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Press forward to gender parity in access to resources for inclusive growth

As Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate the 2018 International Women’s Day under the theme “press for progress”, there is a strong call-to-action to press forward to gender inclusiveness in access to factors of agricultural production.

Agriculture can be an important engine of growth and poverty reduction. But the sector is underperforming in Uganda in part because women, who are often a crucial resource in agriculture and the rural economy, face constraints that reduce their productivity.

Although more women (82%) than men (66%) are engaged in agricultural production, they control less than 20% of the outputs. Women continue to disproportionately experience challenges in accessing factors of production, particularly land, credit, extension services and productivity-enhancing inputs such as seed of improved crop varieties, fertiliser, and pesticides.

Usually men dominate ownership and control of land

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International Women's Day is coming. Let's get ready. March 8, 2018

INTERNATIONAL Women's Day seeks to celebrate women's achievements, as well as act as a catalyst for change when it comes to gender equality.

The UN theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March, is “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”  Now, more than ever, there's a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender parity. There's a strong call to #PressforProgress motivating and uniting friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive. This day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. Under the Gender in Valuechains platform, AgriProFocus provides an important moment to showcase commitment to women's equality, launch new initiatives and action, celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness, highlight gender parity gains and more. 

The day is celebrated and supported globally by industry, governments, educational institutions,

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Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practice Course

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  12 March 2018 to 16 March 2018 - All Day Event

Event: Gender Approaches to Agricultural Extension Practices Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date: 12th - 16th March 2018.




Gender sensitivity in agricultural practices and extension is an important area that affects people of all walks of life. It entails gender equity, gender roles and further implies that roles should not be ascribed for instance to the females alone, or the males exclusively as this will amount to set back to the progress of agriculture. Gender equality refers to equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities for women and men, girls and boys. It is the absence of discrimination on the basis of a person’s sex in opportunities, in the allocation of resources and benefits, or in access to services such as agricultural advice. It implies that the interests, needs, and priorities of both women and men are taken into consideration, recognizing the diversity among different groups of w

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Are you Interested in Gender and agriculture research? Am looking for an anthropologist /sociologist with  Ability to speak Ateso or Luo. He or she should be willing to work for  13 months.  Project area will be Eastern and Northern Uganda. Masters students in need of research funds and are willing to research on gender dynamics in seed systems are also welcome to apply.

Anne Marie Kortleve Thanks for sharing Hellen! Maybe my colleague Mugisha Richard knows some people who can assist here.

11 months 1 day ago

Hellen Opie Thanks Anne Marie!, Let me contact Richard right away.

11 months 1 day ago

FRANCIS MUGISHA am Francis Mugisha doing MSc. In agro ecology ,, am interested in conducting my research on gender issues in Agriculture. Kindly call me on 0751944046 or write to 

10 months 3 weeks ago

EBINU LYDIA Helen greetings! We have tried contacting you in vain, I don't know if the research is still on bcoz we are interested. Contact me on 0702891755

10 months 1 week ago

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Investing in Girls & Women: a good business

Report by Plan Nederland and Accenture

Three years ago, Plan Nederland organised the conference Investing in Girls: good for business! At that meeting, eight internationally operating Dutch companies expressed their commitment to step up their investments in vocational training and the creation of more and better jobs for girls and young women. Simply because it is the morally right and economically smart thing to do.Despite a strong business case and clear international frameworks, far too many companies continue to shy away from fully integrating gender equality and women’s empowerment principles into their business strategies and practice. Even those companies that fully embrace these goals find it difficult to effectively prevent and address gender-related rights violations.

For this reason Plan has produced a very interesting report providing practical guidance to companies on how to promote the rights of girls and young women throughout t

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Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Thanks Angelica, an important report to read!

11 months 1 week ago

Geofrey Ochan these a very great idea hope for the best in your implementation

11 months 1 week ago

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Four ways to include a gender lens in your evaluation 

FSG: Four Ways to Incorporate a Gender Lens in Your Measurement and Evaluation Efforts

Across the social sector, we have seen growing interest in bringing a gender lens to social change—from foundations and nonprofits aligning to the Sustainable Development Goals to businesses looking to create shared value. As organizations deepen their gender-related programming and companies invest in gender equity, there is one question that is inevitably raised: how do we measure that?

