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Socially responsible fruit growing

The experience of Afrifresh, in partnership with IFC: the business case for better work for women on fresh fruit farms in South Africa

Afrifresh is a leading South African producer and exporter of fresh fruit. The company specializes in table grapes and citrus (grapefruits, oranges, soft citrus and lemons). Afrifresh employs over 1,200 permanent workers and over 4,000 seasonal workers on 12 farms in South Africa. 35% of the permanent and 48,5% of the seasonal workforce are women.

These female workers faced specific constraints because of their gender: e.g. women were assigned traditional ‘women’s’ jobs only and their access to management positions was limited; they were also vulnerable to discrimination and harassment. Afrifresh’s experience shows the business case for creating better work for women. It resulted in access to EU markets for the company and better and consistent quality of production at reduced costs.

Read the 2-pager to learn about the

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Investing in local business

Interesting blog by Marcel Vernooij (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NL) including links to key instruments of the Dutch government to facilitate African and Asian SMEs

"The private sector is the engine of economic growth. As The Netherlands, we support local entrepreneurs in developing economies. We assist companies to grow, while facilitating better conditions for companies to do business, create jobs and deliver products to markets in a responsible manner. Rosejoy restaurants in Ghana is an excellent example how smaller companies, with tailor-made support, serve consumers and drive economic growth, enabling people to earn their own living. "

Link to the full blog:


Follow Marcel Vernooij on twitter: https://twitter.com/Marcel_Vernooij if you like to read more blogs


Global SME Finance Forum

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  05 November 2018 to 07 November 2018 - All Day Event
  Madrid, Spain

“Reaching the Informal: the Role of Finance in Improving the Growth and Productivity of SMEs”

The conference will showcase unique perspectives of industry leaders, rich experiences of successful practitioners, and the impactful financial innovations that contribute to improved access to financing for many micro, small and medium sized enterprises from around the world. Under the theme “Reaching the Informal: the Role of Finance in Improving the Growth and Productivity of SMEs”, the forum will explore how innovation in technology, regulation and partnerships can help overcome various informality problems, and open up a far larger market for profitable, sustainable, responsible financial services.

Furthermore, the winners of the Global SME Finance Awards - that recognize outstanding achievements of financial institutions and fintech companies in delivering innovative products and services to their SME clients - will be announced during the event! The deadline for submission of nom

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We joined the food revolution - and you can, too

World Bank Blog by Nataliey Bitature and Manon Lavaud, 13 July 2017.

"Africa’s urban areas are booming, experiencing a high urban growth rate over the last two decades at 3.5% per year. This growth rate is expected to hold into 2050. With this growth, street food is going to become one of the most important components of African diets. The formal sector will just not be able to keep up!

Enter my company, Musana Carts, which tackles the #FoodRevolution challenge from the end of the food value chain. Musana Carts, which currently operates in Uganda, streamlines and improves the production and consumption of street food."

Full blog text: http://blogs.worldbank.org/voices/we-joined-food-revolution-and-so-can-you?CID=AGR_TT_agriculture_EN_EXT

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The business case for gender-smart solutions in the private sector

Executive briefing International Finance Cooperation (IFC)

Equality of economic opportunity between women and men drives productivity, profitability, and performance. This executive brief of IFC provides examples and figures showing how managing talent of people (men and women) in a company’s workforce and in its supply chain pays back, and how women form an interesting potential market.


How in Indonesia farmers’ coffee productivity increased by 92 percent, improving ECOM’s access to a key commodity, as a result of IFC’s partnership with ECOM Agroindustrial Corporation targeting women coffee farmers in Indonesia.

How in Nalt Enterprise, a Vietnamese garment manufacturer, staff turnover fell by one-third after the establishment of a women’s clinic and a daycare for employees’ children.

How in Papua New Guinea (were employees lose an average of 11.1 work days per year as a result of gender violence, a

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IFC and agribusiness in a changing environment

IFC event on GAFSP and climate smart agriculture, The Hague, Netherlands – 28 October 2016

Organized by IUCN NL and RVO, in partnership with IFC.

RVO and IUCN NL organized together with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on 28 October a one-day event in The Hague in the framework of the World Bank Group-Netherlands strategic partnership ‘Food for All’. The event convened more than 80 professionals in the private sector, knowledge institutions, NGOs and policy makers engaged in agribusiness in developing countries.

