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10 Amazing Fish Farming Facts That You Should Know!

Fish farming and aquaponics are gaining popularity rapidly because of the increasing demands of protein and health benefits of fish. If we depend on wild fish alone, most of our fish will be gone by the year 2050 if we don’t start aquaponic fishing. But many of us don’t know some of the facts about fish farming or fish farmers. In case you don’t have an idea of how a fish farmer works, here are some facts about fish farming given below.

Fact #1: Fish is a major source of protein for over one billion people around the world, especially in the developing countries. In America, the awareness of protein from fish consumption and other health benefits from fish and fish farming is rapidly growing, making fish farming a profitable business.

Fact #2: Over 70% of the world’s wild fish stock has been exploited or depleted due to over fishing, and therefore, fish farming or aquacultured fish has become a necessity, which is quickly stepping up

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Grace Li Qualified Fish Feed Extruders and Feed Production Line by Expert Manufacturer

1 month 1 week ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Dear Grace Li, thank you very much for sharing with us that useful link.!

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Farming to improve the lives of rural women and girls

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  10 October 2018, 11:00-12:30

To mark International Day of Rural Women on October 15, 2018, Overseas Development Institute (ODI) convenes an expert panel to discuss “Can farming improve the lives of rural women and girls?”. The event takes place at ODI and will be streamed live online as well.

Reducing gender inequality is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Nowhere are concerns greater than where the disadvantages of being a woman intersect with the disadvantages of living in rural areas of developing countries. In rural areas, access to education and health services is often limited, and women are more likely to depend on farming for a livelihood. As a result, interest in women farmers has grown strongly in recent times. Studies proliferate on the conditions of women as farmers in the global South, as do debates on how best to rectify disadvantages and improve the conditions under which women farm.

While this is all encouraging, how important is farming to improving the lives of rural women and girls

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Looking forward to meeting and interacting with like-minded youth involved in agribusiness and livestock.

Gloria Kyomugisha Hello Kristofer, a warm welcome to the AgriProFocus network where we work towards linking different agribusiness stakeholders (local and international) to make agribusiness work for development. You can also Join in on our Youth in Agribusiness discussions via:

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Farm Land for sale:

140 acres of land is available for sale in Namutamba Village, Mityana district. It touches to the permanent stream, has no squatters and ready land title. it is suitable for farming, tree planting etc.

Price:  Ush 4,000,000 per acre

Location: Namutamba Village, Mityana district

Call or watsap me on 0774-314999 or 0758-314999

Together we can develop farming in Uganda

Gloria Kyomugisha Hello Charles, thanks for providing the land option to practice farming. Now, is there a possibility of farmers leasing the land for agricultural purposes? And if yes, how much would it cost and for what duration?

2 months 2 weeks ago

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Rooftop farming: why vertical gardening is blooming in Kampala

Ugandans are finding creative solutions to the growing challenges of urbanisation

When Martin Agaba realised his urban farm had run out of space, he decided the solution was not to expand outwards but upwards.

“We realised we had to use the roof,” he says. Of all the innovations that have galvanised people in his district in the Ugandan capital Kampala to grow their own food, these vertical box plantations remain his favourite.

Kwagala farm, located on half an acre of land, is the brainchild of Diana Nambatya, a professor in public health, who began growing vegetables to save money on food in 2010.

After receiving two cows as a dowry, she decided to use their dung to generate biogas for her home. Her burgeoning urban farm soon attracted the attention of the neighbours, and in 2012 she started training women at a small demonstration centre.

The urban farm is just one of many springing up in and around Kampala, a city of more than

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Hilda Okoth interesting

2 months 3 weeks ago

Maarten Hermus Thanks for sharing!Rooftop farming looks nice and brings people closer to their food, which is a good trend. However it is expensive as most roofs cannot support soil and crops without additional investment. I like backyard farming more, backyard farming is not only bringing food production and understanding closer to people, but can even help a household sustain their own need for, for example, vegetables and herbs.I think that commercial urban farming should get more attention in this article. As for example KCCA Kyanja farm, but also we at Holland GreenTech, is promoting. For example greenhouse production can be a high income generator for people in urban or semi-urban areas. This enables not only self supportive production but development of sustainable business, and supplying food fort the cities beyond personal need! Check out or on how we support farmers. Cheers, Maarten Hermus - Holland GreenTech

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Farming can reduce youth migration

Quite frequently we see job advertisements in the media for young people willing to go and work overseas. We have also heard about the mistreatment some of them experience at the hands of their foreign employers. Many youth are actually smuggled out of Uganda in what has come to be known as human trafficking. Others have even died on the way trying to cross oceans on boats.

