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One week after the successful Regional Horticulture Event in Rwanda. The newspapers and some online media have published about it, in the meantime. See picture and this hyperlink

AgriProFocus teams in Rwanda and the Netherlands are now producing a report for participants and the broader audience. To be shared as soon as possible!

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An Update From the AgriProFocus Zambia Team 

In the past few weeks, AgriProFocus Zambia has had various meetings with Finance, Dairy and Horticulture stakeholders in which we asked for feedback on the Finance Fairs and Market Studies currently being conducted. We have compiled these discussions into reports and minutes and are happy to share these with you.

The Lusaka and Choma Network Days evaluated the Chipata and Choma Finance Fairs and brought together exhibitors and stakeholders that participated or had an interest in the Fairs. At these meetings, we also planned activities for next year. The Chipata Network Day Evaluation meeting was postponed to early next year. Please see the reports of these meetings HERE.

In partnership with our members SNV, DAZ and Agrittera we have conducted an Artificial Insemination Validation Business Model Assessment and initial findings as well as a summary of discussions can be found HERE and please find the presentation attached.

In p

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Did you know that potatoes could be planted in sacks?

You’ll be surprised to learn that potatoes planted in sacks produce three times more than potatoes planted on bare land, in the traditional way.

This highly effective Israeli-pioneered farming method is working wonders in Zimbabwe, where it is creating a huge opportunity for many agro entrepreneurs.

For more details please click here 

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It's been a wonderful networking and business experience in Kigali- Rwanda between 25 - 27 November 2015. East Africa Fruits Co Ltd attended as exhibitor and one of the participants in Business Innovation Competition. Our outstanding focus on post-harvest waste received a number of traction and business synergies that can help us scale our current operations. We thank Agriprofocus for counting on us and we hope to participate in other resourceful events.

Anne Marie Kortleve Thank you Elia, good to hear!!

3 years 1 month ago

Marie Laetitia Kayitesire I am Marie Laetitia a farmer in Eastern province of Rwanda.I learn a lot during the days 26-27 november.thank you very much to invite me in that event.

3 years 1 month ago

Hilda Okoth Dear Elia, thank you for your post. Congratulations on participating at the Business Innovation Competition. Please do not be a stranger her on the platform!

3 years 1 month ago

Elyse Mahoro Dear Marie Laetitia, thank you for your presence in the Horticulture event. We hope you will stay active on our platform so that we continue to share various experiences.

3 years 1 month ago

Tom Ole Sikar We will keep you in the loop. We are already think of an innovation community for horticulture in Tanzania. Could be a good idea for EAFC Ltd to join and work with others, TAHA to to support further development of the horticulture industry in Tanzania.

3 years 1 month ago

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Promoting Innovation & Trade in Horticulture

Pitch Presentation at 2.55pm today at the conference hall.

Innovation Solution: Re-use of Plastic (PET) Bottles for Cold Rooms (Eco-Cold Storage)

EcoLife foods has established a low cost insulation technology for cold storage facilities by recycling plastic waste bottles. The plastic (PET) bottles are collected from all the hotels, restaurant and collection centres in the suburbs of Kampala. These are cleaned, closed and re-used as source material for insulation in the cavity wall for Eco-cold storage® facilities.

Insulation is very important in cold rooms in achieving energy efficiency and maintaining temperature conditions which can extend the shelf-life of the perishable fruits and vegetables. The facility helps to curb the rate of high post-harvest loses faced in the horticulture and therefore farmers can have more stable prices/income.

You are all invited for the pitch presentation and Promote innovation idea by pressing the thumb (like)

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Anne Marie Kortleve Good luck with your pitch today Hadijah!

3 years 1 month ago

Alex Byamukama Hay Anne

2 years 9 months ago

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Shoprite Zambia calls for more farmer involvement in fruit production

Shoprite general manager, Charles Bota, said while local farmers have increased vegetable supplies, the production of fruits is still a challenge in Zambia. Mr. Bota said as a result of lack of fruit supplies, the retail giant still stocks imported apples, grapes and strawberries.

 Mr Bota said, although sourcing from Zambian suppliers remains a challenge because the climate and soil in the country do not favour cultivation of fruits such as apples, strawberries and grapes, some local farmers are using modern technology to commercialise production.Click here to find the full story.

