Innovative financing opportunities 4 inclusive agribusiness

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  13 December 2018, 10:00-11:00
  Online webinar

Join iBAN’s and BoPInc’s webinar: Innovative financing opportunities for inclusive agri-business

Time: 10.00 UTC 

In 2017, investors poured over US$ 200bn into companies that combine social and environmental goals with financial returns. This trend is growing with the recognition that public funding alone cannot achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

This one hour webinar lays out the new and emerging opportunities in innovative finance for agribusiness. Here are some of the new forms of financing that will be covered: Public Private Partnerships, Thematic Bonds, Project Finance, Blended Finance, Result-based financing, Agricultural value-chain finance and crowdfunding.

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AgriFinance Fair

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  06 December 2018 to 07 December 2018 - All Day Event
  AICC, Arusha

TAHA in association with Stanbic bank is organizing an agribusiness fair in Arusha aimed at showcasing different services and products offered by various financial institutions to the agriculture sector. 

This event is open for the public. 

For more information please contact TAHA directly

TAHA  kwa kushirikiana na benki ya Stanbic inakukaribisha kwenye maonesho ya taasisi za fedha kuhusu fursa na mitaji ya kilimo. Maonesho yatafanyika tarehe 6 na 7 Disemba 2018, kwenye eneo la maegesho ya magari kumbi za AICC Arusha. HAKUNA KIINGILIO WOTE MNAKARIBISHWA.

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Posted 28 November 2018 at 09:12

Oikocredit preparing for new strategy 

This month, Oikocredit released an updated Vision and Strategy brochure, which shares our direction and aims for the next five years. They have set ambitious goals, such as doubling the number of end-borrowers reached directly to 2.3 million, and supporting partners to create and sustain over 500,000 jobs by 2022.

How they achieved these goals? Read about the changes on their website:

See below in blue the countries for which Oikocredit has a growth strategy

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Agriculture – Agro-industrie

Référence de l’accord de financement/don: N° 1 000 000 38

Ordre Interne Numéro: 715667

N° d’Identification du Projet : G-ML-I00-ZZZ-002

Le Réseau Mondial des Jeunes Innovateurs (GYIN-Mali) a reçu un financement du Fonds de la Coopération Technique du Nigéria (NTCF), administré par le Groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement, afin de couvrir le coût du projet Forum des Jeunes sur l’Emploi et la Paix, et a l’intention d’utiliser une partie des sommes accordées au titre de ce don pour financer le contrat de service de consultant relatifs à l’audit des états financiers des exercices comptables 2017, 2018, 2019 et de clôture du FOJEP.

Les services prévus au titre de ce contrat comprennent: la précision, sur l

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Dramane TOUNKARA Merci pour la publication AgriProFocus!

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Agribusiness Finance and Risk Management Training

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  17 December 2018 to 21 December 2018 - All Day Event

Event Details: Agribusiness Finance and Risk Management Training


Agribusiness finance plays a key role in setting up an agribusiness enterprise being a major factor of production. Therefore; this training explores the use of specific management tools to improve decision-making within an agribusiness firm so as to ensure effective sourcing and application of financial resources.

Agricultural risk management, on the other hand, is fundamental as it determines the rate at which an enterprise is to thrive and even last in the market. The aims of this training is to help participants realize their long-term organizational goals and objectives which are profit maximization which can only be achieved through cost minimization and output maximization.


5 days


This course is intended for various actors in Agriculture Extension (Agricultural extension officers, senior agricultural officials and policy makers) working with communities, in governments, funding agenc

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Posted 26 October 2018 at 10:55

The 10th Agrifinance Fair and Market linkage event-REPORT!

On 30th and 31st, AgriProFocus Rwanda in partnership with KAYONZA District, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Help a Child Rwanda, Rwanda Development Bank (BRD), ICCO Cooperation and World vision International Rwanda, organized "10th Agrifinance fair and Market linkage event" that took place in Eastern province of Rwanda, Kayonza district which is located in the center of the province and easily accessible. The main objective of the event is to address the information gap on financial services and to offer market linkage opportunities to the agripreneurs.