Some have sold land to raise money for air tickets and for bribing their way into countries of their destination. These unfortunate developments can, however, be stemmed by setting up agricultural businesses in African countries, according to a recent Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) press release dated August 24, 2018. It quoted FAO Director General, Jose Graziano da Silva, as saying: 

“Creating decent employment opportunities for youth in Africa’s agricultural sector can significantly reduce youth migration from the continent.”

Graziano made the statement at the Youth Em

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National Youth Symposium:

Dear members,

Please find the attached the National Youth Symposium – “Youth in agribusiness for income generation and job creation” report.

A summary report of this Event can be found here. 

Moses Iranya Thank you Gloria for sharing this report on the NYS Event. 

4 months 2 weeks ago

Mugisha Richard Youth, please take this space to learn and share. Time is now, it's a matter of doing it right.

4 months 2 weeks ago

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North farmers to get modern farming training

TRYNESS TEMBO, Lusaka, July 5, 2018
THE Ministry of Agriculture targets to teach over 300,000 farmers in Northern Province in modern farming practices to mitigate the effects of climate change.
Northern Province agricultural coordinator Charles Kapalasha said most farmers in the area are practising old methods which are negatively affecting crop output.
In an interview yesterday, Mr Kapalasha said rice farmers are still using the broadcast method, which is a system that involves scattering seed, by hand or mechanically, over a relatively large area which does not give room for weeding.
He also said the ministry will teach farmers to adopt conservation farming to help them increase their production and CLICK TO READ MORE

This will be a good intervention and the same should be done in the other provinces too. Modernization of farming practices or rather modernization

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Young innovators develop solar-powered technology to manage farming remotely

Farmers will be able to manage farming practices such as effective irrigation of their crops without necessarily being at their farms thanks to a solar-powered technology developed by Rwandan young innovators.

The technology uses solar-fueled sensors and irrigation to collect data on soil moisture, nutrient needs and water needed to foster crop growth.

It is in line with a project of Precise Agriculture (PA), a modern farming management model using digital techniques to monitor and optimise agricultural production processes that the innovators, members of the Kicukiro District-based STES Group, a company which was founded by technical innovators and researchers, have undertaken. Read more

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Utilising small space to reap big harvests:

Agriculture is arguably Uganda’s most important industry. With the increasing population, growing crops and raising livestock for food is as important as ever. Trying to meet the demands of bulging markets is a huge challenge for many farmers.

But Eric Kayigamba has found a solution in forming a cooperative as a possible solution. His farm is very unusual and could change your definition of farming. Kayigamba, uses a 50 X 80 feet plot to keep rabbits, chicken, grow mushrooms and keep fish as well as run his demonstrations and a products shop.

Too small a space? Not to Kayigamba. To this unique farmer, thinking vertically is the solution. Kayigamba, a 40-year-old agriculture investor based at Lusaze, Sentema road just after the cemetery in Rubaga division in Kampala, is the director of Modern Agriculture Solution, a company that has empowered farmers in high quality farming utilising small spaces.

It also specialises in value addition

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Mabel Nsubuga Mr Kayigamba, I have just started rearing rabbits, i would like to come to the Saturday sharing group.  How do l register? and how do l become a member. Thanks Mabel

4 months 1 week ago

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Agribusiness: Northern Uganda gets tractor boost.

Before 2015, Seraphine Adibakum, a Moyo-based farmer and his workers took a month to cultivate his 20 acre piece of land using the hand hoe. So he could not plan the cassava at the same time and therefore had less for the market.Besides, Adibakum says he was spending most of the little money from the cassava sales on workers’ food, transport and wages every month.

However, this changed in 2015 when Adibakum bought an old tractor to mechanise his farming and increase output. He has since opened up more land for cultivation and bought a second tractor, a new one. In addition to his own farm work, Adibakum hires out the tractors to other farmers. He says he earns more from agriculture having ventured into rice and from the tractor hire.

Adibakum’s is an example of how mechanism in agribusiness enterprises is improving farms in northern Uganda and has boosted people’s incomes, food security and created employment. Small scale farmers have ex

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Extension workers to get sh25b more:

Using its appropriation power enshrined in both the Budget Act and the Public Finance Management Act, Parliament has allocated sh25b towards recruitment of more extension workers to guide farmers on best farming practices.

The committee noted that there are inadequate agricultural extension services across the country, which they attributed to the low extension worker to farmer ratio of 1:1,800, yet the recommended ratio is 1:500. The sh25b that the committee allocated for recruitment of more extension workers had not been provided for in the budget estimates that the Government had presented to Parliament at the end of March.

