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Hello Everyone!

I am SENGOGA Desire actively involved in Agribusiness sector. Currently, am doing maize farming in in Eastern Province of Rwanda. Together with other youth, we look forward to start a vibrant cooperative which will  enhance our economic status and create more jobs for people living in rural areas. Our goal is to make an  effort to combat hunger and malnutrition in Rwanda. I am glad to be part of this network looking forward to learn from you.

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Mr.Desire, welcome on the platform. Through this network you can have access to many contacts which can help you in maize value chain! Feel free to use this platform and make deals with different stakeholders!

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Rwf13bn to modernise pig farming, improve value chain

Source: The New Times

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources will inject Rwf13 billion to improve the pig farming industry, especially by promoting new processing technologies to ensure standards.

Didace Rushigajiki, the livestock specialist at the ministry, said the money will also be used to build capacity of farmers and extension staff on pig breeding, as well as disease control and value chain development to enable market access.

Rushigajiki said policies that promote quality and market access were in the pipeline. The official was addressing pig farmers and other stakeholders on sector issues, including market access, standards and modern farming methods.

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Follow the link and see the experience from the farmers in piggery business:


"What kind of precision agriculture do smallholders need"

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  04 October 2017, 11:00-12:00
  online FREE webinar

 Join us for our online discussion on Wednesday, October 4, from 11am – noon CET. We have a high-calibre panel of experts, including representatives of eKutir, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bayer, Farmerline and WARC.

This event is free for all to join! Click here to view to attend the discussion:


Building agribusiness relations for sustainable profit

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  25 June 2018 to 06 July 2018 - All Day Event
  Ibadan, Nigeria

ICRA course:

This course is for agribusiness service providers and coaches working with smallholder farmers and agro-entrepreneurs.

As a professional in business support services you try to help small-scale producers and processors move towards farming as a business.

In two weeks you will learn how to build trust to establish sustainable business relationships, to improve your negotiation skills and you will get tips on how to secure a steady income.

This video shows the two steps necessary to negotiate a win-win situation.

For more information and application, see the course webpage.

Application deadline for candidates with funds is 15 March 2018

You can check us out on:
LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | |


Borrel of the Pyramid meets Green Banana Food Company

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  03 October 2017, 19:30-22:00
  Impact Hub Amsterdam

A new Borrel is planned! (Borrel = social drinks)

The social enterprise 'Green Banana Food Company' invites you to discuss and brainstorm on their business case during an exclusive tasting event!

Again we have interesting and challenging case questions for you. This time we meet up with the social enterprise Green Banana Food Company (GBFC). GBFC is making the traditional Italian pasta healthier, more nutritious, and gluten-free by using green bananas, a fusion of other pulses, legumes and vegetables, all while positively impacting small-scale farmers in Uganda.

Sign up for the event here:

Extra feature: It will be an exclusive tasting event of GBFC's products. Be quick, only limited places available!

How can you help GBFC grow? 3 business case questions will be discussed:

1) Entry market channels

What market channels are suitable to sell GBFC's products? What is the best entry strategy?

2) Brand development (storytelling)

Tailoring main messages to customers why they should buy GBFC's products.


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I'd like to share some thoughts on the recent developments around Aquaponics and Hydroponics in Africa and Asia. Would love to hear your comments and experiences:

Aquaponics: A sustainable business model!?

“Talking with restaurant owners all around Ethiopia we picked up many frustrations about the supply of vegetables they were receiving. Often vegetables were out of stock for weeks, arriving half rotten or even delivered with traces of pesticides. After observing their response to our aquaponics vegetables, we realized that with aquaponics we had to key to solving many of these urban food supply issues.”  

Commercial aquaponics has rooted itself in the growing sustainable food movement in the west. Production numbers are increasing, improvements are made on organic pest management and nutrient control is being optimized. Despite these positive developments, profitability still is an issue for many western growers, but not so in emerging urban markets of Asia and A

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Gizaw Legesse A few months ago, we featured an entrepreneur who use plastic bottles to grow vegetables in a semi aquaponic system using Algae as source of nutrients. This member thinks, his project is cost effective, a means for achieving food security, a solution for getting healthy food, and a contribution for environment protection. Personally, I liked the idea - and sure would like to try it home. Dear Bouke, thank you for sharing this, and please take a look at this article about the project I mentioned above:

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I am Eric from Kigali, Rwanda,  I am new on this platform  and I have recently graduated from college.

