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Looking forward to meeting and interacting with like-minded youth involved in agribusiness and livestock.

Gloria Kyomugisha Hello Kristofer, a warm welcome to the AgriProFocus network where we work towards linking different agribusiness stakeholders (local and international) to make agribusiness work for development. You can also Join in on our Youth in Agribusiness discussions via:  https://hangouts.google.com/group/xCICaRBGK5cJhsqY2

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Completely revised Agrodok: Goat keeping

Goats play an important role in food production systems in developing countries. They are popular because they are able to adapt to many different climates and they can be used in several ways. They can serve as a bank account which can be drawn on when cash is needed and they provide high quality milk and meat. They are tougher than cattle and they are small animals and so they cost less per animal to keep.

 In this Agrodok the authors provide detailed information on goat breeding. They also deal with raising and selecting young animals for reproduction, meat and cross breeding. There are chapters on nutrition, feeding and housing as well as on how to deal with the common diseases and parasites that affect these animals. Goat products such as milk, meat, bones, hide and manure are also dealt with.

This Agrodok is available in French and in English.

MOSES NYAGA Thanks for the info on goat rearing .am interested in starting a goat projects for my local community any help which may come forth would be helpful

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Diederick voor de Poorte Is there any imterest in a second hand goat parlour?

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Alice Norah Motherhood how much does a he and she goat cost

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I am interested in experiences in preparing, storing, and using silage within Uganda. Any farms where I can see this in action? Any literature that I can use? 

SHAMBIE SULTAN I have a small piggery in Kireka-Kamuli, i do small scale sillage from different crops for feeding my pigs, if interested on viewing pliz call me on 0705178193

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