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World Bank calls for more funding to agriculture:

Government must improve public spending on agriculture, implement policies and regulations, build and strengthen the current institutions if the country is to realise its agricultural output potential, a new World Bank report has recommended.

The report titled “Closing the potential performance divide in Ugandan agriculture” says weak public institutions for promoting agricultural productivity at the level of small farms, inefficiencies in public expenditures and implementation of regulation and policies remain some of the biggest issues affecting the agricultural sector.

Launching the report in Kampala yesterday, the World Bank country manager, Ms Christina Malmberg Calvo, said government must get its priorities right if the sector is to achieve the desired targets.

Ms Calvo said the issues of fake inputs, low investments in the agricultural sector and other challenges must be addressed. She called for a deliberate move for commercialisati

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21-22-23 Juin 2018 à l’hôtel du Cinquantenaire de Sikasso

Organisation des conférences thématiques (3 conférences thématiques d’une demi-journée chacune) liées aux questions brulantes du financement de l’Agriculture et sur des pratiques innovantes pour faciliter le financement de l’entreprenariat rural et la résilience Climatique

Entre 150 et  200 participants par conférence vont échanger sur les expériences de financement de l’agriculture au Mali, les innovations, le risque et la gestion de risque

Cheick Fanta Mady DEMBELE Bonjour comment y patticiper. J'ai déjà déposé mon business plan

23 hours 56 min ago

Akibodé Djodji Prière contacter Mr Adje au 74491211 pour l'organisation de vos déplacements sur Sikasso.

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Africa Agri-Finance Forum

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  25 September 2018, All Day Event
  Nairobi, Kenya

Adopting Best for Inclusive Lending For the Agricultural Value Chain

According to expert reports, agriculture sector in Africa is the least productive in the world. Small-scale and subsistence farmers, pastoralists, and fishermen produce most of the food consumed in this region, yet they continue to face a number of challenges. Lack of capital for investment contributes significantly to the lowering of small scale farmers’ productivity levels.

How can formal financial institutions provide agricultural credit that meets the unique demands of the entire agricultural?

“Agriculture in African countries is massively under-funded”.


1. Financial inclusion and innovation in Agriculture· Inclusive investment

2. Value chain financing· Building competitive commercial Value Chains

3.Doing Successful Agribusiness in Africa· 1) Enabling farmers to think like business people 2) Important Business initiatives and skills

4.Public-private partnerships· 1) Source of le

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The loan that made me a thriving farmer:

When Mable Namubiru took out a bank loan of Shs25m, part of her plan was to go into agriculture. She wanted to supplement her income in the formal job as an environmental assessment officer at National Environment Management Authority (Nema).


With the money, she bought six acres of land in Kapeeka, Semuto, in Luwero District, located about 70 kilometres from Kampala. She planted eucalyptus trees on two and a half acres and a banana plantation on the same land size.

She set up a poultry project and planted vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, green pepper and eggplants on the remaining acre of land. Namubiru has been a farmer for two years and like many corporate employees, she has learnt the hard way. When she started out, she recounts managing her farm projects via the phone. This had its hard lessons, for example employees would call her and peddle lies of sick chicks just to get money from her. She would send mobile money.

She star

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Muhindo Nasani Kahuju True. The same happened on me in my goat farm were  I lost some young one like10 of them in 1 week but since I started attending to my farm, everything is at least now moving on well.

3 weeks 15 hours ago

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Debate about Critical Capital for African Agri-Food SMEs shows need for capital and support services at different stages of business development

On May 15, four Dutch development partners invited European development partners in Brussels to present and discuss the outcomes of a joint study on the demand for and supply of risk capital for agri-food Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Sahara Africa with cases form Kenya, Mali, Tanzania and Zambia. The European Commission, Social Impact Funds, development partners and EU Platforms were present at the event hosted by the Netherlands Permanent Representation to the EU.

The issue

Demand for and supply of risk capital do not match! Entrepreneurs in the SME agri-food sector in Sub-Sahara Africa have a high demand for capital injections between 150 and 250K USD. The growth phase of the businesses determines the need for specific financial deals, type of financial products and business support services (BDS). However, both the private and th

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Civil society roots for emergency fund for armyworm:

Civil society organisations have called on the finance ministry to set aside sh20b to counter emergencies such as the armyworm and the foot and mouth disease that have become persistent in the recent times. Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM), a network of civil society organisations, said there have been persistent outbreaks of diseases, such as foot and mouth disease in cattle corridor districts of Sembabule and the armworm in the districts such as Kween and Luwero, among others.