The first thing to know about gender-sensitive measurement is that it doesn’t just apply to programs that have an explicit gender focus. It’s something that becomes a foundational aspect of an organization’s measurement and evaluation approaches across its portfolio, enabling it to address inequities in how programs are rolled out and influence different groups.....

Read more about this blog written by FSG on their website

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Read how attitudes and social norms practiced in every-day life affect women’s economic empowerment in Vietnam in the summary of findings of a Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Study conducted under SNV's 'Enhancing Opportunities for Women's Enterprises' (EOWE) programme:

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Boosting women’s entrepreneurship in Kenya through facilitated household dialogues

“Before, I really thought that only employed people would prepare a planning and budget for farming businesses”, says Agnes Nyaruai, a small scale trader from Laikipia County in Kenya. Last six months, Mrs. Agnes and her husband participated in facilitated household dialogues in which they discussed around gender norms within their household and the community and learned how changes in these gender norms could enhance the success of their business. The facilitated household dialogues were organised under SNV’s ‘Enhancing Opportunities for Women’s Enterprises’ (EOWE) programme that is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands.

The household dialogues were implemented by local partners of SNV in eight arid and semi-arid counties in Kenya. In a six-month period, a total of 153 households participated in the 12 dialogue sessions to reflect on three key gender norms: time-use, control o

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Are you a mid-career horticulture, livestock or forestry professional? Do you want to enhance your knowledge in your area of expertise and develop management skills at a strategic level? At Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences we offer the one-year postgraduate Master Agricultural Production Chain Management. This MSc is eligible for the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) scholarship.
Apply for this MSc programme before 28th February 2018 to be able to apply for the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) scholarship.

More information about Van Hall Larenstein's international graduate programs here:…/3713…/Brochure-Masters-VHL-20182019

Maula Paramitha Wulandaru Hi Karen, thanks so much for your posting, we will spread the words! keep on posting!

11 months 1 week ago

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Am Renalda Lema, an energetic, enthusiastic and highly motivated Tanzanian national. Working for Centre for the Advancement of Women in Agriculture in Tanzania (CAWAT)—As Coordinator. CAWAT, a vibrant and dynamic multicultural organization involved in people-centered development programs and advocacy.

The Centre for Advancement of Women in Agriculture Tanzania (CAWAT) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Its Goal is: ‘Local capacity developed to sustain women’s empowerment in agriculture and food security in Tanzania. Its creation was the overarching strategy of the Innovations in Gender Equality (IGE’s) to Promote Household Food Security Program. CAWAT was created as strategy to sustain IGE’s mission when the lifetime of IGE comes to an end. A sustainability plan for IGE USAID project, which was on operation from 2012 to 2017 to enforce the adaptation of energy serving technologies to women engaged in agriculture in Tanzania. CAWAT is a coordinated, multi-stak

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Hilda Okoth Hi Renalda. Welcome to the AgriProFocus online platform where professionals in the agrifood sector meet to network, learn from each other and exchange expertise. We also have a very vibrant gender in agriculture value chains network that I would recommend you follow as well as share your work on gender there.Please tag gender in posts related to gender in value chains.It would be nice to also open a organizational profile for CAWAT to give it more visibility and you can use the information in this post and of course more to let other learn about CAWAT. You can do this by editing your profile and clicking the add organization tab on your left.Please let me know if you need any assistance on how to use this platform and more information about AgriProFocus.Regards,Hilda

11 months 2 weeks ago

Renalda Godwin Thank you Hilda. have send you an email.

11 months 2 weeks ago


AAPC 2018

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  14 February 2018 to 16 February 2018 - All Day Event

AAPC is an annual flagship event organized by the Policy Analysis Group (PAG), an informal and voluntary group with members working on agricultural policy projects and initiatives, academia and local and international policy think tanks. Established in 2013, the group has 20 members and provides a platform for sharing information on policy research and activities so as to enhance coordination, collaboration and synergy. PAG also aims at ensuring consistency in policy messaging.