The committee explained that limited funding had undermined the role of extension services in agriculture, leading to poor yields and hence making agriculture less productive. Besides, the recruited extension workers have not been well-facilitated to enable them perform effectively. The committee recommended that Government alloca

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The Coffee Technology Expo 2018

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  07 September 2018 - 07:30 to 08 September 2018 - 20:30
  Lake View Hotel - Mbarara

Dear Stakeholder,

This Coming Month of September - 2018, all coffee Value Chain Actors are heading to the land of milk and honey – Mbarara to get enriched with what the Coffee Technology Expo 2018 has to offer with regards to the Uganda Coffee 2025 Road Map. 

With pleasure and on behalf of The Coffee Technology Expo 2018 – You are invited as A COFFEE VALUE CHAIN DISTINGUISHED ACTOR to attend this once a Year Event.

Entry fee: 2,000 ugx that will be charged at the venue

Looking forward to your participation. 

For More information visit:

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We are interested in regular purchase of dry turmeric fingers.

We are also interested in contract farming of turmeric with a buy back agreement.

Kindly contact us if interested so we can discuss further.

Getachew Mamo Dear Mr. Sheriff Babu,This is Getachew Mamo from Nati Coffee and Spices PLC (NCS). I am the D. General Manager, and a person in charge of export market. NCS is the largest producer and exporter of high quality Turmeric in Ethiopia. For further business discussion you can drop me email at or gmhbusiness@gmail.comWe can also chat on whatsup at +251 911 642573Best regards,Getachew 

6 months 3 weeks ago

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Seeking for a partner in the commercial farming business; I would love to bring you to speed in regards to the pineapple project which is located in Buvuma Islands ( what we have achieved to date, sales projections, income projections and key pending items).

We have made use of 13 acres of land, found in Buvuma Islands in Buvuma District, in Bulima Village. I was born and raised in Buvuma Islands and farming was our "thing" since child hood. So, I experienced first hand the dilemmas farmers do face.
Subsistance farming was a dominant practice for many years. Few house-holds in my village practiced commercial farming. I took the initiative in the fall of last year to alter the "status quo" and to something different, farming on a large scale.
We're engaged in Inter-cropping, the 13 acres of land are covered with 140,000 pineapple seedlings and 1010 banana plants. Both the pineapples and the bananas are valued at 1.937.400.000 UGX in four years active harvest, according to the agronom

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Hello members!

I am Niyigena Vladimir, I live in Kigali, Rwanda and am very happy to join APF network.  I practice Agriculture as my profession. I have got my bachelor’s degree in Soil Sciences at the National University of Rwanda. I deal with horticulture and mainly focusing on onion farming in Kigali, Rwanda.   I with i will have opportunity to share experiences with onion farmers and other relevant stakeholders on this platform!!

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Dear Niyigena Vladimir , welcome on the platform, feel free to share your innovations with other members. Use the search portal to find your fellow members who are interested in onion farming!!

8 months 3 hours ago

Aminata Keita Dear Niyigena, Happy to connect with you! let's chat for opportunities (

2 months 3 weeks ago

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Hi, I am Faustin NTAWUGASHIRA, am working as marketing officer of JAIN Irrigation system which is an indian company based in Rwanda. I have got my bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Applied of science, statistics department of University of Rwanda.  I am marketing of driling equipment with BST company which is a Russian company. I am very happy to join this network.

For more details, you can contact me on :+250788242975 or via email:

This is an example of one of the farming equipment of BST company:

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#IoAT is rapidly changing the way #farming is done. Get better yields and higher profits. Practice #SmartFarming with #FarmERP. To know more visit:

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Hello Everyone!

I am SENGOGA Desire actively involved in Agribusiness sector. Currently, am doing maize farming in in Eastern Province of Rwanda. Together with other youth, we look forward to start a vibrant cooperative which will  enhance our economic status and create more jobs for people living in rural areas. Our goal is to make an  effort to combat hunger and malnutrition in Rwanda. I am glad to be part of this network looking forward to learn from you.

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Mr.Desire, welcome on the platform. Through this network you can have access to many contacts which can help you in maize value chain! Feel free to use this platform and make deals with different stakeholders!

1 year 1 month ago

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Rwf13bn to modernise pig farming, improve value chain

Source: The New Times

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources will inject Rwf13 billion to improve the pig farming industry, especially by promoting new processing technologies to ensure standards.

Didace Rushigajiki, the livestock specialist at the ministry, said the money will also be used to build capacity of farmers and extension staff on pig breeding, as well as disease control and value chain development to enable market access.

Rushigajiki said policies that promote quality and market access were in the pipeline. The official was addressing pig farmers and other stakeholders on sector issues, including market access, standards and modern farming methods.

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Follow the link and see the experience from the farmers in piggery business: