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Collect Seedlings at School Garden Digging Party

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  18 December 2018, 09:30-11:30
  Makdala School, Biserate Gebriel (on Victory road, accross the street from the INSA office)

2 Opportunities for Urban Gardeners - School Gardening & Vegetable Seedling Collection! 

1. Come collect vegetable seedlings - Florensis has donated 3,000 seedlings to urban gardens! There are mostly tomato and watermellon seedlings. You can collect seedlings from your garden on Tuesday morning at Magdala School Garden.  

2. Help students at Magdala Public School to dig their garden bed, together with gardening expert Mr. Eskinder Mulugeta who working to grow food secure schools in Addis Ababa. Learn and work together on Tuesday morning! 

Makdala School is a public school in the Biserate Gebriel neighborhood of Addis Ababa, accross the road from the Ethipia Network Security Agency (also known as ENSA, see map via this link). 

To collect seedlings or help students dig their garden, please call Mr. Eskinder: 0904399009.


Storm Water Management Demonstration Celebration

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  15 November 2018, 00:00-00:01
  Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development, AAU, Lideta, Addis

Ethiopia, known as "the water tower of Africa," faces several constraints in terms of timely access to water of sufficient quality and quantity. Excess water, especially in urban areas with ample impervious surfaces, is another recurring challenge. Practical examples of stormwater collection and filtration can help us overcome such challenges, for both agriculture and urban development. 

On Thursday November 15th, such practical examples will be open for demonstration at AAU EiABC, courtesy of urban ecology experts such as Dr. Kumelachew Yeshitela. The stormwater management demonstration featured this day is the fruit of a collaboration of the Addis Ababa University Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development and the University of Michigan. 

For more information, or to request an invitation letter, please contact  251913225971. 

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Posted 10 August 2017 at 09:11

REPORT: Homegardens for Better Nutrition Event at the EU

As part of the Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture platform facilitated by AgriProFocus and the EU, four workshops have been organized in 2016. The first workshop of 2017, held on May 31st , addressed the issue of homegardens for better nutrition. Different guest speakers, Mekonnen from CRS, Medhanit from FHI360 and Mesfin from Send A Cow presented about different type of homegardens (e.g. permagardening, keyhole gardening etc.) and about the nutritional benefit for rural households to combine homegardening with livestock rearing. In addition, Mestawet from AKLDP/Tufts University was a special guests as she is responsible for the Ethiopian Home Gardens Networkand for the provision of permagardening (ToT) training. 

Please find the workshop report attached. 

Kflay Gebrehiwot Yaynemsa Hi ,The link to the report is not active.

1 year 5 months ago

Meskerem Niesette Ritmeester Dear Kflay Gebrehiwot Yaynemsa, Sorry for the delay. I had a little trouble uploading this report, but here it is. Enjoy reading! 

1 year 4 months ago

Kflay Gebrehiwot Yaynemsa Thanks Meskerem.

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Posted 22 July 2016 at 11:44

Tufts University/AKLDP facilitates an active  network of professionals working with the introduction and development of  HOME GARDENS in Ethiopia. This practice  of home- or kitchen-gardens by women and schoolchildren is very important for the provision of more nutritious food in households and local markets.

If you are interested in this platform please contact Mestawet Gebru at Mestawet.Gebru@tufts.edu

The Home Gardens Network also  issued an overview of seed providers for such home gardens , please find the SEED DIRECTORY HERE

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Posted 6 October 2015 at 06:48

We enjoyed a great excursion to Home gardens of the ISAPSO projects in Solulta and Chancha, last Friday October 2. 

The excursion was jointly organised by Tufts University Home Gardens Network, AgriProFocus and ISAPSO.

If you weren't there you have really missed something: joint learning, networking, sharing of experience, but you can catch up by reading the report HERE

A new opportunity for a similar experience will be on October 22. Debre Berhan university has invited us to visit their Home Gardens project. they provide free transport from addis to Debre Berhan and back. If you want to join, do subscribe with your name, organisation, email-address and mobile telephone number with Yelleke de Nooy,  ydenooy@agriprofocus.com

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Posted 4 October 2015 at 11:43

 On Friday October 2 we experienced a great and successful excursion to Home Gardens in Solulta and Chancha.  One reaction was: thank you for organizing today's excursion. I had a very good time and got introduced to so many good people that have very similar thinking regarding women issues. I also have increased my knowledge about gardening. 

 The excursion was jointly organised by AgriProFocus, Tufts university and ISAPSO, as we visited the latter organisation's projects. Participants were members of the APF Gender-Equity-in Agricultural- Value-Chains Network, and the Tufts Home Gardens Network .  

Please see the report here with the very interesting SWOT analysis! 

shimeles Desta Around 15 percent of the world's food is now grown in urban areas. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), urban farms already supply food to about 700 million residents of cities, representing about a quarter of the world’s urban population. By 2030, 60 percent of people in developing countries will likely live in cities.

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Excursion Home Gardens at ISAPSO- Child & Community Devt.

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  02 October 2015, 07:00-17:00
  Chancha & Sululta

This excursion is jointly organised by AgriProFocus Ethiopia and Tufts University Home Gardens Network,

Purpose: to share how we can set up Home Gardens (including agricultural practices, seed selection, water management, compost making) in a sustainable way for women to support themselves and their family.

A bus will leave at 8 pm (hulet sa'at) from Meskel square.

Please register your name, organisation, email and telephone nr.  with Yelleke de Nooy Ydenooy@agriprofocus.com


Home gardens visit: ENDA-Ethiopia

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  18 September 2015, All Day Event
  Addis Ababa

    Field visit to ENDA-Ethiopia bio-physical rehabilitation and urban agriculture work in Addis

Tufts Univerity Network Home Gardens coordinator is pleased to invite you  for the ‘Field visit to ENDA-Ethiopia bio-physical rehabilitation and urban agriculture work in Addis Ababa at September 18th, 2015 A bus is arranged and will wait you at Meskel Square on 9:00 Am.
This field visit will be hosted by Environmental Development Action ENDA-Ethiopia and Agriculture Knowledge Learning Documentation and Policy (AKLDP) project.
If you are able to join us please confirm through Bruk.kebede@tufts.edu or Tsion.Fisseha@tufts.edu . The confirmation deadline is Wednesday September 16th Please confirm before the deadline day and also feel able to share this invitation with anyone else you know that is working on home gardens, Composting and Gender.