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10 Amazing Fish Farming Facts That You Should Know!

Fish farming and aquaponics are gaining popularity rapidly because of the increasing demands of protein and health benefits of fish. If we depend on wild fish alone, most of our fish will be gone by the year 2050 if we don’t start aquaponic fishing. But many of us don’t know some of the facts about fish farming or fish farmers. In case you don’t have an idea of how a fish farmer works, here are some facts about fish farming given below.

Fact #1: Fish is a major source of protein for over one billion people around the world, especially in the developing countries. In America, the awareness of protein from fish consumption and other health benefits from fish and fish farming is rapidly growing, making fish farming a profitable business.

Fact #2: Over 70% of the world’s wild fish stock has been exploited or depleted due to over fishing, and therefore, fish farming or aquacultured fish has become a necessity, which is quickly stepping up

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Grace Li Qualified Fish Feed Extruders and Feed Production Line by Expert Manufacturer

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Thacien MUNYAMAHAME Dear Grace Li, thank you very much for sharing with us that useful link.!

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hey all

Can i see some fish farmers and lovers

if you are there, am here to give you knowledge about fish farming

Gloria Kyomugisha Hello Ronald, we eagerly await your knowledge and information on fish farming.

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julius aine is there any conference in dakar senegal nextmonth and america

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Make Homemade Fish Feed

Dry ingredients

• Four cans flour

• Three cans fishmeal,

• One can starch,

• Five spoonfuls cooking oil or water,

• One vitamin packet or vegetable left over

• One mineral packet or wilting vegetable leaves.

Wet ingredients

1. Choose between bananas, bread fruit, cassava, or Taro as the starch. Cook it.

2. Mash enough to fill up the soup can once and put it into the wet ingredients’ bowl.

3. Fill the soup can twice with water, add to the same bowl, and mix it together with the starch.

4. You can also mash the sweet potato, add the egg yolk to the same bowl and mix it.


• First, mix the wet and dry ingredient mixtures in a bowl. Knead it to make dough.

• Once the dough feels crumby, pour five spoonfuls of oil or on the dough and knead it to blend well.

• Tear off little pieces and roll them between your palms into small balls [about 2-3 inches].

• One by one, place the balls on a mesh screen and use your thumb to push the dough from one side of the s

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Sarah Assefa I love practical, how-to guides! :) Thanks for this

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In Indonesia, fish is an important part of the diet, not only for animal protein, but also as a source of micro-nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) initial study (2017) estimated that the local supply chain is losing up to 25% of its fish post-harvest. Most prominent losses occur due to lack of proper cold storage, packaging and crating, and processing solutions, which are required to reduce the damage during several steps in the value chain.

In Indonesia, 100g of tongkol (mackerel tuna, Euthynnus affiniscontains 56% and 100% of the recommended protein intake for an adult and for a child 4-9 years old respectively. Approximately 16,500-27,500 metric tons of fish protein are lost every year. In accordance with such estimation, there is a need to have a deeper understanding of different types of losses affecting food security and stakeholders’ livelihoods, especially physic

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VIV Europe  (animal protein industry)

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  20 June 2018 to 22 June 2018 - All Day Event

With a target of 25,000 visits and 600 exhibiting companies, VIV Europe is the top quality event for the animal protein industry. Professionals active in the production of poultry meat, eggs, pig meat, fish and dairy all have numerous reasons to meet up at this World Expo from Feed to Food. VIV Europe gathers and promotes every 4 years the latest innovations of the industry in the heart of the Netherlands,.   

Opening on Wednesday 20th June and continuing until Friday 22th June, in 2018 VIV Europe will be celebrating its 40th anniversary as a business platform series that has become renowned worldwide for combining excellent professional information with a superb visitor-friendly location... 

