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Posted 10 May 2017 at 03:36

Awareness workshop on the Dutch ''Private Sector Development'' instruments

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rwanda in collaboration with AgriProFocus Rwanda organised a half day ‘’Public Sector Development Instruments awareness workshop’’ which was held on Thursday, 04th May 2017.

The workshop took place at Umubano Hotel and was meant for the private sector stakeholders who are in the agriculture, water, infrastructure & energy sectors. More than 90 stakeholders participated, drawn from the private sector, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, government institution, knowledge institutes & a few NGOs.

Dutch financial instruments which were shared are facilities that aim to stimulate cross-border cooperation and economic development between Dutch entrepreneurs and Rwandan entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this workshop was to share information on 8 specific Dutch instruments currently available and open for agriculture and other business sectors.

The Dutch

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Private Sector Development instruments awareness Workshop

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  04 May 2017, 14:00-17:00
  Kigali (Participation by invitation only!)

(Participation by invitation only!)

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Rwanda in collaboration with AgriProFocus Rwanda, is organising a half day dutch financial instruments awareness workshop that is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 04th May 2017. 

Dutch financial instruments which will be introduced are facilities that aim to stimulate cross-border cooperation and economic development between Dutch entrepreneurs and Rwandan entrepreneurs. The main purpose of this workshop is to share information on 8 specific Dutch instruments currently available and open for agriculture and other business sectors.

Which DUTCH financial Instrument will be shared in the workshops?

  • Facility for sustainable entrepreneurship and food security (FDOV)

  • Sustainable Water Fund (FDW)

  • Geodata for Agriculture and Water Facility (G4AW)

  • Dutch Good Growth Fund

  • Development Related Infrastructure Investment Vehicle (DRIVE)

  • Develop to Build (D2B)

  • PUM

  • CBI

For more information on these instruments, read the attached document

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Information about Dutch Business Instruments

The Kingdom of the Netherlands through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) a unit under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, administers business instruments to support entrepreneurs to grow their business in an innovative and sustainable approach.

On November 9th, RVO held an information session in Lusaka where they explained 3 business instruments:

Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) - financing of water infrastructure for economic development

Sustainable Food Security and Entrepreneurship Fund (FDOV) - financing collaborations that create sustainable value chains in agriculture and food.

PUM Senior Experts Facility (PUM) - technical assistance to public institutions and private enterprises.

For more information and contact details see:

PUM presentation here

Business instruments presentation here

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Commercializing Food Security in Tanzania

Like many regions in East Africa, Northern Tanzania has the potential to become an agricultural powerhouse. A Public-Private Partnership of the FDOV meets the needs of maize producers around the city of Arusha. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has provided financial resources, shared technical knowledge and coordinated the contacts among the partners of this project.

Watch this film to see the results of this public-private partnership!

Partners in this PPP are: Quality Food Products in Arusha, East African Grain Council, Wageningen University and Research Centre,  Dutch Embassy in Tanzania, New Bogaloo Ltd, National Microfinance Bank in Tanzania, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and the Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture.

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There is rumor about a new call of the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV) . If you do not know any more what FDOV was about, this website of the Dutch RVO tells you all about it (also that it is currently not possible to apply for a FDOV-grant, but, .... there is a rumor)

Mr Anno Galema was one of the people at the ministry  of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands who worked intensively on the policy side of the FDOV at the so called PPP Expertise center. He has just started in his new function as First Secretary Food Security & Private Sector Development at the Dutch embassy in Kampala, Uganda.

An interesting interview with him was published April 28, 2016. It's about how the ministry looks at PPPs and role of the public P in the PPP. Read the article Here.

The last FDOV call was in 2014. All AgriProFocus countries were eligible at that time. See for the complete list of eligible countries: LIST

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EKN-FDOV Workshop: Partnering in Food Security

On 13-14 October  we enjoyed a very fruitful and effective workshop "Partnering in Food Security". There were about 70 participants of 10 projects and Programmes funded through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and 9 projects sponsored by FDOV, also a Dutch fund. All projects contribute to Food security in Ethiopia.

Please read the journalist impression below.

Also here are the presentations:

First day, October 13

1st. presentation Netherlands Embassy on dutch policies for Food Security, click HERE

2d. presentation ATA on Ethiopian policies, click HERE

3d. presentation FDOV, click HERE

4th. presentation, IncoTec about setting up a PPP, click HERE

5th presentation, SNV-EDGET, on how to deal with training large groups of farmers, HERE

Second day, October 14

1st presentation, on Contract Farming, by Gerrit Holtland, click HERE

2d. presentation, access to markets, with focus on improved maize seed, n.a.

3d. presentation, Gender in Value Chains, please click HERE

4th presentation,

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Learning Event EKN Food and Nutrition Security Projects

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  13 October 2015 to 14 October 2015 - All Day Event

This workshop is part of the Learning Agenda of the Food Security Projects of the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia.  The workshop is on invitation only for the FDOV, PSI and EKN projects. We expect 60 people of over 20 projects.

The workshop is co-organised by EKN (Mr. Jan Willem Niberring) , FDOV (Mrs Ella Lammers) and APF. The objectives are to meet with the FDOV project partners and an exploration of common learning questions and approaches: where can projects support each other? Also, project partners will be informed about central and de-central support programmes from the Netherlands in Ethiopia.

More information with Gerrit Holtland