Organic Farmers' Markets!

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  22 December 2018, 09:00-12:00
  Addis Ababa: 1. Bole Natani Cafe, 2. Behind Bole Medhanialem Church

Two Organic Farmers' Markets on Saturday Morning

The main market location is at Natani Cafe on Bole Road in front of the Millennium Hall. There is a second market location behind Bole Medehanealem church which was started a month ago.

There will be fresh ecological organic vegetables ( Green beans, Beet root, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Potato, Gomen) herbs ( Ethiopian basil,Rue, Rosmary, Kosert) fruit ( avocado) oil crops ( flax / linseed) Legumes ( broad bean) from Holeta. There will be processed oats (from North Shoa ) and cheese from (from Bale) available along the fresh produces.

Organic food is fresher tastes better, lasts longer and nutritious than other vegetables of non EOA ones.  Come and visit us! 

Thanks to the co-organizers, and especially Institute for Sustainable Development.

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Posted 31 October 2018 at 07:04

Giving backyard farming a jeans look:

Strange and astonishing as it may look, a farmer can put soil in used jeans, irrigate and then yield vegetables and herbs in the comfort of his home. According to entrepreneur scientist Julius Nyanzi, 27, the founder of Prof Bio Research Company, the craze of farming in jeans is fast spreading in urban centres thus eliminating the myth of limited land.

“Most people in township areas claim they don’t have enough land for farming but this jean technology can even be done by a breastfeeding mother in a rented house,” he says.

Nyanzi says any farmer interested in backyard or green house farming can also use toilet paper rolls, align them in a tray form, insert mixed soils and grow leafy vegetables. To Nyanzi, although the city cannot provide for itself, that can change by the way people think of farming.

How it works

“Women have many waste clothes which they can recycle and use in growing vegetables. In a country like Netherlands, green house fa

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Posted 8 December 2016 at 07:24


Kenya Urban Farmers Network is a project of DanTony real Estate www.dantonyrealestate.com. Our experienced urban farmers make gardening simple, fun, and rewarding for people in Nairobi and other counties across the country.

We believe in local, organic, and sustainably-grown food you can feel proud of eating and sharing with your friends and family. Our best urban farming and backyard gardening products include raised beds, self-watering containers, hanging planters, and a lot of garden accessories.

We deliver herbs of your choice in containers saving the cost and time to visit your grocery every day for herbs.


Food and eating unite us all. URBAN FARMING IS PROFITABLE!
Mkulima Kamau Muguko


Call/Text/WhatsApp 0722 281679



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  20 November 2016 to 27 November 2016 - All Day Event

Tanzanian and European spice producers will facilitate new business relationships during an outgoing trade mission, set to take place in Tanzania 20-27 November. Activities will include seminars, company and field visits, business dinners and matchmaking activities. NABC will organize meetings with processors, logistic partners, quality bureaus, representatives from the financial sector and government representatives. See the website for more details, and contact Daphne Meijer-Willems via daphne.willems@nabc.nl for more information.