A two days event brought together different actors in agribusiness sector. These included farmers especially from Eastern Province of Rwanda, cooperatives, agribusiness companies, financial service providers and development partner organizations operating in Rwanda. The fair focused on information sharing, dialogue and interaction and connections between different stakeholders to add

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Bernard BAYASESE This is Great!!

1 month 2 weeks ago

Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Dear Bosco KWIZERA Thank you for sharing the report with us!The fair was very insightful!!

1 month 2 weeks ago

ndayishimiye innocent Dear Bosco Kwizera hello! It's a pleasure for me to join agriprofocus. Yesterday I listened on Radio Rwanda with LYAF and I appreciate what you are doing. I have already started a business in agricultural in Rubavu and Gicumbi and hope that you will contribute to develop my business. 

2 weeks 3 days ago

ndayishimiye innocent On Radio they gave your name as the one who can help as in case we want to put on market our market. Is that true? 

2 weeks 3 days ago

Bosco KWIZERA Dear Innocent, AgriProFocus is willing to provide any support that is aligned with our mandate of Networking through Linking, learning and leadership. Please feel free to register on our online platform for more information at, and do not hesitate to call one of AgriProFocus Staff for more clarification.All the best

1 week 5 days ago

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Posted 23 October 2018 at 08:35

New Venture capital targets agri-start up financing 

Agribusiness start-ups in Tanzania can now look forward in new ways to new means of financing their operations beyond traditional sources, thanks to an initiative by an outsourced corporate venture capital fund - The East Africa AgroFund. The fund is set up to invest up to $500,000 (about TSh14 billion) in any startup firm within the agricultural value chain.

The EA AgroFund is the first outsourced corporate Venture Capital which allows organizations in agri - industry to find and invest in promising agri -startups for strategic and financial benefits. This fund is managed by SSC capital, a financial and advisory firm.

Agriculture plays a better role in building an industrial economy and this fund will provide better means of financing agriculture. It is also highly believed that the industrialization in Tanzania will easily take off if the primary focus is on agro-based industries and given the competitive advantage, the fund will s

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Matthew Kamba a major step in the right direction.

1 month 3 weeks ago

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Posted 22 October 2018 at 08:18

Climate & Agri Call for Ideas (deadline 19 dec 18)

The Sustainable Agriculture Lab for Smallholders sponsored by IFAD is a ground-breaking innovation accelerator on environment and climate change designed to support IFAD's effort in developing new innovative instruments to unlock investments in low carbon, climate resilient and profitable smallholder agriculture programs in West and Central Africa. As mentioned above, this partnership was possible thanks to Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP) 2, and the generosity of Sweden and NORAD, our two main donors for this phase of the Programme.

The Lab just launched this year’s call for ideas for innovative ideas to develop and implement their innovative solutions that address SDG challenges and the Paris Climate Deal with a special call for best ideas that target sustainable, climate resilient and profitable agriculture for smallholder farmers in West & Central Africa. Deadline to submit an idea is 19 December 2018

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Posted 5 October 2018 at 07:56

Respectful Workplaces Research

The International Finance Corporation (of the World Bank Group) and the DaNa Facility are inviting businesses operating in Myanmar to participate in a ground-breaking new “Respectful Workplaces” research project that will explore the costs of bullying and sexual harassment to workplaces. The purpose of the research is to build respectful workplaces in Myanmar, and to improve workplace productivity, staff recruitment and staff retention.

The research will take place in September and October. Small businesses in four sectors (finance, retail, agribusiness and tourism) are invited to participate in this research. Participation may involve an interview with a manger (HR manager or other), a focus group discussion with some of your employees, and/or running a survey for your employees.

Please, visit the link below for more information details.

Respectful workplace Flyer (Burmese language)

Respectful workplace Flyer (English language)

If you are interested in participating in this research or wo

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Posted 3 October 2018 at 02:44

Agribusiness support opportunities at Business Development Fund Rwanda

Tired of the post graduate job hunt hustle? Do you have an agribusiness idea but lack funds to run it?