The modern poultry chain from feeds and breeding to production, processing and consumption will be on show at VIV Europe 2018 in The Netherlands. A central theme has been arranged for this feed-to-food World Expo of animal protein businesses, under the label of ‘Sharing Data = Better Poultry

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The Story of Postharvest Loss

Check out this video by GAIN to see the costs we are endured because of postharvest loss and waste in agriculture commodities. The damage are ranging from lost in income revenue, green house gasses, to malnutrition which is the most devastating impact caused by postharvest loss.

GAIN have been working  to eliminate food loss between the farm and the market through Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (PLAN). We are happy to work with the alliance by brought our network for Indonesia PLAN (I-PLAN)'s initial scoping last year. 

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Program Coordinator: Indonesia Post-Harvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition [SURABAYA]

Job Title: Program Coordinator

Work Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

Type of Contract: Consultant

Travel Required: Frequent / Local

Contact: with subject line PROGRAM COORDINATOR: I-PLAN by 12 February 2018.

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition. GAIN is a Swiss-based international organization with established with the purpose of advancing nutrition outcomes by improving the consumption of nutritious and safe food for all people, especially those most vulnerable to malnutrition. GAIN Indonesia has been operational in the country since 2012 and has received funding to continue and upscale its country programs at least until 2020. Indonesia has a high burden of malnutrition in children and women, and improving the micronutrient status of the population is a cornerstone of national socio-economic develo

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Tilapia floating feed formula

Tilapia feed content:

Tilapia floating feed formula characterized in containing the following components and

their weight percentage:

direct fire fish meal 8-12%, soybean meal 20-30%, meat and bone meal 0-10%,

rapeseed meal 20-30%l, malt root 5-10%, liquid phospholipid 0.5-1% , 3 -5% flour,

corn 15-30%, Dicalcium phosphate 0.5-1% , Feed Premix 1-2%, soybean oil 0-0.5%,

fish oil 0.5-1.0%.

Also Read: The benefits of puffed floating fish feed

The processing steps are:

A, Prepare all the ingredients according to weight percentage in the formula;

B, Mix them together, but make sure all ingredients can pass 20 ~ 40 mesh sieve;

C, Material can be processed with hot steam vapor for 5 ~ 8 minutes, and then, the material

will be extruded into fish granular under the temperature of 90-98 degree centigrade;

D, puffed feed particles can be dried with the temperature of 93-100 degree centigrade.

Operation Example:

Preparation of tilapia extruded feed

A, weighed direct fish me

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Workshop Merancang Aliansi Pengurangan Susut Hasil untuk Peningkatan Nutrisi (Indonesia Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition)

19 Juli 2017 lalu AgriProFocus Indonesia menyelenggarakan Workshop Desain I-PLAN bersama dengan Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) dan Dalberg. Acara ini membawa aktor kunci dalam rantai nilai ikan Tongkol untuk mendiskusikan dan mengeksplorasi program PLAN untuk Indonesia. Pertemuan ini menjadi titik awal penting untuk membangun aliansi, dimana pemangku kepentingan dengan peran berbeda dapat bekerja sama sekaligus mendukung inisiatif yang telah ada. Mengurangi susut hasil pasca panen dan limbah pada ikan Tongkol sangatlah penting mengingat banyak orang Indonesia, terutama anak-anak, menderita kekurangan gizi sedangkan terjadi susut hasil yang signifikan pada setiap tahap rantai nilai ikan Tongkol.

Kesenjangan ini dapat diatasi dengan cara mengurangi susut hasil dan limbah pasca panen ikan Tongkol, sehingga ketersedi

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Roundtable Discussion on Post Harvest Loss for Nutrition in Mango & Tongkol

After the workshop Minimizing Postharvest Loss for Nutrition on March 21st 2017, GAIN futher explored post harvest loss in Mango and Tongkol with an in-depth study by Dalberg. The aim is to assess the post-harvest losses in these two value chains and identify potential intervention to bring Postharvest Loss Alliance for Nutrition (PLAN) in Indonesia by engaging key relevant stakeholders. Together with GAIN and AgriProFocus Indonesia, Dalberg presented their preliminary findings on Mango and Tongkol value chains through a round table discussion, on May 23 – 24th 2017 in Jakarta.

