"What kind of precision agriculture do smallholders need"

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  04 October 2017, 11:00-12:00
  online FREE webinar

 Join us for our online discussion on Wednesday, October 4, from 11am – noon CET. We have a high-calibre panel of experts, including representatives of eKutir, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bayer, Farmerline and WARC.

This event is free for all to join! Click here to view to attend the discussion:


Free online course: Nutritional Behaviour Change at the BoP

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  28 November 2016 to 26 December 2016 - All Day Event

Welcome to the online bootcamp on nutritional behaviour change at the Base of the Pyramid! With ‘behavioural change’ (BC), we refer to the theories and strategies that enable a modification of human behaviour. This is a topic that has become increasingly relevant in the development of effective marketing strategies.

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What you will learn

This bootcamp covers the key principles, and supports you in the design of a behaviour change strategy to achieve improved nutrition behaviours in low-income markets. After this bootcamp, you will know which steps to take, and how to impact the nutrition practices of your low- income consumers target groups.

Structure of online bootcamp

The online course is structured in 4 modules and runs over a 4-week period, that’s why we call it a ‘bootcamp’! Each module consists of videos, background reading material and an assignment. On the module level there is room to interact with other course participants. A team of experts is avail

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Posted 9 November 2016 at 03:08

Upcoming bootcamp: How to achieve nutritional behaviour change in BoP settings?

On November 28th, the Inclusive Business Accelerator is launching the ‘Nutritional behaviour change at the BoP’ bootcamp. This is a fantastic opportunity to get tools and guidance on developing a successful behaviour change campaign for your nutrition project. Sign up now!

Did you know that if unhealthy food is harder for you to reach at a buffet, you are more likely to choose a healthy option? In fact, studies have shown that in this scenario healthy options sales increase by up to 18%.1 This is one example of a behaviour change tactic, the topic of the Inclusive Business Accelerator’s upcoming bootcamp developed in collaboration with the Amsterdam Initiative against Malnutrition (AIM).

AIM brings together more than 30 partners representing businesses, governments, NGOs and knowledge institutes to develop innovative solutions to tackle malnutrition. Many of AIM’s projects offer new food products, ways of

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victor FUILA Evidemment, les grandes villes et autres centres plus attractfs se sont vu développer des "fast-food" et d'autres mode et methodes plus modernes, mais les personnes à faible revenu ainsi que les paysans de l'arrière-pays avec les aliments traditionnels sont des cibles où des efforts devraient être consentis pour améliorer les comportements alimentaires; les paysans petits-producteurs se cantonnent de conserver les anciennes habitudes alors que le monde évolue avec de nouvelles methodes agricoles, il en est de même pour l'alimentation qui doit être développé et ainsi conscientiser la population à une nouvelle methode alimentaire c'est leur faciliter pas seulement l'accès mais simplifier leur mode d'alimentation par des methodes beaucoup plus modernes à l'exemple du projet MADIA EASY FOOD, qui initie un aliment complet, modernisé à partir d'une recette locale très prisée qui vient d'être révisitée et équilibrée dans les normes nutritionnelles requises, ce qui entraînerait de facto un mode d'alimentation rapide et facile surtout plus moderne.

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Win free coaching sessions!

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  04 April 2016 - 09:00 to 27 April 2016 - 10:00

Are you an entrepreneur looking to create or improve a product or service together with low-income groups?

Join the bootcamp on ‘Inclusive Innovation’ and learn from the best inclusive innovation cases and experts! Free of charge   

Last opportunity to register for the online bootcamp on Inclusive Innovation (before 3rd of April) 

April 4th, 2016: MODULE 1 – Discover your capacity to innovate
April 13th, 2016: MODULE 2 – Define your innovation space
April 20th 2016: MODULE 3 –Develop your prototype
April 27th, 2016: MODULE 4 –Deliver your market solution

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