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Hi everyone, I'm really glad and also excited for joining this network. I'm Dharma, and currently as CEO Vestifarm. We're helping farmers to get capital from investors in the city through a digital platform. We're now one of the most-hyped agriculture investment platform with thousands of investors looking for agriculture project that can be invested every month. I'm hoping to collaborate with anyone of you who are willing to foster agriculture sector in Indonesia. Nice to see you all

Dharma Anjarrahman Thanks for the warm welcoming Janine Schoeman & Maula Paramitha Wulandaru :) I'm very interested with your platform, because i believe it is very improtant to keep the agriculture ecosystem being connected to each other. I still learn myself to use your platform. Does Agri Pro Focus have some community empowerment programs specifically to farmers? We are very happy and open for farmers if they need some funding to scale-up their project. And are you open for some coffee meeting? just for keeping in touch. Thanks in advance :)

1 week 4 days ago

Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Coffee talk would be nice, you are very welcome to stop by to our office in Jl Kemang Selatan XII No.1 (Hivos office) or we could arrange it in Kuningan as well. I will email you.Regarding the direct program to farmers, we have some members who done that in several commodities like coffee, pig, palm sugar, cattle and horticulture. We also have young farmers too.. I believe your business will match to them.

1 week 3 days ago

Agus Riyanto Hi Dharma AnjarrahmanThanks for introduction your self, I am Agus riyanto and nice to meet you here, base on your info,  i already send to your email : opportunity in agricultural business, hope you can check and feedback. :)

2 days 15 hours ago

Dharma Anjarrahman Thanks for the email Agus Riyanto, very well-received and it's on our review. We will reply and attach our feedback to you soon. :)

2 days 15 hours ago

Agus Riyanto Thank Dharma Anjarrahman for your willingness to review my proposal, hope can match with your platform and or your future vision.  

2 days 14 hours ago

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Financing Women Farmers:
The need to increase and redirect agriculture & climate adaptation resources

Oxfam analysis finds that governments and donors are failing to provide women farmers with relevant and adequate support for farming and adapting to climate change. Oxfam conducted research on government and donor investments in Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Tanzania. It found that funding in these countries is significantly lower than commitments that have been made, and there is little evidence of resources and technical assistance reaching women farmers. Resources are being diverted to priorities other than smallholder farmers, and for the most part governments lack the capacity to deliver funding to them. This paper presents the findings along with recommendations for governments.

Author: Pearl-Martinez, Rebecca
Publication date: 13 Oct 2017
Publisher: Oxfam

You can download the paper and summary of the paper here. 

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Applications Open for MasterCard Foundation’s Fund for Rural Prosperity 2017 Competition!

Deadline: 30 November 2017

Is your business working to scale up a financial product or service to transform more lives in Africa? If yes, then apply for the MasterCard Foundation’s Fund for Rural Prosperity Competition.

The MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity (FRP) is seeking applications for the third collection period of its 2017 Competition to support innovative financial products, services or processes from organizations that will design, pilot and test new ideas, as well as those that aim to expand proven ideas into new geographies or a new customer segment in rural and agricultural areas.

Applications made to the 2017 Rolling Competition should be for support of between US$250,000 and US$2,500,000.

For more information visit; Fund for rural prosperity

Eligible Countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, DRC, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi,

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  07 December 2017 to 08 December 2017 - All Day Event

  Chers membres, nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que le forum (Investir au Mali) prévu du 07 au 08 décembre 2017 à Bamako   ,pour votre  inscription au FORUM  CLIQUEZ ICI POUR VOUS INSCRIRE


  • DES CONFÉRENCES ET DES DÉBATS DE HAUT NIVEAU pour découvrir avec des décideurs économiques maliens, africains et internationaux de premier plan les atouts du Mali, les ambitions de la stratégie de développement économique du pays;
  • UN ESPACE D’ECHANGES ET DE CONTACTS B2B PERTINENTS : Nouer des contacts décisifs avec les acteurs-terrain, chefs d’entreprises, responsables de PME et TPE, entrepreneurs;
  • A LA DECOUVERTE DE L’INNOVATION MADE IN MALI : Les produits des PME industrielles maliennes, le savoir-faire des terroirs maliens, le génie des start-ups et les créations des talentueux artisans seront mis à l’honneur tout au long du forum Invest In Mali;

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Call for Consultants - Tanzania - Venture Capital Research

ICCO Cooperation, Rabobank Foundation and AgriProFocus, in cooperation with Food & Business Knowledge Platform, are conducting a research on venture capital for agri-food SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The objective of the research is to provide information on the current situation and state of the art developments in the area of venture capital / private equity for agri-food businesses in Sub Saharan Africa as well as evidence of successful financing strategies and mechanisms for related policy recommendations to governments, donor agencies, financiers, and the development community in a wider sense.

