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East Africa Regional Grain Trade Analysis for the Week Ending 28 July 2017

The Week’s Market Opportunities-

  • Kenya is currently experiencing a shortage of pure red millet, the commodity that is currently available in the market is an extremely poor quality mixture of various varieties of millet including black millet.
  • The Nairobi market continues to experience a shortage of the imported long grain rice (Biryani/Sidano).
  • Betta Grains is currently sourcing for the following items for our clients; White Millet, Red Millet, Long Grain Imported Rice, Arrow Root Flour, Yam Floor, Banana Floor, Green Grams (Nylon Variety), Chick Peas, and Lentils (Green).
  • Betta Grains has requests to find buyers for the following items; Red Groundnuts (Malawi & Zambia), White Maize (Malawi & Zambia), Red and White Cowpeas (Uganda), Sugar Beans (Uganda), Soya Beans (Uganda), Red Kidney Beans (Uganda), and Nyayo Beans (Kenya).


7th African Grain Trade Summit

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  05 October 2017 to 07 October 2017 - All Day Event
  Dar Es Salaa

The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) is hosting her 7th edition of the African Grain Trade Summit (AGTS) on 5th to 7thOctober 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Summit is an internationally recognized policy conference,which attracts high-level policymakers, influential industry practitioners and leading researchers in the grain sector in Africa and beyond. This year’s discussions will reflect on the achievements and challenges in the Grain sector over the past decade and the new vision and strategic thrust for the transformation of the sector in Africa.

Theme: “Setting New Horizons: Rethinking Grain Trade for Food Security and Prosperity in Africa”

The 7th AGTS Program Committee hereby invites the submission of original, unpublished papers including but not limited to the following topics:
i.Doing Business in the African Grain Sector:Towards a New Policy for Sustainable and Prosperous Grain Trade
ii.Money Matters: Reshaping Financial

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East Africa Regional Grain Trade Analysis for the Week Ending 21st July 2017

Maize (9,489MT) was the highest traded commodity in the region in the week ending 21st July 2017, a decrease from the previous week (11,304MT). The price of maize is on a decline across all Kenyan markets, as many parts of the country have started harvesting fresh maize. The Government of Kenya’s promise to import more maize at a much lower price seems to have finally pushed the price of maize on a downward trend. Zambians and Malawi traders continue looking at exporting maize to Kenya, which seems to offer a much more favourable price, despite unconfirmed reports of Tanzania’s continual barriers towards Kenyan imports from Southern Africa region. Maize wholesale prices were highest in South Sudan, Juba Ksh83($0.80)/kg, and Burundi Gitega, Ksh72($0.69)/kg. The lowest prices were in Tanzania, Mbeya Ksh21($0.20)/kg and Uganda, Kampala Ksh24($23)/kg. Kenya reported the following wholesale prices Kisumu, Ksh60($0.

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Who Fed Kenya in June 2017. The Perspective of an African Woman Trader.

Maize meal continued to be a big topic of discussion in June 2017, and towards the end of the month Nairobi, started experiencing shortages of rice, a probable indication, that Kenyans were unwillingly consuming more rice than maize meal. In June 2017, Kenya was the Leading Net Importer (66,312MT), a 324% increase in comparison to May 2017 net import (20,449MT). Kenya imported (68,626MT) and exported (2,314MT). The leading imports were maize and beans, while wheat (2,194MT) was the leading export.

Uganda was the Leading Net Exporter (64,304MT) in June 2017 having exported (70,952MT) and imported (6,648MT). The leading exports were beans (34,096MT), a huge increase in comparison to May 2017 (9,803MT). Uganda exported beans to Kenya (30,552MT), to DRC (3,232MT), and to Tanzania (10MT). Uganda’s combined commodity exports were to Kenya (65,243MT), to Rwanda (2,326MT), and to DRC (3,232MT). Mai

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Dorina Prech Fostina Mani, many thanks for sharing these great insights on the food situation in the country. Interesting to note that there was increased demand for rice that Kenyans unwillingly resorted to in place of the maize meal. I think the recent food shortage situation called for the need to diversify our diets; as well as to explore climate smart ways to ensure abundant harvest rather than depending on rainfed agriculture as has always been the case. What do you think? 

6 months 1 week ago

Fostina Mani Thanks for taking the time to read.  With regard to maize vs rice, considering the nature of work many Kenyans do, especially manual work, its fair to say that rice may not be as sustaining as a  meal like good old Ugali or Githeri.  With regard to rain-fed agriculture there are a lot of innovations out we just need to adopt and implement.

6 months 6 days ago

CHARLES GUMIRA This is great information. 

6 months 5 days ago

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Call for proposals 

Competitiveness & enterprise development project: deadline 30th November 2016

Herewith attached is a call for proposals for the matching grant facility offered by Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU).  Sectors of interest are horticulture, tourism, coffee, grains, pulses, edible oils, fisheries and ICT

See Fourth call proposals attached for details

Good luck!