IFC, the private sector arm of the World Bank Group, invests heavily in agribusiness in developing countries and emerging markets, and therefore has a great interest in exchanging experiences on investment opportunities, climate smart technologies and challenges in value chain operations. The main objective of the event was that both private sector and IFC bring current and upcoming activities and challenges in

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FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards & Conference 2017

Catalysing Finance and Disruptive Technologies to Boost Sustainable Solutions

This unique global programme highlights ground-breaking, long-term private sector solutions to key development issues. Special attention for 2017 is being given to products and services that harness disruptive technologies and business models to achieve their goals. Crucial issues around land – ownership rights, governance and management – will also be highlighted, along with the continuing challenges around climate change, and the need to address poverty in all its forms.

The Awards will also continue to underline innovative and financially viable solutions that help meet key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year’s Achievement in Sustainable Development awards include a prize for food and water security, with an additional emphasis on land governance.

The Transformational Business Awards are open to all financial and non-financial private

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We’re pleased to announce that, on Wednesday 28 September, AMEA held a panel discussion about the new innovative platform that is AMEA and the opportunities and challenges of building and implementing a global quality system for professionalism amongst farmer organizations. The Agribusiness Leadership Program, a training and coaching program that is fully aligned with the 8 dimensions of the SCOPEinsight assessments. 

AMEA is a multi-stakeholder platform, bringing together key players in the Agribusiness sector including both private and public organizations. AMEA introduces a new holistic approach to help professionalize farmers and create opportunities for them in the marketplace. The platform was initiated by SCOPEinsight and counts IFC, ICCO, VECO, NCBA CLUSA, ACDI VOCA, Argidius, ABN Amro and IDH as founding partners and members. 

Read more: http://www.scopeinsight.com/news/public-presentation-of-amea/

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AgriFin Webinar: Warehouse Receipt Systems

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  23 March 2016, 14:00-15:00

AgriFin Webinar: Warehouse Receipt Systems

Time zones

The webinar will take place on 23 March from 9 - 10 AM EDT, being 2-3 pm CET - Central European Time, being 2-3 pm WAT - West African Time, being 3-4 pm CAT - Central African Time, being 4-5 pm EAT - East African Time, being 8-9 pm WIB - Western Indonesia Time. 

About the event

Join AgriFin for this month's webinar featuring recent initiatives supported by the World Bank to reform warehouse receipt systems in Africa. The invited speaker, Mr. Jean Saint-Geours, economist at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) will provide a detailed overview of key reform initiatives and how they help facilitate agricultural finance, reduce post-harvest losses, improve the stability of market prices, ensure food security, and stimulate agribusiness development.

Mr. Saint-Geours, will discuss the following:

  • The role of the World Bank and other public and private sector actors in creating an effective warehouse receipt system.

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How SI makes your work even scalable, cost-effective & easy

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  17 February 2016, 14:00-15:00
  Webinar, Internet

Interested to know more about how to define professionalism, how state-of-the-art assessments allow for better informed decisions, and why leading organisations like the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and ICCO Cooperation choose to work with Scope Insight?

SCOPEinsight is pleased to invite you to their upcoming webinar about their new products and how they can add value to your business.

Hosted by Lucas Simons and featuring presentations by their key partners IFC and ICCO, the webinar discusses their simplified process, new pricing, and how your staff can be trained as assessors with the e-training modules. Moreover, Scope Insight will reveal a new exciting initiative for collaboration.

Sign up!

You can register for the following session:

  • Webinar 2: Wednesday 17 February, 14:00 – 15:00 CET / 16:00 – 17:00 EAT / 9:00 – 10:00 EST with a case presented by ICCO Cooperation on their Agri Business Booster.

(webinar 1 with IFC already took place on 10 February)


  1. Introduction SCOPE

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Request for expression of interest: Evaluation GAFSP private sector program in Rwanda 

(Deadline: 27-Aug-2015 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

This Request for Expression of Interest is for a Firm Selection. Please log in as a valid Firm User if you wish to express interest in this selection (http://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/OPPORTUNITIES/EXTCORPPROCUREMENT/0,,contentMDK:22592108~menuPK:7092676~pagePK:64147231~piPK:64147146~theSitePK:438017,00.html)

Selection Information

Assignment Title

GAFSP Rwanda Evaluation - Evaluation Firm

Publication Date


Expression of Interest Deadline

27-Aug-2015 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)

Contact Name

Contact Email

Contact Phone

Contact Fax

Language of Notice


Selection Notice

Assignment Country

  • RW - Rwanda

Funding Sources

The World Bank Group intends to finance the assignment/services under:



The consultant will be an individual. The consultant will be a firm.


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