The research includes desk study, consultation of resource persons, analyses of selected cases of Agri-Food SMEs having obtained venture capital as well as of Venture Capital Suppliers & Mechanisms operational in the selected focus countries; Kenya, Zambia, Mali and Tanzania.

While local consultants from Kenya, Zambia and Mali have alrea

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Simon Ngwira I recently graduated from from Natural Resources Development College  (NRDC) studied agriculture and majored in crop science science with more than 3 year work experience do i stand a chance??.

2 months 1 week ago

Lisette van Benthum Dear Simon, thank you for your question. We are looking for consultants who have 5-10 year experience with Financial Service / Venture Capital and SME development.... If you have that experience, please do not hesitate to apply.

2 months 1 week ago

Simon Ngwira Thank you.

2 months 1 week ago

Aart van den Bos Hi LIsette. you already  have the senior consultant?

2 months 6 days ago

Lisette van Benthum Hi Aart, in the Netherlands we already have a senior consultant who has started his research. At the moment we are only looking for a consultant located in Tanzania, who can be senior or somewhat junior.

2 months 5 days ago

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The 9th edition of the ‘’Agri-Finance & Market Linkages’’ event

Venue: Muhanga, 24-25 August, 2017

For the 9th time, AgriProFocus Rwanda organized the Agri-Finance & Market Linkages event. During this year, the Agri-finance fair took place in Muhanga district on 24-25th August, 2017.

Due to the information gap on financial services and to offer a market linkages opportunity in agriculture of Rwanda, AgriProFocus Rwanda organized this fair to improve agribusiness development by facilitating an easy access to financial services and business linkages between the key stakeholders of the Agri-food sector in Rwanda.

The two-days event brought together different farmers especially farmers from the Southern Province of Rwanda, cooperatives, agribusiness companies, financial service providers and development partners organizations operating in Rwanda for better information sharing, dialogue and interaction and connections between different stakeholders to address various key issues in f

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Innocent SIMPUNGA the event was successfully

2 months 1 day ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME @Innocent S, Many participants appreciated your thoughts and advice from your interventions during the dialogue discussions/ in finance fair of Muhanga district!keep facilitating the smallholders!

2 months 1 day ago

Innocent SIMPUNGA You are welcome , we keep in touch

2 months 1 day ago

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So, you have that brilliant business idea but aren't sure where or how to get the funding for it. Well, you are in luck. Inachee has profiled some alternative sources of finance for you. Check them out on our data bank.

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(Deadline Friday 8th September, 2017 17:00 hours EAT)

Organization profile

Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO Cooperation) is an international non-governmental organization working towards a world in which people can live with dignity and well-being, a world without poverty and injustice. Our core values are justice, compassion and stewardship.

ICCO Cooperation has four thematic focus areas including;

· Economic Empowerment

· Food Security and Sustainable Consumption

· Responsible Business and

· Humanitarian Aid.

To strengthen its operation, ICCO would like to invite qualified applicants for the following positions for Ethiopia Country Office.

Position 1:
Job Title: Finance and Administrative Officer (FAO)

Job summary: The FAO is responsible for the content of budgets of the programs and country budgets as well as overseeing the financial management and administration of the country office.


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ICCO Cooperation et AgriProFocus recherchent un consultant pour une recherche sur la demande et la disponibilité du capital-risque pour les PME (petites et moyennes entreprises). L'offre est derrière ce lien: noter que la recherche peut se faire en français. même si l'offre est en anglais. 


Agri-Finance & Market Linkages in Muhanga

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Rwanda
  24 August 2017 to 25 August 2017 - All Day Event
  Muhanga District

Improving Agribusiness

AgriProFocus Rwanda seeks to support farmers to practice agriculture as a business, access innovative business development services and maximise profits. The availability of affordable and accessible credit is critical for the success of the agricultural sector. Credit enables agri- entrepreneurs to mobilise the resources required to support production and marketing activities, which are key to successful entrepreneurship. The growing interest in small scale farmers by financial institutions such as banks and MFIs has increased the number of financial products available. However, few farmers know of these financial and insurance products thus limiting their uptake and utilization.