Stella Lutalo, the country coordinator of PELUM, during a breakfast meeting on agriculture financing at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala, said while the agriculture ministry indicates they are in need of sh12.5b to sustain the fight against the armworm, only sh2.5b had been allocated, leaving a shortfall of sh8b. A total of sh10b is needed for testing various tick-resistant acaricides by National Agricultural Research Organisation, but only sh4b has b

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FINAGRI 2018//  Devenez acteur et non spectateur

Du 21 au 23 juin  à l’hôtel du Cinquantenaire de Sikasso

Le réseau AgriProFocus et ses partenaires  comptent, lors de cette Foire au Financement de l’Agriculture, mobiliser plus de banques, d’institutions de microfinances des fonds de garantie, des sociétés d’assurances et des prestataires de services financiers et d’intermédiations au profit d’un partenariat gagnant-gagnant avec les coopératives, les entrepreneurs agricoles et autres acteurs du monde de l’Agriculture, de l’élevage, de la pêche, de l’agroforesterie, etc…

Cette 5ème édition du Salon du Financement de l’Agriculture (FINAGRI) s’inscrit dans une logique de faciliter aux entrepreneurs du secteur agricole l’accès aux sources de financement d’une part ; et d’autre part de permettre aux banques de mieux se familiariser à l’environnement de l’entreprenariat agricole. Finagri ambition

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Abdoulaye Bocar Voilà une opportunité en or j'espère que beaucoup vont saisir cette chance.

1 month 2 days ago

Mahamoudou Djitteye Waou comment faire pour y participer ?

1 month 1 day ago

CICADEL centre Avec tous ces partenaires là, je crois que c'est l’événement le plus important de l'année pour celui qui veut réussir en Agribusiness au Mali. 

4 weeks 1 day ago

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MoMo4Climate second call for proposals (30 May 2018) 

Winner takes € 25,000

The deadline for the 2nd round of proposals is 30 May. Finalist will be teamed up with a coach within the Dutch financial sector.

MoMo finalists will pitch their business proposals at the Global Impact Investor Forum 2018 in Paris on 30 and 31 October. The best proposal of the MoMo challenge stands to win € 25,000 to further develop the business case.

MoMo4Climate is interested in ideas that attract private investment for climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives in developing countries with a Dutch link. They are looking forward to receive your proposal. Read more here:

Tumukunde Jackson Goodmorning

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Tumukunde Jackson Its been long 

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julius aine its abit cool here in kaliro 

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Farmer finds millions in courgettes

Joseph Magami is an urban farmer based in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb. For over three years, Magami has been planting egg plant and Nakati in his quarter acre plot for home consumption. However, the introduction of Magami to Zucchini (Courgette) eight months ago is changing fortunes for the father of three. He currently reaps over Ush 5million per harvest from his plot thanks to the adoption of Zucchini, a high value crop.

Magami is among a group of innovative farmers in Uganda who are fast adopting the cultivation of courgettes as the demand for the high value crop soars thanks to the fast rising middle class. According to Magami, the only challenge to farmers is exposure to the high value crops that are on demand.

Apart from market challenges that every farmer grapples with, most of us are not enlightened to better high yielding crops and therefore labour with the traditional maize and beans which at the end fetch so little in the market because they are

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All Solutions & ProMEva training happening in Nairobi:

This week all AgriproFocus east-Africa teams are in training about combining communication, finance and PMEL in one system. The All Solutions & ProMEva system launch will enable the AgriProFocus network to communicate about new ideas and leads, register member investments and give information on financial relevance. With this app, the network will manage and share customer information, understand what members are interested in and also identify and know potential donors

The training encompassing APF teams from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Zambia and Kenya; will be conducted from 30th April through May 4th 2018 at WestWood hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

Anne Marie Kortleve Good luck to all colleagues in Nairobi this week! Looking forward to a stronger, better network ready for the future!

1 month 2 weeks ago

Janine Schoeman Thanks for sharing Gloria, great to see everyone!

1 month 2 weeks ago

Dorina Prech We are so happy to host all our colleagues from these countries. Working towards a stronger and more coordinated network! 

