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Consultation en ligne: Décennie des Nations Unies pour l'Agriculture Familiale (2019-2028)

Tous membres de ce plateforme AgriProFocus et vos partenaires pourront participer à cette consultation en ligne, avant le 31 janvier 2019:

En Décembre 2017, l'Assemblée Générale des Nations Unies a proclamé la Décennie des Nations Unies pour l'Agriculture Familiale 2019-2028 pour servir comme cadre d’élaboration des politiques publiques d’appui à l’Agriculture Familiale dans le monde entier.

Constituant une opportunité extraordinaire, la Décennie peut ainsi contribuer de manière significative à la réalisation de l’Agenda 2030 d’une manière inclusive, collaborative et cohérente en abordant l’Agriculture Familiale dans une perspective holistique et en éradiquant la pauvreté rurale sous toutes ses formes.

Afin de faciliter la mise en œuvre de la Décennie, un plan d'action global sera élaboré sur base des besoins et des priorités de toutes les parties prenantes concernée

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ADA MAHAMANE Habou Merci, Nicole de ce partage important qui nous renseigne sur la nouvelle dynamique de l'agriculture au niveau mondial.

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UN Decade of Family Farming

Consultation to develop the Global Action Plan of the UN Decade of Family Farming

We are happy to inform you that the Joint Secretariat of the UN Decade of Family Farming is currently running a survey to gather information on the expected structure and outcomes of the initiative.

The U.N. General Assembly has officially declared 2019–2028 the Decade of Family Farming. Initially proposed in October 2017, the resolution passed with 104 co-sponsors and unanimous approval. The Decade aims to inspire the international community to generate a refreshed political commitment supporting family farmers and crafting pro-family farming policies.  

Please click here to take the survey, which should take about 30 minutes to complete. 

Please respond by 31 January 2019.

MUBARAK INUWA RE-UN Decade Of Family FarmingThank you Anne  Marie,I replied to you the above subject matter,via email address you sent to me.It was true, I had not been on our platform for some while, because I attended a course with GODAN Online on open data management in Agriculture,Nutrition and Land.Thank you for the message.

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From the Agricultures Network

Call for articles: Co-creating knowledge in agroecology

Knowledge building and sharing are central to agroecology and family farming. It is a dynamic process and knowledge increases by sharing and learning; both practice and theory are important. Each farm and each community is unique. Given the great diversity of agroecosystems the world over, there is a need to continuously build situation-specific knowledge that, moreover, allows farmers to develop under unpredictable and changing circumstances.

Knowledge co-creation between farmers, scientists and others is key in agroecology. This type of knowledge co-creation, based on practical experience in agriculture and the latest scientific insights, is fundamentally different from mainstream ‘lab to land’ agricultural science. The latter produces standardised prescriptions, while the former supports farmers to take their own decisions, connects the local situation with the global context (e.g. mitigating and adapting to

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Hiire Ronald That's right sharing is the only way out

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Ben Henson We have found that knowledge transfer fails, at times, because those from outside don't actually know what questions need to be answered. By letting farmers drive the process, research, and knowledge transfer is relevant to the farmers needs, and perceived needs. This farmer driven interface respects the farmer, and can create a dialogue that can open the door for "outside of the box" trials on farms. Fun stuff!

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The wisdom of water

The latest issues of Farming Matters

This Issue of Farming Matters reveals how family farming based on agroecology is key to better water management. These pages document stories of farmers that have created their own solutions together with others, by building upon traditional practices or by adapting and creating new techniques. Moreover, local experiences are connected to regional, national and global contexts with stories about innovative water governance and struggles for water justice and water rights.

Read the magazine

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ILEIA is looking for an organisation & communications volunteer/intern based in the Netherlands

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Adopting agro-ecological approaches for a food-secure Latin America

Adapting to climate change needs smart interventions in the way food is produced, but even smarter strategies are needed to holistically redesign the way in which the food system works. Dr. Fernando Funes Monzote, a farmer and distinguished agroecologist from Cuba, has spent the last 20 years working to meet the challenges small-scale farmers face, through agroecological approaches on a large scale.

A blog by Farming First outlines the work of Dr. Fernando Rafael Funes Monzote, nominated for the Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize for Outstanding Career in Agriculture.  

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Medium-sized, mixed family farms to feed the future: A vision for farming in Africa

"Agricultural development programmes have too long focused on semi-subsistence smallholders in an effort to achieve food security. This has not contributed to the African green revolution that is sorely needed to feed the future. We have to aim instead for an agricultural sector based on medium-sized, mixed family farms", argues Melle Leenstra, First Secretary for Economic Development and Food Security at the Netherlands embassy in Nairobi.  

Mr. Leenstra has published an article on the Food & Business Knowledge Platform website, which is worth reading for AgriProFocus network members from Kenya and other countries! Please click on the link below, and feel welcome to post your comments on the article on the website of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.

Link to the full article

Stephen Senkomago Musoke Enlightening article, one which I have been arguing for the last couple of years. My thoughts for Uganda are

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Nicole Metz Dear Stephen, Thanks for your reaction and the link to your own blog. Would you be so kind also posting the same link on the website of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, using the 'comments' function at the bottom of the article of Mr. Leenstra? (or else, I could do it for you, please send me a direct e-mail in that case, to ). best regards

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Newsletter Food & Business Knowledge Platform

In its fifth newsletter, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform proudly presents the newly launched Knowledge Portal, where you will find continually updated references to knowledge items and innovations in Food & Nutrition Security on selected topics. The knowledge presented is expected to be of relevance to AgriProFocus members in different countries; you may select the topics of your interest when visiting the Portal pages. In order to make the continuous updating of the Knowledge Portal an interactive process, you – as a professional in the field – are warmly invited to suggest relevant additional items to be included in it. Please refer us to relevant articles, briefs or reports by contacting us here.

Other items in the fifth newsletter include expert opinions on medium-sized family farming and building resilience for farmers. You will also find reports of our recently organized meetings on fruit & vegetables, global nutrition and th

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