Worry no more! We can support or co-invest in your agribusiness venture as long as you have 10% of the total amount you need to start. 

Find more information Here


Lancement du Centre de Financement aux Entreprises (CFE)

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  17 September 2018, 09:00-12:45

La FECECAM avec l'appui du projet ADAPAMI met en place un Centre de financement aux Entreprises (CFE) à vocation agricole à Parakou. Nous vous invitons au lancement des activités du CFE Nord prévu pour le lundi 17 septembre 2018. Le réseau AgriProFocus soutient cette initiative et sera présente à ce lancement. Faites massivement le déplacement. 

Ci-joint le programme

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This market assessment offers an overview about impact investing in climate-smart agriculture in Brazil, especially in the biomes Amazonia, Atlantic Forest, and the Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah).

The motivation behind its development is based on three main points: the first one is to provide an overview of who is doing what and how in this field and through the reported cases and key topics like risk mitigation strategies and finance vehicles, to attract foreign investors’ confidence about this business area.

The second one is to share good practices and business models in this field; and the third one is to provide the basis to increase impact investing in climate-smart in countries in which agriculture plays a big role in emissions' reduction

Being a frontier market, impact investing in climate-smart agriculture still lacks documented and proven business models that, in addition to environmental benefits, offer financial r

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Finance for Non Finance Executives Course

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  24 September 2018 to 28 September 2018 - All Day Event
  Meridian Hotel, Nairobi

Event Date: 24th – 28th September 2018

Register online to attend

Organizer: Foscore Development Center


There is a greater need to understand financial information, particularly the balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement as companies strive to enhance their shareholder value. Decisions made without properly understanding the financial implications may lead to reduced profits (or even losses) and a reduction in shareholder value. Participants will also be able to use their new financial knowledge to make more effective decisions


5 days

Who should attend?

Directors, managers or anyone who uses financial information in the course of their work

Course Objective:

· Understanding accounts

· Understanding Financial Management

· Understanding Financial Statements

· Understanding Financial Ratios

· Understanding Working Capital Management

· Use of excel in finance

Course content

· Introduction

· Financial stat

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The Kampala Innovations Week 2018

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  20 August 2018 - 17:00 to 24 August 2018 - 20:00
  The Innovations Village, Ntinda

This year in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC), we are excited to host the Innovation week with single focus on “Financing Uganda’s Innovation Ecosystem” This will be a first step to converge and build initial awareness for the multiple ecosystem partners on opportunities to finance the ecosystem through collaboration. The Week will highlight the role of capital in stimulating entrepreneurship and also discovering various ways in which industry players might collaborate with entrepreneurs and SMEs.

The KIW are hosting a Kampala Innovation Week Kick off this evening at The Innovation Village. Come out and enjoy happy hour drinks and great conversation to conclude the first day of Kampala Innovation Week! This is a great way to mix and mingle with local entrepreneurs, artists, designers and innovators across Kampala. See you there! 

Visit for more information

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Posted 20 August 2018 at 11:17

The Kampala Innovation Week 2018

The Kampala Innovation Week is an annual event set to bring together all the various key players from different sectors to celebrate re-focus and energize the innovation efforts in Uganda and across the region.

At the core of the Kampala Innovation Week, is the fundamental belief that innovation can be a transformational tool to solve the biggest challenges in the private, public, academia and civil society of Uganda.

This year in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC), we are excited to host the Innovation week with single focus on “Financing Uganda’s Innovation Ecosystem” This will be a first step to converge and build initial awareness for the multiple ecosystem partners on opportunities to finance the ecosystem through collaboration. The Week will highlight the role of capital in stimulating entrepreneurship and also discovering various ways in which industry players might collaborate with entrepreneurs and SMEs.

What to Expect at

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Posted 20 August 2018 at 10:52

Dear AgriProFocus Members,

I am documenting best practices of smallholder-inclusive agricultural value chain finance in Africa. Precisely, I am documenting impact stories on successful financing of smallholder farmers. 