Theme: Integrating Food and Nutrition Security into Economic Transformation and Industrialization Agenda in Tanzania

The fourth edition of AAPC will look at how key reform implementers of Tanzania’s agricultural sector are delivering under six key pillars relevant to the theme of the conference. These include: 1) Agricultural Sector Policy, (2) Agricultural Trade and Marketing, (3) Enabling Environment for Private Sector Investment, (4) Agricultural Land Access Dynamics & Land Tenure Policy (5) Access to Finance an

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AgDevCo, UK based impact investor that finances African agribusinesses, recently published a case study on empowering women in outgrower schemes. 

The study showcases best practices to promote women’s economic empowerment in outgrower schemes. It derives practical lessons from SDU-supported outgrower schemes and other successful outgrower schemes of AgDevCo’s investees, and links these to ten underlying principles of success (for example, ensure women benefit from training).

I visited the majority of companies last year to test out a gender toolkit we (Fair & Sustainable and AgriProFocus) made for AgDevCo. This toolkit will be available for sharing later this year. 

Download the document here

Janine Schoeman Thanks for sharing Els!

11 months 2 weeks ago

Dorina Prech Many thanks for sharing this Els Rijke! I am sharing this to our social media followers. Looking forward to the toolkit later in the year! Best, Dorina

11 months 2 weeks ago

Abraham Kamalamba iam interested to get more details on the tookit

10 months 4 weeks ago


Unveiling Rift valley's Black Gold on 1st & 2nd Feb 2018

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  01 February 2018 to 02 February 2018 - All Day Event
  Kipkelion Coffee Mill Fort Ternan, Kericho & Kapkiyai Cooperative Society, Tinderet Nandi Hills

Fairtrade Africa in partnership with Solidaridad and Fairtrade Foundation will introduce and sell FOR THE FIRST time in Kenya Coffee grown and sold by our smallholder mothers and daughters from Kabng'etuny & Kapkiyai Women in Coffee Associations in Kericho and Nandi Counties respectively - called ZAWADI COFFEE. We shall also unveil Rift valley's hidden gem from 32 coffee cooperative societies affiliated to Kipkelion District Union Coffee Mill for sale in Kenya - called KIPKELION UNION CHAMPION COFFEE! These two products have been developed jointly with the coffee farmers and host communities towards adding value to a crop traditionally destined for export under a a 3-year Fairtrade Africa's project called 'Growing Women in Coffee' (March 2015 -February 2018) funded by The Big Lottery Fund, Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission, Jersey Overseas Aid Commission and Dutch Postcode Lottery. We invite all to celebrate with us as we make history in Kenya! Fairtrade Africa in partnership with Solid

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Gender equality and inclusiveness awareness 

The SEAD project contributes to the mainstreaming of gender equality and increasing gender sensitiveness in (the management of) curriculum development, training of trainers, applied research and outreach services. In November 2017 a mission was organized to update the status on gender activities of the beneficiary institutions and to make recommendations for follow-up actions to be conducted under SEAD.

Experts involved were Roberte Isimbi local gender expert from Fate Consulting specialized in mainstreaming gender, training and awareness raising, Adriana van Ommering, Mott MacDonald project director and senior consultant with years of gender equality experience in African projects and Simone Langhorst, senior consultant and gender expert of Q-point, a Dutch based consultancy firm involved in capacity building in Africa.

To determine general problems in implementation of gender policies and to determine possibilities for crosscutting support th

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Anne Marie Kortleve Nice to see that the SEAD program also addresses gender aspects. Are you known with the networks gender in value chains programme? You can check: for more info. Would love it if we could share knowledge there, also around your project. My colleague Caroline van der Molen can tell you more!

12 months 2 days ago

Adriana van Ommering Thanks Anne-Marie for bringing this to our attention. I will have a look a the news from the gender network in Agriprofocus.