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VOTE NOW for your favourite Business Innovation Competition winner!

We have organised a business innovation competition around horticulture in 6 different countries. 3 winners per country will travel to our event 'Promoting Innovation & Trade in Horticulture' to be held in Kigali, Rwanda next week (25-27 Nov). They will pitch their innovations during the conference for an expert jury. The expert jury will select 3 overall winners.


We also would like to give the members of our online platform the opportunity to vote for their favorite innovation! 

The innovation with the most likes will win a special prize next week during our event!

Here is the list with innovations and the link to their innovation. You can vote for your favourite innovation by pressing the like-button (the thumb) beneath the innovation itself.

1. AfriBanana Products (ABP) ltd - John Bosco Byaugisha - Uganda

2. Zelo Foods Limited - David Chisulo - Zambia

3. EcoLife Foods - Hadijah S. Nantambi - Uganda 

4. East Afr

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Anne Marie Kortleve Please do not like this general post, alle seperate innovations can be found here: http://agriprofocus.com/horti-2015-competition

3 years 2 months ago

Anne Marie Kortleve Winners will be announced on friday 27th of November in Kigali! Voting is open until then!

3 years 1 month ago

Sage Uganda Our vote is for ecolife- Uganda

3 years 1 month ago

Anne Marie Kortleve The online voting is closed as of now. A big thank you to all people who voted!

3 years 1 month ago


meat processing workshop

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Zambia
  28 November 2015, All Day Event
  plot 22A Chishango road,Villa Elizabetha

Once again we are hosting a Meat Processing workshop in lusaka . This is a full day course which starts at 09:00 to 15:00hours and the fees are k200 only. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?
 1. Meat cuts 2. Making vienas 3. Making polonies 4. Making sausages
 For more details you can contact 0977848320,gilbert@mocat.zm.


Investments in Horticulture

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Zambia
  19 November 2015, 14:00-17:00

AgriProFocus Zambia is involved in generating market intelligence through undertaking studies in agriculture. One of these studies includes the “Investment Opportunities in the Horticulture Sector”.

This study aims at mapping and quantifying the investment opportunities in the horticulture sector and associated market channels. This will be in terms of potential for; scalability, viability, smallholder farmer participation, private sector investment and social impact agency participation for job creation and increased incomes.

It is in this context, that AgriProFocus in collaboration with the AgriBusiness Incubation Trust (AgBIT) and SNV would like to invite members to this meeting to share and validate the findings on 19th November, 2015 from 14 – 17hrs. To be part of this meeting, kindly email: nkasongo@agriprofocus.com

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Results from Horticulture Business Innovation Competition / Rwanda

On Tuesday, 10th November 2015, we successfully hosted the Horticulture Business Innovation Competition that attracted 35 people including competitors, judges and AgriProFocus Assistant Coordinators.

In total we had 17 competitors, from private companies, cooperatives and students. Each competitor was given 7 minutes to pitch his/her innovation to the three judges: Grace from PSF, John Ndikuwera from ICCO and Priscilla Ruzibuka from SPARK. Competitors were also given some time to be asked questions.

Even though many of them have awesome innovations, but only three had to be selected. That is why at the end of their pitches, judges joined together, compiled the competition results and came up with the same conclusion.

Three winners have been: Gashora Gold a company represented by 3 high schools girls, MAISCO a company represented by 2 agriculture experts who conducted a one year professional training in Israel and AGASARO

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Anne Marie Kortleve Great to see so many innovators and good luck to the winners who will represent Rwanda during the international competition from 25-27 nov!

3 years 2 months ago

Nicole Metz Thanks for sharing these outcomes. Highly interesting! The AGASARO Organic company could be in touch with Mme Marie Jeanne Kahindo from DRC who will be among the speakers during our Conference programme 26-27 November, as she also specialises in pineapple processing.

3 years 2 months ago

Elyse Mahoro That sounds good! Thank you for the great news!

3 years 2 months ago


3 years 2 months ago

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More confirmed speakers for Conference ‘Promoting Innovation & Trade in Horticulture’!

