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Posted 3 December 2018 at 01:29

Training Workshop on Gender and Inclusiveness in HR

Gender and inclusiveness is a cross-cutting theme within the NICHE programme and one of the SEAD project’s lines of intervention. On 9th-10th August, SEAD in collaboration with RDB organised a two day workshop on gender and inclusiveness for human resources managers and legal advisors at Villa Portofino hotel in Kigali. The training was facilitated by Roberte Isimbi from FATE, a gender and inclusiveness consultancy from Rwanda.

The objective of this workshop was to help participants (RP, UR, INES) gain awareness of gender & inclusiveness in their own institutions and to integrate a focus on gender equality and inclusiveness in their daily jobs. Before the training, participants were given a short test to determine their prior knowledge and in the introductory session their awareness on gender was further examined by asking participants to list common ideas about men and women. Introductions were given in gender in the Rwandan culture, ge

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Posted 1 February 2016 at 02:41

Finance and insurance in horticulture

Breakout session during the regional conference on horticulture (November 2015).

Please find below the powerpoint presentations used in this session, and a short summary of issues discussed and conclusions. This text is an extract of the full conference report which will be published later today.

Powerpoints are available here:

Maarten Suzan - Financial Access East Africa, Uganda

Alexis Bizimana - Kenya Commercial Bank, Kenya

Munyaneza Jackson - Urwego Opportunity Bank, Rwanda

 Discussion topics

- Input finance is risky and borrowing is expensive. Focus needs to be on saving mobilisation in rural areas. This will help to mitigate the risk and borrow less and generate more savings to make yourself less dependent on the bank

- Cold chain supply is challenging for banks to finance (capital expenditure) and currently no solution for this. This is been taken up in dialogue with stakeholders in different fora

- The risks are shared between many stakeholders, not only the bank wh

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