I look forward to share  and to learn from here. Thank you

Janine Schoeman Welcome Erik, happy to see you on the platform! Looking forward to seeing more of you here. Kind Regards Janine

4 months 2 weeks ago

GEOFREY MTEMBELI welcome Erik,feel free to post anything positive and helpfully.Geofrey here from Tanzania

4 months 2 weeks ago

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Better and Different!

Transforming Food Systems through Agroecology

Agroecology is not merely an agricultural approach that reduces the need for pesticides and fertilisers, recycles plant remains and harnesses biological processes to grow food. Rather, agroecology emphasises a particular perspective vis-à-vis our relationship to nature. Around this perspective, a social movement is growing, which encourages peer-to-peer exchanges of information between farmers. The chief goal being to develop locally adapted solutions for peasant farmers that work with the available resources.

The agroecological perspective invites us to embrace the complexity of nature and to see this complexity not as a liability, but as an asset. Farmers are discoverer: he or she proceeds experimentally, by trial and error, observing what consequences follow from which combinations, and learning from what works best in their local context. So-called ‘modern’ agriculture did the exact opposite. It sought to

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Most of us have heard of a buzz word ''Artificial Intelligence'' or simply ''AI''; which is increasingly popular in tech circles. However, most people do not realise how AI is affecting their daily lives. 

If you have ever received a recommendation about what video to watch on Youtube or what song to listen to on Spotify, that's AI. While video and music recommendation services are rather simple when compared to other AI systems, they do accomplish a useful task: recommending music and videos based on interests you've expressed and judgements you've made in the past. The more personal preferences data you provide to these platforms, the better AI recommendations become. 

AI is here and it is poised to continue revolutionising how we access services. 

For sometime now, I have been involved with a British company developing artificial intelligent medical doctors. The prototype AI doctor has been proven to be more acc

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Anne Marie Kortleve Sounds good Pascal MUR MURASIRA, are you in contact with Anatole Majyambere as well on this matter?  

6 months 3 days ago


Investing in Agribusiness Primary Production.

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  26 April 2017 to 28 April 2017 - All Day Event
  Strathmore Business School

Program Overview

Food scarcity is not a new phenomenon. Food imports into Africa since 2014 have been estimated to be USD 50 Billion. Poor utilization of available arable land fit for agricultural production, post-harvest losses estimated to be at 40%, declining productivity, farm degradation and poor production management are all challenges that investors in agribusiness face.

Other key challenges for these investors include difficulty in marketing their produce, managing their farms while working in cities, evaluating viable agribusiness enterprises to venture into, accessing funding from financiers to fund their agribusiness ventures and falling prey to "fake" consultants, resulting in huge investment losses.

The program is also designed to help potential investors develop the right agribusiness investment ideas, equip themselves with research skills in a dynamic sector, develop viable business plans and manage their farm working capital.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for In

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Uganda farming classes transform refugees into entrepreneurs

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African Farmers need ‘Farmers Today’

Dutch agriculture differs much from African agriculture. The costly highly technologized agricultural system may seem too different for many small scaled African Farmers to learn from. Stephen Dradenya however gives it a try with his magazine Farmers Today.

Farmers Today for farmers in Uganda
Farmers Today is the only free agricultural magazine of Uganda. The first edition is published in august 2015 with a circulation of 3.000 copies. With this publication chief editor Stephen Dradenya has proven to have all the skills, the network and possibilities to publish a professional independent agricultural magazine. The first edition is published without any income from advertisers or subscribers. At the moment he is looking for advertisers and other funding’s to publish his second edition.

Anyone who might be able to contribute to this magazine, please contact

Want to read more? Click here.


Workshop about own production of bio-fertilizer

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  25 May 2016, 09:00-12:30
  Piato Restaurant & Café, Plot 20 Lumumba Avenue, Kampala

Invitation to workshop about production of BioFertilizers

TransForm is a Danish company specialising in constructing green technologies for the agricultural sector – transforming green waste into wealth. With the innovative BioFertilizer Unit, we offer farmers a customised and decentralised opportunity to produce their own bio-fertilizers meeting specific crop and soil conditions.

We would like to invite you to our first workshop in Kampala introducing the BioFertilizer Technology Solution – how it works and the benefits of using bio-fertilizers for crop, soil and land.

The workshop takes place Wednesday the 25th of May 2016 from 9 to 12.30 at Piato Restaurant & Café, Plot 20 Lumumba Avenue, Kampala, Uganda.