Moreover, several agribusiness companies, cooperatives and farmers have various innovations, products and services they would like to show to farmers and buyers and thus increase their portfolio of sales. Increasing market linkages and visibility of agribusiness products will enhance pr

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Le capital investissement, levier de la croissance de l’industrie agroalimentaire béninoise ?

Communicateur : M. Irwin HOUADJETO

1) Définition de quelques concepts

- Le financement en Equity : c’est le financement apporté par des actionnaires et qui leur permet de détenir une part de l’entreprise proportionnelle à leur investissement.

- La dette : il s’agit du crédit accordé par une banque et qui est greffé d’un taux d’intérêt.

- La dette convertible : il s’agit d’un crédit qui peut être converti en Equity.

2) A propos du financement par Equity

Les fonds de private equity (PE), ou de « capital-investissement » en français, sont des fonds d’investissement qui investissent dans des entreprises non-côtées en bourse afin d’améliorer leurs performances et de les revendre à un horizon précis (5-7 ans généralement). Ces fonds prennent le plus souvent le contrôle des entreprises via des opérations de LBO et s’impli

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Akibodé Djodji Merci, bon à savoir.

3 months 1 week ago

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The African Development Bank (AfDB) to invest US$24 billion in agriculture


President of the Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, said this in a speech he delivered at the 50th anniversary celebration of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) will invest US $24 billion dollars in agriculture as part of its Feed Africa programme- a strategy for agricultural development in Africa. President of the Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, said this in a speech he delivered at the 50th anniversary celebration of the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Ibadan, Nigeria. Adesina emphasized that the goal of the Bank is to “ensure that Africa feeds itself within 10 years, and unlocks the full potential of its agriculture.” The IITA hosted a series of events to celebrate 50 years of excellence in research. Dignitaries attended the event from across the continent. The Institute recognized Adesina’s immense

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Why is it so difficult for African farmers to have access to loans?

Check the study on Finance for Smallholders and the workshops held in different country networks

together with NpM Platform for Inclusive Finance and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform

Josien Sluijs, director of NpM, Platform for Inclusive Finance:

“Why is it so difficult for African farmers to have access to loans? If farmers are organised in formal groups, it is much easier for a financial institution to give a loan. The study ‘Finance for Smallholders’, carried out together with AgriProFocus and funded by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform gives insights. The study provides 14 models in Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda and Uganda, in which NpM or AgriProFocus have managed to successfully finance farmers. AgriProFocus networks in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Benin and Mali, in cooperation with NpM, organised expert meetings to discuss the outcomes of the research. The meetings included a broad delegation of farming organiz

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Anne Marie Kortleve

I can imagine MUWANGUZI SAMUEL When I read the overall conclusion of the participants of the workshops I see there is an urgent need for appropriate, flexible and timely financial services tailored to the production cycle of small farmers and that government support is needed through a regulatory framework and stimulation of innovation and finally that donors and investors are to take a facilitating role, also supporting innovation, partnership and high risk investments. Do you agree or do you ahve other suggestions?

3 months 4 weeks ago

Akibodé Djodji

in Mali this formidable work was restored by


3 months 4 weeks ago

Akibodé Djodji Nous restons convaincus que les résultats de ses études serviront de base à l'amélioration des différentes politiques et stratégies de facilitation d'accès au crédit des petits producteurs agricoles.  Vous pouvez suivre la vidéo de l'atelier de restitution de l'étude en cliquant sur ce lien        MERCI, on est ensemble

3 months 4 weeks ago

Julius. M 1-Being a sector reliant on weather, they are unsure of the harvest (which harvest they also use to repay the loan after selling). 

2-High interest rates. 

3-Some lenders want a farmer deal in/grow a specific crop (like telling a farmer in Northern Uganda to grow cabbage). Automatically he/she won't get the loan.

3 months 3 weeks ago

Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing Julius! Lisette van Benthum, can you add anything to the discussion?

3 months 3 weeks ago

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Agricultural finance fair 2017 - Kabale

 “I am a potato farmer and have been having a challenge of accessing good seed, however during this event i have had access and got contacts of good quality seed producers. Thank you Agriprofocus and partners of this event.” - Tumukunde Annet, a female farmer.  