25-27 Nov – Lemigo Hotel - Kigali - Rwanda

We are honoured that our conference will be opened by a key note speech from the Minister of Agriculture of Rwanda. We can also announce contributions from various respected authorities when it comes to horticulture: Mrs. Rachael Kemigisha (COMESA), Mr. Adrian Roelofs (RijkZwaan), Mr. Anne Elings (Wageningen UR), Mr. George William Kayonga (NAEB), Mrs. Josephine Makondo (Chamber of Commerce Zambia), Mr. Kelvin Odoobo (Hive group), Mr. Patrick Koome (Koppert biological Systems), Mr. Caudius Kurtna (AgriTech Kenya), Mrs. Mary Maina (VECO East Africa), Mr. Steven Trijsburg (BoPInc), Mr. Maarten Suzan (Financial Access East Africa) and many more!

We have developed interesting sessions, with amongst others:

· an exciting panel session about the potential of regional trade in horticultural products;

· pitches by the winners from each country of the Business In

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Nicole Metz Thanks Anne Marie for updating the whole network. As team preparing the conference programme, we are really happy with the number of experts from all over the network who will contribute during plenary and parallel sessions. Thanks to all collegues and members who have contributed ideas, suggestions for this programme.

3 years 2 months ago

Anne Marie Kortleve We have a new updated program! Check it out here: http://agriprofocus.com/upload/Horticulture_Conference_Programv51448290365.pdf

3 years 1 month ago

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The Horticulture Innovation Lab is seeking proposals from organizations in developing countries for small horticultural projects, through its Trellis Fund.

The Trellis Fund will offer 15 grants, up to $2,000 each, to local organizations for six-month projects that address horticultural challenges in the region. Organizations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nepal, Rwanda, Senegal, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia are eligible to apply.

Project proposals must identify a problem faced by local farmers related to horticultural crop production, irrigation, plant nutrition, pest management, postharvest practices, marketing issues or related socio-economic processes.

Once selected for funding, organizations will be matched with a U.S. graduate student who will support the project as an agricultural consultant. The Trellis Fund provides additional support to

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cisse rabiatou COURAGE

3 years 1 month ago


Matchmaking session Dutch Horticulture business delegation

Event posted by in AgriProFocus Netherlands
  25 November 2015, 12:00-17:00
  Holland Lounge, Expo Grounds, Kigali

On behalf of the NABC, SPARK and the Netherlands Embassy in Kigali you are hereby cordially invited to meet with the Dutch Horticulture business-delegation that is visiting Rwanda to meet new business contacts, clients or partners active in the horticulture sector.

Location: The Holland Lounge, AgriProFocus Horticulture Exhibition @ Expo Grounds, Gikondo

Including: a networking cocktail afterwards

Registration is compulsory!

Please send an email to Herma Mulder at hmulder@agriprofocus.com, with your company profile and indicate who you would like to talk to.

Company profiles of participating countries can be found in the attachment.

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Job Vacancy

Northern Coffee Cooperation Limited (NCCL) wishes to invite suitably qualified candidates to apply for the job position of Coffee Out-Growing Programme Extension Officer (COPE).

NCCL COPE Officer will report to the Agriculture Manager and the E&S Regional Manager, and act as main focal point in the implementation of NCCL Coffee Outgrowing Programme. His/Her main responsibilities will be:

a. Developing, reviewing & improving NCCL’s coffee GAP training schedule and training content in order to ensure organized divulgation of coffee production and good agricultural practices;

b. Ensuring that Olam’s policies in regards of social, environmental and health & safety aspects are well integrated to NCCL’s GAP and adequately communicated to the coffee out-growers;

c. Being the focal point between the company and the other external stakeholders involved in NCCL’s programme (direct and indirect parties);

d. Ensuring set up targets and objectives are achieved in an agreed timely manner

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Update on the outcome of the Horticulture Business Innovation Competition

We successfully hosted the presentation of the Horticulture Business Innovation Competition Pitches. We had 8 applications that were approved and went through to the round of pitches. 8 applications were invited to present their pitches. The applicants included financial institutions, cooperatives, NGOs and private sector companies.

