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Posted 24 November 2017 at 09:25

Enhancing food security and business opportunities through food waste and loss reduction in a changing climate: Reflections from the Network Day 2017

According to 2011 FAO Global Food Losses and Food Waste (FLW) report, a third of all food produced in the world of human consumption never reach the consumer's table.These amounts to 1.3 billion tonnes of food lost or wasted evey year.

The Food Waste and Loss session brought on board various stakeholders who shared their insights that helped to draft an ACTION PLAN.The following were the represented stakeholders: Practitioners with a change maker attitude; Policymakers who can twist policies in a sustainable and inclusive way; Businesses that turn waste into value; Businesses that offer value chain systems; Innovators with innovative solutions to Food Loss and Waste (FLW); Entrepreneurs that can scale-up tested and applicable innovations to make money while addressing Food Loss and Waste.

The session began on a high note with Dr.Jane Ambuko f

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Peter Kangacha Interesting read this one. Hopefully, we can have a policy approach to food loss initiative such that wastage is reduced through awareness creation on utilization of especially horticultural commodities that do not necessarily meet "cosmetic Specification". 

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Jemimah Nyangasi Great insights there! Thank you Peter Kangacha

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Peter Kangacha are simply saying that food waste is so ingrained in the supply chain that decisions of especially retail chains contribute to a great percentage of the waste. Such decisions as last minute cancellation of orders and change of cosmetic standards are quite so rampant among retailers since no policy exists to curtail it. This is being said by the groceries adjudicator, the same office that should reign in on retail chains to be responsive as reduce food wastage. Too bad that these decisions affect the often less able producers in developing countries, exacerbating the cycle of poverty and unwarranted inequalities. 

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Losses, inefficiencies and waste in the global food system

Article used from Food & Business Knowledge Platform, Published by Agricultural systems, May 1st, 2017

This article (PDF), published in the Agricultural Systems journal, aims to better understand the magnitude of food losses in different stages in the food system and provides insights into how these influence overall food system efficiency. A systems view is taken from primary production of agricultural biomass through to human food requirements and consumption. Quantities and losses over ten stages are calculated and compared in terms of dry mass, wet mass, protein and energy. The results suggest that due to cumulative losses, the proportion of global agricultural dry biomass consumed as food is just 6% (9.0% for energy and 7.6% for protein), and 24.8% of harvest biomass (31.9% for energy and 27.8% for protein). The highest rates of loss are associated with livestock production, although the largest absolute losses of biomass o

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Posted 9 November 2015 at 07:46

Better solutions to food loss: 3rd Food Processing & Packaging Exposium 2015

The Third Edition Food Processing & Packaging Expo attracted top Manufactures in food packaging innovations from 13 Nations. This took place on 3rd and 4th November 2015 at KICC. The Expo was a great opportunity for making new business contacts in Kenya as there is a rising demand for food packaging innovations. There are more retailors and super markets coming up thus the standards for packaged foods are rising.

“Value addition and food processing activities are going to be key to save food” said Dr Wilson Songa the permanent secretary in the ministry of industrialization and Enterprise Development who officially opened the Expo on 3rd November 2015. He pointed out that East Africa is a fast growing consumer market and there is great potential in agribusiness.

30% of food in Kenya is lost in retail stores and supermarkets. Good packaging of produce will ensure food safety, extended shelf life and reduce food

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Birds of a Feather, Flock to Gather

Over 633 agricultural professionals met at the AgriProFocus Kenya network day held at Safari Park hotel on 1st October 2015. The day provided an excellent opportunity for individuals, businesses and organizations to interact, share knowledge and make business deals.

The market-place was divided into 2 sections. One section was set aside for youth entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. The second session was set aside for organizations and individuals to showcase their post-harvest handling technologies and interventions. In total 48 exhibition tables were provided.

“I had an exhibition table last year and met three clients who gave me consultancy work. This year, I have made even more contacts and will hopefully yield into business for me”, said Mr. Michael Ondialla, the owner of Horticrops and a youth entrepreneur.

Three sub-workshops were held. One sub-workshop was titled “Training for Impact in Agribusiness”. It brought together institutions and entrepre

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Edwin Kamau The AgriProFocus network day was one that was full of engaging discussions with the participants present, during the workshops and the informal interactive sessions. It also afforded the opportunity to network and create new friends, while focusing on enhancing agricultural crop production. It was one well spent day and am glad to have been part of it. Amos and team kudos for the organization, keep up the good work.

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Posted 8 March 2015 at 09:47

Dear Agri Pro Focus, dear all,

I would like to take the opportunity to indroduce you a project I'm leading in Africa focus on food waste and losses solutions.

This project - Yes FOOD Can - aims to identify and highlight innovative solutions and changemakers working to reduce food losses and waste at different stages of the food chain in Africa.

To that end, as an agricultural engineer specialized in sustainable development, I'm traveling for a year around Africa to meet, talk and support food chains' actors. Yes FOOD Can is part of FAO Save Food Initiative.

For more information please visite the website (in french...) or the facebook page

I will be in Ethiopia (mostly in Addis Ababa) from 23rd of march to 6 of april. And I'am still looking for solutions to discover and highlight in this country.

So if you know :

> interesting and innovative projects that reducing food waste and losses ?

> key contacts or relevant local experts ?


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