11 months 3 weeks ago

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Study on Women’s Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance in Indonesia

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia just released a report titled “Women’s Entrepreneurship and Access to Finance: Challenges and Opportunities of Women-led Social Enterprises in Indonesia”. It was produced in partnership with Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN) and financially supported by the Government of Canada.

Investing in women entrepreneurs has been a hot topic over the past few years due to its win-win outcome; not only in social context but also from the economics point of view. Aligned with recent study on women entrepreneurs by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) which found that the repayment rate of women entrepreneurs is better, our recent study revealed that women entrepreneurs we interviewed do not have any difficulty in repaying loan; in fact they are more proactive and cultivate closer relationships with their financial b

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Using a gender lens to address critical issues in rural areas: The illustrated gender and youth toolkit

2SCALE works in 9 countries of West and Eastern Africa and seeks to foster women’s participation by setting a 40% target in the agribusiness clusters they support. Partnership facilitators working within the program and their partners organizations, the Business support services, need to find innovative strategies to reach this target of female participation.

To ensure this, the first step is understanding the specific context in which they operate at cluster level. Using adapted versions of the Harvard gender analysis framework[1] is an effective way to do this. However, facilitators face different challenges using these tools. 2SCALE with the support of a gender consultant, developed an illustrated toolkit adapted from the Harvard framework. It was designed in collaboration with Mango Tree, an organization based in Uganda. The prototype was tested in several countries in W

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NEW Policy Brief: Gender equality in climate change adaptation and disaster resilience in Vietnam

Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) are vital to Vietnam’s sustainable development and long-term resilience. The poor and vulnerable, particularly women, children and elderly, experience disproportionate impacts of climate change. To raise awareness and highlight the importance of gender equality in climate and disaster resilience in the context of the post-2015 development agenda, SNV Vietnam jointly initiated and developed a policy brief together with UN Women, UNDP, CARE and Oxfam in Vietnam. In November 2017, SNV introduced the policy brief at COP23 in Bonn, Germany, to highlight the important intersection of climate change, disaster resilience and gender at the global platform.

The policy brief addresses key issues of gender inequality in CCA and DRR with the intention of strengthening gender equality in policies and plans and their implementation. It draws on t

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I would love to talk to anyone who has done gender work on mung beans, including if possible with respect to mechanical harvesting.

I will be examining this issue in relation to mung bean in Myanmar and Bangladesh, with colleagues of course. Would be super to chat.

Anne Marie Kortleve Hi Cathy, I don;t think we have specific experience in mung beans/mechanical harvesting, but my colleagues Caroline van der Molen or Angelica Senders know a lot about our general gender in value chains appraoch and might be able to help you further. Good luck with your work!

1 year 3 weeks ago

Cathy Rozel Farnworth Thank you!I would also appeal to colleagues with experiences of how mechanization in general affects gender roles etc.

1 year 3 weeks ago

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Agriculture takes a leap forward at Bonn Climate Talks

UNDP-FAO Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans (NAP-Ag) Programme highlights need for sectoral adaptation planning

Bonn, Germany – The signature decision on agriculture coming out of this year's climate talks in Bonn, called the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture, provides a new opportunity to address how climate change impacts on agricultural production have put millions of lives and livelihoods at risk worldwide.

"This bold landmark decision brings agriculture to the forefront of the international climate change agenda, and looks directly at important issues such as assessing adaptation and mitigation benefits of agriculture, improving soil health, nutrient management and livestock systems, and addressing the socio-economic and food security issues associated with climate change in the agriculture sectors," said Julia Wolf, Natural Resource Officer and Coordinator from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the Un

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How to boost women entrepreneurship?

This question was addressed during a National Platform organised on December 14th by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation in Vietnam. The Platform connected and facilitated knowledge exchange between women entrepreneurs, policy makers & local governments. 

The Platform also marked the official kick-off of the National Women-led Business Start-up Programme (NWBSP), which aims to support women in business start-up and innovation in 63 provinces in Vietnam. The Programme will be implemented by the Vietnam Women’s Union between 2017 and 2025, with support from international and governmental organisations, enterprises and local partners. 

 #FlowNL #EOWE #SDG5