They pitched their innovations to the judges who were; Justine Ngulube-PROFIT PLUS, Mukwemba Habeenzu- Agribusiness Incubation Trust Limited (AgBIT), Tonderayi Makumire- United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and Claire van der Kleij (Backup Judge, AgriProFocus Zambia Coordinator)

The results have been compiled and we are happy to announce our winners; Rodney Miselo from Ronipam, Martin Simuchembu a Horticulture and Poultry Out-grower and David Chisulo from Zelo Foods Limited. The winners will get a fully sponsored trip to Kigali, Rwanda to attend the Regional Horticulture Even

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Isaac Mando Congratulations to the innovations and innovators representing Zambia!!!

3 years 2 months ago

MacMillan Chanda Congratulations zero foods for making it to Kigali. ...all the best I know your products will go a long way...and also to the rest of the Zambian folks that have made it...Good luck all

3 years 1 month ago

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Agri Pro Focus online Platform

The launch of the new online Platform is giving power to network members and making us closer to each other. 

Let's us all get typing an encourage more people to use it and to post and participate in discussions.

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NEW: Conference Program 'Promoting Innovation & Trade in Horticulture'

25-27 Nov – Lemigo Hotel - Kigali - Rwanda

The conference will offer space for sharing of experiences and knowledge. Businesses, public institutions, universities, farmers organisations, CSOs, from the countries in the region have the opportunity to learn from each other and showcase their good practices. So join us!

The conference will be opened by a key note speech from Minister of Agriculture of Rwanda. We can also announce contributions from various respected authorities when it comes to horticulture: Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Tanzania Horticultural Assocation (TAHA), Private Sector Federation of Rwanda (PSF), National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB), Nakumatt Holdings, TechforTrade Kenya, E-prod. solutions, AgriTech Kenya, Ronipam Zambia, BoPInc, Financial Access East Africa, Kahindo Pineapple processors.

We have developed interesting sessions, with amongst oth

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Nicole Metz Looking forward to meeting you all - many different horticultural companies, producers, specialists - in Kigali during this conference! As organising team, we are proud to have high-level representation at the opening event, and a wealth of expertise to be shared by great panelists and speakers from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, Zambia, Uganda and from regional bodies and international organisations!

3 years 2 months ago

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REDUCED PRICE: Conference & Exhibition 'Promoting Innovation & Trade in Horticulture' 

25-27 nov, Kigali, Rwanda

Due to some generous sponsorships from our organising partners, we can announce that conference tickets and exhibition booths will be offered at a reduced price! A 2-day conference ticket is now only $50 and an exhibition booth will be $150 for 3 days! Register now and meet useful (international) horticulture partners from East Africa and The Netherlands!


1. Get your products known in the region and find new (export markets) for your products/services

2. Get new (international) business partners in horticulture 

3. Join key international, regional and domestic agri-business players and decision makers in highly interactive discussions during the conference: speakers will share existing investment and regional trade opportunities in Horticulture!

More information:

- Conference

- Exhibition

- Registration 

Take this unique opportunity and register now!

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Boost your brand by becoming an exhibitor at 'Promoting Innovation & Trade in Horticulture'! 

On the 25-27th of November, AgriProFocus will host a unique event to promote innovation and trade within the horticulture sector in Africa. One of the first exhibitors we can confirm is East-West Seed. 
Will you be next?

Exhibit at our event and:

1. Draw attention to useful and innovative services or products in the fruits and vegetables sector

2. Get your products known in the region and find new (export markets) for your products/services

3. Learn from other companies

4. Spread the innovations over the country borders

5. Get new business partners in horticulture

For more information, visit: //agriprofocus.com/horti-2015-exhibition

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Promoting Innovation and Trade in Horticulture
We are looking for innovators in Horticulture! Participate in the Business Innovation Challenge and win a sponsored trip to Rwanda to attend the Event: Promoting Innovation & Trade in Horticulture.


AgriProFocus Kenya is organizing a Business Innovation Competition. The objective of the business innovation competition is to award key innovations in horticulture in the categories of productivity, market access, and access to finance, regional trade and social impact (gender/youth environmental aspects). During the challenge, each participant will be given 5 minutes to present his/her innovation to a panel of independent judges selected by the different AgriProFocus networks. The public will also have a chance to vote for their favorite innovation for the final competition in Kigali via the online platform by liking the specific innovation they vote for which will contribute 10% of the total vote.

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