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Vient de paraître : "La conservation des grains après récolte" de Jean-François CRUZ, Joseph D. HOUHOUINGAN, Francis Fleurat LESSARD

Un ouvrage technique et pratique sur la conservation des grains de céréales post-récolte en zone tropicale.

Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus

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Dear all,

Receive warm greetings from the Eastern Africa Grain Council.

The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) is a regional member-based organization for the grain value-chain stakeholders, with the mandate of developing, promoting and supporting the development of structured trading systems and supportive regional grain trade policies across East African region.

EAGC through its specialized Institute, the Eastern Africa Grain Institute (EAGI) in collaboration with Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and SGS-Tanzania have organized a training for Maize and Rice Graders from the 3rd to 5th of November 2015 at New Africa Hotel. The training will cover the Overview of maize quality standards as per EAS 2013, Testing Methods and Assigning of Grades and a number of Demonstrations and practical as per attached training program.


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This year the AGRF 2015 organized by AGRA, Government of Zambia, COMESA and ACTESA. Farmers, cooperatives, agribusinesses and other agricultural organisations were present from all over Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Benin, Nigeria and of course Zambia, amongst many other countries.

Some highlights so far: The AGRF launched the Annual Agriculture Status Report during the forum and there were thematic sessions on Women in Agriculture, Youth in Agriculture, how to catalyze increased inclusion in agriculture. There are also several sessions coming up on inputs and increased mechanization, fertilizer value chains, and developing grain and livestock sectors in Africa.

During the forum, the AECF was also introduced. This initiative is a funding facility for private sector that have a high social impact. AECF runs several competitions through Africa with grants between 250,0

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6th African Grain Trade Summit:  

 THEME: Towards Creating Enabling Environment for Grain Trade in Africa: Technology, Information, Policy and Services (T.I.P.S) 

DATE: 1st - 3rd October,2015
VENUE: Serena Hotel Kigali, Rwanda

The Africa Grain Trade Summit (AGTS) is a biennial event successfully organized by Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) during recent years. Typically, the event is held in the countries of the EAGC area of operation.

This summit is a continentaly-recognized grain industry conference that attracts stakeholders along the grain value chain from around the Africa continent for discussion about key grain industry issues including strategies for sustainable growth in grain production, new post-harvest technologies, marketing challenges and developing trends in the grain trade.

In addition to the opportunity to listen to and interact with grain industry experts addressing a wide range of issues and trends affecting grain trade, delegates benefit from enha

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Jillian Kanaiza Makungu Dear Juma, Thanks for posting this. It would have been nice if you posted it as an event. Regards

2 years 4 months ago

QUINTER ODONGO Any registration details fort attendance?

2 years 4 months ago

Tanzania Graduate Farmers Dear @Quinter Odongo please go to

2 years 4 months ago

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ECX to expand into more crops.

The Ethiopia commodity exchange plans to broaden the range of crops it trades and wants to introduce stocks and bonds under a five-year expansion plan, Chief Executive Officer Ermias Eshetu said.

The market plans to move from coffee and sesame seeds, which account for more than 90 percent of volumes and are the two biggest generators of foreign exchange in Ethiopia, to sugar and grains such as corn, Ermias, who became CEO in January, said in an interview. Equities, government debt, power and metals may also be added on the bourse, which traded 26.2 billion birr ($1.3 billion) worth of goods last year.

Read more in this news item from Bloomberg, cited from Precise Consult newsletter

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Hi all, 

We have just signed up on this platform and would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, Forsberg Agritech India Pvt Ltd. that specialises in the manufacture of food processing machinery. 

Our present capabilities include machinery for spices and oleo raisins extraction, oil seeds and edible oils processing industry, grains and cereals processing, hybrid seeds processing, medicinal and herbal seeds, confectionary nuts such as sesame, sunflower, cashew and beetle nut, rice milling, oil milling, flour milling, maize processing and degerminating plant,  coffee curing and processing amongst many other activities.

We have also run projects with the government of India wherein we have supplied mini rice mills, mini oil mills, mini flour mills and the like to individual farmers who can process their own produce and supply directly to the market thereby removing middle men and increasing their monthly incomes. These easy to use one pass mills allow the farmer t

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Empower East Africa LTD, oh check out on our website,

3 years 1 month ago

Rukmini Thakore THANK YOU Empowereastafrica, I have checked your website and our work seems great. Apart from fruits and vegetables , do you also have networks for dry granular produce like rice, pulses, spices, grams etc? We have mini rice mills, mini oil mills, mini flour mills and mini mills for pulses for farmers. Can I have your email address. Thanks

3 years 1 month ago

HUSSEIN HAJI We are one of the biggest Agro-commodities Exporter based in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia(East Africa).Since many years back we are supplying best quality of all types of Ethiopian  cereals, pulses, spices , oilseeds, live stocks, etc… like first grade Humera type sesame seeds, soya bean, Chick pea, Niger seeds, beans, etc… with best price for international market . Our company is registered member of Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds, and Spices Processors-Exporters Association & Addis Ababa chamber of commerce & sect oral Associations.We are interested to work with by supplying you .

10 months 1 day ago