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Posted 3 September 2018 at 01:36

Youth teams develop solutions during Foodathon at WUR SDG conference

The Foodathon was a 36-hour event providing a digital platform through which youth teams worldwide could interact, exchange knowledge and create solutions to challenges related to SDG 2 Zero Hunger.  The solutions they developed are shown here 

MUBARAK INUWA Zero Hunger -Goal no.2,Deals with Agricultural development and its expantiation.Due to large number of popular we have in the world today,there is an immediate need to increase food production and also to multiply our domestic animal husbandry especially at the rural areas of Africa and South east Asia.United nation,has pledged to provide necessary incentive for the benefit of farmers for this intention.World bank and IMF.Have already started effecting these policies however, the real beneficiaries, do not get access to these benefit easily.

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Nicole Metz Thanks for your comment. The following link to publications on inclusive business may be interesting for you

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Posted 19 March 2018 at 03:52

Wageningen University in the Netherlands is looking for you to join their Foodathon event and submit a challenge!

This year Wageningen University & Research is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. They have organised many activities one of which is the Foodathon. The Foodathon is an e-conference and part of the international conference “Towards zero hunger, creating partnerships for impact”on August 30-31. In this 36-hours event, teams of students and other young professionals will work together and will be guided by a mentor, and supported by the knowledge of various experts. You can join them! In this setting, you will create solutions for local challenges, related to the theme “Food Systems”. As such, you will exchange knowledge, share experiences and work interactively with SDG2. At the end of the Foodathon, a solutions market is organised, where the teams have the opportunity to meet companies and organisations who will be interested in kick-starting the most promising solutions.

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GOOD JOEL hi, nice to meet up with u and l like it , well am ready to join you while  am in Uganda distance is not barrier currently finalizing  my research projects in management of payroll, why organizations need payroll other than manual payroll methods, am ending my research in may then move to the rural area to start farming projects but unfortunately no fund for me to start  am trying to look around for some start-up funds.we are experiencing winter season and right now communities are planting as we experience rainy season. HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON,THNKS

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Leopold Heneriko Thank you Anne Maries for following. Welcome Tz

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ugo sam Nwabuisi nice opportunity.what are the conditions precedent to participation. could we offer same to members of YESAA-YOUTH ENTREPRENSURSHIP SOCIETY FOR AGRIBUSINESS ADVANACEMENT-

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ugo sam Nwabuisi contact me.

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Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Sam, for more info you can contact Wageningen University! Check the link in the article for the conditions:

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