The broad topic areas covered during the roundtable are: an overview of the Mango and Tongkol value chains and associated Post Harvest Loss and Waste, the financing landscape for key actors involved in the Mango and Tongkol value chains, and potential opportunities and intervention areas as part of PLAN. Mr. Galopong Sianturi, Directo

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Fish farming to be regulated – official

Article by Lominda Afedraru

In a meeting held in Entebbe to discuss the draft policy last week, Dr Drake Rukundo, the lead consultant, talked about the priority areas where the major focus is to support trade and marketing.

According to the World Fisheries and Aquaculture report of 2016, global aquaculture production has increased from 47.3 million tons in the previous years to 73.8 million tons in 2016.

In Uganda, however, despite the huge potential with more than 20 per cent surface area covered by fresh water bodies, availability of native species, locally available feed inputs, suitable climate for fish growth, the production and productivity of aquaculture has remained below the optimum production levels.

There are only 100,000 metric tonnes annually against the desired national target of 300,000 metric tonnes.

The development of aquaculture industry to the national economy is for purposes of contributing to the Gross Domestic Product, improve food and n

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Hear some of the issues women in aquaculture raised concerning making the value chain businesses thrive. The women were brought together by Farm Africa at Tigoi Farm in Vihiga. They are involved in aquaculture one way or another and they celebrated International Women’s Day by sparking conversations about growth and improvement, change and the nature of being bold.

Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you for sharing this nice video Solomon!

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Farmer's View On How to Boost Fish Farming

Paul Ssekyewa, proprietor of Ssenya Fish Farms in Lwengo District, has been in the business of fish seed production and grow-out fish farming (table fish) for almost 20 years.

For him, it has been a period of observation and learning. The fish farm has been a learning centre, where other farmers and university students have acquired various fish farming skills, which include rice-and-fish production mix.

In addition to his personal experience, Ssekyewa has observed fish farmers in Uganda, and visited others in Egypt, Norway, Kenya, Thailand and China. He recently shared some of his observations and ideas about fish farming with Seeds of Gold.

Exploit the potential

Ssekyewa believes that as a country endowed with many natural water bodies, Uganda has the capacity for massive national fish production. However, little has been done to exploit that potential.

"Globally, over 50 per cent of fish is farmed but in Africa, which has many water

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Jean du christ RUSIGA Keep up the good work

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Lakefarm & Fishing Lodge is an aquaculture company located along the shores of Lake Kariba that operates a fish farm in Mundulundulu Village, Siavonga district, Zambia. The company is engaged in growing Bream fish in grow-out cages on the lake for sale to the public. The company is in the process of establishing one of the largest Tilapia Hatcheries in Zambia.

The Chief Executive Officer is Mr. Chiozya Mwanza who was part of the team that established YALELO LIMITED, ( the largest aquaculture company in Zambia which is based in Kamimbi Village, Siavonga. Mr Mwanza was instrumental in designing and constructing the 60-pond hatchery at Yalelo which is the largest in Africa.

Bream fish, popularly known as tilapia, is one of the most known members of the tropical and subtropical freshwater fishes. It is recommended by the FAO as a culture fish species because of its importance in aquaculture and its capability in contributing to the increased production of animal protein in

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Sombo Kawina Am a first year student at copperbelt university studying aquaculture and fisheries,,its very encouraging to see people embarking on huge projects concerning aquaculture,it's motivating cause many people regard this course to be useless and tell us that there is nowhere we are heading with such a course...Seeing this has also helped push forward so that I can be part and parcel of such huge projctes that will help us as country and as individuals... Thank you lakefarms..

2 years 2 months ago

Claire van der Kleij Thanks for posting this. If you are looking for investment please also keep an eye on our upcoming events where you can meet potential partners or investors.