This is an opportunity to improve knowledge areas about some challenges, risks, risk mitigation, enablers, structuring, repayment strategies, opportunities and lessons learnt from financing smallholder agriculture in close value chains. This is also an opportunity to show case your organization's achievement in working with or financing smallholder farmers.

The output from this documentation will be policy briefs or a single online publication with proper referencing of your contributions. I strongly believe that this publication/policy briefs will enable development experts to learn new deployable knowledge/mechanisms for financing smallholder farmers, and to enable smallholder farmers break out of poverty with enhanced sustainable livelihoods.

Some experts have share

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Agri-Finance Fair and Market Linkages

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  30 August 2018 to 31 August 2018 - All Day Event

Improving Agribusiness!

In an effort to improve the "Access to Finance" sector, AgriProFocus Rwanda with active collaboration and support of different other partners has been organizing a series of famous events called “Agri-Finance Fair and Market linkages”

Those Agri-Finance Fairs took place respectively in Musanze (Northern Province - 2012), Rusizi (Western province - 2012) and Kayonza (Eastern province - 2013), Nyanza (Southern Province-2014), Ngoma (Eastern Province-2015), Ruhango (Southern Province-2016), Muhanga (Southern Province-2017).

The last one that was held in Muhanga District in August, 2018 was also named the "Agribusiness market Linkages Event" as it targeted both the "Access to finance" and "Market Access". (See the Event here: Muhanga Fair ). Generally we do track record we found that AgriProFocus Rwanda has been facilitating these Fairs over the past 8 years. In total 9 fairs have been organized, with over 10,000 participants in total. We managed to link at le

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Posted 9 August 2018 at 09:37

The Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance releases ‘State of the Sector’ report

Oikocredit is a member of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF), which just published its annual ‘State of the Sector’ report.

CSAF convenes 12 of the world's leading agricultural lenders, including Oikocredit, to exchange ideas, identify best practices, and develop industry standards. Its members aim to create a thriving, sustainable, and transparent market to serve the financing needs of agricultural small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in low- and middle-income countries.

In 2017, CSAF members issued loans totalling $716 million to 794 businesses. These loans connected 2.2 million smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to local and international markets. CSAF’s State of the Sector report was developed in partnership with MIX with support from the Small Foundation.

Read the report or view the annual State of the Sector webinar to learn more about the evolving cr

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Posted 2 August 2018 at 08:48

The power of Village Saving schemes through the eyes of a woman:

One woman's experience with VSLAs and a tale of how Ugandan farmers saved 300 Million UGX in one year

Agriculture is the largest provider of employment to the Ugandan workforce. It accounts for over 70% of the total labour force in Uganda, employing predominantly women (76%) and youth (63%) living in the rural areas (FAO, 2018). Farming however is largely subsistence and the majority of farmers face a variety of challenges; lack of: knowledge and skills, access to credit, information about what to produce and how to produce to earn more money and unpredictable prices, which are often low. 

Lending by financial institutions to the farmers is very minimal due to the high risks associated with farming and lack of collateral. This has forced many farmers to borrow from unscrupulous money lenders who lend at exorbitantly high interest rates.

The village savings and loan association (VSLA) scheme is a micro-finance model that was started by CARE to reduce

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Posted 26 July 2018 at 01:24

PUM and BiD Network intensify collaboration

Accelerating access to finance and growth for SMEs in emerging markets is the essence of the partnership between PUM Netherlands senior experts and BiD Network. Working together successfully for over two years in Uganda, nine SMEs have been able to attract investment. This month, both parties agreed to intensify their collaboration by expanding to Rwanda and Kenya.

What is unique about the collaboration between BiD Network and PUM, is that it is now possible to offer entrepreneurs a total package. Of course, the entrepreneur is responsible for his or her own company, but essential knowledge and investments are often unattainable. This collaboration offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to take concrete steps and to contribute to the economic development in their country.

Gert van Veldhuisen, CEO BiD Network: ‘’BiD Network and PUM have many synergies and complement each other in the work they do for entrepreneurs in Africa. Where PUM strengthens the

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