganda to disseminate the Finance Year Book. The book features sub-sector oriented developments and information on the development of the agri-sector in general including access to finance.

During the Mbale finance fair, half of the first day was dedicated to disseminating this information in the form of a workshop. 

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015! Click HERE 

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AgriProFocus Network Results 2015: Bankable Business Plans

FINAGRI in Segou, Mali

The Segou finance fair was organised in March 2015 with support of the Netherlands Embassy and with IFDC, Oikocredit and others. The event attracted 3258 participants and 40 exhibitors. AgriProFocus Mali organized a business plan training for submitters. 53 business plans were shared between 3 banks and 4 microfinance institutions, 56 % was financed!

The event opened up new relations with and between producer organisations in the region and various banks and microfinance institutions and with international agencies such as USAID.

More network results can be found in our Annual Report 2015: Click HERE

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3ème et dernier jour de la 3ème édition du salon agricole et financier "agrifinance"

Cérémonie de clôture et remise d attestations aux exposants 

Merci àLisette van Benthum, notre facilitatrice réseau au Pays-Bas pour avoir effectué le déplacement. 

Florent AZONTONDJI Vraiment c'est génial ,je regrette fortement de ne pas y participer

2 years 1 month ago

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Dialogue with the Farmers

On the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair

Batu, 27 April 2016

On March 2015 AgriProFocus Ethiopia and OXFAM GB, in close collaboration with Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization, organized in Batu a successful agribusiness finance fair which farmers took the stage. Read more about the previous Finance Fair HERE.

Yesterday, April 27 2016, the 2nd Agricultural Extension and Finance Fair was organized in Batu with the objective of extending the dialogue started on last year’s Finance Fair between the farmers themselves and the relevant stakeholders. On this Finance Fair also the farmers were given to express their challenges relating to access to finance and agricultural extension services and to present their achievements with the support of OXFAM GB and Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organization.

The event which included a panel discussion with two paper presentations and an exhibition by different organizations, opened

... Read more

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November 27 - 30, 2015 Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

Venue: Addis Ababa Exhibition Center

3rd ADDIS AGROFOOD Agriculture, Agricultural Machineries, Food, Food Technologies, and Packaging Exhibition offers important global investment opportunies for sectoral professionals.This will be the perfect platform to expand your business into rising Africa market, and meet with the decision makers.

Find out More



Eldoret Agri-Trade Fair

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Kenya
  24 September 2015 to 26 September 2015 - All Day Event

The Eldoret Agri-Trade Fair will feature potatoes in a big way. Apart from visiting potato demo fields to see, touch and compare the recently released Dutch potato varieties, you can witness potato harvesting demonstrations with state of the art machinery, get information on potato spraying programmes and talk “potato” with representatives of numerous seed potato companies, related industries, and farmers.

This year there is a special feature on potato storage technology. You can see for example a small scale potato storage unit with a capacity of 5-20 tonnes. This prototype unit is produced by sourcing mainly local items such as an insulated container and PV solar panels. Therefore this unit is plug and play, easy to operate and independent from the power grid.

For those who want to know more about innovations in (seed) potato development in Kenya, come and join mini-seminars that are organised daily in the Holland pavilion.

Warm regards,

Nico Rozemeijer – project coordinator