1 month 2 weeks ago

Kabunga James Welldone

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FoodFIRST: Team Up with African Agripreneurs

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  01 June 2018, All Day Event
  Duisenberg Auditorium, Rabobank, Croeselaan 28, Utrecht

This conference is about the challenges and opportunities for African farmers/agripreneurs to provide the urban population with fresh and healthy food, such as vegetables, fruit, poultry, dairy products and meat; with a special focus on the farm-to-market trajectory. The leading question is: How should the Dutch Diamond actors (government, research institutions, business and civil society organizations) connect to these challenges and opportunities, establishing partnerships for reinforcing rural-urban linkages and developing the food chain?  

Register HERE


09.00h Registration, coffee

09.30h Short words of welcome by Berry Marttin, Member of the Managing Board Rabobank; Cees Veerman,president foodFirst Coalition; Wachira Kariuki, ClassicFoods

10.10h Keynote speech: Jose Graziano da Silva, director-general FAO

10.35h Keynote speech: Louise Fresco, President of the Executive Board WUR

11.00h Walk to workshop locations

11.10h Workshops

1 Silent revolution – Organized farmers taki

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Rabobank Foundation, AgriProFocus and ICCO present ‘Critical Capital’ at foodFIRST

The report focuses on how to ease investments in agrifood small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa. 

Rabobank Foundation, ICCO Cooperation and AgriProFocus will present their new report ‘Critical Capital for African Agrifood SMEs’ during the foodFIRST conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on June 1. The report focuses on how to ease investments in agrifood small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa. It identifies the needs, current supply, unmet demand, challenges and inspiring cases of SMEs. Registration for foodFIRST is now open.

African agrifood entrepreneurs are key for establishing sustainable food systems to supply the growing African cities. However, agrifood SMEs face difficulties to access capital. They form the missing middle: too large for micro-finance and too small for mainstream banks and private equity firms. The report therefore calls on policy makers to promote a gradu

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Do you need a loan for Agriculture and Agro-processing at more favorable terms?

Do you want to move away from Subsistence to Commercial farming?

ACF is the answer and is right here for you!

You can access an affordable loan for farming or agro-processing at a maximum interest rate of 12% per annum under the ACF, through a Financial Institution of your choice. All Institutions regulated by Bank of Uganda are eligible as well as the Uganda Development Bank ltd.

Do you need financing for Agricultural machinery and equipment, post harvest handling facilities, storage facilities, irrigation, inputs and working capital for Agriculture and agro-processing? ACF is the Solution

The favorable terms under the ACF include:

1. Loan Amount  Up to Ugx 5 Billion 

2. Loan Term       6 months up to 8 years 

3. Grace period   Maximum 3 years

4. Interest Rate   Maximum 12% per annum 

Note: You can also access a working loan f

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Muhangi John Thanks Mugiusha for sharing this great info

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BoU explains farming loans

The government of Uganda in partnership with Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) i.e. Commercial Banks, Micro Deposit-Taking Institutions (MDIs), Credit Institutions (CIs) and Uganda Development Bank Limited instituted the Agricultural Credit Facility (ACF/Scheme) in 2009 whose operations commenced in 2010.

The scheme is administered by the Bank of Uganda and its operations are guided by a Memorandum of Understanding signed by all the stakeholders.
The government is represented by the ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED).
The key objective of the scheme is to facilitate the provision of medium and long term loans to projects engaged in agriculture and agro-processing as well as grain traders on more favourable terms than are usually available in financial institutions focusing on commercialisation, modernisation and value addition.

In the excerpts below, Rosette Bamwine the head credit analysis and marketing, agricultural credit fac

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Let me first introduce myself. My name is Frank Schaminee and I'm a consultant at Aeres Training Center International formerly PTC + in Barneveld the Netherlands. This saterday I will take part in an Impact mission on Poultry to Myanmar. Our goal is to educate the people in the Poultry and Feed sector from Myanmar.

We make this possible through cooperation with the governments, educational institutions, integrators, supply industry, but also the individuals. For this we have standard training courses but also tailor-made training courses. One of these trainings, for example is, "Access 2 Finance" a course that teaches the CEO or CFO to walk the correct road to obtain a financing by writing a business plan. for more information look on our website,

Kind regards Frank Schaminee

Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Theint Yadanar Zaw can you post Franks message on social media as well? For some more outreach? Thanks!

2 months 2 days ago

Theint Yadanar Zaw Hi! Anne and Frank, sorry for my late response. I was in the holidays and training last few weeks. I will post it on our social media today. Thank you for reminding me Anne!

