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Posted 21 December 2018 at 09:38

Nine research projects funded to improve seed systems in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

Nine projects are funded by NWO-WOTRO to strengthen the Netherlands-CGIAR research partnership on generating insights that contribute to improving seed systems in focus regions within Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa. Specific seed systems addressed are cassava, maize, groundnut, vegetables, cocoa, forage seed, tilapia and chicken, while some projects have a more general focus on improving the functioning and inclusiveness of seed systems and (actors in) markets.

The call on “Seed Systems Development: Enabling and Scaling Genetic Improvement and Propagation Materials” was released by the Netherlands-CGIAR partnership. The nine awarded project consortia consist of Dutch research institutes, CGIAR research centers (through CGIAR research programmes or platforms), and (local) partners from the public and private sector.

Aim of the research projects

The call for proposals was built on the premise that development of the seed sector may

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Findings from The African Seed Access Index (TASAI)  

I just received this invitation for a brown bag lunch, as it is happening at AGRA Nairobi. Still, the interesting part are the links in the invitatation text. Courtesy TASAI. 

Timely availability of improved seeds at affordable prices is critical to increased productivity by smallholder farmers in Africa. Improved seeds can deliver state of the art technology to farmers including higher yields, disease and pest resistance, climate change adaptation, and improved nutrition. Over the last two decades, formal seed systems in Africa have been gradually liberalized resulting in increased participation of private seed enterprises (multinationals, regional and domestic companies). This presentation shares the latest findings from The African Seed Access Index (TASAI), a tool that appraises the structure and economic performance of formal seed sectors. For the top four grain and legume crops in each country, the index tracks 20 indicators in five categories: Research and Development, Industry Comp

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9 Applied Research Projects granted funding by NWO-WOTRO (9 Nouveaux projets de recherche appliquée)

In June 2017 nine proposals have been awarded funding in the second round of the third ARF Call. Please find below the titles and direct links to the projects per country (selection of countries with AgriProFocus network):

(FR: En juin 2017, neuf propositions de project ont été approuvées dans le cadre du Fonds de Recherche Appliquée ARF. Veuillez trouver les titres et les liens directs aux descriptions de projet par pays (selectionnés par pays avec réseau AgriProFocus)


Commercial Seed System for African Indigenous Vegetables in Uganda


Rainwater harvesting from roads for indigenous pasture production & improved rural livelihoods in Kenya (ROFIP)


Enhancing safety and quality of milk in Ethiopia



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Akibodé Djodji Merci Nicole pour ce partage, je viens de faire un tour sur le lien relatif au projet de recherche au Mali, c'est avec plaisir que j'ai donc retrouvé les membres du consortium dont  la Fondation Sassakawa , l'IPR, et surtout le KIT. C'est vraiment une bonne opportunité pour les producteurs du Mali.Avec une semence de qualité,on peut nourrir le monde.(Sécurité alimentaire). Le réseau se fera un grand plaisir d'accompagner le consortium et lui faciliter la vulgarisation des résultats de la recherche. La force du réseau c'est les membres, et la force des membres c'est le réseau. Restons  connectés

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2nd AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference

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  03 November 2015 - 08:30 to 04 November 2015 - 16:30

The 2nd AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference holds at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja, Nigeria from 3 - 4 November, 2015.

The Annual AgricBusiness Tradeshow & Conference serves as a platform to discuss the potential and viability of the Agricultural business in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region. The event seeks to symbolize the opportunities in the Agribusiness, as well as synergize on technologies, techniques and human resources. Agriculture is now favourably contributing to the nation’s economy: In the third quarter of 2013, the non-oil sector recorded 7.95 percent, largely driven by better performance in the agricultural sector; particularly crop production.

The Nigeria Agricultural sector now generates one-third of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs two-thirds of the country workforce. Livestock is the second largest agricultural sub-sector and features 16.43 million Cattle, 34.69 million Sheep, 55.15 million Goats, 7.18 million Pigs and 183.16 millio

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CTA sharing a good practice relevant for the Oilseed Platform in Mozambique.

Aflatoxin Control for Smallholder Groundnut Production: The MFK experience.

Since 2004, MFK has sourced over 180,000 kgs of groundnuts from Haitian smallholder farmers, using a model that helps them to control aflatoxin contamination through: training, collaborative research and price incentives. Farmers have increased their yields by 30% and farm incomes by 100%. With the support of their farmer networks, MFK has been able to reduce aflatoxin contamination levels to within international standards. MFK’s model promotes the use of appropriate control strategies throughout the entire value chain. At the field level, the focus is on the adoption of good agricultural practices, such as the use of vigorous varieties, crop rotation, timely planting, maintenance of soil fertility , weed, pest and disease control, timely harvesting, drying and proper storage. Groundnuts are not dried on the ground. Tarpaulins are used

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Alexandre Santos Are there any similar initiatives going on in Mozambique, particularly in Nampula?

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Hi all, 

We have just signed up on this platform and would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company, Forsberg Agritech India Pvt Ltd. that specialises in the manufacture of food processing machinery. 

Our present capabilities include machinery for spices and oleo raisins extraction, oil seeds and edible oils processing industry, grains and cereals processing, hybrid seeds processing, medicinal and herbal seeds, confectionary nuts such as sesame, sunflower, cashew and beetle nut, rice milling, oil milling, flour milling, maize processing and degerminating plant,  coffee curing and processing amongst many other activities.

We have also run projects with the government of India wherein we have supplied mini rice mills, mini oil mills, mini flour mills and the like to individual farmers who can process their own produce and supply directly to the market thereby removing middle men and increasing their monthly incomes. These easy to use one pass mills allow the farmer t

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Empower East Africa LTD, oh check out on our website,

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Rukmini Thakore THANK YOU Empowereastafrica, I have checked your website and our work seems great. Apart from fruits and vegetables , do you also have networks for dry granular produce like rice, pulses, spices, grams etc? We have mini rice mills, mini oil mills, mini flour mills and mini mills for pulses for farmers. Can I have your email address. Thanks

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HUSSEIN HAJI We are one of the biggest Agro-commodities Exporter based in Addis Ababa- Ethiopia(East Africa).Since many years back we are supplying best quality of all types of Ethiopian  cereals, pulses, spices , oilseeds, live stocks, etc… like first grade Humera type sesame seeds, soya bean, Chick pea, Niger seeds, beans, etc… with best price for international market . Our company is registered member of Ethiopian Pulses, Oilseeds, and Spices Processors-Exporters Association & Addis Ababa chamber of commerce & sect oral Associations.We are interested to work with by supplying you .

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