You can register your attendance with Katrine Jessen, Please let us know as soon as possible, if you would like to join us and how many you are. You are most welcome to forward this invitation to stakeholders and partners in your network. TransFo

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Zambia is the First Country to Create a Smart Training Centre

Zambia has become the first country in the world to create a smart farming training centre.

The AGCO-Zambia Agriculture Training Centre launched this week will fast-track the country’s agricultural sector into the 21st century- as it moves away from its dependence on copper.

Farmers will be taught how to use high technology farming machines at the new centre - which will enable them to produce more crops.

Read More Here!


Agro & Poultry Kenya 2016

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  14 October 2016 to 16 October 2016 - All Day Event
  Sarit Expo Centre, Nairobi

International Trade Show on Agriculture & Poultry, Farming & Veterinary


5th Undercover Farming Expo 2016

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  15 March 2016 to 17 March 2016 - All Day Event
  Pretoria, South Africa

5th Undercover Farming Expo 2016

Technologies adopted by Southern African Hydroponic Farmers for increased production

Undercover Farming started as an industry magazine, and gave life to Conferences and Expo’s to bring farmers, new investors, service providers from foreign countries and locals together under one roof where the latest technology is exhibited and professionals in the trade deliver presentations on technical and management subjects during a conference. Since the first Expo and Conference, the term ‘undercover farming, became a household name and visitors were inspired to invest in this kind of farming.

More info:

Link to Program 


Agritech Expo Zambia

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  15 April 2016 to 16 April 2016 - All Day Event
  Chisamba, Zambia

  Agritech Expo Zambia is a business-to-business platform for agricultural professionals, from small scale farmers to commercial enterprises, to engage and conduct business with some of the world’s leading suppliers to the agricultural industry. From live crop trials and machinery demonstrations, to technical and practical workshops for emerging farmers and VIP business lounges for commercial players, Agritech Expo is simply the only business event servicing the needs of the entire agri-value chain in Zambia and its neighbouring countries.  

This year, the Agritech Expo Zambia looks forward to welcoming some 15,000+ farming professionals, from emerging, to smallholder to commercial farmers, and agri-experts, in Chisamba in April. The Expo allows the farming community to get together to discuss the current challenges and share success stories in the sector.

Register for the event today!

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Menguak Peran Orang Muda dalam Sektor Pertanian di Pedesaan

Bagi orang muda yang hidup di pedesaan, sektor pertanian tak lagi dianggap menarik. Meski begitu, para orang muda ini tetap terlibat dalam beberapa praktik pertanian di pedesaan. Bagaimana realitas yang melingkupi para orang muda ini untuk terus menekuni bidang pertanian atau memilih bekerja di sektor non-pertanian?

AKATIGA membeberkan hal di atas dalam penelitian yang cukup dalam. Untuk membaca abstrak dan hasil penelitian silakan kunjungi website AKATIGA di sini.

Anda juga bisa membaca artikel yang mengacu pada penelitian di atas pada link ini.


Discovering the Role of Youth in Agriculture Sector in Rural areas in Indonesia

Nowadays, young people in rural areas are no longer attracted to work in the agricultural sector, especially small scale agriculture. On the other hand, small scale agriculture in Indonesia is still the nation’s biggest absorber of labour.

AKATIGA held this research and discover intere

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The Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) currently has a number of Senior level positions, including:

1. Senior Director, Agribusiness and Markets – deadline November 15, 2015

2. Project Team Leader, Tef International Market Access – deadline October 18, 2015

3. Senior Technical Expert, Commercial Farm Development – deadline October 16, 2015

4. Senior Technical Expert, Cooperative Business Development – deadline October 20, 2015

5. Senior Technical Expert, Gender – deadline October 21, 2015

Full details can be found on our website at

If interested in any of these positions, please submit an Application Form, Cover Letter and CV (maximum 5 pages) to  Please feel free to pass along the info to anyone you think maybe interested.

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Our latest interview with the Toolbox on WeatherSafe Coffee plans and ambitions in Rwanda and beyond

How Satellite Technology Is Aiding Agriculture

“While software keeps ‘eating the world’, I believe that data will eat agriculture,” Francesco Liucci – WeatherSafe Ltd

UK based startup, WeatherSafe, has created an app that harnesses data from satellite technology in order to give coffee farmers in Rwanda a better idea of how to care for their crops. The marketing and sales director of WeatherSafe, Francesco Liucci, gave The Toolbox Magazine the inside scoop on this blossoming company. 

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Kenneth Ngetich Kiplimo It makes technology near and relevant to the common farmer. We appreciate, thanks

2 years 5 months ago