1 month 3 weeks ago

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform newsletter April 2018

In the April newsletter you will find new studies and reports of meetings, including:

- the first podcast on Feeding Cities
- the study “Critical Capital for African Agrifood SMEs”
by Rabobank Foundation, AgriProFocus and ICCO Cooperation, and supported by the F&BKP, 
- the report by KIT/Royal Tropical Institute 'Enhancing the effectiveness of agriculture-to-nutrition pathways: key insights from a gender analysis of impact evaluation design.'
- the results of the Knowledge Portal survey
- the input by the F&BKP knowledge brokers to the consultation of Minister Kaag ("Continue investing in a solid knowledge base for Food and Nutrition Security results").
- upcoming events including the foodFIRST conference “Team up with African Agripreneurs” , which takes place on June 1, 2018 in Utrecht. The F&BKP is co-organizing two workshops: “Private sector coalitions to feed African cities” (with MVO Nederland) and “Youth and agriprene

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Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Thanks for sharing with us Nicole Metz, a lot of helpful news!

2 months 1 week ago


Masterclass Access2Finance Livestock sector

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  18 June 2018 to 29 June 2018 - All Day Event
  Barneveld, The Netherlands

Aeres Trainingcentre has this masterclass in June 2018. This Masterclass is intended for (Financial) Managers and trainers / advisors of medium-sized companies active in the livestock sector in emerging economies. These could be livestock production companies, food processors, feed companies and others active in the livestock input supply and services sector.

Masterclass Access2Finance for livestock sector

Innovations and development of companies in the livestock sector are slowed down due to the fact that the financial and economic aspects of the technical and operational improvements are not adequately addressed. Investments in new facilities and production improvements require a thorough assessment of the financial viability and economic feasibility before these can be approved and implemented.

Attracting loans and/or equity for businesses in the livestock sector requires a detailed understanding of the markets, economic, financial and operational aspects of the proposed investments. Investors req

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New study challenges funds and governments to invest in African agrifood SMEs

Today Rabobank Foundation, AgriProFocus, Food & Business Knowledge Platform and ICCO Cooperation publish the study ‘Critical Capital for African Agrifood SMEs’. The study evaluates the access of risk capital by agrifood SMEs (small and medium enterprises). SMEs are key for establishing sustainable food systems, while at the same time face difficulties to access capital.

Offer agrifood SMEs an assortment of services

The study focuses on agrifood SMEs that form the ‘missing middle’: too large for micro-finance and too small for mainstream banks and private equity firms. A major conclusion is that there are very few investment funds that meet the financing needs of agrifood SMEs, that are usually under 250.000 USD and rarely higher than 1M USD. Such smaller investments are tedious and costly for investment funds, even for those set up with the explicit goal to stimulate the development of the agrifood sector.

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Endale Hailu it is vert great updating and boost us to strive more in altering our life!!!

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Onesmo Kenneth This is very helpful

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GOOD JOEL well this is great and i like it 

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MOMO4CLIMATE first call 2018 (31 Mar). The winners take € 25,000

The private climate finance challenge ‘MoMo4Climate’ calls for fresh proposals from Dutch organisations. MoMo4Climate is interested in ideas that attract private investment for climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives in a developing country. The challenge is to send us a proposal that can attract private investors.

MoMo4Climate tests your business case through a panel of financial experts, offers advice to make your case more investable, and awards support to the most promising ideas. This year, the two best proposals of the challenge stand to win € 25,000 to further develop their business cases.

Please visit for more information about proposal criteria, past winners and for submitting your proposal. This year we have three deadlines for submitting a proposal: 31 March, 30 May and 30 July.

MoMo4Climate is an initiative of IUCN NL, NWP and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that was sta

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5ème édition du salon AgriFinance

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Benin
  08 May 2018 to 10 May 2018 - All Day Event
  Salle Majestic de Cadjehoun-Cotonou

Cotonou, Capitale économique du Bénin et lieu par excellence de rencontres d’affaires, sera en l’espace de 3 jours du 8 au 10 mai 2018, la destination absolue de celles et ceux qui croient au développement de l’agrobusiness par des entrepreneurs mieux éduqués financièrement.

Le thème de cette édition est "Stimuler la productivité par l’éducation financière"

Au programme,

-  Espace conseils et B2B ;

- Sensibilisation à l’éducation financière ;

- Conférence et Panels ;

- Business Cocktail autour des produits financiers innovants ;

- Tribune des partenaires;

- Mini-foire ;

- Expositions

Pour en savoir plus, contactez-nous  par :

Tél : (00229) 63 70 11 50 / 64 31 31 55

Mail :  /