On the 12th and 13th of July 2017, AgriProFocus in partnership with SNV, Bank of Uganda, Trias, AMFUI, ISSD, IFDC, aBi Finance, GIZ, LADA, Excel Hort, Kabale Traders Association, Reign Business Development Agency (REBDA), KAZADI and Uganda National Seed Potato Association held an Agribusiness fair in the Kigez region covering (Kabale, Kisoro, Kanungu, Rukungiri, Rukiga and Rubanda) Districts. The event under the theme; Investment in New Technologies for Increased Market –Oriented Production was organised with an overall objective of facilitating a platform for building business & market linkages and between farmer entrepreneurs and Agribusiness Development Services provide

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Responsible agriculture finance for smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Uganda

Published by Mastercard Foundation; RAF Learning Lab, June 20th, 2017, text from Food and Business Knowledge Platform

This report (PDF), commissioned by the MasterCard Foundation, analyses input credit for smallholder farmers in Tanzania and Uganda. Agricultural inputs (either cash or in-kind) are provided on credit and the farmer reimburses the provider after harvest. Input credit products for farmers in Tanzania and Uganda are often ‘bundled’ with other compulsory services and fees. As a result, smallholder farmers may not fully understand the pricing structure and compulsory nature of bundled credit products, and may be taking on more risk than they can handle. It appears there may be a number of smallholder farmers who are indeed struggling to comprehend input credit bundles and the associated relatively high but variable risks of input credit. The objective of the study was to improve The MasterCard Found

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Agribusiness Finance Fair - Kabaale

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Uganda
  12 July 2017 to 13 July 2017 - All Day Event

Agribusiness Finance Fair 2017 - Kabaale 

AgriProFocus in partnership with SNV, GIZ, The Hunger Project, Bank of Uganda, Solidaridad Network, Trias, AMFUI, ISSD, PELUM Uganda, IFDC, Caritas Kabale, LADA, Excel Hort, Kabale Traders Association, Reign Business Development Agency (REBDA), KAZADI, A2N, Uganda Industrial Research Institute, Uganda National Seed Potato Association, among others are organizing a regional Agribusiness fair focusing on horticulture with an overall objective of facilitating a platform for building business & market linkages and brokering deals between farmer entrepreneurs and Agribusiness Development Services providers including insurance companies for increased agribusiness investment, improved agricultural production and productivity and influencing an enabling environment.

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COFINA : La mésofinance en 10 questions

1 : Quelle est la signification de la mésofinance?

Entre secteur bancaire classique et univers de la microfinance, la mésofinance est la 3ème voie de la finance.Les institutions de mésofinance apportent des solutions à valeur ajoutée pour combler le « missing middle » ou chaînon manquant qui existe entre les banques traditionnelles et les institutions de microfinance.

2 : L’exercice de la méso finance nécessite-il un agrément ?

Pour officier en qualité de banque ou d’institution financière non bancaire, il faut un agrément délivré par une Banque Centrale, autorité de régulation du secteur bancaire et financier.

Il n’existe pas d’agrément spécifique pour évoluer dans la mésofinance. Cependant, pour opérer en toute légalité, une institution financière devra être reconnue par les autorités réglementaires et rattachée soit à la réglementation bancaire ou là celle de la microfinance.

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4th edition of AGRIFINANCES  

In headline of the magazine ''Wonders of Soil'' you will find the 4th edition of AGRIFINANCES (English version). 

Click here to download the file 

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Posted 26 June 2017 at 07:20

Expanding access to finance for smallholders one lease at a time

New research from Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSDA) and Nathan Associates highlights agricultural lease finance as a way to expand access to finance for smallholders, allowing for greater mechanization of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. This blog summarizes some of the key opportunities and barriers to uptake and usage of lease finance - concluding with the recommendation of a potential fund that would help share the initial costs of agricultural equipment.

To read the blog, please follow this link

To access the full research, please follow this link

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Posted 26 June 2017 at 07:12

Webinar recording: Agricultural Leasing; expanding access to finance for smallholders

Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes

Description: Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A), Financial Sector Deepening Africa (FSD – Africa), and Nathan Associates are pleased to present a webinar based on, Agricultural Leasing in sub-Saharan Africa.

Although leasing is a growing form of asset finance in African markets, its use in agriculture remains a nascent concept. Why is this the case? How could leasing help to bridge the finance gap in the sector and ultimately improve rural livelihoods? More specifically, what role can Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) play in expanding agricultural leasing in order to support much-needed growth in the African agriculture sector ?

The webinar took place on 31 May 2017 and discussed these issues, based on a recent market study undertaken by Nathan Associates in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The webinar was recorded and

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Simeon Lumbe great research!

4 months 3 weeks ago