2 years 2 months ago

Robert Kanzaga Am planning to start fish farming in Geita Tanzania, i have two acres land about 100 meters from Lake Victoria shore...i have registered a company with name  Aquaculture Geita and i am winding up with other legal procedures like the water usage authorization  and environmental assessment report from NEMC. is there a possibility of meeting potential partners o

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FSRE Up-Scaling Fund Projects Kick-off the Learning Agenda

FSRE Innovation Fund, financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and managed by ICCO Cooperation on behalf of AgriProFocus, has been supporting 75 innovative projects since 2012. The fund has innovation and matching grant facilities which financed 39 and 29 innovations respectively. Recently a third Up-Scaling facility is introduced to support innovation that showed accomplishment in their previous implementations.

Up-Scaling Facility

A closed call to invite a number of innovation that have been supported by FSRE Fund to submit an up-scaling proposal was sent earlier this year. According to the fund managers, the major requirements for the invitation are being successful in the previous project and potential of the innovation for scaling up. Furthermore, as the four year program of FSRE Fund is to be ended on December 2016, the up-scaling project must have a six months implementation period. Track record of timely re

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WAFICOS is here to build a sustainable forum of fish farmers through effective organizing,marketing,Advisory service delivery and lobbying.

BAJJA FRUIT FARM Where are you found and how can one get started with the fish farming enterprise?

2 years 7 months ago

kagoya juliet We are on Buganda Rd at Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) Premises in wandegeya,kampala. Tel;0414231936. We are open from Monday to Friday.Feel free to visit us.Thanks.

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Zambia Rural Agriculture Livelihoods 2015 Survey  (RALS) Report is out!

The Indaba  Agricultural Policy Research Institute has published the 2015 RALS. This study provides a  comprehensive picture of Zambia’s small- and medium-scale farming sector using the 2010 census sampling frame.

The purpose of the RALS is to provide policy relevant information that is not practical to collect annually from the government agricultural surveys. The survey looks at demographic characteristics, farm land and use, crop sales, inputs sources, financial services, ownership of farms, access to agricultural services, and household incomes, etc. 

For the full report see below.

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Looking for fish farmers.

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Survival and Growth of Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus longifilis Larvae Fed with Freshwater Zooplankton

The suitability of the freshwater zooplankton was investigated in two African catfish larvae, Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus longifilis, at the end of yolk sac resorption. This live food was compared to Artemia nauplii, another live food. With those two regimens, four lots of larvae were constituted with two replicates: Cg zoo, larvae of C. gariepinus fed with freshwater zooplankton; Cg art, larvae of C. gariepinus fed with artemia; Hl zoo: larvae of H. longifilis fed with freshwater zooplankton and Hl art: larvae of H. longifilis fed with Artemia. After a 10 day-experiment, survival rates ranged from 97% to 98% and 78.5% to 81.5% were obtained in Cg zoo, Cg art, Hl zoo and Hl art, respectively. Final mean weight were 11 ± 0.003, 13 ± 0.003, 67 ± 0.001 and 89 ± 0.005 mg for Cg zoo, cg art, Hl zoo and Hl art, respectively with specific growth rate which respectively

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Sodjinou K. Moïse Bienvenu Thank for this chare

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Deadline Extended to 29th September 2015, 5:00PM
Call for Proposals - FSRE Fund
4th Matching Grant Facility

The Fund Managers of FSRE Fund announced today that the deadline to submit applications for the 4th Call for Proposal for FSRE Fund Matching Grant Facility is extended to 29th September 2015, 5:00PM

The Food Security and Rural Entrepreneurship Fund (FSRE-Fund) is financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and managed by ICCO-Cooperation on behalf of AgriProFocus.

Deadline: September 29, 2015; 5:00 PM

Full Call Advert, Application Guideline, Scoring Criteria, and Budget Format can be found at //

The purpose of this call for proposal is to provide a fair and competitive opportunity for interested organizations, institutions and companies to submit proposals for Matching Grant funding for boosting food security and rural entrepreneurship in rural Ethiopia in the value chains listed below.

The Mat

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